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Full text of "A holy, sacred, and divine roll and book; from the Lord God of heaven, to the inhabitants of earth:"

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Columbia (Mnibers^ttp 









Read and understand aU ye in mortal clay. 




PRiN-iEf !>■ '^H^: u:riTzr societi: 



The publishers of this work, feel that it is their duty to say unto all who 
may read the contents of the same, that in the compilation and arrangement 
of it, they have copied the style in which it was originally written by the 
pen of inspiration ; that the subject matter is preserved entire, and wherever 
supply words have been added to the original matter, they are inclosed in 
brackets. The contents of each chapter, and a part of the leading captions 
have been added also for convenience' sake. 

Some of the chapters have been divided for the sake of perspicuity, and 
many of the sections also, where it conld be done without injuring the sense. 

Throughout the work, it has been the object to follow the inspired dic- 
tion, and, in a great measure the original manuscript, rather than conform to 
the customs of the present age and day. 

In fine, it has been the labor of those engaged in the publication of this 
work, to preserve the sense as purely original as possible ; and it has been 
many times carefully compared with the original for this purpose. 

As this is the first printed book ever issued by the United Society at Can- 
terbury, among whom there is no regular printer, the mechanical execution 
may not be perfect in all respects. 

We would also add, that the Society who have published the first edition 
of these sacred books, feel that they have, by so doing, answered the require- 
ment of God unto them, in that respect, and will in no case become respon- 
sible for any expense that may be incurred on account of reprinting them 
hereafter. All printers who may wish to reprint them, must do it at their 
own risk. 

September, 1843. The Publishers. 


Introduction to the Proclamation ....... ] 

Proclamation ........... 2 

Word of the Lord to anc <>f his mighty Angels .... 5 

Word of the holy and mighty Angel to the inspired writer . 8 

Introduction to the Sacred Roll by the holy Angel . 11 

The Lord first announces Himself in his true character, to the 

nations of the earth ....... .13 

Briefly showing the order of his work with the children of men 
in early ages .......... 16 

Of man's probationary state. His disobedience and loss. The 

revelation of a Savior &c. ........ 21 

Of the law of nature, and order of grace. The Daughter of Zion 

declared &c. ........... 29 

Passages of Scripture referring to the coming of Christ ... 31 

Of man's treatment with God's extended offers of charity and 
grace ; and of God's dealings with him in dispensations past, 
and in the present ......... 36 

Of the manifestations of his Holy Spirit, and the manner of his 
work, as operating upon the hearts of the children of men, 
through visible and invisible agencies ...... 40 

Passages or Scripture, showing the plain and pointed declara- 
tions of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the manner of life he re- 
quired of all who professed to follow him 46 

Solemn words of warning to the inhabitants of earth, never 
more to follow the example practiced in tJie long and gloomy 
period of time called the day.'^ (if nntichrist ..... 56 



Passagi's of Scriplmi', alliidiiia; to tlic hciiijflilcd reign of aiiticlirist ()0 

Of the dispensations of God's grace to mankind ; the manner in 
wliicli man has treated tliem ; the efTects of his disobedience, 
and refusal of the otiers of graCe ....... 68 

Passages of Scripture, referring to the second coming of Christ . 74 

The subject continued — Declaration and testimony of the Apostles . 80 

i}t' the Mosaic law, and of the kingdom and law of Christ; also, 

concerning those in heathenish darkness ..... 85 

Passages of Scripture, n^ferring to the second coming of Christ 

in the female .......... 81) 

Christ's second appearing in the female ; her office and calling as 
the Bride, or Spiritual Mother ; and the character of her true 

followers 100 

The office of the three first chosen witnesses separately declar- 
ed, and further illustrations of those who are their true follow- 
ers 108 


Subject continued — The second witness . . . ^ . . Ill 

Subject continued — The third witness 113 

Passages of Scripture referring to the resurrection .... 120 

Of God's coming to visit the earth in mercy and in judgment . 124 

Passages of Scripture relative to the peaceable kingdom of Christ 129 

Of the rulers and great ones of the earth ; How their time is spent, 

and the leading motives by which they are actuated . . . 138 

Of ministers and preachers of a fashionable and popular gospel ; and 
of the many ways man has sought out for salvation, but always in 
the future .... 143 



The word of the Lord, concerning those who labor to turn the 
scale of justice for gain; and those who would prolong disease 
in their fellow creatures, for money -•..,. 149 


Of justness, and the goings of the people. Of the confusion, 

and troubled state of man. The causes and the effects. 153 


The subject continued ]5'j' 

Passages of Scripture referring to the present work of inspira- 
tion in Zion. Some general illustrations and warnings 161 
The subject continued •••-..... IQQ 

The subject continued ••...... 174 


Of harmony, purity and innocence, and the true enjoyment of 

the two sexes, in this state. Closing of the Roll . . . igQ 

Introduction to a prophecy of the ancient Prophet Isaiah . 187 

PART I. Words of the Prophet Isaiah in the first watch, 

through his Archer ....... igg 

PART II. Words of the second watch, from the Prophet Isaiah 

through his Archer ....... 190 

PART III. Words of the Prophet Isaiah at the third watch, 
or hour of twelve; sent forth in solemn lamen- 
tation, for all the children of men, both in and 

out of Zion 192 

PART IV. Words of the fourth or morning watch spoken by 

the Prophet 196 

PART V. A prophecy from the Prophet Isaiah, communica- 
ted through two of his Archers .... 201 
PART VI. Of the awful judgments and desolation that God 
has purposed shall come upon man, if he heed- 
eth not his warning voice, and turneth not from 

the ways of evil 211 

The word of the holy and mighty Angel of the Lord, who hath 
read the sacred Roll, and that contained in this book, for mor- 
tal hand to write 214 

Supplementary article by the writer 219 







New Lebanon, May 4, 1842. 
This morning, between the hours of six and seven, the word 

of the Lord, through a Holy Angel, came to me, saying, Arise 
O thou little one, and appear before the Lord, on the Holy Mount; 
and as thou goest, kneel seven times, and bow low, seven times to 
the earth ; for the Lord hath words for thee to write; and thoushalt 
kneel, or sit low, by the side of his Holy Fountain, and the words 
shall be revealed unto thee, in flames of fire. 

I went, and in obedience to the direction of the Holy Angel, I 
kneeled, and bowed the number of times required. 

And as I reached the foot of the hill, whereon the Fountain is 
placed, language cannot describe the sensations of my soul ; and 
the noise as of a mighty rushing wind, or as of distant thunder, did 
roar throughout the hill. But as I approached the Fountain, and 
seated myself low, to write, all became calm ; and an inexpressible 
feeling, as of a consuming fire within, filled my mortal frame, and 
prepared me to write the following communication. 

Philemon Stewart. 



Tahc this short Roll of iny word, go forth to earth, and read aloud, upon the 
top of my holij Mountain, that one of my servants may understand and cor- 
rectly irrite the same. 

To this place, I icill canse one of my holy Ansrels, who shall hear thee com- 
pany, to lead the one whom. I have chosen, even in the first ipatch of the rising 
sun, to the sacred spot of frround, irhereon I will cause my word to he revealed 
inflames of hurning fire. 


Bow down your hearts, all ye who dwell in Zion, and humble 
yourselves to the dust before Me, O ye worms of mortal clay ! All 
flesh shall wither at my presence, and the deceitful worker in Zion 
shall be consumed by the fire of my burning. For much have I 
given unto Zion, and much will I require at her hand, saith the 
Lord God of Heaven. 

For I will have a pure people on the earth, whose hands are 
not stained with human blood, nor their souls defiled with sin and 
disobedience to the commands of my blessed Son, whom I, Alpha 
and Omega, the beginning and the end, have twice sent forth to 
the inhabitants of earth, whom I created in my own image, that 
they might bring forth offerings pure and holy, before my sacred 

In tender mercy, and loving kindness, did I send forth my Son, 
both in his first and second appearance, that they might learn the 
way of peace and salvation, and gain an inheritance in my pure 
and holy gospel, while on earth, that would insure them a peaceful 
mansion of rest in my holy kingdom, when they had done with the 
things of time. 

But, Oh! Hdlen si vas ta vac la! Mortal man hath never 
been ready, from the earliest ages of the world to the present day, 
to learn my will and obey my sacred word, through such means as 
I was pleased to send it forth to them. 

But my sacred words have been trampled under their feet ; my 


iaw of nature disregarded and set at nought ; and in the sacred 
path of my gospel, which is the law of grace to the soul, their feet 
have not walked. But in other paths their feet have trodden, and 
[they have] shed much innocent blood. And other gods than Me, 
have their souls bowed down to worship. 

Thus saith the Lord God of Heaven and earth; My All-seeing 
Eye hath beheld the doings of the children of men, for ages and 
ages long past, even to the present day. And a cruel, persecuting 
spirit, in all ages of the world, to the present time, hath invariably 
risen up against my most merciful offers, to persecute, even unto 
death, those who put their trust in Me, and would sooner suffer 
death, in any form, than disobey my righteous commands. 

But give ear, O earth, and understand, O ye people that dwell 
in her ! The day of my visitation hath begun, saith the Lord; and 
I will never cease, nor cause my hand of judgment to be stayed, 
until I have met all nations in their own paths. Mercy and judg- 
ment are in my grasp ; and my hand of wrath and indignation is 
hovering over the earth, and my Angels are passing to and fro, 
through every quarter. 

And where ever I find a people on the earth, saith the Lord, 
who are ready and prepared to keep the commands of my blessed 
Son, either in his first, or second appearance, and heed this, my 
present warning voice unto them, by humbling themselves, and 
bringing forth fruits meet for repentance, which are, humility of 
soul, peace, love and good will to ail men, and a conscience void of 
offence, before Me, their God, and each other ; my hand of judg- 
ment shall lightly pass them over ; and in merciful rays of loving 
kindness, will I cause my blessings to distill upon them. 

But unto such as make light, in this their day, of my warning 
voice, and will not even return to the law of nature, as I command- 
ed the children of Israel, by my faithful servant Moses, in ancient 
days; but pass on, saying within their own hearts; ^^ These are the 
words of mortals and not of God;'' I will surely visit them, in my 
own time and season, with sore destruction and desolating judg- 
ments, till mountains sink and valleys rise, and kingdoms into pie- 
ces rend. 

For I will cause peace to depart from the earth, and an awful 
gloom of terror and dismay to spread itself over her face. For I 
am the God of yesterday, to-day, and forever; and my spirit shall 
not always strive with mortal man to no purpose. 


But they shall hear my word in difTercnt parts of the earth, 
sent forth through the mouths of babes and sucklings. And the 
tongues of the dumb shall be loosed, to warn the people to turn 
from the error of their doinors, and repent before the Lord their 
God, tliat his rolling judgments sweep them not from the earth. 

And awful signs shall appear in the firmament of heaven, that 
shall cause the heart of man to faint ; and his strength shall fail 
because of the judgments which my Almighty hand hath sent forth 
upon the earth. For she groaneth beneath her present weight of 
sin and wickedness ; and crieth unto Me for vengeance to recom- 
pense unto the inhabitants thereof, who, by their own disobedience, 
have brought this curse upon her. 

Therefore, have I, the God of Heaven, in mercy and loving 
kindness, seen fit to reveal, in these last days, my word and will unto 
my chosen witnesses. And this short roll of my word, saith the 
Lord of hosts, I command my witnesses to put up in the yard of 
my Holy Sanctuary; that all such of the children of men, as may 
pass this street, upon the side of my Holy Mountain, may read and 
understand the same. 

But touch it not, saith the Lord of hosts ; for I have placed 
four of my holy Angels, to guard my sacred word. And let him 
that readeth understand; and judge not my word, judge not my 
work ; for my doings are marvelous in the sight of men; and who 
can comprehend my ways, saith the Great I AM. 

I have commanded my chosen people, who dwell upon this 
Mount, to bow down in low humility before Me, and separate them- 
selves more from the children of this world; and worship Me, the 
coming season, in a retired situation, humbly supplicating the mer- 
cy of the Lord their God, both for themselves, and the rest of the 
inhabitants of the earth. 

Therefore, trouble ye not my chosen ones ; for I have called 
them, saith the Lord, and they shall not appear in pomp and splen- 
dor; but they shall be clothed in meekness, and humility of soul; 
clad in the spirit of the Lamb, and the garment of the Savior. 
For my people are inoffensive, and will sooner suffer, even unto 
death, thtin resist unto blood. Therefore, in blessing I will bless ; 
and in troubling I shall trouble, saith the Lord of hosts. 


To one of his holy and mighty Angels of Light^ Forcer and Tnith^ as He icas 

about to send him zcith a sacred and solemn Roll of his icord, in mercy to the 

inhahitants of a perishing earth, and languishing icorld. 

Draw near before my throne, O ye mighty and holy Angels, 
and all ye Seraphs, spread your wings and lie low in breathless si- 
lence, while I sound forth my word and will to this Holy Angel, 
whom I have commissioned to take this Roll, which I have written 
with my own hand, and place it safely upon the central dwelling, in 
the heart of my Zion on earth; and there it shall remain, until the 
time shall come, that I, in my own wisdom, shall send him forth to 
read the same for mortal hand to write. 

Have ye not beheld my doings, O ye holy and mighty Angels 
that surround my throne, how that my hand of charity and mercy, 
hath, in all ages of the world, preceded the hand of my judgment? 

Have I not always verified unto you, the truth of that declar- 
ation which I sent forth by the mouths of my Prophets in early days, 
that I delighted not in the death of the wicked, but I would, that 
all turn and repent, in the day that my hand of charity, and loving 
kindness, was stretched out towards them? "Truth, O thou mighty 
God of Heaven, reply the Angels." 

And have ye not furthermore seen, how that I, myself, in the 
everlasting attributes of my goodness, did stoop, and come down 
from my throne, and visit the earth on Sinai's top? And did I not 
there, on the Mount, engrave my law on two tables of stone, for 
the children of Israel, (a people whom I did call with my own voice,) 
and give them into the hands of my servant Moses, to establish the 
same among the people; warning him to use all his influence and 
power, to have these divine commands kept unbroken? 

And at the same time, did I not acquaint him of the judc-ment 
that would invariably follow their disobedience, should the people 
persist in so doing? 

And cannot all ye holy Angels bear witness that I have, from 
the day that I created and placed man upon the earth, held forth 
clearly and plainly to his view, both the good and comforting re- 
wards of obedience, and the painful and distressing rewards of diso- 
bedience ? 


And can ye not also boar witness, that I have made use of 
every means, to brintr my creature man into the path of obedience, 
even to the destroying of his whole race from the face of the earth, 
save a few chosen ones, who, by their faithful obedience, merited 
my mercy and protection? "Truth, truth, O righteous God, we 
bear thee witness from the foundation of the world, to the pres- 
ent day," 

And can ye not furthermore bear witness, that I, in mercy and 
loving kindness, did send my only begotten Son on earth, to open 
the way of peace and salvation to a lost and degenerate world, and 
that too, after they had broken my commandments, and trampled 
my laws under their feet; and had turned and bowed their hearts to 
serve and worship other gods, that would please their own lusts? 
and that, with their eyes open, knowing that they were violating the 
most sacred laws of Heaven, that had been sent forth for their pro- 
tection ? 

And nought would they learn from the judgments, which my 
Almighty hand, from time to time sent forth, to restrain their wick- 
ed, idolatrous hearts; but as a body of human beings, (whom I had 
created after my own image, with immortal souls, and rational fac- 
ulties, with power to exercise them for their own best good and 
comfort,) they would, and did, madly pursue their own course to 
their utter destruction; by denying and crucifying my only begot- 
ten Son, whom I had sent forth, in the sublime order of my glory, 
clothed with power divine, sufficient to insure salvation to the whole 
human family, had they but hearkened to his voice and kept his 

And furthermore, O ye my holy Angels, can ye not bear Me 
witness, that I did promise through the mouths of my faithful ser- 
vants, the Prophets, that in the latter days, I would set up a kingdom 
which should never be destroyed? And that a stone from the moun- 
tain, cut out without hands, should grow, and fill the whole earth; 
and that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head ? 

And did I not say, by the mouths of the Prophets, that in 
the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord should be 
established in the top of the mountains, and exalted above the hills, 
and that many nations should flow unto it? That the law should 
go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem? 
" Surely we, thy holy Angels, bear thee witness, that all is true, O 
thou Everlasting Source of all goodness. " 


Then, O thou mighty and proclaiming Angel, take to thJP^* 
other Angels, and go to the Zion on earth, where, by my AlmigH^^^ 
Power, the windows and doors of Heaven have been opened foi^' 
several years past, that the indwellers thereof might converse with 
mortals on earth, or with such a portion of them as had forsaken 
all for the gospel's sake, in a more remarkable degree of nearness 
and freedom, than was ever before suffered, since the earth, by my 
hand was created. 

There, take to thyself a servant of my name, an instrument 
whom I have chosen for this purpose, and prepare him, through 
deep tribulation, and anguish of soul, to write correctly, the words 
of this Roll, as thou shalt read them unto him. 

But before this shall take place, thou shalt show forth strange 
and striking signs unto the people, which shall appear both awful 
and sublime. For in this Roll to the children of men, have I de- 
clared the Daughter of Zion, in her proper lot and place, as well 
as the Son. 



To the inspired writer^ who had been at the AngeVs service^ many days previ- 
ous to the writing of this Roll, in shoicing forth signs, both strange, and in a 
great measure unaccounted for by mortals ; yet evidently showing that heavy 
tribulation for the j)coplc of God, was even at their doors. 

thou child of mortality, in whose body life and breath is, 
but in whose power it is not, why dost thou seek to evade the suffer- 
ings and distress, which the Lord thy God hath meted out for thee, 
that thou mayest be prepared to do his will, though thy mortal life 
should be sacrificed as the consequence, and thy blood should be 
required by the hands of persecutors, to seal the truth of the words 
which, by his Almighty Power, thy mortal hand hath been moved 
to write? 

1 say unto thee, fear not mortals, nor the face of mortal man, 
who is able to destroy the body only ; but rather fear Him who is 
able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 

Bow down thine heart, O thou instrument in mortal clay, and 
suffer thy soul to drink in tribulation, as a thirsty ox drinketh in 
the crystal water. Have not all thy Heavenly Parents bestowed 
their strength, love and blessing upon thee, that thou mightest take 
thy life in thy hand, and put thy trust in God? Hast thou ever been 
forsaken by the spirit of God, when thou didst go forth, in obedi- 
ence, to do his will ? "Nay, nay, never, never, O holy Angel." 

Then, make haste, get thee up from thy slumbers, thou child 
of sorrow, no more be faint hearted or dismayed, because of the 
word of thy God unto thee, that thou shouldst end thy days under 
excruciating sufferings; for none can find complete happiness, 
until they have suffered the final destruction of all the life that is 
natural and carnal. 

But rejoice in that God who hath called thee to suffer, that 
his word, pure and uncorrupted, may be brought forth to the chil- 
dren of men, according to his divine purpose : for to this end hath 
He called thee, and unless thou resignest to his will, thy soul will 


sink from his presence, and the blood of the unrighteous who would 
have hearkened to his word, had it been sent forth, he will require 
at thy hands. But if thou doest thy duty, and they hearken not, 
after they have had my word of warning placed before their eyes, 
or sounded in their ears, their blood must be upon their own heads. 

The Lord thy God, sendeth forth to earth nothing in vain ; 
nought of all that he giveth to the children of men, shall again re- 
turn unto him void. He sendeth it forth in mercy, to all such as 
will receive and obey it, according to the best light they have; and 
in judgment to all such as willfully refuse to hearken and give ear to 
the words of solemn warning, which he hath sent forth, stamped 
with the seal of his everlasting kindness, to all who turn and repent. 
Let him that will, come and partake of the waters of life freely. 

For we, his holy and proclaiming Angels, do testify and bear 
witness, that the Almighty Hand of the Lord God of Heaven is 
stretched out in wrath, in judgment and in mercy, over the inhab- 
itants of earth, in a more singular and striking manner, than ever 
was done before, since it, by his hand was created. 

And we do further testify, to all human beings, who may hear 
or see the record of our words, that judgments awful, gather rap- 
idly over the face of the whole earth. And where ever God does find 
a people, whether they be few, or many, who fear Him, by keeping 
his commandments, and denying themselves of all ungodliness and 
every worldly lust, He will surely cover them with the shadow of 
his wings, and hold them in the hollow of his hand, that his destroy- 
ing Angels, pass them lightly over. 

He is no respecter of persons, farther than their works render 
them objects of his peculiar delight and protection : this marked 
distinction for work's sake, his attributes of goodness and justice at 
all times require him to show. Therefore, put on strength, O thou 
mortal child of sorrow, and be patient under sufferings, until the 
will of thy God, in writing this Roll, shall be accomplished. 

Six hours in each day, I will distinctly read from the Roll, 
for thy mortal hand to write; the words thou shalt clearly under- 
stand, as I sound them forth to thee; but the rest part of the day, 
and time, thou shalt labor under severe distress of soul, and great 
anguish of spirit. 

And so thou must be patient in this situation, until T shall 
have finished reading the Roll, and delivered the word which 



the Lord my God hath given me ; and, at times, you will be requir- 
ed to leave writing the Roll, and write the word which is sent forth 
for immediate application in Zion. 

Be not too anxious to get released from thy present scene of 
sufferings. Do all things in the order that God requires, and then 
his Almighty Hand will stay and support thee ; and I, his Holy An- 
gel, will lead thee safely through the work which I have for thee. 




Reader, hearken ! Consider in breathless silence, every subject 
Embraced in the following pages, which you are about to peruse ; 
for they are the sentences of your Eternal God and Creator. 

And as you slowly pass your eyes along these sacred pages, 
pause, and consider the source from whence this sacred volume was, 
in mercy, sent forth unto all the inhabitants of tJie earth ; that it is 
the Eternal Source of all goodness, and of your immortal existence. 

Then proceed in solemn fear and reverence, considering, that 
by the declaration of the Almighty, made in this your day, He has 
placed before you that word, by which you shall be judged at his 
eternal bar of justice. And as you treat this, his word, so will He 
treat you, in the day of his heavy judgment which is at hand, and 
of which you have a solemn warning, in the sacred pages of 
this book. 

Therefore, prepare, make no delay. And I solemnly warn 
you, (says the Angel,) make not this book a subject of speculation, 
for money's sake : for God forbiddeth that his sacred givings should 
be so used by mortals. 

Ministers, professing to preach the pure gospel of Christ, are 
required, by the spirit of God, as soon as they can obtain a copy, 
to keep one sacred in the pulpit of their house of worship, as direct- 
ed in the latter part of this book ; and to be used accordingly. 
[See Chap. xxiv. Sec. 50.] 

Boards of Foreign Missions, are also required, by his Holy 
Spirit, to translate correctly, into other languages, [this Sacred Roll,] 
^^d print copies sufficient to circulate into all foreign nations^ 


throughout Christendom, und where ever missions have been extend- 
ed, making charges for the books, sufficient only to remunerate 
them for their trouble ; and this is to be done, if possible, in two 
years' time from the commencement of the year eighteen hundred 
forty fourj as will be seen towards the close of the Roll. [See 
Chap. xxviiSec. 30.] 

All printers, who may have a wish to re-print this book, are 
under the most solemn charge, ( as will be seen by reading it 
through, ) not to alter, add, or diminish, a word herein contained. 
[See Chap. xxvilSec. 33. ] And to make such charges for the 
books, of those who may wish to purchase, as will justly com- 
pensate them for their expense, and no more, saith the Holy and 
Mighty Angel of God. 

New Lebanon, Feb. 2, 1843. 12 o' clock. M. 








a New Earth, and the humbling of 

12. Of coming in the night as a thief. 
l^. Of blessing to those who prepared 

themselves at his coming, &c. 

16. Mercy always has preceded judg- 

17. Of warnings sent forth in this day. 

18. Character of those through whom 
God reveals his will. 

1. The Lord announces himself in his 
true character. 

8. All creation should pass into oblivion, 

rather than one word of God should 

9. Times and seasons of the accomplish- 

ment of God's work, seldom given 
to his agents to declare. 

10. Of the fulfillment of God's promise in 

sending a Savior into the world. 

11. Of the creation of New HeaVens and 

%. I AM THAT I AM, A God of Justice, of Wisdom, 
A]^D OF Truth. A God of long Forbearance, of tender Kind- 
ATED THE Heavens, and the Earth, and all that is therein. 
A God who sent forth the overwhelming deluge, to sweep 
from the earth's face, even thai which I had created in my own im- 
age, bearing immortality, because of their gross wickedness, in per- 
verting the order of nature which I had given them. 

2. A God that appeared on Sinai's top, and gave my law, engrav- 
en upon two tables of stone, into the hands of my true and faith- 
ful servant Moses, for the Children of Israel. 

3. A God who fought their battles when they were obedient, 
and suffered their enemies to prevail when they were disobedient; 

4. A God that led them to the promised land, and sent, in my 
own wisdom unto them, the promised Messiah. 

5. A God who hath narrowly watched the doings of the nations and 


kincrdoms of the earth, from tlie day tliey crucified my Son, up lo 
the present time. 

(). I AM, is God; whose power is Almighty, and whose glory 
and beauty filleth all immensity and space ; yet the least creature 
of my creation, is an object of my particular notice; either in 
mercy or in judgment. And with Me, time does not exist, for before 
time was, I AM, existed ; and the after Me can never comej 

7. Jehovah J ah, is my name; through endless worlds I'm 
known; fulfilling, to the least jot and tittle, that which I have prom- 
ised through the mouths of my true and faithful servants, 

8. All creation, that mortals can comprehend, should pass into 
oblivion, rather than one word from my mouth should fail of being 
accomplished, let it be spoken through whatever medium it may ; 
if I have prepared that medium, I have also recorded it on the rec- 
ords of eternity ; and all the power that earth and hell possess, can 
never falsify one word. 

9. But times and seasons, I seldom give to any agent, to declare : 
they are reserved in true wisdom, by the Eternal Twain, united 
in one. {f ^ m that God that did promise, in ancient days, through 
the mouths of my faithful servants, that in the latter day, I would set 
up a kingdom that should never have an end. This I have done ; I 
have begun a kingdom that shall never have an end^# 

10. I did also promise, that I would fill the whole earth with a 
stone, from the Mountain, cut out without hands : This I am also 
doino-, in my own time and season. Remember that with Me, one 
day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day : yet, 
the very hairs of your head are all numbered, and the moments of 
your lives all counted. 

11. I did also promise to create a new heaven and a new earth, 
wherein should dwell righteousness. And I did furthermore declare, 
that my kingdom was a kingdom of peace; and for this purpose did 
I send my only begotten Son into the world. I did also promise, 
that I would cause the loftiness of man to be brought low; and bring 
into contempt the honorable and great ones of the earth, (or those 
who felt themselves as such,) that the pride of all flesh might be 
stained, and my name alone, exalted in that day. This work 1 
am now doinsf, even in the present time in which you live. 

12. I am that God who did promise, through the Lord Jesus 
Christ, that I would come as a thief in the night ; and warned all 
to be prepared, with lamps well trimmed and burning, having oil in 


their vessels, ready to meet the Bridegroom and Bride, and not to 
be found sleeping, when their Master should return. 

13. And lo, I have come, and cried aloud the watch, but few an- 
swered; therefore I called the lame, the halt and the blind to my 
feast, and they that were the children of the kingdom I did cast 
out, and compelled those from the highways and hedges, to come 
in and sit at my table, that it might be filled. 

14.fl am that God who promised, through my blessed Son, that 
if any would forsake all, for the gospel's sake, lake up their cross, 
and follow Me, they should be blessed while in time, an hundred 
fold ; and in the world to come, with eternal life. And that all such 
as would lose their life for my sake, should find it; and all such as 
would save their life should lose it. For the Father and the Son 
are one, and from the Eternal Essence of my goodness, did I send 
him forth. [See St. John, Chap. xvii. 11, 21, 22.f] ' ' <\UCli' 

15. I AM, is God of yesterday, to day, and forever ; my purpos- 
es alter not, neither do they change, with the passing events of time. 

16. My attributes of goodness, justice and equity, with an offer 
of repentance, have always, in the wise dispensations of my provi- 
dence, preceded, (in kind and merciful offers to the children of 
men,) the heavy hand of my judgment, that they who would, might 
turn and be saved. 

17. And now, even in this your day, I am that God who does, 
through means of my own choosing, and vessels of my own prepar-^ 
ing, send forth my word of truth, accompanied by a kind and 
friendly warning, to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, who 
dwell upon the face of the whole earth. 

18. Not through vessels polished by the arts and sciences, culti- 
vated by man, but through such as are humble and dependent chil- 
dren, who seek to know, and do my will, as the first, and greatest 
object of their pursuit ; who dwell in a humble and secluded posi- 
tion in life ; choosing, rather to suffer persecution, tribulation and 
affliction with my people, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a 

19. Such are the instruments and vessels, through whom the 
word of my law shall go forth, from the Zion of my likeness, to the 
ends of the earth. Through such as do, in truth, yield themselves 
as clay in the hands of the potter ; giving all the honor and glory 
to my name, knowing and feeling themselves nought, but poor frail 
worms of the dust, whose life and breath is but as a vapor, that van- 
isheth quickly away. 






Whom T had created in my own image, saith the Lord, 








Of the primitive state of man. 

Generation, innocent and justifiable, 
had it been kept in its order. 

How corrupted, and the following- con- 

Of the orig-inal design of God in the 
creation of man, 

Man protected, had he kept his recti- 

Mankind never ceased to pervert the 
true order of nature. 

Judgments suffered to follow, as a re- 

Man still hardens his heart. 

Of the earth's witness to its Creator. 

15. Of the sending forth of God's warning- 
17. Violation of the order of nature, the 

cause of war and bloodshed. 
20. Expressions of the hearts of many, 

concerning the judgments of God. 

25. Of the call of God to the inhabitants 

of the earth. 

26. Of man's obstinacy against God, from 

the beginning-. 

28. Salvation only to the obedient. 

29. Criterion of the true witnesses of 


30. Of the dispensations of justice to 


1. When I created the earth, and all that is therein, I created 
man in a state of free agency, possessing an immortal soul, endow- 
ed with reasonable faculties, and also with irrational, or opposite 

2. These irrational, or opposite propensities, could never have 
gained such an influence over his rational mind, as to have perverted 
the order of his creation, had he kept my commandments, when 
first by my hand he was created, and placed in the garden, with 
full liberty to partake of every flower, and eat of the fruit of every 
tree, save the one that stood in the midst. This he was not to med-. 
die with on pain of death. 


S. But the irrational and inferior propensities working upon his 
animal part, seduced him to yield to the pleadings of the weaker 
vessel, and disobey the righteous command of his Creator God, 

4. By giving way to iudulge their natures, the seat of which 
gratification was placed in the midst of their bodies ; and this is the 
tree, standing in the midst, bearing the forbidden fruit, from which 
they plucked, not for the sake of procreation^ but wholly for the 
sake of gratification. 

5. Therefore, the death, of which I had before told them, did 
now ensue ; they could no longer stand before Me in a state of true 
innocence; for they had basely corrupted that order of nature 
which I had strictly commanded them to keep, and violate it not. 

6. The times and seasons for them to come together merely for 
the sake of propagating their own species, could have been fulfilled, 
sufficient to accomplish that end, and [that work] been as justifia- 
ble in my sight, as that of eating or drinking; and they could have 
known no more shame in the transaction. 

7. But by yielding to inordinate propensities, the seed of man 
was basely corrupted; and by that means, the order of nature, which 
I had established for his protection while in a natural state, was 
wholly thrown aside, saith the Lord, by the great mass of mankind, 
until debauchery, bloodshed and violence, did fill the whole earth, 
save a small remnant, who had descended from him who was begotten 
strictly after the order of nature, in true obedience to my command. 

8. I never intended, saith the Lord, that after having created 
man in our own image, to be an honor and glory unto us, by show- 
ino- fo^th the imao-e of his Creator, that he should have filled the 
earth with every species of abomination and violence, and caused 
it to be covered with bloodshed and carnage : by no means. 

9. But I intended it should have been a terrestrial paradise, stand- 
ing in its natural order uncorrupted, until in my wisdom, I should 
have seen fit to introduce an order of grace, or a spiritual dispensa- 
tion, for such portions of its inhabitants as were adequately ripened 
for the calling. 

10. I should have noticed, with my blessing and protection, in 
the order of my providence, those who had strictly kept the order 
and law of nature, uncorrupted, as really as those who were called 
into the order of my grace ; or to a work so pure and holy, that it 
could allow of nothing pertaining to the works of generation ; 

11. But mankind, from the earliest ages of the world, have never 



rensed to porveri the order of nature, and turn it to subserve their 
own nnaoverned and licentious piussioris, until their loss and dark- 
ness have become so s^reat, tiiat the whole earth is corrupted, and 
last sinkiniT under a curse, from my all righteous hand. 

12. And all the judgnients and calamities which I have suffered 
to come upon the earth in past dispensations and ages, to the pres- 
ent day, as a just recompense for their own doings, have been for 
the purpose that mankind might learn obedience to my law, by the 
things which they suffered. 

13. Yet, notwithstanding all these solemn warnings, accompanied 
by awful judgments, if their lives were spared, they have never 
ceased to harden their hearts, and again provoke my Holy Spirit to 
anger by their gross wickedness, committed [by many,] with their 
eyes wide open, knowing that they were disobeying the commands 
of the Lord their God. 

14. The whole world, and all the inhabitants that have heretofore 
lived on the earth's face, bear Me witness, that it hath now become 
ripe, for sore and heavy judgments. 

15. Therefore, do I firstly send forth my warning voice in chari- 
ty , and extend the offer of repentance to all who will accept it ; for 
I delight not in the death of the wicked, saith the Lord. 

16. But I would, that ye turn from the evil of your doings, and 
learn true righteousness ; or come so far towards it, as to keep that 
law of nature which I first established for the protection of man, 
v/hile yet in a natural state. 

17. Hearken, O ye people, and hear my word, saith the Lord 
your God. Had man kept his rectitude in the order of nature, as 
I commai.ded him, no innocent blood would ever have been shed by 
his hand ; no wars and fightings would ever have existed among the 
nations of the earth. 

18. But because of their awful wickedness, and of their beastly 
abominations, T, the liord God of Heaven and earth, have suffered 
the sword, with bloodshed and carnage, famine, destruction and pes- 
tilence, with sweeping blasts of my fury, in earthquakes and torna- 
does, to devastate many parts of the earth, and swallow up in de- 
struction, the living thereon ; that others might take warning and 
behold the doings of an Almighty hand, that no mortal power could 

19. [ These events ivere suffered,'] that those who beheld the awful 
calamities, with which their fellow creatures had been visited in a 


Stroke of my judgment, might take warning, and turn from the evil 
of their doings, before it be too late. 

20. But how, saith the Lord, have they hardened their hearts? 
Truly, by saying to their fellows when the calamity was passed, 
"Why this is truly remarkable, the Lord must have done this; but 
perhaps the like never will take place again, and so we will go on 
as usual, [and do as ice have done. ] " 

2L Others would say, "These things are unavoidable in the nat- 
ural course and order of the elements ; I do not consider that God 
has any thing to do with it." 

22. And by this means, they would strengthen their fellow 
mortals in the belief, that my Almighty hand and power, hath noth- 
ing to do in bringing such sweeping calamities upon the earth, and 
by so doing, [they would ] strengthen and encourage their compan- 
ions to go on, still adding to, and increasing the black catalogue 
of crimes that was attached to those whom I had swept from the 
face of the earth. 

23. Yea, saith the Lord, instead of my judgments serving to 
work repentance and humiliation, in those who were unvisited by 
my judgments, it only served, (with many,) to harden them in their 
awful crimes of wickedness. 

24. I deal, saith the Lord Almighty, with the creatures of my 
creation, according to my own wisdom. I deal with the different 
nations, kindreds, tongues and people, dwelling upon the face of 
the whole earth, both in mercy and in judgment; and in my own 
wisdom I deal with them as nations, and I deal with them as indi- 

25. Give ear, O Earth, and understand my words, all ye people 

who dwell in her, saith the Lord of hosts. Will you receive the 
word of the Lord your God in mercy, now while it is extended to 
you, in this, the latter day of his glory? Or will you forbear to hear, 
and refrain from repentance, as your fathers before you have done ? 

26. Eternity, and the souls dwelling therein, cry unto Me, as a wit- 
ness, that from the earliest ages of the world to the present day, 
mankind, as a body, have stood against the most merciful offers of 
my hand, by refusing to hearken to my word, which I sent forth 
for their best good, their peace and their comfort. 

27. But, as a few glimmering stars in the midst of midnight dark- 
ness , so have I preserved a few chosen witnesses, who were pre- 
pared, through deep tribulation, and much suflering, to testify of 


my word, and of my \vt)rk in truth, through all the dispensations 
of my goodness to man, from the earliest ages of the world to the 
present day. 

28. I have never promised salvation nor protection, to any eouls, 
only in the path of true obedience to that revealed will and order, 
made known to them, through such instruments, as I had prepared 
and raised up to testify of Me, both by precept and example, in the 
age and day wherein they lived. 

29. And, as a criterion by which to tell those who were the true 
witnesses of my word, I did proclaim, through my blessed Son, that 

fruits alone, should declare, for or against each soul ; that I would 
know no man by his words; but by the fruits which he brought 
forth, should he be judged. And this declaration from my eternal 
throne, must, and forever will remain unalterable, through time and 
in eternity. 

30. For I AM, is a just God, dispensing unto every one accord- 
ing as their works shall merit; and weigh every nation, accord- 
ing to my wisdom, in the just balance of my power ; and accord- 
ing to that measure which they have meted unto others, so shall it 
be meted to them again. 

31. And according to that cup which they have filled with the 
waters of affliction for others to drink ; so shall it again be filled to 
overflowing, and returned to their own mouths ; and according to 
the effusion of blood which they have caused in other nations to 
flow ; so shall it flow from their own veins, with an increased meas- 
ure, saith the Lord their God. 




The high and exalted ideas of man, inflated by his own 

ambition and pfvide, can never be brought conformable 

to my will saith the lord, nor comprehend my work 

or the nature of my doings. 


Man strayed from God, by disobedi- 




His state of trial 5 command of God 


to him. 



His bondage by the animal propensi- 
ties 5 means of deliverance. 


Indulgences the cause of haughtiness 
and hardness of heart ; delusion suf- 


fered, as the consequence. 



The witness and declaration of jus- 

tice against the works of man. 



Mankind questioned by the Almighty. 


Man slights the offers of mercy and 



The state in which the wicked enter 



Commands of God to man. 



Mankind agaui questioned by tlie Al- 

Of the crucifixion of Christ ; by what 

caused, &c. 
Man's way not God's way. 
The manner in which Christ was sent 

into the world : for what purpose ; 

his teaching and example. 
Of the visitation of God and his holy 

Angels to earth. 
A word of examination to the children 

of men. 
The Heavens and earth, witness 

against mankind. 
All ranks and orders, required to heark- 
en and humble themselves. 
Naught but humility will stay the hand 

of judgment. 
The manner in which all are to look 

for the coming of Christ unto them. 

Christ revealed, &c. 

1. Mankind, by disobedience to Me, their God and Creator, have 
strayed far, very far from that way in which I intended their feet 
should walk; and from that work in which I wished to have them 
engaged, while on their short pilgrimage through time. 

2. But, that man might not be as a mere machine, deprived of 
the power of volition, or free agency, I placed him, when created, 
in a peculiar situation or state of trial, and knowing the great weak- 
ness to which he would be exposed, I gave him a solemn charge, 
concerning the dangers that lay in his way; and that the most fatal 


consequences would ensue, should lie persist in acts cf disobedience 
to that course which I had then instructed him to pursue. Having 
done this, I left him to prove his fidelity and true obedience to my 

3. [But the irrational or animal propensities, [called the serpent,] 
soon over-ruled his right reason, and placed upon him strong bands, 
which held him in bondage to the law of sin and death, which is 
the animal or inferior part ; and having polluted his seed, by acts 
of disobedience, the curse which followed, and rested upon him, 
by increasing the inordinate and beastly passions of lust, which nev- 
er could be satisfied, had now become so strongly attached to the 
sensitive powers of the mind, which now were bent on gratifica- 
tion, [that they] could never be removed, short of a full cross being 
borne, against every propensity pertaining to that nature. 

4. And by the influence of this degraded and beastly propensity, 
(which never was, and never will be necessary for the sake of pro- 
creation,) mankind, as a body, from the earliest ages, to the present 
day, have been exalted in their own imaginations, inflated with 
pride and vanity to that degree and extent, that I suffered their 
hearts to become hardened, their ears to become deaf, and their eyes 
to become blind; for they had chosen their own way, therefore I 
did suffer their delusion, saith the God of Heaven. 

5. Not that it was my choice, but a choice that they themselves 
had made, in open and willful rebellion against all the fatherly and 
kind entreaties which I had sent forth to them, through messengers 
of my own preparing.^ 

6. Do not the records of eternal justice and truth, declare this 
against you, O inhabitants of earth ? Do not the countless millions 
now groaning in chains and fetters of darkness, bound in eternity, 
witness this truth ? 

7. The eternal record before my throne, which shall bring a just 
reward to every human creature, declareth and sealeth this solemn 
truth; your own way you have pursued, and not the way of your 

8. Your own plans of salvation you have embraced, and not the 
plans of your God. Your own paths you have pursued, and in them 
your feet have been swift to shed blood ; these are not the paths of 
your Creator God. 

9. All forms, all creeds and systems of religion that have been 
established by the sword, or supported by the force of arms, are of 


man's own invention, that the life of that beastly nature, (after 
which the whole world, from its creation to the present day, have 
wandered,) might be spared and kept alive. It never emanated 
from my holy spirit, saith the God of Heaven ; but frail and mortal 
man, in his bigoted and darkened condition, hath invented it, and 
practiced the same. 

10. Hearken, all ye nations, and give ear, O ye people of the 
earth, saith the Lord your God. Can you answer these questions? 
Have your souls found that which saves you from committing sin in 
the present tense? Have you found that which saves you from shed- 
ding the blood of your fellow creatures? Have you found that 
which causes you to love your neighbors as yourselves? 

11. Have you found that which saves you from all the gratifications 
of lust, and beastly works of nature, only that which is indispensa- 
ble for the sake of procreation, or for the fulfilling of that grea^ 
command which I gave to the children of men, in early days ; un- 
der which the most licentious and beastly works of abomination 
have been cloaked, from that day to this? 

12. The command w as good, and stands good, in its order and 
place, but not one act of gratification carried further than is neces- 
sary for the propagation of your own species, can ever be covered 
by this command. 

13. Have you found that which enables you to dwell together in 
unity, harmony and peace, having all things in common, and none 
saying that aught of the things that he possessed were his own? If 
not, what is the matter? Ponder these thhigs in your ov/n hearts! 
Communities, you say, are good, if they can agree. 

14. But thus saith the Lord, have you laid the axe to the root of 
the tree, or have you only lopped a few of the branches? Have you 
found the golden cord of purity, that binds souls in one? Or do the 
bands of sin and death surround you, and [cause you to be] broken 
in pieces? 

15. What was the reason that the inhabitants of Sodom and Go- 
morrah refused to hearken to the solemn warnings which I sent forth 
unto them, through messengers of my own preparing? Did they not 
mock and scorn my witnesses, and deride the word of my awful 
truth at their mouths, that unless they did humble themselves and 
repent, they with their city, should be destroyed ? 

16. What was this, but the arrogance of their spirit that refused to 


hearken to my word through tliose messengers, whom I did send 
unto them 1 

17. What caused tlie inhahitants of the antediluvian vvorhl, to 
mock and scorn, the solemn and righteous warning of my servant 
Noah, although they were clearly shown, by the operations of my 
Spirit, through my fLiithful servant, that unless they would cease 
from their awful wickedness, humble themselves and repent, they 
should, by the judgment of my Almighty hand, be swept from the 
face of the earth I 

J 8. And notwithstanding, they were all doomed to suffer death, 
as a certain and sure consequence, if they refused to hearken; yet, 
this only served to increase their epithets of scorn and derision 
upon righteous Noah, for being such an old superstitious" fool, ( as 
they called him, ) as to believe that the Lord was going to over- 
whelm the world with a deluge of water. 

19. Was not this refusal to hearken to the tender warnings of 
my mouth, sent forth by means of my own choosing, to be attribu- 
ted to their gross wickedness, which had caused their senses to soar, 
m lofty and exalted imaginations of their own great wisdom, and 
by this means, cause them utterly to reject the most solemn and 
sacred warnings, that I, their God and Creator could send to them, 
through one whose humble walk in life they disdained, from the 
very bottom of their hearts? 

20. Therefore, they received not of my tender mercies, but were, 
in lieu thereof, compelled to meet Me in judgment, and enter the 
eternal world with cries and screeches, under the most horrid and 
awful condemnation of a guilty conscience, loaded with crimes and 
beastly abominations to sink their souls in flames of hell, until, 
through sufferings, they had paid the utmost farthing, for all their 
sinful deeds. 

21. And the last error of their lives, in refusing to hearken to 
my righteous word of warning, was worse than all the rest ; for here 
they sinned, saith the Lord God, against light and understanding; 
for the humble walk of my servant Noah, brought forth fruits in 
their sight, declaratory that my spirit dwelt in him. 

22. Hearken, O ye children of men, and incline your ears to 

hear, and your hearts to understand, the word of the Lord your God, 

though you have not walked in my paths, and inclined your hearts 

to understand and do my will, as I have required from the earliest 


S3. Yet, I am a God of mercy and of long forbearance, to such 
as have the least desire to return unto Me, through that medium 
which I have appointed for them; that is, to keep my law and or- 
der of nature unviolated. 

24. Love mercy, deal justly one with another ; fear Me, and keep 
my commandments throughout, which were given to regulate those 
in a natural state. This requirement, is distinct and apart from 
that of the order of my grace. 

25. But consider, O inhabitants of earth, and in a special man- 
ner, those of you who make a great profession of Christianity ! How 
have mankind treated, from the days of my servant Moses, to the 
present time, the merciful displays of my goodness, whenever, in 
my wisdom I have seen fit to send it forth unto them. 

26. How oft did T have to scourge my chosen people Israel, for 
their wicked and rebellious doings, in rising against that order 
which I had appointed to lead and direct them, and thereby neg- 
lecting to keep my law, which I had established through my servant 
Moses, for their protection, stay and support; which, when strictly 
kept, would always ensure prosperity, and a blessing from my all 
righteous hand to rest upon them by day and by night. But when 
they departed therefrom, a curse was sure to follow. 

27. Yet by all these things, how little did they learn, in willing obe- 
dience, the paths of true wisdom ? Surely, not so much but that they 
set their hearts against Me their God. They surely were in my 
sight, a stiff necked and rebellious people, who were determined 
on pursuing their own plans ; and by this means, they stood ready 
to destroy the animal body of the Christ whom I did send unto 
them, because he did not come in that way which they had laid 
out for themselves. 

28. They wished him to come in great pomp and splendor, with 
mighty armies bowing at his feet. They wished to behold him as 
a mighty monarch, swaying the regal sceptre upon an earthly throne, 
destroying by the edge of the sword, all such as did not bow unto 
him in submission, and believe as he taught them, supporting the 
religion of his own nation, and condemningr that of others. 

29. Had he descended upon them in this manner and form, and 
held forth this testimony, it would at once have blended with their 
own self-exalted views of the coming of a Messiah; and they would 
readily have supported him, by force of arms, upon his throne. 

30. But learn, Oye children of men, that man's way, is not the 



way of his rjod and Creator. My way is equal for all; but man's 
way is unequal, unjust, and cruel. Tiierefore, did I .'^end my only 
begotten Son to earth, clothed with the power of salvation, encom- 
passed with a garment of humility and meekness, offering eternal 
life and salvation, upon equal terms, to all who would make the re- 
quired sacrifice to obtain it. 

31. I did not send him to court the love, favor or affection of 
Monarchs, Kings or Princes ; or to say unto the great ones of the 
earth. Rabbi! Rabbi! But I sent him to proclaim, through the 
deepest scenes of suffering and tribulation, peace on earth and 
good will to men, if they would receive him in the name of his 
Father in Heaven, possessing the innocency of a lamb and the 
meekness of a dove. 

. 32. Showing unto all, by precept and example, that he came in 
the perfect image of his Father, possessing a spirit of forgiveness, 
patience and meekness, under the most* painful and excruciating 
sufferings of both soul and body, that was ever before shown forth 
upon the earth, by any spirit dwelling within an earthly tabernacle; 
being, at the same time, possessed of my mighty power to that 
extent, that he could raise the dead from their graves to life, or call 
from the Heavens above, at any time, myriads of holy Angels and 
justified spirits to his assistance. 

33. And because I sent him, clothed in the attitude of meekness 
and humility, as I had predicted for hundreds of years before, by 
the mouths of my prophets, that he would come, they, as a body 
of people, rejected him and gnashed upon him with their teeth. 

34. But a little chosen band, who were accounted poor and illit- 
erate men, he did gather around him, unto whom he imparted the 
words of eternal life, and baptized them with the holy spirit; and 
the few that received his testimony into honest and sincere hearts, 
became his true followers through life, and ended their days under 
the heavy hand of persecution for so doing. But I, the God of 
Heaven, have kept a record of these doings, from the earliest ages 
of the world unto the present day. 

35. I again repeat the question, saith the Lord; Where is the 
nation, where are the people, either few or many, that have, in truth, 
denied themselves of all the enjoyments of sinful pleasure, by re- 
nouncing the world with all its alluring enchantments, for the sake 
of embracing the blessed gospel of that holy Savior, whom I sent 
forth to begin a work on earth which should never have an end. 


though the wickedness of man should quickly destroy the body, 
Avhich, by my Almighty hand had been prepared, as a receptacle for 
that saving spirit, while it acted in the capacity of a local agent, 
in time below ? 

36. Give ear, O inhabitants of earth, and hearken all ye people 
who dwell in her ! The Lord your God hath stooped from his throne, 
to visit the earth in mercy and in judgment. His holy Angels have 
come forth to execute judgment at his word, and show mercy at his 
pleasure. Vials filled with mercy, and vials filled with wrath, He 
hath placed in their hands. 

37. Hear my voice, O ye Angels, and sound aloud your trum- 
pets to the children of men, saying. Shall the spirit of the Lord 
your God, always strive with man to no purpose? Will He always 
endure to be scorned, mocked and frowned upon by the mites of his 
creation, who are but worms of the dust, and small ones too? 

38. Will He always receive a negative answer to his kind entreat- 
ies? Do not your own hearts bear witness in the sight of your God, 
O ye inhabitants of earth, that ye have perverted the way of the 
Lord, and the cross of his Christ ye have not borne in truth; nor 
bowed your necks under the yoke of the blessed Savior? 

39. Doth not the haughtiness of man declare that his spirit is 
high and lifted up, exalted above all that is of God? 

40. Doth not the spirit of oppression, and the hand that grindeth 
the faces of the poor, declare that justice hath departed from the 
earth, and the blessing of the Almighty withdrawn from her inhabi- 
tants ? 

41. Doth not the spirit of bigotry and despotism rule in the hearts 
of the children of men? Are they not ready and willing, if not 
bound by civil laws, to support a religion that suits their own natu- 
ral and carnal views, even at the point of the sword, and still main- 
tain, that this is the religion of the Son of God, the Prince 
of Peace? 

42. The Heavens bear witness against you, and the earth crieth 
unto Me with a loud voice, to be avenged on her inhabitants, for 
the rivers of innocent blood, which they have caused to flow upon 
her surface. 

43. O ye Monarchs, Kings and Princes, and all ye Nobles, Lords 
and Commons, hearken to my voice of solemn warning, saith the 
Lord your God ; all ye Rulers of the people, and such as move at 
their command. 


44. Bow dovvD your spirits, from the Monarch on IiIb throne, to 
the humblest peasant dwelling in u lonely cottage.' Humble both 
eoul and body; roll in sackcloth and ashes, and proclaim ye solemn 
fasts throughout your lands. Prepare, prepare, O thou mortal man! 
prepare, prepare, all ye inhabitants of earth, for the day of my visit- 
ation beginneth to dawn upon you ; for my anger is kindled against 
you, and who may quench it? The arm of my wrath is stretched 
out towards you, and who may turn it back? 

45. Naught but your cries and lamentations in the lowest of 
humiliation, will cause my hand of judgment to be stayed from the 
earth, saith the Lord of hosts; For I purpose to visit her in judg- 
ment, for her wickedness and abomination, and I will fill unto her 
a cup such as she never drank, since by my hand she was created. 
And her inhabitants have no time to lose, in preparing to meet Me 
their God. 

46. My times and seasons, I have revealed not unto man ; but I 
will shortly convince all flesh that my hand is upon the earth, in 
very deed. 

47. Look not for my word to be showered down from the natural 
heavens above, — Look not for my word through those that are high 
and lifted up, and feel themselves far above their fellow creatures. 

48. Look not for the second coming of my blessed Son in the 
natural clouds of heaven; for I have already sent him, and the 
foundations of my new Heavens and new earth, are already laid, 
never more to be overthrown, and ye believe it not. But ye may 
look for my word of solemn warning, from those in humble walks of 
life; and from the mouths of harmless children, saith the Holy 
One'of Israel, shall ye hear my word. 




The children of men, in their own natural wisdom, can 


1. The children of men required to 

search the Scriptures. 

2. The Lord reasons with man. 

7. Mankind required to come to the 

order of nature. 

8, Those called by the gospel, required 


to keep the law of grace. 

The Daughter of Zion, or the Heav- 
enly Bride declared. 

Concerning^ the fulfillment of the 
prophecies. Of the second coming of 
Christ, &c. 

1. Thus saith the Lord to the inhabitants of the earth. Go 
search ye the records of my holy word, which many of you so 
highly venerate ; for ye say that they testify of Me, and of my 
blessed Son, 

2. But after all the warnings which I had sent for hundreds and 
hundreds of years, through the mouths of my faithful servants, to 
my chosen people, respecting the coming of the Messiah, what did 
it avail them, when the time for his appearance had arriven? The 
sacred volume by which ye pretend to be led and guided, does tes- 
tify the truth so far as it goes, upon that ground. 

3. Though much of the record of my sacred word, delivered in 
past ages, hath been destroyed, and much that is now handed down 
to the present generation, hath been greatly perverted by such as 
were enemies to the yoke and cross, which the Lord Jesus required 
them daily to bear and wear ; yet by the interposition of my Al- 
mighty hand, a sufficient portion of that record, containing the 
words sent forth from my eternal throne, hath been preserved unto 
the present day, and doth now stand before Me as a witness, testify- 
ing against the body of darkness which covereth the earth, and 
the gross darkness that covereth the people thereon. 

4. For their sins and abominations are many, and their trans- 


oressioiis not a few, saitli the Great I AM; wliose eye bcholdeth 
the thoughts and intents of every heart, and the leading motive of 
every action among the cliildren of men. 

5. But as I have said in ancient days, I would condescend to rea- 
son with my creature man ; so do I now, in this the last age of the 
world, again say, I will this once, condescend to reason with the 
objects of my creation ; for truly the earth is covered with many 
souls, and there be millions and millions who know not their right 
hand from their left; upon whom the rays of my true light hath 
never beamed. 

6. Therefore, I will this once and again extend the arm of my 
mercy, holding forth the sceptre of true righteousness, to all such 
of the inhabitants of earth as hunger and thirst for salvation, and 
are ready to sacrifice all to obtain it. And to such as desire still 
lono-er to remain in the wilderness state of nature, the sceptre con- 
taineth my law and commandments for the same. 

7. I do require, saith the Lord, (who is descending to earth in 
mercy, and in heavy judgment,) that all such as desire to live in 
nature, propagating their own species, keep the law of nature unvi- 
olated, as I have commanded from the beginning. 

8. And all such as desire to come into the gospel of grace, must 
keep the law of grace, as I did command in the first appearing 
of my blessed Son, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who stands 
as the first true Anointed One; 

9. And, as I have commanded in the second manifestation of the 
same spirit, now in this your day, though you believe it not, which 
is through the Daughter of Zion, constituting a spiritual Mother, 
the second Anointed One, who now stands in her proper lot and 
place, with her blessed Lord and Savior; at the head of my new 
and spiritual Creation, now established on the earth ; and her name 
is, and forever shall be, [called] Mother Ann Lee. 

10. And now, the fulfillment of those predictions, from the 
mouths of my servants, concerning the establishing and setting up 
of my kingdom in the latter day of glory, as recorded in the sacred 
volume of my word, which all those of you who profess to be 
Christians so highly esteem and venerate as sacred truths, are now 
by my own mouth, saith the Lord, declared unto you to be fulfilled. 

11. But I will show unto you, O ye children of men, the 
most plain and prominent passages recorded in holy writ, which 
have come down to the age in which you live, referring to the com 


ing of the Messiah upon earth, to teach the people of his way, that 
they might walk in his path, when the time should come, for him 
to descend to earth. 

12. And observe ye, how little these things were understood or 
regarded by those who then dwelt upon the earth; and in a special 
manner the Jews, who, for hundreds of years, had been called the 
chosen people of my name, and to whom I had shown great notice, 
in leading them out from the bondage of Egypt, into a land flowing 
with milk and honey, which I had promised their forefathers, I 
would give unto their seed after them. 



Sec. 1. Those passages recorded in scripture ^ which refer to the 
first appearing of the Son of God on earth, I the Holy Angel, loho 
read this Roll for mortal hand to write, am commanded, hy the 
Most High to have here inserted. 

Genesis, iii. 15. And I will put enmity between thee and the 
woman, and between thy seed and her seed ; it shall bruise thy 
head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. 

Chap. xlix. 10. The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor 
a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto 
him shall the gathering of the people he. 

[Shiloh, meaning the Messiah, the Anointed, that is, the same 
as Christ. The sceptre departed from Judah soon after the 
Messiah came, and has never returned, to this day ; and the law was 
in substance disregarded.] 

Deuteronomy xviii. 15. The Lord thy God will raise up 
unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, 
like unto me ; unto him ye shall hearken : 


16. According to all that thou dcairedst of* the Lord thy God 
in Iloreb, in the day of the assembly, saying, let me not hear 
again the voice of tiie Lord my God, neither let me see this 
great fire any more, that 1 die not. 

17. And the Lord said unto me, They have well spoken that 
which they have spoken. 

18. I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, 
like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth ; and he 
ehall speak unto them all that I shall command him. 

Sec. 3. This refers to Christ, and is corroborated by my 
faithful martyr Stephen. 

Psalms, xvi. 8. I have set the Lord always before me; because 
he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved: 

9. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth ; my 
flesh also shall rest in hope ; 

10. For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell ; neither wilt thou 
suffer thy Holy One to see corruption. 

11. Thou wilt shew me the path of life ; in thy presence is 
fullness of joy : at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore. 

Psalms, ex. 1. The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my 
right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. 

2. The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion : 
rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. 

3. Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the 
beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning : thou hast 
the dew of thy youth. 

4. The Lord hath sworn, and will not repent, thou art a priest 
forever after the order of Melchizedek, 

5. The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in 
the days of his wrath. 

7. He shall drink of the brook in the way ; therefore shall he lifl 

up the head. 

Isaiah, vii. 14. Therefore the Lord himself shall give you 

a sign ; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and 

shall call his name Immanuel. 

Sec. 4. This does apply directly to the manner in which the Mes- 
siah was to be ushered into the world, saith the Lord, for no vir- 
gin can possibly conceive and bear a son, through the co-operation 
of man ; for the instant she yields to nature's passions in man, her 
virginity is gone. 


Jeremiah, xxiii. 5. Behold the days come, eaith the Lord, 
that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King 
shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice 
in the earth. 

6. In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; 
and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD 

Micah. V. 2. But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be 
little among the thousands of Judah, i/ct, out of thee shall he 
come forth unto Me, that is to be Ruler in Israel ; whose goings 
forth have been from of old, from everlasting. 

Zechariah. ix. 9. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, 
O Daughter of Jerusalem; behold, thy King cometh unto thee; 
he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, 
and upon a colt the foal of an ass. 

II Esdras. ii. 36. Flee the shadow of this world, receive the 
joyfulness of your glory; I testify my Savior openly. 

46. Then said I unto the angel. What young person is it that 
crowneth them, and giveth them palms in their hands? 

47. So he answered and said unto me. It is the Son of God, 
whom they have confessed in the world. Then began I greatly 
to commend them that stood so stiffly for the name of the Lord. 

Chap. vii. 28.,For my son Jesus, shall be revealed with those 
that be with him, and they that remain shall rejoice within four 
hundred years. 

29. After these years shall my Son Christ die, and all men that 
have life.* 

Chap. xiii. 32. And the time shall be when these things shall 
come to pass, and the signs shall happen which I shewed thee 
before, and then shall my Son be declared, whom thou sawest as 
a man ascending ; 

33. And when all the people hear his voice, every man shall in 
their own land leave the battle they have one against another. 

35. But he shall stand upon the top of the mount Sion. 

36- And Sion shall come, and shall be shewed to all men, 
being prepared and builded, like as thou sawest the hill graven 
without hands. 

37. And this my Son shall rebuke the wicked inventions of 

• Alluding to the falling away of the primitive Church. 


tliose nation?, which for tlieir wicked life arc fallen into the- 

3S. And shall lay before them their evil thoughts, and the tor- 
ments wherewith they shall begin to be tormented, which are like 
unto a flame ; and he shall destroy them without labor by the 
law which is like unto fire. 

Daniel, ix. 24. Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people 
and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make 
an end' of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to 
bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and 
prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy. 

25. Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth 
of the commandment to restore and- to build Jerusalem unto the 
Messiah the Prince shall he seven weeks, and three score and 
two weeks ; the street shall be built again, artd the wall, even in 
troublous times, f 

Matthew, i. 23. Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall 
bring- forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which 
being interpreted \s, God with as. 

Chap. ii. 6; And thou Bethlehem in the land of Juda, art not 
the least among the Princes of Juda; for out of thee shall come^ 
a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel. 

Chap; xxi. 5. Tell ye the Daughter of 9ion», Behold, thy King- 
Cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and a colt the 
foal of an ass. 

Chap, xxvii. 9. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by 
Jeremy the prophet, saying. And they took the thirty pieces of 
siFver, the price of him thut was valued, whom they of the chil- 
dren of Israel did value ; 

10.. And gave them for the Potter's field, as the Lord appoint- 
ed me. 

John. xii. 15. Fear not, daughter of Sion; behold; thy King; 
Cometh, sitting on an ass's colt. 

16. These things understood not his disciples at the first ;- but* 
when Jesus was glorified, then remembered they that these things 

t That is, sixty nine weeks, reckoning- each day for a year, from the date of the above 
mentioned commandment, brings the time to the public ministr}^ of Jesus Christ — In the 
midst of the seventieth week he was crucified. And at the close of this week, which- 
completes the seventy, his anointed bod^'^, the primitive Church was established. Thus 
by this pr iphecy, it was clearly shown that the Messiah would be mcinifested at that 
very time, which plainly proves Jesus to be the true Messiah. 


were written of him, and that they had done these things unto 

Acts. ii. 25. For David speaketh concerning him, I foresaw 
the Lord always before my face, for he is on my right hand, that 
I should not be moved : 

26. Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad ; 
moreover also, my flesh shall rest in hope : 

27. Because thou wilt not leave my ^^oul in hell, neitheT wih 
thou suffer thy Holy One to see corruption. 

29. Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of tlie 
patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepuK 
clire is with us unto this day. 

30. Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had 
sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruits of his loins, accor- 
ding to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne. 

Chap. vii. 37. This is th^t Moses, which said unto the chil- 
dren of Israel, A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto 
you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear. 

33. This is he, that was in the church in the wilderness with 
the angel which spake to him in the mount Sinai, and with our 
fathers; who received the lively oracles to give unto us: 

39. To whom our fathers would not obey, but thrust kitn, irom 
them and in their hearts turned back again into Egypt. 
Sec. 3. Thus saith the Lord, What diflTerent from this, hav^t^e chil- 
dren of men, as a body, done from the earliest ages of tlie world to 
the present day^ whenever and wherever, I have manifested myself 
unto them* The record of their own histories, do declare that they 
have pursued the same path. 

Hebrews, v. 6. As he saith also in another place, Thou art a 
priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. 

7. Who in the days of his flesh, when he had oflTered up prayers 
and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that 
was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared; 

8. Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the 
things which he suffered; 

9. And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal 
salvation unto all them that obey him ; 

10. Galled of God a high priest, after the order of Melchisedec. 
IL Of whom we have many things to say, and hard to be ut 

tered, seeing ye are dull of hearing. 








Of timely warnings by the Prophets. 
Of the darkness and opposition of man. 
A few laid down their lives, for the 

gospel's sake. 
Tlie light of the gospel never suffered 

to become wholly extinguished. 
Mankind still persist in their own ways. 
The Lord dcclareih the execution of 

The Lord reasons upon the situation 

and conduct of man. 
Denunciation of judgments, if man 




does not repent. 
Knowledge suffered to increase, 
Judgments to those who do not the 

will of God, for fear of reproach. 
Christ's mission and labor. 
Christ not sent to save souls in their 

Of the confession of sins, in order to 

become true witnesses for God. 
All rewarded according to their works. 
Few willing to sacrifice their own wills, 

and do the will of God. 

1. Give ear, O ye people, and understand my words, saith the 
Lord ; I testify unto you, that all the foregoing passages, and many 
more, which have never been handed down on record, were dictated 
by my spirit, and sent, forth, through the mouths of the prophets, 
that the people might have timely warning of the coming of the 
Messiah, and be prepared to work with him, by hearkening to his 
voice, that my peace and my blessing might rest upon them. 

2. But how dark was their darkness, and how great was their 
blindness, that after all the particular instruction from the mouths of 
my faithful servants, they knew not the Savior, when I sent him 
forth, neither would they, as a body, believe, when he declared him- 
self unto them, and showed forth, by the miracles which he 
wrought, that he proceeded, and came forth from God, the Father 
of all, and from none else. 

3. But the gospel which he preached, their carnal, self-willed 
and bigoted natures did abhor; and the testimony which he bore, 
cut them to their hearts , therefore, in cruel rage, and malice, they 


exerted all their power, to destroy his animal body, as quick as pos- 
sible, that his galling testimony might be suppressed, and thus did 
they accomplish their own destruction. 

4. But a few chosen ones gathered unto him, and remained true 
to the cause, to the laying down of their lives; and were thereby 
crowned with glory, honor and immortality; 

5. And the light of that gospel, revealed through the Son, I did 
never suffer wholly to be extinguished, through the gloomy, dark, and 
bloody reign of antichrist; but would, at times, cause rays of this 
light to break forth, in vessels of my own preparing, as twinkling 
stars in a dark night, from a cloudy horizon ; and bear testimony 
against the awful abominations of the age in which they lived ; not- 
withstanding, their natural lives were sure to be sacrificed, under 
the most excruciating tortures as the consequence. And thus have 
been the doings of mankind, from the creation of the world, to the 
present day. 

6. They have always chosen their own way, in opposition to that 
which I, in mercy, sent forth unto them. Therefore, have they, as 
a world of human souls, all gone astray, and worshiped the idol 
god of their own lusts. Yet, as a kind and tender Father, oft have 
I reasoned with them, and entreated of them to turn from the error 
of their doings; to cease from doing evil, and learn to do well: to 
cease from their bloodshed and carnage, and dwell together in 
peace and love. 

7. And many have been the holy Angels which I have sent, with 
messages of love and mercy, that they might be persuaded, through 
my unbounded goodness and loving kindness, to turn unto Me their 
God and Creator ; but all to no purpose, save that they would draw 
out their mouths in ridicule and derision unto Me, and unto my 
messengers; and sound forth blasphemous words against my holy 
work, and the subjects thereof Yea, saith the Lord, they would 
gladly turn the whole habitable earth into a theatre of sin and 
corruption ! 

8. But I have declared in my wrath, and I will execute in my 
fury, justice upon the nations of the earth, such as will not hearken 
and return to the law of the Lord their God : for I will surely avenge 
the innocent blood that crieth unto Me. 

9. My spirit shall not always be mocked by frail mortals, who 
are but as worms and insects, crawling upon the earth's surface. 


What in man, tliat I should be mindful of him, or the son of man 
that I should visit him? 

10. Have WE not created him to pursue a different path from that 
which he hath pursued, from the foundation of the world to the 
present day? Have I not declared that we created him in our own 
image, to be an honor and a glory unto us? 

11. And shall we suffer him, saith the Lord, instead of doing us 
honor, to disgrace the name by which he was created, 

12. By filling the earth with blood and violence, and covering 
her face with filthy stews of abomination? 

13. By trafficking in human blood, and making merchandise 
of souls? 

14. By grinding the face of the poor, and turning the right of 
the needy away ? 

15. By supporting the rich, the great and the high, who have got 
gain without right, in every kind of the most extravagant luxury j 
while those of their fellow creatures who labor daily with th-eir 
hands for bread, are starving for want of the same? 

16. Shall the earth groan unto Me, by reason of such injustice, 
and I not be avenged on her inhabitants, saith the Lord? Nay, 
nay, crieth my eternal justice. 

17. 1 will visit her in mercy, if she will hearken; but if not, I 
will visit her in judgment, still more severe than I poured forth 
upon those stiff-necked, hard hearted and rebellious Jews, who cru- 
cified the holy Son of God, when he was sent forth unto them. 

18. For I have suffered light, knowledge and understanding to 
be increased in the earth, and where ever much is given, there 
much, in return, will be required. And unto whomsoever light 
and knowledge is given, to do their master's will, and they do it not, 
the same shall be beaten with many stripes. 

19. And where the true gospel light does shine into a soul, and 
they obey it not, for fear they shall be mocked and scorned, by their 
fellow creatures ; double condemnation will fall upon that soul; and 
my judgments will surely visit them, unless they speedily repent, 
and obey the light which I have given them, saith the Lord. 

20. Understand the word of the Lord your God all ye people; I 
did not send my beloved Son into the world for naught: I did not 
send him to make a show of the gospel without possessing the sub- 

2L He took on him the nature of man, with all its frail and fallen 


propensities, that he might set him a true example, how to deny 
himself, by taking up a daily cross, against erery eril propensity 
of his nature. 

22. This, your Lord and Savior effectually did, by putting every 
enemy of the soul's best good and comfort, under his feet. He 
conquered the power of sin and death, by passing through the deep- 
est of sufferings. 

23. And by this means, he was always able to resist the tempta- 
tions of every fallen propertsity of nature, at the first presentment, 
and was never, in any instance, overcome; therefore, he was per- 
fected through sufferings, and enabled to open the door of eternal 
salvation to every one, that would strip themselves for the race, and 
run for the prize, in the path which he directed. 

24. But I never sent him on earth, either in his first, or second 
appearance, to save any souls in their sins. There can be no pow- 
er given to do this, saith the Lord ; my attribute of eternal justice 
forbiddeth it. 

£SS. But every one, who would come into the order of my grace, 
must confess their sins, one by one, before my Witnesses; and labor 
to repent of the same, by leaving them off. And none can ever come 
into the true gospel of Christ, either in his first or in his second 
appearance, short of doing this. 

26. And none- can ever stand as true witnesses for Me, until they 
have done this, in sincerity of heart and honesty of soul, and have 
labored to repent, and cry to God that they might be forgiven for 
the same. 

27. For the heart, defiled and corrupted with sinful abominations, 
is like unto a cage filled with every unclean and hateful bird ; or 
like unto a whited sepulchre, that is full of rottenness and dead 
men's bones within, and it never can be cleansed, short of a full 
and free confession. ^ 

128. I AM, is a God of eternal justice, and will render to every 
one their just reward. I have in past dispensations of my grace 
to man, given him laws and statutes, agreeable to the age and day 
in which he lived, and in keeping them, he would always have been 
insured with my love and blessing, to protect him in his duty. 

29. But few, very few, saith the Creator of all, have I ever found 
in any age of the world, who were willing to sacrifice their own 
ways and wills, with all their carnal enjoyments, to do my will and 
pleasure; therefore have they run in their own way, and not in the 
way of their God. 








1. God callelh unto man, and reasoneth 
wilh him. 

6. Man justified in proportion to obedi- 
ence to tlie law of God. 

8. The gospel never leads to contention. 

10. Ot the profession of Christians. 

11. Expressions of the wicked. 

14. Of those who declared falsely. 

15. Falsehood not changed into truth by 

that means. 
17. Of the operation of the spirit of Christ. 
20. Of faith and words without works. 

22. Man warned to turn from his wick- 

2i. His works merit a scourge at the hand 
of God. 

25. An offer of mercy yet extended. 

27. Of the oiierations of the hand of 

29. Of the two leaved gates. 

30. Of the sending forth of Angels. 

33. The Lord come to declare his laws. 
35. Of conviction and obedience to the 
calls of conscience. 

1. Draw near unto me, the Lord your God, O ye inhabitants of 
earth ! Incline your hearts to understand my word, and turn your 
feet to walk in my paths. 

2. Open your eyes to behold, and unstop your ears that you may 
hear, while I hold forth the sceptre of my mercy, and extend the 
arm of my charity, once more unto you ; and teach you again of 
my laws, that you may walk in my paths. 

3. While I command the holy Angels, whom I have sent forth 
with the vials of my wrath and judgment, to stay their hands for a 
short season, that the people may hear my word, and have a space 
to repent if they will, and prove unto Me, by the humility of their 
souls, that they really believe my word, and will hearken unto my 

4. The great I AM, who sitteth upon his throne on high, is a 
spirit of everlasting goodness and eternal brightness, operating 
through all immensity and space, and endless worlds unknown ; 


yet, I formed this earth for my pleasufe, and placed the image of 
my likeness thereon for my glory. 

5. And as one grain of sand to the sea shore, or as one drop of 
water to the rolling deep, so it may be reckoned, in comparison to 
the power, majesty and glory of Him who created it. Yet, in every 
individual whom I have created after my own image, is placed an 
immortal soul, or never dying part, which is of that eternal substance 
that gave it being; and this must, and will, eternally exist, clothed 
in happiness, or in misery, just in proportion as its own individual 
works shall merit, when weighed in the balance of my eternal justice. 

6. And just so far as the inhabitants of the earth have kept the 
law of nature, with all its restrictions, which I did sound, through 
the mouths of my faithful servants, [and cause] to be recorded in 
the sacred volume, that man mio;ht know the will of God, his Cre- 
ator, just so far shall they be justified in that order and state before 
Me, and no further. 

7. And again, just so far as all those professing the Christian 
religion, have sincerely embraced it, in singleness of heart and sin- 
cerity of soul, according to the very best light and understanding 
given them, so far they shall be justified in my sight, and no further; 
saith He who sitteth upon the throne of eternal justice. 

8. And again, hear ye jiiiy word ; my spirit doth work in the 
hearts of the children of men, in various ways and manners. But 
understand, all ye inhabitants of earth, and rulers of the same; 
never, sifice the days of the Messiah, hath the spirit of that gospel 
which your blessed Lord and Savior brought forth unto you, oper^ 
ated to cause you to shed each other's blood. 

9. For did he not declare, both by precept and example, ap plain 
as the open light of day, that his kingdom was not of jthis world, 
therefore his servants would not fight ? And did he not furthermore 
testify, that his kingdom was a kingdom of peace, and that the sub- 
jects of it must dwell together in bonds of love aiid peace ; at all 
times, do unto others as they wished others to do unto them, aiid 
so fulfill the law of true righteousness? 

10. Consider, pause, and reflect, all ye nations, ye rulers, kings 
and people, who make a profession of the true religion of my 
blessed Son. Great, very great, saith the Lord, are the professions 
of the children of men upon earth. 

11. But I am about to visit them for that which they possess, not 
that which they profess ; for they who profiss, ^ijd possess not, are 


likenod unto the in:in who })ul!t his lioiisc upon the sand, and the 
floods came, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was 
the fall thereof. 

12. And so shall it be, saith the God of Heaven, with the nations 
and kingdoms of the earth. And notwithstanding my word of warn- 
ing unto them, many will say, Our God delayeth his coming; 
come, let us take our ease, and rest in our sinful abominations ; 
perhaps it will be just as well with us, in the end, as with others. 

13. We have often heard of great warnings and prophecies, 
purporting to be from God, but I do not know as there ever was 
any thing took place on the account, any more than common; so 
I think they are all a blasphemous fiction, of some vain mortal that 
wants to frighten the human race. 

14. But I again declare unto the inhabitants of earth, saith the 
Lord, that although there have been those who spoke in my name, 
falsely, saying that I had sent them, when I sent them not; and 
those who have been suffered to taste a little of the true Oil of life 
and light, and, having no vessel suitably cleansed and prepared to 
receive it, have, by that means, run extremely wild, and done much 
harm, in causing the heart that was already hard with unbelief, as 
respects the invisible operations of my divine spirit, to become still 
more hard and unbelieving ; 

15. Yet, saith the Lord, none of these things change falsehood 
into truth, or truth into falsehood: a just weight, and a just balance 
alone can stand; and by their works shall they be known, who be 
false, and who be true. 

16. I work by means of my own choosing, through both visible 
and invisible agencies. The fruit of the tree shall always stand as 
the criterion, by which the good qualities of that tree shall be known. 

17. And where ever the spirit of my blessed Son does find an en- 
trance into the hearts of the children of men, it operates in the 
following manner : They will feel a spirit of prayer, to cry unto Me, 
in deep tribulation of soul, that their eyes may be opened, to see 
and know whether they are, in truth, continually living up to the 
best light of their own consciences, or whether they are daily vio- 
lating the same. 

18. They will feel their souls hungering and thirsting after spirit- 
ual food, anxiously desiring to be clothed upon with that true state 
of justification, that they can feel they are at peace with all their 
fellow creatures, and can meet their God in a state of true confi- 


dence, having followed the best light given them while upon earth. 

19. And furthermore, all such souls as are operated upon by the 
spirit of good, will feel a kind, tender, and sympathetic feeling 
towards the whole human family: and when any of their fellow crea- 
tures are in distress, if it is in their power to alleviate their suffer- 
ings, they will do it; for, remember that faith, unsupported by works, 
is dead : but such as have true and living faith, will always have 
works, corresponding therewith. 

20. But unto such as can say to a suffering fellow mortal, Go, be 
thou fed, warmed and clothed; or to the heart worn down under afflic- 
tion, grief and sorrow. Go, be thou comforted, doing nothing fur- 
ther; I will liken them, saith the Almighty, unto such as profess 
to be great Christians, calling loudly upon the name of my blessed 
Son, to save them, by his righteous merits, while they themselves, 
can readily shed the heart's blood of their fellow creatures, and 
daily wallow in the filthy and sinful abominations of their own car- 
nal propensities. 

21. And again, O ye blind and stupid, saith the Lord, — How can 
you, in reason, expect to find mercy at my hand, while you are spend- 
ing your days on earth in rioting and drunkenness, wickedness, and 
every kind of debauchery, fulfilling the desires of every carnal 
propensity of both body and mind; yet, cloaking it under the reli- 
gion of my holy child Jesus, which is pure and undefiled ? 

22. O turn, turn, crieth the voice of Him who sitteth upon the 
throne, turn ye, turn ye, O frail mortals of my creation, turn, in the 
lowest of humility and repentance, to that God who created you; 
or I will sink kingdoms and cities, in the bowels of that earth 
which ye have caused to drink in the blood of the innocent. 

23. For unto whomsoever ye have yielded yourselves servants to 
obey, his servants ye are; whether of sin unto death, or of grace 
unto eternal life; and but few do I find upon the earth's surface, who, 
as yet, are willing to enter in at the straight gate, and walk in the 
narrow way, that they may find eternal life. 

24. The whole human family have gone astray; there are none 
but what have sinned in my sight, and there are none, but what 
their works merit a scourge at my hand. 

25. Yet, in mercy do I once more extend an offer of repentance, 
now, in this, the latter day of my visitation on earth, to fallen man. 
And they that think they can pass lightly over the solemn warnings 
which I send unto them, and trample them under their feet, I will 


surely meet them, in an hour that they are not looking for Me, and 
in a day that they are unprepared for my coming, saith the Lord of 

26. Then will they in vain call upon my name for mercy ; then 
would they gladly confess their sins and abominations, that they 
might find mercy at my hand ; but he that gathereth not in harvest, 
must perish in winter. He that receiveth not in mercyj must take 
in judgment. 

27. All that operates in the hearts of the children of men, to dif- 
fuse the principles of peacej discarding the cruel and barbarous 
principles of bloodshed and carnage, and all the efforts and labors, 
of both governments and individuals, to bring about and produce 
a moral reform upon the minds of the people ; 

28. And all the associations and societies, which have been form- 
ed for the purpose of encouraging the can^^ of temperance, whether 
in eating or drinking, are the operations of the hand of my Provi- 
dence, upon the hearts of the children of men, to prepare the way 
for my coming to visit the earth, in mercy and in judgment; in a 
far more remarkable and striking manner, than it ever before was 

29. For the great I AM, now opeiieth the (iv'd leaved ^ates, and 
declareth, with ^is own voice -Of eternal truths the only way of 
entrance into the holy city. And all who seek to enter by other 
paths, are but as thieves and robbers ; and it shall be said unto 
them, depart, for I know you not. 

30. I have sent forth my angels of lamentation and of sorrow^ 
of judgment and desolation, of mercy and of charity, to pass and 
re-pass through the earth. 

31. Though as yet, I have scarcely suffered them, saith the Lord, 
td begin to make themselves known to the children of men : for I 
will ftrst prove the inhabitants of the earth in this age, as I have 
proved them in times and ages long past. 

32. I will send forth, in my own vvay, my solemn word of warn- 
ing; and if that they wi^l receive, I will give unto them, in my own 
time and season, my law and commandment^ which I have already 
placed in the heart of my Zion, respecting those who still desire 
to live after the order of nature, propagating their own species. 

33. Thus saith the Lord; I liave come to declare my laws and 
my statutes to the children of men. And such as are for the law 
of nature, keep the law of nature, which I have sent forth, and the 


blessing and protection of an over-ruling Providence, shall rest upon 
them for the same. 

34. And such as are for the law of grace, keep the laio of grace, 
which can have no part or place in the works of natural generation ; 
and the immediate protection and blessing of my Almighty hand, 
shall be extended to them for the saMe; and they shall be crowned 
with glory, immortality and eternal life, in the world to come. 

35. When souls are awakened in their spirits, to search after 
t'hdl which will save them from sin daily, then, the invisible agen- 
cies w^hich I have sent forth, are operating upon their minds, to 
wake them up to a sense of their great loss and distance from a 
pure and holy God. 

36. Souls in this situation, feel, many times, extremely bad, and 
know not the cause; but if they would follow, regardless of per- 
sonal consequences, the beams of true light, that are suffered, by 
my Almighty power, at such times, often to break forth and shine 
into their souls, and strictly live to the same, regardless of sneers 
and scoffs, or the ridicule of their fellow companions, this light 
would invariably lead them, as the final result, to the fountain of 
eternal truth; where I, the God and Creator of all, have placed my 
name, forevermore to stand. 

37. Where I have promised to set up a kingdom, that all the 
powers of both earth and hell, can never overthrow or destroy; 
where violence shall not be used, and vvhere blood shall not be 
shed; where the spirit of the Lamb) and the meekness of the Savior, 
shall characterize the goings of the people ; where no confidence 
or trust is placed in the arm of flesh ; but where the Almighty 
power of the Lord their God is sought unto for protection. 

3$. For a pure and holy people, whose hands are not stained in 
human blood, and whose feet pursue not in the paths of sin and 
death, I will surely have upon the earth, to bear testimony of my 
word and my work, and testify against the wickedness and abomi- 
natioHs thereon committed, «aith the God of Heaven. 







4. Christ, the end of the law for right- 
eousness to all who behaved. 

6. Laws given in every age, suitable for 

the age. 

7. Of fleshly gratifications. 

8. Of evils forbidden. 

1. Of those who are counted worthy to 

obtain the resurrection. 

2. Of forsaking all, &c. 

3. The situation in which mankind is 

Of rejecting the offers of salvation, 
and of Christ's second coming. 
20. Of God's visitation to the inhabitants 


of the earth, in judgment. 
25. What is required of those who would 
ever come to the Son of God. 

27. The requirements of God unaltered, 

by man's abuse of them. 

28. Scripture passages quoted, sufficient 

to condemn the whole world. 

30. Christ's words not contradictory in 


31. Of a cloak for evil. 

35. A declaration of God's judgments. 
37. The spirit of carnal warfare and con- 
tention, opposed to godliness. 

Sec. 1. I require, saith the Lord, the most plain and prominent 
passages, spoken by the Savior when he was on earth, as referring 
to the manner of life that all were required to live, who would be- 
come his true followers, to be here inserted; that the children of 
men may behold, with shame and surprise, the great diiference be- 
tweent he manner of life here required, and that which they have 
practiced from that day to this; which stand as opposite as day 
and night, or as light and darkness. 

2. And the record of this word is contained in the Sacred Book, 
which they acknowledge to be the true record of the word of God 
to the children of men. 

MattJiew, V. I . And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a 
mountain : and when he was set, his disciples came unto him. 

2. And he opened his mouth, and taught them saying, 


3. Blessed are the poor in spirit: for tiieirs is the kingdom 
of heaven. 

4. Blessed are they that mourn : for they shall be comforted. 

5. Blessed arc the meek : for they shall inlierit the earth. 

6. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after right- 
eousness : for they shall be filled. 

7. Blessed are the merciful : for they shall obtain mercy. 

8. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 

9. Blessed are the peace makers : for they shall be called the 
children of God. 

10. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' 
sake : for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

11. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute 
you^ and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my 

12. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad , for great is your reward 
in heaven ; for so persecuted they the prophets which were before 

13. Ye are the salt of the earth : but if the salt have lost his 
savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for 
nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. 

14. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a 
hill cannot be hid. 

17. Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the proph- 
ets : I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. 

18. For verily, I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, 
one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be 

Sec. 3. O ye professors of Christianity, saith the Lord, compare 
your past and present lives with the foregoing lessons of instruc- 
tion, which were given by the mouth of your Lord and Savior, 
when he was on earth, in person. 

4. Remember, O ye children of men, that Christ, the Savior, 
was the end of the law, [for righteousness,] to all them that believ- 
ed; and none who name his name, as being a true follower of him, 
have, since the day he was on earth, had any right to plead, even 
the indulgences gi^en under the law, that Moses gave to the chil- 
dren of Israel. 

5. For in Christ, was brought forth the law of grace ; which not 
only fulfilled all that had been given in the previous laws to the 


cliildron of Israel, but superseded the necessity of all other laws, 
going before; being, in itself, a superior law to any that had ever 
preceded it ; as all had been weak, through indulgences ; therefore 
could bring nothing to perfection. 

6. In every age of the world, I have, in the dispensation of my 

own wisdom, given such laws for the children of men, as were 

adapted to the Jige in which they were given, and best calculated 

to effect the work for which they were designed, saith the Lord. 

Matthew, V. 19. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these 

least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called 

the least in the kingdom of heaven : but whosoever shall do and 

teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of 

20. For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall 

exceed the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall 

in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. 
28. But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman 

to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her in his heart, 
Sec. 7. This plainly declares my requirement, saith the Lord, for 
all such as come into the order of the gospel ; that they can have 
nothing to do with fleshly gratifications ; not so much as even to 
look on a Woman to lust after her. And again ; 

Mattheic, v. 34. But I say unto you, Swear not at all : neither 

by heaven; for it is God's throne: 

35. Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jeru-= 
salem ; for it is the city of the great King : 

36. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst 
not make one hair white or black : 

37. But let your communication be. Yea, yea; Nay, nay : for 
whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil. 

3S. Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, 
and a tooth for a tooth. 

39. Bat I say unto you, That ye resist not evil : but whosoever 
shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. 
Sec. 8. Now listen, O ye people, and understand my words; Do 
not the few foregoing sentences, spoken by your Z/orc? and Savior, 
effectually forbid all quarreling, contention, revenge, and defraud^ 
ing, which is so universally practiced among mankind? The voice 
of truth, in every heart, must answer. Yea. 

Matthew, v, 43, Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou 


shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy : But I say unto 
you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good 
to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use 
you, and persecute you ; 

Chap. vi. 5. And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the 
hypocrites arc : for they love to pray standing in the synao-oo-ues, 
and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. 
Verily, T say unto you. They have their reward. 

19. liay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth 
and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal : 

20. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where nei- 
ther moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break 
through nor steal. 

21. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 
Chap. vii. 12. Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that 

men should do to you, do ye even so to them : for this is the 
law and the prophets. 

13. Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide Z5 the gate, and 
broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be 
which go in thereat : 

14. Because, strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which 
leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 

21. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter 
into the kingdom of heaven ; but he that doeth the will of my 
Father which is in heaven. 

22. Many will say to me in that day. Lord, Lord, have we not 
prophesied in thy name ? and in thy name have cast out devils? 
and in thy name done many wonderful works? 

23. And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you : de- 
part from me, ye that work iniquity. 

Chap. xii. 36. But I say unto you. That every idle word that 
men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of 

Chap. XV. 3. But he answered and said unto them, Why do 
ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition ? 

7. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, 

8. This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and 
honoreth me with their lips ; but their heart is far from me. 

9. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the 
commandments of men. 



MattlmOy xxiii. 4. For they bind heavy burdens, and grievous 
to be borne, and lay llicm on men's shoulders; but they thrmsclvf<i 
will not move them with one of their fingers. 

5. But all their works they do for to be seen of men : they 
make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their 

0. And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats 
in. the synagogues, 

7. And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, 
Rabbi, Rabbi. 

8. But be not* ye called Rabbi : for one is your Master, even 
Christ; and all ye are brethren. 

11. Blithe that is greatest among you,, shall be your servant.. 

12. And whosoever shall exalt himself, shall' be abased ; and' 
he that shall humble himself, shall be exalted. 

13. Biit wo unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye 
shut up the kingdom of heaven against men : for ye neither, go 
in yourselves, neither suffer- ye them that are entering, to go in. 

14'. Wo unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye de- 
vour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer : 
therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. - 

15. Wo unto^ you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye 
compass sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he is 
made, ye make him two-fold more the child of hell than your- 

Chap. xxvi. 52. Then said Jesus unto him. Put up again thy 
sword into his place : for all they that take the sword, shall per- 
ish with the sword. 
Sec. 9. Consider, all ye who profess to be the followers of the 
Lord's Christ, the sayings in the foregoing verses, which wholly for- 
bid all wars and fightings with your fellow creatures, of whatever 
name or nature: compare your present lives with the same. 

Mark, vii. 20. And he said. That which cometh out of the 
man, that defileth the man^ 

21. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil 
thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 

22. Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, 
an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness; 

23. All these evil things come from within, and defile the 


8. For, laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the 
tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups : and many 
other such like things ye do. 

9. And he said unto them. Full well ye reject the command- 
ment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. 

Luke, xxi. 34. And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time 
your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness, anii 
cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. 

35. For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwdl on the 
face of the whole earth. 

36, Watch ye therefore, and pray always, ihat ye may be ac- 
counted worthy to escape all these things that -shall come to pass, 
and to stand before the Son of man. 

Chap. XX. 34. And Jesus answering, said unto them. The 
children of this world marry, and are given in marriage : 

35. But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that 
world, and the resurrection fromithe dead, neither marry, nor are 
given in marriage : 

36. Neither can they die any more : for they are equal unto 
the angels; and are the children of God; being the children cS 
'the resurrection. 

Chap. xiv. 33. So likewise, -whosoever he be of you that for- 
saketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple. 
Sec. 10. Hearken, and incline your hearts to understand, saith the 
Lord, all ye people, the words of the Lord and Savior, just men- 
tioned : Not that I say he has been your ^Savior; but he would have 
been your Savior, had you kept his commandments. 

11. Hearken, saith the Lord, all ye who plead for carnal indul- 
gences of your natures, and the necessity of living in a married 
state. "They that are counted worthy to obtain that world and the 
resurrection, neither marry, nor are given in marriage." 

12. And furthermore, "Whosoever he be of you that forsaketh 
not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple." These two senten- 
ces alone, crieth the voice of Him on high, are sufficient to con- 
vince every honest seeker after the truth, that the whole world have 
become blind to the truth, through their own lusts, and love to car- 
nal pleasures. 

13. Therefore, in very deed, they know not the Lord's Christ, 
or the purity of his work, I find, saith the Lord, the inhabitants 


of earth, wandering after the beast, and a beastly nature ; not after 
my holy child Jesus, tha Son of the true and living God. 

14. And I furthermore find them as ready to oppose the manner, 
and the name, by which I have sent forth his divine spirit the sec- 
ond time, to a lost and languishing world, as the Jews were, to op- 
pose his first appearance. 

15. I find the sense of man, exalted to the skies, looking into the 
natural heavens, for the millennial day, or the coming of the Sav- 
ior, to appear the second time. But, as the Jews of old, drew their 
own plans for the manner of his first appearance, so have the chil- 
dren of men, in this age, fixed and drawn their own plans for his 
second coming. 

16. But as the former rejected the Holy Son of God, and the of- 
fers of salvation at his hand, because of their own self bigoted wis- 
dom ; so, in like manner, do the latter reject the form in which I 
have sent forth Christ, the second time ; for I have sent forth, [this 
divine spirit,] without sin unto salvation, to all that believe and obey 
him, in the order and manner that it hath pleased Me, the Almighty 
Creator of all, to reveal him; that the wisdom of this world might 
be confounded, and the loftiness of man bowed low; and such as 
feel themselves great and honorable, in the earth, brought into con- 
tempt before Me, saith the Lord. 

17. And though they should follow the example of their prede- 
cessors, the Jews, and anxiously look, and wait, as long for Christ 
to come the second time, in their own way, and according to their 
own layings out, as the Jews have, for him to make his first appear- 
ance, they will be equally mistaken, saith the God of Heaven and 
earth; and I will, with my own mouth, declare it unto the nations 
of the earth, that all may be left without an excuse. 

18. For the blindness and wickedness of men have become so 
great, that they will deny Me, and disbelieve my word, as their fa- 
thers before them have done. 

19. They, as a body, will deny the Lord's Christ, who has the 
second time come forth, [through a chosen female ] upon the earth, 
to make an end of sin. 

20. Bow low, all ye inhabitants of earth, for no flesh shall glory 
in my presence. The days hasten, and rapidly roll on, that my 
Almighty hand of judgment shall sweep over the face of the earth; 
and those who have feared Me, by walking humbly in my presence, 
and keeping my commandments, shall be marked by the Holy 


Angels, as the objects of my mercy, my favor and my protection . 

21. For I have come, saith the Lord, to cleanse the earth from 
her awful abominations, by the fire of my truth, and the sword of 
my testimony; and when my heavy and desolating judgments roll 
on, then would her inhabitants gladly learn righteousness, by doincr 
my will. 

22. But my eternal justice, from the earliest ages of the world, 
hath always given the objects of my creation a due and timely 
warning; for I delight not in the destruction of any soul; but I 
would, that all turn to Me and repent, and be saved from their sins. 

Luhe^ xvii. 26. And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it 
be also in the days of the Son of man. 

27. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were 
given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark ; 
and the flood came, and destroyed them all. 

28. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot : they did eat, 
they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; 

29. But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained 
fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. 

30. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is 

Chap. xiv. 26. If any man come to me, and hate not his 
father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and 
sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. 

27. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after 
me, cannot be my disciple. 
Sec. 23. Again, reflect and consider, all ye children of men, who 
think you are in any degree, following the divine precepts and exam- 
ples of your Lord and Savior. 

24. There can be nothing more plain, or any requirement more 
positive, than that which was sounded from his own mouth, when he 
was upon earth ; and is contained in the two last verses. 

25. No man can ever come to the Son of God, or be a fol- 
lower of the same, except he first hate, and forsake, that which he 
most dearly loves; and then labors in tribulation of soul, until he 
hath gained a love to my holy requirements, which will far surpass 
all other loves. 

26. And again, I say unto you, what do mankind love, while in 
a state of nature, as their own unsubdued passion of lust, and its 
coherents? Nothing, the voice of truth from every heart must 


declare ; for so have the works of man proved, saith the Lord,, from 
llie foundation of the world to the present time. 

27. But the use that man hath made of the righteous requirements 
of my Holy Spirit, hath not altered the requirements, and never can ; 
they remain holy and sacred, to the endless ages of eternity. 

Luke, xiv. 20. And another said, I have married a wife: 

and therefore I cannot come. 
There were none that positively refused to come to the feast, 
but he that had married a wife. 

Chap. xvi. 15. And he said unto them, Ye are they which 

justify yourselves before men ; but God knoweth your hearts : 

for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in 

the sight of God. 
Sec. 28. Thus saith the Lord your God, unto all who name the 
Christian religion, I have commanded my mighty and holy Angel, 
whom I have sent forth to earth, to read this roll, for mortal hand to 
-write, to have here inserted the foregoing declarations, which were 
<lelivered by my blessed Son, when upon earth, the first time, as 
divine requirements to the children of men ; as these alone, are 
sufficient to condemn the whole world, in its present state of sin 
and wickedness. 

29. Though many of his sayings, still more plain than these, 
have never come down to the age in which you live; but by them 
ye shall not be judged ; ye shall only be judged by that which hath 
been always before you, that ye might look upon at any time ye 
chose, and shape your lives accordingly. 

30. There is nothing that ever proceeded from his mouth, that 
will, in the least, contradict the spirit of any of the foregoing dec- 
larations of his. 

31. Now, O thou vain and mortal man, in what part of the gos- 
pel recorded in the sacred volume, dost thou find a cloak that is 
able to cover thy wars and bloodshed, with all thy filthy works of 

32. And again, even in that part of the sacred bible that ye call 
the law, and the Prophets, can ye find a passage, or a clause, that 
will justify the awful abominations and horrid crimes, that have 
stained the earth for hundreds and hundreds of years past? 

(33. Where is there one single sentence, between the lids of the 
sacred record, that can, in the least, justify the deeds of bigoted 


priests, and wicked clergy, in shedding the blood of millions of 
their fellow creatures, in the most cruel and barbarous manner, 
that their fiendish passions were able to invent ; and that too, un- 
der a pretence of trying to bring them over to embrace the chris- 
tian religion; which plainly declares, upon its whole face, that no 
violence can be used, or blood can^ be shed, by any who are its 
true subjects. I 

34. And the souls of millions now in eternity, cry unto Me for 
vengeance to visit the- earth, for their innocent blood that was spill- 
ed thereon, by wicked priests and clergy. 

35. And I will, saith the God of Heaven, visit, upon all genera- 
tions, who shall follow their footsteps in shedding blood, to suppress 
what they call heresy; [yea,]I will visit them in great wrath, and in- 
sore displeasure shall my hand of judgment rest upon them, botb 
in time, and in eternity. 

36. And I will- hunt them in my vengeance, and destroy them in 
my fury, saith the Lord, as they have destroyed the innocent before 
them, to gratify their own bigoted natures of lust and ambition. 

37. This, I declare, with my own mouth, to the nations of the 
earth, saith the God of Heaven, is as far from the spirit and the 
letter of that gospel preached by my holy child Jesus, the Prince 
of Peace, either in his first, or his second appearance, as the low- 
est depths of hell, are from- the highest mansions of true felicity 
and enjoyment, in the heavens above. 

38. And so shall it forever remain on my eternal record, by 
which every soul shall be judged, at my bar of eternal justice, saith 
God, the Creator of all, and the dispenser of true justice,, m his 
©wn due time and season, to every human being. 





1. God holds a controversy wilh man- 

3. Concerning the second coming of 


4. Of the reign of Antichrist, 
f). Of the Ninevites. 

1 1. Days of ignorance lightly passed over. 

12. The treacherous required to repent. 

13. Of wickedness in the reign of Anti- 


IG. Christ's manner of instruction. 

18. The subjects of Antichrist rejected 

for their wickedness. 

19. All warned by their fate. 

20. The children of Israel a figure. 

21. Of their judgments. 

22. Of mockers. 

24. Warning by antichristian wickedness. 

25. The followers of Christ, no part in wars- 

1. Thus saith the Lord, I will condescend, in my infinite wisdom 
and goodness, to reason with the objects of my creation, as a man 
would reason with his friend. This I condescended to do, in early 
ages; and shall the great I AM, in this, the latter day of his 
glory, be less mindful of the dangerous situation under the veil of 
darkness, which the many millions of souls now upon the earth, 
are resting ? 

2. Have not light and knowledge been suffered to increase, upon 
the earth, since the days of my first anointed One, whom I sent 
forth to earth to proclaim a free salvation, (not a compulsory one,) 
that all, whosoever would, might take of the waters of life 
freely? Surely, knowledge and understanding have increased. 
But did I not fore-show, even in the days of the Messiah, that I had 
not yet completed the order of my new, and spiritual kingdom ? 

3. And did not my holy influence, ( or spirit,) move upon the 


prophets, and upon the apostles, (or followers in truth of the Mes- 
siah,) to speak of that day in which Christ should appear the second 
time ; and clearly intimate, the humiliating position in which he 
would appear in the latter day? Truly, the records contained in 
your bibles, bear Me witness. 

4. And was not a long and gloomy period foretold, by the same 
spirit, which would take place, between the two bright and last 
dispensations of my eternal goodness, sent forth to earth by the 
Two Anointed Ones, the King and the Q-ueen of Zion? 

5. Surely, this record is also before you. And was it not foretold, 
that a great declension, and a falling away from the true gospel, 
would take place, after the mission of my beloved Son, was the first 
time finished on earth? Truly, these things were clearly intimated 
by the spirit of prophecy, through my faithful servants. But what 
have all my solemn warnings, in past dispensations, availed man? 
Hath he not always been blind to his own best good and interest? 
Hath he ever hearkened to my solemn warnings, when they were 
sent forth, and changed his manner of life; so that my hand of 
mercy could be extended towards him? 

6. Have mankind, in general, ever hearkened, so much as did 
the Ninevites, at the solemn warnings of Jonah, whom I sent to 
denounce destruction upon their city v/ithin forty days? 

7. And did they not humble themselves in sackcloth and ashes, 
from the king on the throne, to the meanest servant; and lament, 
and bewail their forlorn condition, and cry mightily to Me, that I 
would spare their city? 

8. And was not my anger appeased by their humility, insomuch 
that I hearkened to their cry, and prolonged the days that preceded 
their destruction, so long as they remained penitent and humble, 
and walked in the way of a true reformation? 

9. And when they had ceased longer to keep their vows which 
they had made unto Me, in their supplications, and again turned 
to their former wickedness, did I not accomplish, in full, the words 
which I sent, by my prophet Jonah, that complete destruction 
should visit their city? 

10. Truly I did, saith the Lord ; and the great over-ruling First 
Cause, Jehovah, upon his throne, is the same Almighty power, yes- 
terday, to-day, and forever ; whose goodness faileth not, and whose 
judgments do not slumber. 

1 l^But according to my infinite wisdom, all things are dispensed 



in my own time and season ; and to the honest liearled and sin- 
cere seekers, though the true light of the gospel might never have 
shone into their souls ; yet, if they have truly followed the best 
light made known to them, the days of their ignorance shall be 
lightly passed over, and my hand of mercy shall rest upon the m. ^ 

12. But those who are treacherous to that light which I have 
suffered to shine into their souls, and by reason of the cross 
and self-denial, which they perceived it was going to require of 
them, and who, by that means, labored to stifle the same, and put 
it out, so that they could again turn to their former lives of sin and 
wickedness, and not feel that remorse of conscience which this 
light would bring, must surely feel deep tribulation of soul, 
and wash in the streams of godly sorrow and repentance for the 
same, or they cannot escape the heavy hand of my judgment, saith 
the Lord ; for such, sin in very deed, against the true light of God. 

13. But again listen, all ye people of the earth, pause, consider, 
and reflect ! How awful and great, was the wickedness practiced by 
man, upon the earth, after the days of the Messiah were passed ; and 
his faithful followers, who had laid down their lives in support of 
his testimony, were called home to eternity, to rest with their Lord 
and Savior, from their wearisome toils and labors on earth, which 
they had passed through in laboring to plant and establish the gos- 
pel of their blessed Lord and Master, in the hearts of the children 
of men, who, as a body, proved themselves unworthy of salvation, 
or the notice of their God in mercy ! 

14. For, by their cruel and persecuting spirit, against the holy 
Son of God, and against those who were his true followers, they 
proved themselves fit subjects for my wrath and sore destruction, to 
rest upon them, and sweep them from the face of the earth, and 
scatter the remnant to the four winds of heaven, seeking rest, and 
finding none. 

15. And for what were all these, their heavy sufferings ? Because 
of their self exalted ideas of the coming of the Messiah, and of 
their hard and obstinate hearts, in rebelling against his word and 
work, when I sent him forth, saith the Lord. 

16. Though he communicated his lessons of instruction to them, 
in the most mild and persuasive language, and in a most Father- 
ly and affectionate manner extended his hand of charity and lov- 
ing kindness, and would have gathered them under his wings of 
protection, as a hen would gather her chickens ; 


17. Yet, notwithstanding all this, their hearts became hard as ad- 
amant, their eyes became blinded with thick scales, and their ears 
became deaf with their own clamors against the Son of God, against 
the gospel which he preached, and against all such as hearkened to 

18. Therefore did I reject them, as a people, [who were] cursed 
in my sight, and from their own mouths did I judge them ; whose 

lips were filled with blasphemy, and iniquity daily dwelling between 
their teeth, and practiced with their hands. 

19. And by their fate, saith the Lord, do I warn all nations, kin- 
dreds, tongues and people, of the present day. 

20. For I had chosen this people, and had led them for some thou- 
sands of years, that through them, I might prefigure my work with 
the children of men, in all after ages; and had they been obedient, 
no power, or people, should have ever overcome them. 

21. But the heavy and desolating judgments, which I caused to 
fall upon them, to consume and scatter them among every nation 
upon the face of the whole earth, remain as a standing monument 
of solemn warning, to the nations of the earth at this day. 

22. For in like manner as I have done unto them, saith the God 
of Heaven, so loill I do, and moreover, also to that nation and peo- 
ple, in this latter day, who shall mock the sacred words of my sol- 
emn warnings, and make light of the day of my visitation unto them; 
or such as shall seek to destroy the work, or the word of my testi- 
mony, which I have established on earth, through my Two Anoint- 
ed Ones. 

23. Also give ear, and understand my words, saith He who ruleth 
on high, and will yet rule in the kingdoms of men upon earth. 
^^4. Let the bloody and merciless reign of antichrist, which for 
hundreds of years, did bind the consciences, enslave the souls of 
men, and drench the earth with human blood, be a solemn and aw- 
ful warning to all the human race. For greater crimes of heaven- 
daring wickedness, according to the age, by man cannot be com- 
mitted, than was perpetrated by the secular arm, under this long, 
dark and gloomy reign, in which there was no true Church of Christ 
upon the earth; and all this, pretendedly, under the banner of Christ, j 

25. Let all nations and people, remember, saith the Lord, that 
they who are, in any measure, the follovk'ers of the Son of God, can 
neither have, or take, any part in shedding human blood; neither 



can they have, or take, any part in making use of compulsory meas- 
ures, to increase the number that may be said to believe as they do, 
or belong to what they may term, their own persuasion. No exam- 
ple of this kind, was ever set by your Lord and Savior, either in his 
first or second appearance, nor ever will be. 

26. And by this criterion, may all professed Christendom discern, 
that where Christ their Lord and Savior reigns, there, bloodshed 
and carnage must cease ; there the spirit of retaliation cannot dwell J 
for the spirit of the Lamb is inoffensive, while that of the ravenous 
beast, is destructive. 

27. Therefore, know ye, all nations and people saith the Lord, 
that where my kingdom is set up, its subjects rely upon my arm for 
strength and protection. They trust not in the arm of flesh. And 
they that put their trust in Me, shall renew their strength; they 
shall walk and not faint, saith Jehovah. But they that trust in 
flesh and blood, shall fall by the broken staff on which they lean. 



3. Mankind questioned by the Almighty. 
8. God trifleth not with his creatures. 

10. Few learned righteousness, by teach- 

ings sent of God, &c. 

11. Earth a paradise, had man kept his 


15. No previous laws of God to man, dis- 

annulled in this day. 

16. Of the law of Moses. 

17. End of the Mosaic dispensation. 



Transgression of the law of God, the 
cause of destruction. 

Mercy never withdrawn from the obe- 
dient soul. 

Of those who search the scriptures, to 
find a cloak for evil. 

The sincere and obedient blessed, 
although imperfect. 

The law, a step stone, &c. 

Of justification by the law. 

Sec. 1. Again I do require, saith the Holy Angel, a few of the most 
plain and evident allusions, mentioned in Holy Writ, which refer to 
the benighted reign of antichrist, to be here inserted, just as they 
were then spoken by the spirit of prophecy. 


Daniel, vii. 8. I considered the horns, and behold, there came 
up among them another little horn, before whom there were three 
of the first horns plucked up by the roots : and behold, in this 
horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking 
great things. 

9. I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient 
of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair 
of his head like the pure wool : his throne was like the fiery flame, 
and his wheels as burning fire. 

10. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him ; 
thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times 
ten thousand stood before him : the judgment was set, and the 
books were opened. 

11. I beheld then because of the voice of the great words 
which the horn spake : I beheld even till the beast was slain, and 
his body destroyed, and given to the burning flame. 

21. I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and 
prevailed against them ; 

22. Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given 
to the saints of the Most High ; and the time came that the saints 
possessed the kingdom. 

25. And he shall speak great words against the Most High, 
and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to 
change times and laws : and they shall be given into his hand 
until a time and times and the dividing of time. 

26. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his 
dominion to consume and to destroy it unto the end. 

27. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the 
kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of 
the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting 
kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. 

Chap. viii. 13. Then I heard one saint speaking, and another 
saint said unto that certain saint which spake. How long shall 
be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice^ and the transgression 
of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trod- 
den under foot] 

14. And he said unto me. Unto two thousand and three hun- 
dred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. 

Chap. xii. 7. And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was 
upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and 


his loft li.iiid unto heaven, and sware by liini that liveth forever, 
that it shall be tor a time, times, and a half; and when he shall 
have acconiplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all 
these things shall be finished. 

8. And I lieard, but I understood not : then said I, O my Lord, 
what shall be tlie end of these things ? 

9. And he said, Go thy way, Daniel : for the words «rc closed 
up and sealed till the time of the end. 

19. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried ; but 
the wicked shall do wickedly : and none of the wicked shall un- 
derstand ; but the wise shall understand. 

11. And from the time that the daily sacrijicc shall be taken 
away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall 
be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. 

Revelations^ xiii. 7. And it was given unto him to make war 
with the saints, and to overcome them : and power was given him 
over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. 

3ficah, iv. 11. Now also many nations are gathered against 
thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. 

12. But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither un- 
derstand they his counsel : for he shall gather them as the sheaves 
into the floor. 

Matthew, xxiv. 4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, 
Take heed that no man deceive you. 

5. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ ; 
and shall deceive many. 

15. When ye, therefore, shall see the abomination of desola- 
tion, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, 
(whoso readeth, let him understand,) 

23. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or 
there ; believe it not. 

24. For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and 
shall shew orreat signs and wonders ; insomuch that, if it were 
possible, they should deceive the very elect. 

25. Behold, I have told you before. . 

26. Wherefore, if they shall say unto you. Behold, he is in the 
desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers ; be- 
lieve it not. 

Mark, xiii. 6. For many shall come in my name, sayinj, I am 
Christ : and shall deceive many. 


14. But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spok- 
en of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him 
that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judea flee to 
the mountains : 
Sec. 2. Consider, O ye people, what plainer declaration of the 
spirit, could be given, than the foregoing, to inform the people that 
the time was then near, that the true Church should be made deso- 
late of Christ, by the abominations practiced by those who profess- 
ed to be of the same, 

Mark, xiii. 21. And then, if any man shall say to you, Lo 
here is Christ; or lo, he is there; believe him not. 

22. For false Christs, and false prophets shall rise, and shall 
shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the 

23. But take ye heed : behold, I have foretold you all things. 
Luke, xxi. 8. And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived : 

for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ ; and the 
time draweth near : go ye not therefore after them. 

I. Johrij ii. 18. Little children, it is the last time : and as ye 
have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many 
antichrists ; whereby we know that it is the last time. 

Chap. iv. 3. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus 
Christ is come in the flesh, [or, manifested through a mortal 
body,] is not of God. And this is that spirit of antichrist, 
whereof ye have heard that it should come ; and even now al- 
ready is it in the world. 

II. Thess. ii. 3. Let no man deceive you by any means; for 
that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, 
and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition ; 

4. Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called 
God, or that is worshipped ; so that he, as God, sitteth in the tem- 
ple of God, showing himself that he is God. 

7. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work : only he 
who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 

8. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord 
shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with 
the brightness of his coming : 

9. Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan, 
with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, 

10. And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them 


that perish ; because they receive not the love of the truth, that 
they might be saved. 

11. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, 
that they should believe a lie: 

12. That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, 
but have pleasure in unrighteousness. 

II. Timothy, iii. 1. This know also, that in the last days peril- 
ous times shall come. 

2. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boast- 
ers, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, un- 

3. Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, 
incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 

4. Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than 
lovers of God ; 

5. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: 
from such turn away. 

6. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead 
captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts; 

7. Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of 
the truth. 

Sec. 3. Where is the nation or people, saith the Lord, that is 
ready and prepared to come to the knowledge of the truth, when I 
shall reveal it unto them ? 

4. Where is the kingdom, nation or people, that will not do, in 
this last dispensation of my goodness to man, as their fathers before 
them have done ? 

5. Who is ready to receive Me in my own way, saith the Lord ? 

6. And who are ye that are ever ready to carve out ways of 
your own, and cry out against my word, and my work. Blasphemy 
and delusion 1 

7. Who among you will be ever learning, and never ready to 
come to the knowledge of the truth, when I, your God and Creator, 
make it known unto you ? 

8. Pause, and consider your doings. The Great I AM is a merciful 
God ; but trifleth not with the objects of his creation, who spurn at 
his work, and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear unto his sacred word. 

9. Look at the blindness of your fellow creatures, who have gone 
before you, for many hundreds of years past. Notwithstanding the 


plainness of my word, in giving them warning; that they might 
always be enlightened, and enabled thereby, (if they would,) to 
keep from the devouring grasp of the adversary of all good, through 
the long and gloomy period which did elapse, between the ftrst and 
second appearance of Christ, or the Two Anoiiited Ones, in their 
proper order and place. 

10. Bat few, indeed, ha\'e learned righteousness by the holy les- 
sons of instruction that I have sent forth unto them, in past dispen- 
sations, saith the Lord ; but they have labored to carve out a way 
of their own, by which they might save their own corrupt, fallen 
propensities of a depraved nature, and indulge the same, in open 
violation of ev^ery command laid down, or given in tlie sacred 

11. Had mankind gone no further, in the indulgence and gratifi- 
cation of their natures, than there is permission given for it in the 
sacred book, which they with their mouths so highly venerate, and 
pretend is their guide, by which to square their lives, this earth 
would have been a terrestrial paradise to what it now is; and my 
Almighty power would have bestowed blessings of peace without 
measure, in lieu of war and bloodshed, desolation and destruction ; 

12. And at the present day, she would have been prepared to do 
my will and pleasure, of her own choice, without being visited 
with my heavy and desolating judgments, which are now poured 
out without mixture for her, saith the Lord ; that when she refuseth 
to learn righteousness in mercy, she may learn it in judgment at my 

Revelations, vi. 12. And I beheld when he had opened the 
sixth seal, and lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun be- 
came black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood : 

13. And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig-tree 
casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 

14. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled togeth- 
er; and every mountain and island were moved out of their 

15. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich 
men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bond- 
man, and every free-man, hid themselves in the dens and in the 
rocks of the mountains ; 

16. And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide 



US from tlic face of him tli;vt sitteth on the lliroiic, and from the 

wrath of the Lamb: 
17. For the great day of liis wrath is come; and who shall be 

able to stand ? 
Sec. 13. Thus saith the Lord, I have caused to be laid before you, 
some of the most plain, and instructive passages which were spoken 
by my blessed Son, and those who walked uprightly before Me, giv- 
ing the people warning of the day that was then at hand ; that all 
such as would, might avoid practicing the awful abominations that 
would be committed therein, under the pretended yoke of the pure 
religion of Christ. 

14. And these passages, which are But few out of many^ I have 
caused to be inserted in this Holy and Sacred Roll and Book of 
my word to the inhabitants of earth, which, in my mercy, I now 
again send forth unto them, in this, the last age of the world. 

15. I shall not countermand, or disannul any law or command- 
ment which I have ever sent forth unto man ; but I pronounce them 
all good ; and I shall affix and apply them, to the age and day for 
which they were given ; and so shall I deal with man, according to 
his treatment of the same, 

16. Those statutes and laws which I sent forth for the children 
of Israel, by my servant Moses, were good, and intended for a pro- 
tection, not only to that chosen people, but that all the inhabitants 
of the earth might behold the statutes and laws, handed forth to a 
people, whom my Almighty hand had condescended to lead and 
notice above all others; and by this means, learn a solemn lesson of 
warning, to imitate the same. 

17. And had all strictly kept these laws, they would have been 
blessed and protected by my Almighty hand, until they should have 
reached the end of that dispensation, which did end, when I sent 
my only begotten Son upon earth. 

18. And never, through all the different ages, and periods of time, 
which have existed from the creation of the world to the present 
day, have I caused any nation or people to be destroyed, unless 
they had previously transgressed, and gone forth in open disobedi- 
ence to that which I had commanded them. 

19. Throughout the dispensation of the law of Moses, mercy and 
compassion did I show, and cause my people to show, to such of 
the surrounding nations, as truly blessed my people from their hearts, 


and treated them with kindness and respect. Such, T suffered not 
to be destroyed. 

20. But those who sought to do them mischief, and vex them, 
while on their journey through the wilderness to the promised land, 
I did cause to be utterly overthrown ; save at such times as when 
my people had been disobedient, and refused to hearken to my word ; 
then, I suffered those nations to scourge them with the sword, and 
slay them without mercy before my face. 

21. In no age of the world, have I ever wifhheld from the chil- 
dren of men, my hand of mercy, blessing and protection, when 
they went forth with sincere hearts, in true obedience to my com- 
mands, given in the age and day in which they lived. By faithfully 
keeping them, they would always be ready to embrace, and readily 
unite with every increasing dispensation of my grace and goodness 
to the children of men. 

22. But such as have searched the record of my holy word, saith 
the Lord, to find such texts and passages as would best apply and 
excuse them, in the wicked and sinful gratifications of their own 
natures, have only plucked brands from the fire, with which to burn 
their own souls, by kindling the flames of torment within : Whether 
ye be rich or poor, whether ye be priests or people, I have record- 
ed it against you, on my eternal record ; and ye shall meet it in 
an hour that ye are not prepared. 

23. But those who have obeyed, in singleness of heart, without 
regarding their natural inclinations to the contrary, such parts of 
the sacred volume as require them to deny tliemselves of all un- 
godliness, and every worldly lust, and have conscientiously labored 
to do the same, [according] to their best understanding, though it 
may have been quite imperfect ; yet shall they receive at my hand 
of mercy, for the sincerity of their hearts, in so doing. 

24. The law and the Prophets were given, as a step stone, to 
lead souls on, to the true foundation ; or, in other words, it answer- 
ed as a school master, to bring them to Christ. 

25. But such as believed not the Christ, my only begotten Son, 
can no longer be justified by the deeds of the law ; for I sent him 
forth to fulfill the law, and make an end of the same, by establishing" 
the law of grace, which would not only embrace the whole sub- ; 
stance of the law, but would far exceed it in every point of 



2(i. And all who were faithful and true, to keep the law, and the 
restrictions therein contanied, were justihed by the deeds done un- 
der the law: and were, by this means, prepared, vvlien called upon 
i)y an increasing and superior iight, sent forth by my Almighty 
iiand, to enter, with thankful hearts, and rejoice in that God who 
called them, that they were counted v\;ithy. 












Of the daily gathering of manna. 19. 

Of a lesson, and the requirement of 94. 

God to man. 
By obedience, mankind could have 

been in advance to what they now 


Of man's declaraiion to God, by 

God reasons with mankind. 

Man's excuses alter nothing. 

Christ's doctrines sufficient for the 
people, and day, &c. 

No other way to be saved. 

Of words and works, or hearers and 

The followers of antichrist soon be- 
came numerous. 

Of the second coming of Christ. i 





Wliat Christ foresaw and foretold. 

Many upon whom true light hath nev- 
er shone. 

The sincere merit a blessing. 

A question to all professed christians. 

Disobedience, the cause of judgment. 

Of the destruction of the human race. 

Mankind never have kept the law of 

The earth ripe for destruction. 

Of the wickedness upon earth. 

The faithful, scarce and few. 

Of prophecies concerning the latter 

Of the second appearing of Christ in 
a female. 

Man ever inclined to defer the work of 
God to a future period. 

|. When I caused manna to co'iie down from Heaven, for food 
to the children of Israel, did I not re^iuire each to gather, day by 


day, the store which they needed for that day only ? save that 
which was for food on the Sabbath, was gathered the day previous. 
And could any keep it longer in an eatable state ? Surely not, 
saith He who sent it. 

2. And from this one circumstance, mankind should have learned 
a lesson, not easily to be forgotten ; which is, that God, their Heav- 
enly Father, requires the objects whom he hath created, to be con- 
stantly employed; first, seeking to do his will and pleasure, by la- 
boring for spiritual food, or that which would feed, nourish and 
strengthen the soal, against every evil temptation, without and with- 
in; and their hands to work daily, for their own support! 

3. Had mankind learned these two important lessons, and prac- 
ticed the same, from that day to this, their principles of morality, 
and spiritual goodness, gained by actual works, more than by words, 
would have been far in advance of what they now are; they would 
never, after having been called by the law of grace, again have 
turned their sense and feelings to seek after indulgences, permitted 
under a law given after [the order of] a carnal commandment. 

4. But the works of mankind declare unto Me, saith the Lord, 
that they have neither kept the Mosaic law, nor in any way, walked 
agreeable to the order and law of grace ; or the precepts of the 
gospel revealed through my blessed Son. But the law which hath 
ruled among the children of men, upon the face of the whole earth, 
from Adam to Moses, from Moses to Christ, and from Christ to 
the present day, is the lav/ of their own corrupt natures. 

5. And shall I, after suffer ing the wicked inhabitants of the 
earth to go on for thousands of years, in their own way, suffer them 
still longer to continue their course, uninterrupted, defying my holy 
power, and setting at naught my righteous commands? 

6. Hath he not already begun to say, in his heart, ''There is no 
God, there is no Christ that will ever do us any harm, [for these, 
our doings,] let us go on, and take our comfort, while we do live: 
for when we die, that will be the end of us ; for we are no more 
than the beasts that perish 1 

7. Nay, saith the Lord God of Heaven, whose goings forth are 
from everlasting, and whcse ways are past finding out by mortals, 
any further than his infiuite wisdom and goodness may condescend 
to reverd them. 

8. 1 '.vil! not always suffer man to scorn the v/orks of his Crea- 
tor, All flesh :diall become as dross and dungr before Me; and as 


a vapor before the morning sun, shall it vanish quickly away ; no 
flesh shall glory in my presence. 

9. Man, with all the excuses he can collect, and with all the 
permission to indulge his carnal propensities, which he thinks he 
can derive from the record of my sacred word, can alter nothing 
in the least. The motives of his heart are recorded ; they make 
nothing that is white, black, nor black, that is white. Eternal truth 
and justice shall bear the sway. 

10. Sufficient unto the day, and to the people who lived in that 
day, were the precepts and doctrines of Christ, brought forth and 
preached loudly to the world, by examples of great sufferings, and 
true self-denial. 

11. But few heeded his warning voice, or bettered their lives by 
reason of his coming. The cross which he bore, and testified to 
all, that none could come to him, who would not bear the same, was 
so galling to the carnal sense of man, in that day, that but very few 
made the sacrifice required, to obtain salvation, or gain the seal of 
eternal life. 

12. But this hath not altered my declaration through the mouths 
of my servants, that there is no other name given under Heaven 
whereby men shall be saved ; and he that preacheth any other gos- 
pel than this, let him be accursed. 

13. And although there be millions of the present day, who pre- 
tend they are the true followers of the Lord and Savior ; yet do I 
testify unto them, they are not the sheep of his fold. 

14. Fair words, and fine speeches, saith the Lord, make not a 
true follower of Christ. It is not the hearers of the word only, but 
the doers of the work. 

15. As soon as antichrist began to set up the abomination of 
desolation, by remodeling the letter of that gospel preached by 
Christ, tliat it might serve for a cloak, under which to conceal 
every species of wickedness ; its followers at once became very nu- 
merouSj and have increased rapidly unto the present day. 

16. 'But remember, the Lord your God hath declared, that the 
gospel brought forth by the Lord Jesus Christ, was never known 
or practiced, in antichrist's reign ; neither was the strait gate en- 
tered, or the narrow way traveled, from the time that the primitive 
church declined, and fell away, until Christ, or the fullness of the 
same spirit was sent forth the second time, without sin unto salva- 
tion, by my Holy Power, and Eternal Wisdom. 


17. And [this second manifestation,] was, and is, quite as offen- 
sive to the children of men, in this day, as it was when he made 
his rirst appearance. And they appear to be no more ready now, 
to receive him in truth, in this day, notwithstanding their great 
profession, than the Jews were in their day.'| 

18. And upon which class will the greatest weight of guilt and 
condemnation fall? Surely, upon the latter, saith the Lord. For 
greater light hath shone upon them, if they would but have obey- 
ed it, than ever shone upon the Jews. 

19. Christ plainly saw, when he was upon earth, all that was in 
man. He needed not that any one should tell him what man pos- 
sessed ; therefore, he did plainly foretell to his disciples, what kind 
of use the wicked nature in man, would yet make of his name, and 
of the gospel he preached, as is plainly recorded in sacred writ be- 
fore you. 

20. He plainly saw that they would borrow his words, in blasphe- 
my, and use his name in deceit, and loudly proclaim the letter of 
the gospel he preached; all for a cloak, and a show of religion to 
be seen of men. 

21. And under this banner, they could shed the blood of millions 
of their fellow creatures, and readily destroy all such as presumed 
to bear testimony against their heaven-daring wickedness, the blood 
of whose slain, crieth unto Me to this very day. 

22. And furthermore, every species of abomination could be tol- 
erated, and committed, by those professing to be the subjects of 
this remodeled religion, said to embrace the true gospel principles 
of Christ. The least ray of true gospel light, would at once con- 
demn all their sacrilegious proceedings. 

23. Had mankind, from the day that the Messiah was on earth, 
to the present time, but kept the one following passage, in truth, 
" Love thy neighbor as thyself," they would have been much nigh- 
er to Me, their God and Creator, at this day, than they now are ; 
take the body of the inhabitants of the world together. 

24. Though many there be, upon whom the true light of the 
gospel hath never shone, yet, they are sincere according to the best 
of their understanding. 

25. All such will merit my blessing and protection, until further 
light is suffered to shine into their souls ; then they must likewise 
obey that, or they will fall into a far worse state, than they were be- 


before it readied tlieni; for trnns:rressions, cominitted in ignorance, 
will be liglitly passed over, saitli the Lord. 

20. But, saith the God of Heaven, I again call upon all profesF- 
ing christians, to ponder well this question ; Do you sincerely be- 
lieve, from your hearts, that you are fulfilling the divine commands 
of your blessed Lord and Savior, and are daily walking in that gos- 
pel he preached, by bearing the cross which he bore, and wearing 
the yoke which he wore ? 

27. Ponder well this question in your own hearts, and let truth 
decide, as ye would if ye knew ye must appear before my eternal 
bar of justice at the next hour : for the time hasteneth on, in my 
own wisdom, that I will know no man by his words, but by the fruit 
which he produceth. 

28. As I before told you, disobedience is the cause; and judg- 
ment, desolation and destruction, are the effects proceeding from 
this cause. 

29. But my creature man, for nearly six thousand years, hath 
adhered to the cause of destruction ; and for which cause, I once 
swept him from the face of the earth, save a small remnant, to pre- 
serve his seed. 

30. Yet, notwithstanding all this, he hath never learned obedi- 
ence to my divine commands, either as regards the law of nature, 
given in the beginning ; or that which was given by Moses, under 
the dispensation of types and shadows, or the order and law of 
grace, given under the gospel dispensation by the Holy Son of God. 

3L Therefore, do I send forth my word of solemn warning; and 
declare, in the voice of my eternal truth, to all nations, that the 
inhabitants of the earth are ripe for the heavy hand of my judg- 
ments to visit them. 

32. For violence doth cover the earth; deceit and hypocrisy 
stand up, and walk in the congregrations and assemblies of such as 
meet together, to adore my holy name. Abomination is found in 
their skirts ; it weareth the clothhig of a sheep, but possesseth the 
body of a wolf 

33. Their fathers have gone astray, and their children have fol- 
lowed their footsteps ; until the truly upright have become scarce 
and few, as particles of gold in the midst of crude ore. 

34. Many have been the prophecies and predictions, in former 
dispensations, respecting the latter day of glory, in which Christ 
should come, the second time, with thousands of his saints; in 


which day my kingdom should be set up, never more to be over- 
thrown. That the stone, spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, should 
grow, and fill the whole earth. That my law should go forth of 
Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. 

35. These are all correct and true ; and many more passages 
were spoken by the spirit of prophecy, referring to Christ's mak- 
ing his second appearance in a female ; which are also correct. 

36. But this declaration is so humiliating, to the proud and 
haughty sense in man, that he most universally spurns at the idea, 
and rejects it, as folly and fanaticism ; witchcraft and delusion. 

37. He looketh not at the fruit, to judge whether the root be holy; 
he seems wholly to overlook the criterion which his Lord and 
Savior gave, when upon earth, [by which to judge,] which was 
the works, or fruit. 

38. But the disposition, and proneness in man, to disbelieve the 
work of God in the present tense, when it is sent unto him, and to 
fix the period still in the future, unless I send forth my word in im- 
mediate judgment upon him, hath been abundantly proved, from 
the earliest ages of the world to the present time. 

39. But this altereth not the truth, nor in any way changeth the 
order and dispensations of my work. He only shutteth the door of 
mercy against his own soul by so doing. 








1. Of a misapplication of the scriptures. 

2. Of the manner of Cin-ist's second ap- 


3. Of clouds spoken of by the apostle. 
5. Of the appearance of the holy spirit 

of God. 

7. The mortal body of Jesus, never again 

to appear. 

8. The visitation of God at hand. 

9. Christ to appear in his chosen wit- 
11. The female prepared for her office. 
13. Bigotry, in this gospel will not abide. 
1-1. Of the likeness of the Son of man. 

15. Of Christ's appearance in the female. 

16. Of her titles, and of the second 


17. Of the third witness. 

Daniel, vii. 13. I saw in the night visions, and behold, one 
like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came 
to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him. 
And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, 
that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him : his 
dominion is an e^'erlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, 
and his kingdom, that which shall not be destroyed. 

Matthew, xxiv. 30. And then shall appear the sign of the Son 
of man in heaven : and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, 
and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heav- 
en with power and great glory. 
Sec. 1. How can the children of men, in this day, saith the spirit, 
apply this one passage, in such a literal and natural sense, in con- 
tra-distinction to the plain declaration of the Holy Savior himself, 
who plainly declared to his followers, saying, Yet a little while, and 
the loorld seeth me no more, but ye see me, because / live, ye shall 
live also. [See St. John, xiv. 19.] 

2. Surely then, his personal presence could never again be seen 
by the world ; and he could never be seen again only by those who 


should come into his life ; for he hath declared the truth, and Heav- 
en and earth should pass away, rather than his words should, in the 
least, fail from the true spirit of their meaning. 

Luke, xxi. 25. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in 

the moon, and in the stars ; and upon the earth distress of nations, 

with perplexity; the sea and the waves roarino-; 

26. Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those 
things which are coming on the earth : for the powers of heaven 
shall be shaken. 

27. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud, 
with power and great glory. 

28. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look 
up, and lift up your heads : for your redemption draweth nigh. 

Acts, iii. 14. But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and 
desired a murderer to be granted unto you ; 

15. And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from 
the dead ; whereof we are witnesses. 

19. Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may 
be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the 
presence of the Lord. 

20. And he shall s^nd Jesus Christ, which before was preached 
unto you : 

21. Whom the heaven must receive, until the times of restitu- 
tion of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his 
holy prophets, since the world began. 

II. Corinthians, iii. 3. For as iniich as yc are manifestly de- 
clared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not 
with ink, but with the spirit of the living God; not m tables of 
stone, but in fleshly tables of the heart. 

17. Now the Lord is that Spirit : and where the Spirit of the 
Lord is, there is liberty, 

I. Thcssalonians , iv. 15. For this we say unto you by the 
word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the 
coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. 

16. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, 
with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God : and 
the dead in Christ shall rise first : 

17. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up 
together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air : 
and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 


Sec. 3. Thus saith the Holy Angel; Understand, O ye chiklren of 
men, and be ye no longrer deceived, respecting the ch)uds, and the 
air, just mentioned. These clouds are spiritual clouds of his eternal 
light and brightness, shining forth in his true and faithful witnesses. 
And this air, is the uncontarninated and undefiled air of purity, in 
which spiritual element, Christ, and all his true followers live, and 
can live in no other. 

4. And in this air, his true church doth dwell on eartli, undefiled 
by sin. And in this spiritual air, do their prayers and thanksgiving 
ascend, even to the throne of their God, as sweet smelling incense 
of praise, saith the Angel. And this is the only air, or element of 
life, in which Christ can be met, or found. 

5. Remember that sensual man, by all his learning, wisdom and 
understanding, comprehendeth not the true meaning of the sayings 
of the spirit of God ; for this spirit appeareth, both literally, and 
spiritually, to subdue, and bring into subjection to the law of 
Christ, every member of the body, and every sinful and unruly pro- 
pensity of the mind. 

II. Thcssalonians , i. 7. And to you, who are troubled, rest 
with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven 
with his mighty angels, 

8. In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not 
God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ : 

Chap, ii- 8. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom 

the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall 

destroy with the brightness of his coming: 

Sec. 6. Remember, O ye children of men, saith the Angel, that 

this wicked, is consumed by the spirit of his mouth, which is 


7. There never can be the same local, and material body, again 
upon earth, as it was in his first appearing ; though the earth should 
remain for thousands of years to come, and mankind should be 
suffered to remain thereon as long, waiting, and looking for the sec- 
ond coming of the Messiah in this way, they would wait and look 
in vain, saith the Holy Angel; for this never will be. 

Revelations, xiv. L And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on 
the mount Sion, and with him a hundred forty ajid four thousand, 
having his Father's name written in their foreheads. 

•2. And I heard a voice from heaven, as the voice of many 


waters, and as the voice of a great thunder : and I heard the voice 
of harpers harping with their harps : 

3. And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, 
and before the four beasts, and the elders : and no man could 
learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, 
which were redeemed from the earth. 

. 4. These are they which are not defiled with women; for they 
are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb, whitherso- 
ever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the 
first-fruits unto God and to the Lamb. 

5. And in their mouth was found no guile : for they are with- 
out fault before the throne of God. 

6. And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, hav- 
ing the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the 
earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. 

7. Saying, with a loud voice. Fear God, and give glory to him; 
for the hour of his judgment is come : and worship him that 
made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters, 

8. And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, 
is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of 
the wine of the wrath of her fornication. 

9. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, 
If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his 
mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 

10. The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, 
which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indigna- 
tion; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the 
presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 

IL And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and 
ever : and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the 
beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his 

12. Here is the patience of the saints : here arc they that keep 
the commandmentsof God, and the faith of Jesus. 

13. And I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me, Write, 
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth : Yea, 
saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors ; and their 
works do follow them. 

Sec. 8. Give ear, all ye inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord; 
These days, just spoken of, are near at your doors, and you know it 


not; and many otlier passages there are, of niy sacred word, vvliicli 
apply e([iially to your day ; and much of tlie foregoing is already 
fulfilled, in the hearts of them that fear Me, and keep my command- 
ments. The second coming of the Son of man, they have seen; 
and received, at his hand, the holy oracles of God. 

9. When my Holy Son ascended, the apostles were told, that this 
same Jesus should come in like manner as they had seen him go into 
Heaven. [ See acts. ii. 11.] As none but the apostles, his chosen 
witnesses, saw him go into heaven; and as Jesus signifies Savior ; it 
follows, that none but his witnesses will ever see the Savior come 
again; but [all others] must rely upon the testimony of his chosen 
witnesses, or never know it. 

10. And through them, does the voice of eternal truth now pro- 
claim to all nations, that the spirit of the Christ, the Savior, hath 
acrain appeared the second time upon earth, without sin unto salva- 
tion; and hath established hischurch, whose everlasting and eternal 
foundation, is living truth \ therefore it must, and shall forever 
stand, saiththe Lord. 

11. And for the reception of this spirit, I did prepare, with my 
holy pow-er, a female, of my own choosing, upon whom I did, for 
many years, cause deep and heavy sufferings of soul to fall, that she 
miarht be cleansed and purified from the nature of sin, and fitly pre- 
pared for the holy office; which was done, according to my will and 
pleasure, saith the God of heaven. 

12. Here Christ was revealed, and here was he made known, to 
all such as were sincerely seeking after good. And in this line, and 
in no other, will he reveal himself, without sin unto salvation, while 
time shall roll, and while man shall exist. 

13. And in this pure and holy gospel, no bigoted priest can abide, 
who preaches for hire, and selleth the sacred word, sent forth by my 
spirit, for money ; who maketh trade and traffic with that which 
should be kept sacred and holy. 

Revelation, i. 7. Behold, he cometh with clouds ; and every 
eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him : and all kin- 
dreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. 

8. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith 
the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the 

Chap. xxii. 20. He which testifieth these things saith, Surely 
I come quickly : Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. 


6. And he said unto me, These sayings are faitliful and true. 
And the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew 
unto his servants the things which must shortly be done. 

7. Behold, I come quickly : blessed is he that keepeth the 
sayings of the prophecy of this book. 

10. And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy 
of this book : for the time is at hand. 

11. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still : and he which is 
filthy, let him be filthy still : and he that is righteous, let him be 
righteous still : and he that is holy, let him be holy still. 

12. And behold, I come quickly ; and my reward is with me, to 
give every man according as his work shall be. 

13. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first 
and the last. 

14. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may 
have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates 
into the city. 

15. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, 
and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and ma- 
keth a lie. 

16. I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things 
in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, 
and the bright and morning-star. 

17. And the Spirit and the bride say. Come. And let him 
that heareth say. Come. And let him that is athirst come. And 
whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. 

Chap. xiv. 14. And I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and 
upon the cloud owe* sat like unto the Son of man, having on 
his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle. 

15. And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a 
loud voice to him that sat on the cloud. Thrust in thy sickle, and 
reap : for the time is come for thee to reap ; for the harvest of 
the earth is ripe. 

16. And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the 
earth ; and the earth was reaped. 

Sec. 14. This which my Servant John saw, sitting upon the white 
cloud, was the likeness of the Son of man ; therefore it could not 
be his person ; but that same spirit, which once dwelt in the person 

* The word one, is not original. 


of Jo>us. And tliut same spirit, is now uj)oii earth the second time, 
making an end of sin, and bringing in everlasting righteousness. 

15. And this spirit did first appear, and take up its abode, in the 
female witness of my last dispensation of grace and goodness, to 
the lost race of man. 

16. The fullness of this work, in its completed order, was 
perfected, in the witness whose name is recorded on my eternal 
record, saith the Lord, the Daughter of Zion, the Bride, the 
Lamb's wife, who once dwelt in the earthly tabernacle of Ann Lee. 
The second witness, who stood through orreat suiferincrs and tribula- 
tion, an able helper and supporter, once dwelt in the mortal body 
of William Lee, 

17. The third, who was a faithful, true and proclaiming witness 
of that everlasting gospel, now sent forth to the inhabitants of earth, 
once dwelt in the mortal body of James Whittaker. 

18. These were my three first witnesses, in this la^t dispensation 
of my goodness to man; and I proclaim them as such, saith the 
God of Heaven, to the four quarters of the earth : and let him that 
readeth, understand. 




Romans, i. 18. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven 
against all ungodliness, and unrighteousness of men, who hold 
the truth in unrighteousness. 

23. And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an 
image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-foot- 
ed beasts, and creeping things. 

24. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncieanness, through 
the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between 
themselves : 

25. Who chansfed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped 


and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed 
forever. Amen. 

26. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections. For 
even their women did change the natural use into that which is 
against nature : 

27. And likew^ise also the men, leaving the natural use of the 
woman, burned in their lust one tow ard another ; men with men 
working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that 
recompense of their error which was meet. 

28. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowl- 
edge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those thincrs 
w^hich are not convenient: 

29. Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wicked- 
ness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, 
deceit, malignity ; w'hisperers, 

30. Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, 
inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 

31. Without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural 
affection, implacable, unmerciful : 

32. Who, knowing the judgment of God, that they which com- 
mit such things are worthy of death; not only do the same, but 
have pleasure in them that do them. 

Chap. ii. 2. But we are sure that the judgment of God is 
according to truth, against them which commit such things. 
6. Who \w'\\\ render to every man according to his deeds: 

1. Corinthians, vi. 9. Know ye not that the unrighteous shall 
not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither 
fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abu- 
sers of themselves with mankind, 

10. Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor 
extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 

Chap. vii. 1. Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote 
unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. 

2. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his 
own wdfe, and let every woman have her own husband. 

6. But I speak this by permission, and not of commandment. 

7. For I would that all men were even as I myself But every 
man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and 
another after that. 


8. I say therefore to tlie iimnarried iiiul widows, It is good for 
them if they abide even as I. 

29. But this I say, brethren, The time is short. It remaineth, 
that both they that have wives, be as though they had none; 

30. And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they 
that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not ; and they that buy, as 
though they possessed not ; 

81. And they that use this world, as not abusing it. For the 
fashion of this worhl passeth away. 

34. There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The 
unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord that she may 
be holy, both in body and in spirit: but she that is married, careth 
for the things of the world, how she may please hn- husband. 

38. So then he that giveth he?' in marriage doeth well ; but he 
that giveth her not in marriage doeth better. 

II. Corinthians, xi. 2. For I am jealous over you with godly 
jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that I may 
present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. 

Galations, v. 19. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which 
are these, Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 

20. Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, 
strife, seditions, heresies, 

21. Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revelings, and such like : 
of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time 
past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the king- 
dom of God. 

22. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, 
gentleness, goodness, faith, 

23. Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. 

24. And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh, with 
the affections and lusts. 

25. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 

26. Let us not be desirous of vain-glory, provoking one another, 
envying one another. 

Ephesians, iv. 25. Wherefore putting away lying, speak every 
man truth with his neighbor : for we are members one of another. 

Colossians, iii. 9. Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have 
put off the old man with his deeds; 

James, iii. 5. Even so the tongue is a little member, and 


boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire 

6. And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity : so is the 
tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and 
setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. 

7. For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, 
and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed, of man- 

8. Bat the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full 
of deadly poison. 

9. Therevv'ith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith 
curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. 

10. Oat of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. 
My brethren, these things ought not so to be. 

Chap. iv. 1. From whence come wars and fightings among you? 
comethry not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? 

2. Ye lust and have not : ye kill, and desire to have, and can- 
not obtain : ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask 

8. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may 
consume it upon your lusts. 

4. Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friend- 
ship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will 
be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. 

5. Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain. The spirit that 
dwelleth in us lusteth to envy ? 

0. But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resist- 
eth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. 

7. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the ■devil, and 
he will flee from you. 

8. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse 
your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts, ye double-minded. 

9. Be afliicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be 
turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness. 

10. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall 
lift you up. 

Chap. V. 1. Goto now, yr rich men, weep and howl for your 
miseries that shall come upon you. 

2. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth- 


3. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them 
shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were 
fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. 

4. Behold, the hire of the laborers who have reaped down 
your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth ; and the 
cries of thein which have reaped are entered into the ears of 
the Lord of Sabaoth. 

5. Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; 
ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter. 

6. Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he. doth not 
resist you. 

IG. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, 
that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a right- 
eous man availeth much. 

I. Peter, ii. 11. Dearly beloved, I beseech you, as stran- 
gers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against 
the soul ; 

12. Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles: that, 
whereas they speak against you as evil-doers, they may by your 
good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of 

Chap. iii. 3. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorn- 
ing of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting 
on of apparel ; 

4. But let it he the hidden man of the heart, in that which is 
not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, 
which is in the sight of God of great price. 






The word of God gives no license for 
the carnal indulgences of nature. 

Of the completed order of Christ's 

Of the declaration of the work of God. 

Of outstanding- the day of visitation. 

11. Concerning passag-es of scripture. 

12. The intent of the scriptures. 

] 7. More tolerable for those in heathenish 
darkness, than for those who know^ 
and do not the Lord's will. 

1. Again consider, O frail man; consider saith the Lord, the 
imperfectness of your sight, and the shortness of your understand- 
ing in respect to my holy and sacred word, which was sounded 
forth on earth, by my blessed Son, and his faithful followers, hund- 
reds of years ago. 

2. There is not one passage in the sacred volume, that ever 
escaped from his holy lips ; that in any way gives permission, or 
tolerates a life of fleshly indulgence, or* the carnal gratifications of 
nature. And nothing of that nature, was ever tolerated, by any of 
his apostles, only in the line of a permission, or an indulgence, for 
the time being, because of their great weakness in those respects ; 
and this was done by the Apostle, in order, if possible, to content 
them that still greater sins might be avoided. 

3. But nothing of that nature was ever given by commandment, 
after the gospel dispensation was sent forth by my Almighty hand; 
though the full order of my new, and spiritual creation, was not 
completed, to that degree of holiness throughout, in Christ's first 
appearing, but that some little indulgences of that kind, could be 
allowed. Eet, in the Savior himself, was a perfect work, and none 
can ever supersede it. 

4. But the perfect order of his kingdom could not be complete, 
until the Daughter of Zion was sent forth to stand with him, in 
her proper lot and place, as the spiritual Mother, in the completed 
order of my new Heaven, and new earth, which 1 did promise, by 


the mouths of the Prophets, I would create and cstablisli in the lat- 
ter day, saith the Lord. J 

5. And my own time has now come, to declare the work of my 
hands, to the ends of the earth; notwithstanding frail mortals will 
rise up against Me, amidst my solemn warnings, and try to destroy 
the word of my mouth and the work of my hands ; because they 
do not immediately see the heavy hand of my desolating judgments, 
sweeping their fellow creatures from the face of the earth, or caus- 
ing her to open her mouth and swallow up the same. 

6. But some will give ear and hearken, before it be too late, and 
by this means, save their souls from destruction. Some will receive 
my word, through whatever medium I am pleased to send it forth, 
even should it be from infants. 

7. But remember, all ye people, who make a pretence of hold- 
ing to the sacred word contained in your sealed bibles, and of fol- 
lowing the divine commands of your Lord and Savior, while yet 
daily living in sin and wickedness ; you are only treasuring up 
wrath against the day of wrath, where I shall meet you in a straight 
place, saith your God, and that, at a time when ye are not prepared, 
and when longer delay, for your preparation of heart, cannot be 

8. For the greatest portion of the inhabitants of earth, have al- 
ready, by reason of their awful wickedness, nearly out-stood the 
day of my visitation in mercy unto them. 

9. Now all ye learned priests and people, bow low your hearts, 
and hearken to the voice of your God. All such of you, as name 
the sacred volume for your guide, look at the foregoing passages 
which I have commanded to be written in this Roll ; are they not, 
the most of them, so simple, that even a child might understand 
them ? 

10. They are not great hidden mysteries; but plain and simple 
requirements, which, by my Almighty power, I caused to be sent 
forth to the inhabitants of the earth, as a protection and a guide, that 
they might walk in that way, that they would always be worthy of 
my blessing, whether they lived under the dispensation of the law, 
or of the gospel. 

IL Though the passages which I required to be here inserted, 
are but a few out of the many thousands that have been, by my over- 
ruling hand, preserved for the children of men, that there might 
always be a record upon earth, among the inhabitants thereof, that 


should bear upon its face, my Almighty and sacred impression, to 
testify against the growing depravities of the human family; 

12. Those passages are clear and explicit, and nothing between 
the lids of the bible, can contradict them. And the whole sub- 
stance of all, sent forth in the sacred record, was sent for the express 
purpose of causing mankind to cease from doing evil, and learn 
how to do well; that they might learn to love Me, their God and 
Creator, with all their souls, might, mind and strength, and their 
neighl)or as themselves. 

13. Had they done this, the requirements of their God would 
have been fulfilled, and the earth would have been blessed with a 
race of peace-makers upon it, long before this day; instead of a 
race of murdering Cains, who are ever ready, at the least offense, 
to imbrue their hands in the blood of their fellow creatures. 

14. And their depravity, at this day, is so great, saith the Lord, 
that this popular way of murdering each other, hath received the 
general sanction of professed Christendom ; and this, they must all 
acknowledge, is in direct disobedience to every precept taught by 
their blessed Lord and Savior, for whom they pretend to feel the 
most sacred regard, and for the spreading of whose gospel, to all 
quarters of the earth, they make great provisions. 

Qd. But remember, all ye people, that I am a God that must be 
aerved in works as well as in word, or the hand of my mercy can- 
not rest upon you. It is not those who say unto Me, Lord, Lord ; 
but it is those who do the work which I require, that shall be known 
by my destroying Angels, when passing over the earth, to whom I 
will give charge, to spare them for their works' sake, not for their 
words' sake, saith the Almighty : words and works, with faith and 
works, must go together. "' j 

16. I have now briefly shown unto you, O ye children of men, 
both by the words of my own mouth, in the present tense, and by 
those passages which I caused to be sent forth hundreds of years 
ago, that which I required of the inhabitants of the earth, both 
while under the dispensation of the law, and while under the dis- 
pensation of the gospel of Christ up to the present day and time. 

17. And that which I now require of the whole habitable earth, 
and especially of those calling themselves Christians, I will here- 
after, clearly show unto you, saith the Lord. Far more tolerable 
will it be with those nations and people, who have never known 
the record of my word, which has been with the children of men. 


for thousands of years, tlian for tliose vvlio have been conversant 
with its requirements ; yet have walked in open disobedience to, 
and in violation of, every such passage, as brought a cross upon their 
own carnal, corrupt natures. 

18. These passages, in spirit, comprehend the whole substance 
of the scriptures; for unless thcsa be kept, what profit doth a man 
derive therefrom, as it respects the work of purifying his own 

19. Surely none; but he continually heapeth upon his own head, 
still greater condemnation. For where light and understanding are 
given, and suffered to shine upon souls, and they disobey the same, 
far better would it have been for them, that this light had never so 
shone upon them. Their accountability unto Me, their God, will 
be much heavier, than upon those who have never been favored 
with such a blessing. 

20. I here again require such passages of the sacred and inspir- 
ed writings of past dispensations, to be inserted, as more immedi- 
ately refer to the second coming of Christ, and that his appearance 
would be in a female. 






The second Adam, male and female. 

Of King David's prophecy, concern- 
ing the King and Queen of Zion. 

The breath of God, beareih against 
the wicked. 

Of judgiTients. 

Of a perfect work. 

Of the stone cut out without hands. 

The day now come, which John saw 
in vision. 

Of man's carving out new ways for 

Disobedient ste{)s to be retraced. 

No impurity can enter Christ's king- 

dom, or evil dwell therein. 
Of stripping for the gospel race. 
Of coming to the law of nature. 
God's times of judgment, reserved in 

his own power. 
Of timely warning. 
Solemn warnings. 
Of the abasement of mankind. 
God destroyeth not his own work. 
The natural man understandeth not 

the givings of the spirit of God. 
Of the law, and its requirements. 
The ultimate end of God's purposes 

with man. unchansred. 


Genesis, v. 1, This is the book of the generations of Adam: 

In the day that God created man, in tlie likeness of God made he 

him : 

2. Male and female created he them ; and blessed them, and 

called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. 
Sec. I. Understand the two foregoing passages : If the first Adam, 
being male and female, was a correct and true figure of him that 
was to come as the Second Adam, [See Romans, v. 14.] which I 
bear witness is true, saith the Angel, the second Adam must also be 
male and female; which is the case, and will so remain to the 
endless ages of eternity, 

2. Degrading as it may feel to the haughty sense in man, he ne\-. 
er can alter it ; for it is the work of the Almighty Creator, that the 
pride of all flesh might be stained; and that the male and female, 
might both have their proper and equal lot and place, in the work 
of redemption^ 

I. Corinthians, xi. 3. But I would have you know, that the head 


of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; 
and the head of Christ is God. 

7. For a man indeed ought not to cover Jiis head, for as much 
as he is the image and glory of God : but the woman is the glory 
of the man. 

8. For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the 

9. Neither was the man created for tlie woman, but the wo- 
man for the man. 

10. For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head, 
because of the angels. 

11. Nevertheless, neither is the man without the woman, nei- 
ther the woman without the man, in the Lord. 

12. For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by 
the woman ; but all things of God. 

Psalms, xlv. 1. My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak 
of the things which I have made touching the King : my tongue 
is the pen of a ready writer. 

2. Thou art fairer than the children of men: grace is poured 
into thy lips : therefore God hath blessed thee for ever. 

3. Gird thy sword upon thi/ thigh, O 7nost Mighty, with thy 
glory and thy majesty. 

4. And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and 
meekness and righteousness; and thy right hand shall teach thee 
terrible things. 

5. Thhie arrows are sharp in the heart of the King's enemies; 
whereby the people fall under thee. 

6. Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever : the sceptre of thy 
kingdom is a right sceptre. 

7. Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness : there- 
fore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness 
above thy fellows. 

8. All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out 
of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad. 

9. King's daughters toere among thy honorable women : upon 
thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir. 

10. Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear ; 
forget also thine own people, and thy father's house ; 

11. So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty: for he is thy 
Lord ; and worship thou liim. 


12. And the daughter of Tyre shall he there with a gift ; even 
the rich among the people shall entreat thy favour. 

13. The King's daughter is all glorious within : her clothing is 
of wrought gold. 

14. She shall be brought unto the King in raiment of needle 
work; the virgins her companions that follow her shall be brought 
unto thee. 

15. With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought : they 
shall enter into the King's palace. 

16. Instead of thy fathers shall be thy children, whom thou 
mayest make princes in all the earth. 

17. I will make thy name to be remembered in all generations : 
therefore shall the people praise thee forever and ever. 

Sec. 3. The fore part of this Psalm, speaketh so clearly of Christ, 
under the character of the King, that it would seem impossible for 
any to misunderstand it ; and from the ninth verse to the end, speaketh 
so clearly of the Queen, the Daughter of Zion, and of the Virgins 
that follow her, that none, but such as are willfully blind, can per- 
vert its true meaning, saith the Lord. 

4. Virgin, meaneth that which is pure and undefiled, whether it 
be male or female; and such are the virgins, her companions, that 
follow her into the presence of the King. 

5. And by the inspiration of my spirit, saith the Lord, upon my 
servant David, did he clearly foretell that which was to come to pass, 
and be accomplished, both in Christ's first and second appearing; 
though he understood it not himself. Yet he foretold the completed 
order of my Zion, and the office of the King and Clueen, therein 
established, in this last dispensation of my goodness to mortals on 

6. And many more are the places that clearly foretell the same 
work, saith the Almighty Power, whose breath beginneth to bear 
against the wickedness and abominations of the earth; and whose 
breath will continue to bear, harder and harder, against all the un- 
seemly and unnatural works of darkness; against all war, bloodshed 
and carnage ; against the abuse of the order of nature, and of 
oppression against the rights of conscience's freedom, 

7. And if they will not hearken, humble themselves and repent, 
in this the last display of my goodness and mercy unto them, I 
will, by the consuming breath of my mouth, sweep from the earth's 
surface, by thousands and millions, and millions on millions, until 


by my jildgmerits, the remnant remaining, know that tlie God of 
Heaven hatli descended, witli an arm of his Ahriighty power, to 
visit the inhabitants of earth, saitli the Great I AM. 

r^Jeremiah, xxxi. •22. How long wilt thon go about, O thou 
baclisliding daughter ? for the LoUd hath created a new thing in 
the earth, A woman shall compass a meyi^J 

Chap, xxxiii. 14. Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that 
I will perform that good tiling which I have promised unto the 
house of Israel and to the house of Judah. 

15. In those days, and at that time, will I cause the Branch of 
righteousness to grow up unto David ; and he shall execute judg- 
ment aiid righteousness in the land. 

10. In those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall 
dwell Safely : and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, 
The Lord our Righteousness. 

Micah, iv. 1. But in the last days it shall come to pass, that 
the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in 
the top of the m.ountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; 
and people shall flow^ unto it. 

2. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go 
up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of 
Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in 
his paths: fdr the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of 
the Lord from Jerusalem. 

3. And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong 
nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plough- 
shares, and their spears into pruning hooks : nation shall not lilt 
up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. 

4. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his 
fior-tree ; and none shall make them afraid : for the mouth of the 
Lord of hosts hath spoken it. 

5. For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, 
and we will walk in the name of the Lord our God forever 
and ever. 

6. In that day, saith the Lord, I will assemble her that lialteth, 
and I will gather her that is driven out, and her that I have 
afflicted ; 

7. And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that 
was cast far off a strong nation : and the Lord shall reign over 
them in mount Zion from henceforth, even forever. 


8. And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the 
daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first domin- 
ion ; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalens. 
[j). Now, why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in 
thee? is thy counsellor perished? for pangs have taken thee as a 
woman in travail. 

10. Be in pain, and labor to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, 
like a woman in travail : for now shalt thou go forth out of the 
city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to 
Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered; there the Lord shall re- 
deem thee from the hand of thine enemies. 

11. Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, 
Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. J fi'Cai- 'f-^" 

12. But they know not the thoughts of the Lord, neither un- 
derstand they his counsel : for he shall gather them as the sheaves 
into the floor. 

l;3. Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thy 
horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in 
pieces many people : and I will consecrate their gain unto the 
Lord, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth. 

Chap. v. 3. Therefore, will he give them up, until the time 
that she which travaileth hath brought forth : then the remnant 
of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel. 

Zephaniah, iii. 9. For then will I turn to the people a pure 
language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to 
serve him with one consent. 

10. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the 
daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine oflfering, 

11. In that day shalt thou not be ashamed for all thy doings, 
wherein thou hast transgressed against me : for then I will take 
away out of the midst of thee them that rejoice in thy pride, and 
thou shalt no more be haughty because of my holy mountain. 

12. I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor 
people, and they shall trust in the name of the Lord. 

13. The remnant of Israel shall not do iniquity, nor speak lies : 
neither shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth : for they 
shall feed and lie down, and none shall make them afraid. 

14. Sing, O daughter of Zion ; shout, O Israel ; be glad and 
rejoice with all the heart, O daughter of Jerusalem. 

II. Esdras, ii. 15. Mother, embrace thy children, and bring 


tlieiii up with gladness, make their feet as fast as a pillar: for I 
have chosen thee, saith the Lord. 

29. My hand shall cover thee, so that thy children shall not 
see hell. 

80. Be joyful, O thou mother, with thy children ; for I will de- 
liver thee, saith the Lord. 

32. Embrace thy children until I come, and shew mercy unto 
them : for my wells run over, and my grace shall not fail. 

34. And therefore I say unto you, O ye heathen, that hear and 
understand. Look for your Shepherd, he shall give you everlast- 
ing rest; for he is nigh at hand, that shall come in the end of 
the world. 

35. Be ready to the reward of the kingdom, for the everlasting 
light shall shine upon you for evermore. 

36. Flee the shadow of this world, receive the joyfulness of 
your glory : I testify my Savior openly. 

37. O receive the gift that is given you, and be glad, giving 
thanks unto him that hath called you to the heavenly kingdom. 

38. Arise up and stand, behold the number of those that be 
sealed in the feast of the Lord ; 

39. Which are departed from the shadow of the world, and have 
received glorious garments of the Lord. 

40. Take thy number, O Sion, and shut up those of thine that 
are clothed in white, which have fulfilled the law of the Lord. 

4L The number of thy children whom thou longedst for, is ful- 
filled : beseech the power of the Lord, that thy people, which have 
been called from the beginning, may be hallowed. 

42. I Esdras saw upon the mount Sion a great people, whom I 
could not number, and they all praised the Lord with songs. 

43. And in the midst of them there was a young man of a high 
stature, taller than all the rest, and upon every one of their heads 
he set crowns, and was more exalted ; which I marvelled at greatly. 

Chap. vii. 26. Behold, the time shall come, that these tokens 
which I have told thee shall come to pass, and the bride shall ap- 
pear, and she coming forth shall be seen, that now is withdrawn 
from the earth. 

Matthew, xxii. L And Jesus answered and spake unto them 
again by parables, and said, 

2. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which 
made a marriage for his son, 


3. And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden 
to the wedding : and they would not come. 

4. Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which 
are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner : my oxen and 
my fatlings arc killed, and all things arc ready : come unto the 

5. But they made light of ?7, and went their ways, one to his 
farm, another to his merchandise. 

6. And the remnant took his servants, and entreated tlicm spite- 
fully, and slew th:m. 

7. But when the king heard thereof^ he was wroth : and he sent 
forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up 
their city. 

8. Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but 
they which were bidden were not worthy. 

9. Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall 
find, bid to the marriage. 

10. So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered 
together all as many as they found, both bad and good : and the 
wedding was furnished with guests. 

11. And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there 
a man which had not on a wedding-garment : 

12. And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither, 
not having a wedding-garment \ And he was speechless. 

13. Then said the king to the servants. Bind him hand and foot, 
and take him away, and cast Mm into utter darkness : there shall 
be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Revelations^ xix. 7. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give hon- 
our to him : for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife 
hath made herself ready. 

8. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine 
linen, clean and white : for the fine linen is the righteousness of 

9. And he saith unto me. Write, Blessed are they which are 
called unto the marriage-supper of the Lamb. And he saith 
unto me, These are the true sayings of God. 

Chap. xxii. 17. And the Spirit and the bride say. Come. And 
let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. 
And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. 

Hebrews, ix. 28, So Christ was once offered to bear the sins 


of many; p.n<l niito tlicm that look for him slinll ho nppoar the 

second time without sin unto salvation. 
Sec. 8. Remember, all ye inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord, 
th.U a work without sin unto salvation, is a perfect work ; and this 
is the work of Christ's kingdom, which is now set up on earth. 

9. And this is the little stone, cut out from the mountain without 
hands, which hath smote tlie great image, or id(d lust, [by destroy- 
ing the filthy propensities in man,] and shall fill the whole earth in 
my own due time and season, saith the Lord. 

10. Though it be small, among the countless millions of earth; 
yet, by my own hand has it been planted, and by ray own hand shall 
it be watered with the dews of Heaven, until all the predictions 
which I have sent forth, concerning it, are fulfilled in its growth, in 
its power, and in its dominion. I require not the aid of mortals to 
defend the work of my hands. 

(Jl. Though mankind, in their own natural wisdom and under- 
standing, darkened by the black veil of antichrist, apply and inter- 
pret those sacred passages referring to Mother, the Bride, and she 
shall be called, The Lord our Righteousness, as alluding to the 
Church; yet, this altereth not the true import of the sacred mean- 
ing ; although the female had never been revealed in her sacred or- 
der^ before this dispensations 

1^. The vision seen by John, in the fourteenth chapter of Rev- 
elations, of the Lamb on mount Zion, and with him an hundred 
and forty and four thousand, was in a future day ; which is, the 
day of his second coming, in the completed order of that new and 
spiritual kingdom, at the head of which he stands, with the Bride, 
whom I have prepared for him, saith the Lord. 

13. Though mankind, from the earliest ages of the world to 
the present day, have ever applied their strength and faculties to 
carve out other ways, than that which I laid out for them, that they 
might indulge and gratify their own evil propensities, in contra-dis- 
tinction to the laws and commandments that their Creator sent forth 
for their protection ; 

14. Yet, every step of disobedience, they must retrace in sorrow 
and humiliation, and enter in at the straight gate, and walk in the 
narrow way, or remain in endless shades of darkness and misery. 

15. For my kingdom is a kingdom of peace and purity, and 
nothing that worketh abomination, or maketh a lie, shall in any 


wise enter therein. And such as come when called, enter my holy 
vineyard in due season : such are owned and accepted of Me, for 
their obedience and sincerity of heart, whether they be rich, or 
whether they be poor ; whether they be bond, or whether they be 

16. But remember, they that strip for the race and run for the 
prize, in the gospel dispensation of this day, must strip oif all their 
old filthy garments, and be clad with the new, by honestly confess- 
ing every known sin, in the presence of one or more of my true 
and faithful witnesses, who have been tried in the furnace of afflic- 
tion, and purified by the gospel fire, 

17. And let all such as still desire to remain in the works of 
nature, return to the law and order of nature, as I have commanded 
from the beginning, saith the Lord. 

18. Defile not your own bodies, nor those of each other, only for 
the purpose of begetting your own offspring. And all such as name 
the name of Christ, as being ministers of his gospel, set ye this 
example to your people; or a curse, a heavy curse, from my 
Almighty hand, shall follow you and your seed. 

19. All ye rulers, and great ones of the earth, set forth this 
example before those over whom you do preside ; and bear against 
and suppress the haunts of debauchery, by your civil laws, as fast 
as is possibly in your power. You have no time to lose in doing 
this work; for delays will cast you from beneath the arm of my mercy; 
and when it is too late, you will cry unto Me saying, Lord, spare 
us, and we will mend our lives, by hearkening to thy word. 

20. My times and seasons for utter destruction upon kingdoms, 
realms and cities, by reason of their wicked inhabitants, whose 
hearts are hardened in unbelief, and disregard of my solemn warn- 
ings, are reserved in my own power; even the Angels whom I have 
sent forth, as yet, know them not : therefore, they cannot be revealed 
as yet, unto mortals. 

21. But timely warning I do give, to every nation, kindred, tongue 
and people, dwelling on the earth, saith the God of Heaven. 

22. And all ye, of whatever grade or class ye may be, confine 
the gratifications of your own corrupt propensities, within the bounds 
of the law of nature. Cease, O inhabitants of earth, cease to pro- 
mote and encourage works of licentiousness and debauchery; or I 
shall suffer vou to sink into the earth's bowels, saith the Lord. 


23. Beware, beware, and liearkcii to the voice of the Lord your 
God, who delighteth not in tlie destruction of human life; nor in 
the misery of tliosc whom he hath created for a nmch higlier call- 
ing, than to be slaves to their own wicked passions. 

24. Turn, O inhabitants of mortality ! turn, turn ye to the Lord 
your God, in deep repentnnce of heart, that the holy and swift wing- 
ed Angels, that I ha>^ sent to pass and re-pass through the earth, to 
pass and re-pass again, until the time of my own appointing is ful- 
filled, may behold you clothed in sackcloth and mourning, turning 
from the evil of your doings, and learning to do well ; and record 
your names upon the list of mercy for the same. 

25. For I AM, is a God, whose mercy is reached by the penitent 
heart, and whose judgment, in justice, will speedily follow the high, 
the lofty, and unabased. For the haughtiness of Monarchs, Kings, 
and the great ones of the earth, shall be bowed down, and the lofti- 
ness of man brought low, even with the dust; and my name alone, 
saith the Lord, shall be exalted. 

26. Every dispensation of my goodness to man, from the creation 
of the world, to the present time, hath always been attended with 
an increasing degree of order, beauty and holiness, beyond that 
which preceded it. 

27. The time had not come, when Christ first appeared on earth, 
for him to establish his kingdom, in that perfect order, glory and 
beauty, that he has now, in his second coming. For its order 
was not then completed, and never could be, until the female had 
found her proper lot and place, as the Mother of all who should 
ever after, enter the new and spiritual creation, which my Almighty 
hand hath established on the earth, inseparably connected with my 
holy kingdom in eternity. 

28. I have caused a sufficient number of the sacred passages to 
be inserted, as do clearly show unto every reasonable mind, that 
Christ must necessarily make his appearance in the female, or the 
order of my kingdom would not have been made complete, nor the 
declarations given in past dispensations, from my holy spirit fulfilled, 

29. And as I had before declared unto you, that I destroyed not 
that which hath proceeded from my own mouth, or disannulled the 
work of my own hands ; but that heaven and earth should pass away, 
rather than that one jot or tittle should fail ; so will all ye inhabitants 
of the earth find, that in my own time and season, all things which 
I declare unto you, will be fulfilled in their true spirit and sense. 


30. But, remember that a natural man, while under the influence 
of nature's darkness, understandeth not the givings of the spirit of 
God, for they appear like foolishness unto him : for the sinful indul- 
gence and gratification of one's carnal and filthy propensities, out 
of the proper time and season for the purpose of begetting their 
own offspring, is one of the most soul-darkening, and sunken prac- 
tices that man is capable of committing. 

31. Even under the law, saith the Lord, if they went forth and 
defiled themselves contrary to the law, they were required to take 
an offering, and go to the priests, and there make an atonement for 
their transgression. 

32. And shall my requirement respecting self-denial, and the 
laws of restriction, in this day, after having sent forth the gospel 
dispensation, be less effective than under the darkened ages of the 
Mosaic Law ? 

33. Shall my Almighty power suffer the children of men to go 
on from age to age, regardless of every law and restriction which 
hath been sent forth to the inhabitants of earth, even in the dark 
and wilderness ages of the world, when light, knowledge and under- 
standing had been, but in a very limited degree, suffered to shine 
upon them ? The voice of my eternal justice declareth, Not so ; for I 
have created man to be an honor and a glory unto Me, his God and 
Creator ; and my purpose, in the ultimate event of my work with 
man, shall not be disannulled or destroyed. But as yet, few, very 
few, in any previous age of the world, have answered the purpose 
of their creation. 

^4. And moreover, did not my servant Moses, when I sent him 
to sanctify and prepare the people to meet Me before the mount, 
require that none of tliem should come at their wives, for the space 
of three days before they were called to appear before Me? Surely 
he did ; and does not this declare it to be the work of uncleanness? 
Surely it does; and every rational mind knoweth it to be so. 
Works that are attended with a shame, and require the curtains of 
darkness to be spread, wherein they are committed, every rational 
mind knoweth must be impure^ 








Mankind questioned by the Almighty. 


The peaceable king-dom of Christ. 



Of the stone from the mountain. 



Trusting in the power of God. 



Of worshiping not mortal bodies. 



Of justice in many respects. 



The watch-word of diligence. 


The statutes of God. 









The advance guard of meekness. 



Carnal warfare. 



The blessed city of peace. 


A place of rest, and the same charac- 



The kingdom of Christ on earth. 



Of the union of Saints in Heaven and 


on earth. 



Of washed garments. 



The slanderous tongue. 


Salvation from all sin. 



Resignation to the appointments of God 

by the hand of Providence. 

Of a completed state of existence. 

Of being fed with milk. 

Natural things, figurative of spiritual. 

The woman's lot. 

Of all things being created in the male 

Carnal desires. 

A kingdom of equality. 

Of living so as to be prepared to die. 

Of seeking and finding. 

The second appearance of Christ, con- 
stituting a spiritual Mother in Israel. 

The' Kingdom of Christ, established 
on earth. 

Of proselyting. 

Requirements of God to Zion. 

The days of her seclusion. 

Of liking a home in Zion, and hathig 
the cross. 

The three first witnesses, «fec. 

1. Thus saith tlie Lord, the Holy and Eternal One, Give ear 
unto my voice, aJl ye people, and hearken and understand my word, 
all ye nations of the earth. 

2. For whom are you looking, to usher in the rays of eternal life, 
and open the eyes of your souls, that ye may be saved from your 

3. Do you look for the Christ of God, the spirit of the Holy 
Savior, the Lamb who stood upon Mount Zion, with the hundred 
and forty and four thousand, having their Father's name written 
in their foreheads, who were virgins, not being defiled with sin? 


4. Do you look and seek after a kingdom, of which the sacred 
volume does predict ; which by the spirit of inspiration was told, 
That a pure and holy kingdom, by my Almighty hand, should, in 
the latter days, be set up, which should be called the house of the 
Lord, established iii the top of the mountains, and exalted above 
the hills; of wdiich nations should say, Come, and let us go up to 
the Mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; 
for he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths ? 

5. Where the Law should go forth of Zion, and the word of the 
Lord from Jerusalem ? 

6. Where that spirit should be manifested, to rebuke strong na- 
tions afar oif, and cause them to beat their swords into plough- 
shares, and their spears into pruning hooks? 

7. Where the Lion should lie down with the Lamb, and a little 
child should lead them 1 

8. Do you look for the stone, cut out from the mountain without 
hands, that should grow and fill the whole earth ; that smote the 
great image, and brake it in pieces, and caused it to be carried 
away of the wind, as the chaff of the summer threshing floor? 

9. Do you look for that kingdom that standeth and trusteth in 
the strength of my power, and not in the arm of flesh; whose life 
is purity, and whose dwelling resteth in my eternal brightness? 

10. Whose subjects are subjects of peace, and whose hands are 
not stained with human blood, and who walk not after the law of 
a carnal commandment, but after the law of grace, given in the 
gospel of Christ? 

11. Who worship not the mortal bodies of any, but who worship 
my Holy Spirit, whether manifested in man, woman or child? 

12. Who use the measures of justice, and the weights of exact- 
ness, and decide not by the balances of deceit? 

13. Who do unto others, as they would that others should do 
unto them? 

14. Who turn not the right of the needy away, nor say to the 
hungry, cold and naked. Go, be thou fed, warmed and clothed? 

15. Who turn not the needy from their doors, nor send the poor 
and distressed empty away ? 

16. Who procure not gain without right, nor pervert the laws of 
truth and justice, for silver or gold? 

17. Who open their mouths in true wisdom with their neighbors, 
and speak words of truth to one another ? 


IS. Whose God rcquiretli that all sliould labor with their hands; 
and whose laws of equal justice, mete employment to every age and 
class, according as they have ability to perform ? 

19. Who highly prize, and daily do obey the watch-word of the 
morning from the Queen of Zion ; Hands to work and hearts to 
God, with cheerfulness in your duties? 

20. Whose laws and statutes from my eternal throne do emanate; 
and operate to rule and govern every soul in truth, in justice, and 
in acts of love and kindness? 

21. Where no one is set on high, to sway an earthly sceptre? 

22. Where tyrants cannot reign, and despots do not rule? 

23. Do you look for that kingdom, where the holy anointing from 
my Eternal Throne, is placed in earthy vessels, to lead in meekness, 
and govern by the power of my spirit, against which, in the final 
result, no stiff nor stubborn will can stand unshaken, nor abide in 
the kingdom? 

24. Where no coercive means are used ; but power and force of 
spirit, given from my Almighty hand, through prayer and supplica- 
tion are employed? 

25. W^here seekers after that which is great and high, must rest 
in hope, and die without obtaining? 

26. W^here hidi and exalted feelinfrs, low and humble stations 

27. W^here meekness, virtue, power and wisdom, as the advancing 
guard do always move along? 

28. Where carnal warfares are not known ; but spiritual ones, 
against the wicked foe within, are eternally waged? No quarters 
given, nor quarters taken, but death complete unto the man of sin, 
doth crown the victorious conqueror? 

29. Do you seek to find that city, where the Lord your God hath 
placed his name, in peace to dwell, in trutli to reign? 

I>0. Where all its inmates dwell as innocent lambs in the fold 
of their ever v.-atchful Shepherd? 

31. W^here the bleatings of harmless sheep are heard, but where 
the bowlings of the wild beasts cf tlie forest, who hunt for flesh, 
and prey upon the same, are not known ? 

32. Where the gentle breezes blow from my Almighty throne, 
and waft upon their wings the bread of heaven, and the food of 
Angels; and where streams of living waters flow in rivulets mild 
and gentle? 


33. Where all the inmates dwell, possessing the whole, yet 
claiming nothing; and aught of all they do possess, no one calleth 
it his own; but as children of one family, all live and fare alike? 

34. Where the sick are ministered to, those in the decline of life 
supported, and the feeble and tottering knee, gently led by the hand ? 

/3«5^ Do you, in truth, seek after a place of rest unto your souls, 
where everlasting joy, peace and true comfort are received, as the 
reward of a daily cross of true self-denial, not in word alone, but 
in work perfected ? 

36. Where the innocency of little children is preserved with the 
utmost care and carefulness, until they reach maturity ? 

37. Where all dwell as brethren and sisters, bound in one golden 
chain of love and union; in clothing, food and convenience, each 
preferring one another ? 

38. Where none, by reason of care and trust in them reposed, 
seek for any thing more pleasant and agreeable, either to eat, to 
drink or to wear, than those to whom they stand as leaders? 

39. Where those who are called to stand in front, rejoice to show 
they bear the greatest cross of true self-denial ? 

40. Where the jealous eye of wantonness cannot look upon 
those of the other sex, nor nature's passions vile be gratified? 

41. Where nons suffer the sun to go down upon their souls 
when defiled with sin ? 

42. Where Achor's valley, daily remaineth the only door of hope 
for any soul ? 

43. Where nought is again remembered, when once passed 
through this door 1 

44. Where ignorant deeds are lightly passed over; but willful 
acts of transgression, the laws of conscience do condemn? 

45. Where my Holy Laws and Orders, reign as sacred guides, 
impelling every heart ? 

46. Where the unerring lines of truth, are drawn between the 
flesh and spirit ? 

47. Where natural affections do abound for all their fellow beings; 
but where vile affections, for fleshly kin, are banished from the soul ? 

48. Where fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, 
children, houses, lands, and their own lives also, are all forsaken to 
obtain a life in Christ, and the resurrection of the soul from the dead ? 

49. Do you seek for that kingdom established on earth, but yet 
is not of the earth ? 


50. Whoso subjects are in tlie world, yet are not of the world : 
for T tlieir Lord and God, liave chosen them out of the world? 

51. Where holy Anjrels from the eternal world minister unto 
them, and ten thousand times ten thousand g;ither to behold their 
worship ? 

5'2. Where sniuts on earth, with saints in heaven do unite in one 
eternal song of praise, to Me their God and Maker? 

5:3. Where, through great tribulation and sufferings of soul, by 
living the life of the Lamb, their garments are washed white ? 

54. Do you seek for that kingdom, against which, the hand of 
persecution hath ever been raised; and against which the enven- 
omed tongue of slander and falsehood hath never ceased to pour 
forth its volumes of blackest epithets? 

55. Where souls fulfill the law of Christ, as made known in his 
first appearing, and by that means, are able to fulfill the whole law 
in his second coming ? 

56. Where souls know, by actual experience of more than sixty 
years, that they have found the spirit of theJU)rd's Christ, revealed 
in a Mother, whose name was ANN LEE? ^^4 

57. For it hath saved them from all sin, and clothed their souls 
in a garment of true righteousness, and created in their hearts, that 
love to Me, their God and Maker, which surpasseth, in a thousand 
fold ratio, all other loves ; 

58. Which has given them strength and power to resign their 
lives in martyrdom, if called so to do, rather than deny their faith, 
or the power by which they received this, [which was] from, and 
through the Queen of Zion, who stands as my first and chosen 
witness in this last dispensation of my goodness to man. 

59. Do you seek for that kingdom, where the gospel of a Christ 
and of a Mother reigneth, united in one? 

60. Were any of you born, and brought forth into a completed 
state of existence in the world, by a father, — or by a mothtr 1 Or 
were you only begotten by a father, and then, at the proper time 
and season, brought forth by the mother? 

6L And by whom were you fed with milk, and dandled at the 
breast, while in your infancy; by the father, — or by the mother? 

62. By whose caresses, and soothing hand of comfort, were your 
troubled spirits pacified to rest? Was it not the Mother's? 

63. If We, the over-ruling and Great first Cause of all created 
things, on earth and in the heavens, have, in our own wisdom, 


created the natural order of things, figurative of that which was 
spiritual, how can there be any spiritual order, or kingdom of glory 
completed, unless the woman is brought to stand in her place, accord- 
ing to the figure ? 

64. Have We not created an order and place for the woman, in 
the natural order of the creation? Was she not to travail in sorrow,, 
and bring forth children? And in the absence of her husband^ 
does she not stand at the head of her own family ? 

65. If these things in nature do exist, why stumble ye at the 
fulfillment of the true representation? 

66. And if this is not the true representation, and this order does 
not exist in the spiritual heavens, why did not We create and send 
forth, all living upon earth, in the male order? 

67. O ye blind and bigoted seers, who strain at your own pride, 
and must swallow your own folly ! The woman you all want, and 
the man you all want ; but the enjoyment of each other in fleshly 
gratifications, is your greatest desire. No longer wipe your lips, 
and say you are guiltless; for the God of Heaven doth judge you, 
the Searcher of every heart, before whose eyes, your abominations 
are as plain as the whited walls of your houses are in your view. 

68. But hearken ; Do any of you seek for a kingdom, where the 
pride of v^ain mortals ruleth not, and the arrogance of frail, fallen 
nature, beareth not the sway? Where the high and the low, the 
rich and the poor, the lame, the halt and the blind, can all fare 
alike,. upon terms of strict equality and justice? 

69. Where all yield strict obedience to the revealed will of 
Heaven, through such agencies as are appointed, through the order 
of my holy anointing power, wherever I may have caused it to rest? 

70. Where all the political strifes and contentions, and party 
feelings amongst the children of men, are disowned and rejected ? 

71. Where an avaricious spirit, to heap up treasures on earth 
where moth and rust doth corrupt, cannot dwell? 

72. And again; Do ye sincerely seek for that city of refuge on 
earth, where you can know and do the will of your God, day by 
day ? Where you can receive strength to crucify your own evil 
natures, and be born anew, as little innocent children, into the king- 
dom of your God ? 

73. Do you seek for that home and place, while in a terrestrial 
state, where you can live day by day, as ye would, if ye knew ye 


were to die on the morrow, and as ye would if ye were to live a 
thousand years ? 

74. Where the kingdom of Heaven, and the righteousness thereto 
belonging, is the soul's first pursuit; and where all that is needful 
for the body, through obedience and faithfulness, shall be given 
unto it? And where, to deal justly and walk humbly, to fear God 
and keep his commandments, comprise your whole duty ? 

75. If so, seek in earnest, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall 
be opened unto you ; ask, and ye shall receive ; follow that light 
which I shall cause to shine into your souls, and it shall lead you to 
the city of peace, saith the Lord your God; but not to ease and 
indulgence, thinking to procure your souls' salvation in that way ; 
not where the manna of Heaven rains down, to feed and support 
you in idleness, without the soul's exertion ; 

76. Not where each one, or any part can do that which seemeth 
right in their own eyes, according to their own natural wisdom 
and understanding ; 

77. But where that wisdom, that knowledge and understanding, 
which is revealed in the order of my own appointment, beareth rule, 
and is the main spring of action throughout, in all things, spiritual 
and temporal ; 

78. According to the completed order of my new heavens and 
new earth, which I have, in this latter day, established on the earth 
for all nations, all kindreds, all tongues and all people, who will 
make the sacrifice which I require, saith the Lord, to obtain a home 
therein, beneath the wings of my protection. 

79. I have now declared unto you, all ye nations and people, that 
the spirit of my blessed Son hath appeared the second time, with- 
out sin unto salvation, in the female, or Spiritual Mother in Israel. 

80. And this, my kingdom, as represented by the stone from the 
mountain, has been established for more than sixty years upon the 
earth; and yet, ye believe it not; though various publications of 
its principles, have been circulated when called for, yet, ye know 
not the Christ or his true kingdom. 

81. I have never required, saith the God of Heaven, that the 
subjects of Christ's second coming, or the children of the Bride, 
should compass sea and land to make proselytes ; 

82. This, my Church, the assembly of Saints, was never estab- 
lished upon the eternal foundation of righteousness and truth, for 
a popular show to the inhabitants of earth. 


83. But I required her people to embody their strength in one 
united capacity, and conquer and subdue their own evil natures 
within, and travel in humility of soul, and tribulation of spirit, and 
gain a substance of the true oil of light, and life eternal; That 
when my time should come, in the order of my own wisdom, she 
might have wherewithal, to do her duty to other souls, as I have 
placed her, a city upon a hill, whose light and brightness can never 
more be hid. 

84. And thus, the days of her seclusion are accomplished; and 
I, the God that formed her, do now declare her to the inhabitants 
of the earth; and I have also declared the true characters of all 
who do, in truth, compose the subjects who dwell, and safely remain 
within her holy walls. 

85. Though wolves in sheep's clothing, may creep within her 
gates, yet, their craving wants for flesh, or fleshly lust, will soon 
betray the borrowed coat they wear. 

86. No ravenous beast can long remain within her holy borders; 
though many like the place, yet none but the true and honest hearted 
like the cross, nor will long endure the gospel fire of truth, which 
doth eternally burn to guard the tree of life. 

87. And furthermore, saith the Almighty Power, I declare the 
three first witnesses unto you, who bore record on the earth, that I, 
the Almighty God of Heaven, had sent forth the likeness of my 
blessed Son, the second time, without sin unto salvation, to poor 
frail mortals on the earth. 

88. And through a female was Christ made known, [as a spirit- 
ual Mother,'] to complete the order of that kingdom which was 
begun in his first appearing. And I declare, to all nations, the 
spirit of this chosen female to be the Bride, the Lamb's wife, the 
Queen of Zion, and Mother of the new and spiritual creation 
which shall never be destroyed. 

89. Though I, her Lord and God, should purge and refine her 
[inhabitants] to that degree of purity and holiness, that not more 
than ten souls were able to abide the fire within her holy courts; 
yet shall these stand, and be supported by the Almighty power of 
my hand, though armies against them should be arrayed for their 

90. Remember, all ye people who dwell within the walls of my 
Zion, which is pure and holy, if ye walk not worthy of your holy 
calling, the great privilege, which in my mercy I have granted you, 



shall only prove as burning coals of fire upon your heads, to sink 
your souls from my presence ; and a far heavier stroke of my judg- 
ments, shall come upon you, than upon those who have never been 
blessed with such a privilege of my notice, within the walls of 
my Zion. 

91. It is not numbers that compose my Zion; but the purity of 
that life which souls live; and by the interestedness of their spirits, 
to build up the cause to which they are called, by spending and 
being spent, agreeable to that example which was invariably set by 
the three first witnesses, who bore this gospel across the rolling 
deep, to fair Columbia's shore, and who, by my Almighty hand, 
were protected so to do. 

92. And by my power, shall other faithful souls safely re-cross 
the foaming deep, to plant this gospel in distant lands, to feed the 
hungry souls who cry to Me for [the] bread [of life.] 






1. God, able to manifest himself as he 

wills, at any period. 
3. Passages of scripture required to be 


5. Of the testimony of the three witnesses . 

6. Of the confession of sins. 

7. Of rising into life. 

8. Of purchasing liberty to sin. Of hired 


9. Of making trade of sacred service. 



It is God who forgiveth sinsi Who are 

prepared as witnesses for souls, «fec. 
Duty of witnesses. 
Not required to hear the confession of 

capital crimes, until the sentence of 

the civil law is passed. 
Confessions to be considered sacred. 
Of the representation of the spirit, by 

Mother Ann Lee. 
Of what was manifested in Mother. 

Sec. 1. But a few passages, saith the Lord, were ever mentioned in 
the Sacred Volume, respecting the three witnesses. But I am a 


God of yesterday, to-day, and forever; and to all such as truly 
walk uprightly before Me, doing my will and pleasure, regardless of 
all personal, partial or selfish views, I am as able to manifest 
myself in one dispensation, as in another. 

2. And I now bear witness, (declaring my words to the ends of 
the earth,) to the office and calling of the three first witnesses, in 
Christ's second coming. 

3. And where the witnesses are mentioned in Sacred Writ, I 
require [some of]the passages to be here inserted. 

Matthew, xviii. 16. But if he will not hear thee, then take with 
thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses 
every word may be established. 
Isaiah, xliii. 10. Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord. 
Chap. xliv. 8. Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I 
told thee from that time, and have declared it? ye are even my 
witnesses. Is there a God besides me ? yea, there is no God ; I 
know not any. 
Sec. 4. These three witnesses, in this latter day of my goodness, 
testified before all, both publicly and privately, that there was no 
true God but Me, and that there was no way of God opened or 
revealed to man, by which he could find salvation, or an entrance 
into his holy kingdom, while livmg in sinful works of whatever 
name or nature. 

5. And they did furthermore bear witness, that the spirit of 
Christ, the Son of God, had, in truth, made his appearance the 
second time, without sin unto salvation ; and that none could be 
cleansed and purified, and enter into the work of regeneration, 
while living after, or taking any part in, the works of natural 

6. And they did furthermore testify and bear witness, by that 
power which I gave them, that all souls must confess their sins, in 
the presence of God's witnesses, one by one, just as they had com- 
mitted them, or never find true happiness; and then labor for godly 
sorrow and true repentance, by leaving them off, and by taking up 
a cross against their evil natures which led them into sin. 

7. By so doing, they would find the favor and mercy of God, and 
their souls v**ould begin to rise in the resurrection of Christ ; and 
my holy blessings would begin to distill upon them, as dews from 

8. They never taught souls, that they could, for money, purchase 


liberty from priests and clergy, to indulge in sinful abominations, 
gratifying their own propensities ; and then again, for money, they 
could hire their sins forgiven, such as they had not bought a privi- 
lege to commit. 

9. Awful consternation must seize on every heart, when they see 
these things in their true light! Is not this making trade and 
traffic, to all the extent of man's ability, of that power and service 
which he pretends to hold sacred? Surely, the truth recorded 
on my eternal record, declareth the affirmative. 

10. But as different from this, as light is from darkness, did these 
three chosen, true and faithful witnesses, declare the order of con- 
fessing sins. They testified that none had power to forgive sins but 
God, [and Jesus Christ, manifested through that medium which he 
established;] and that every soul must stand in a true state of justi- 
fication, by honestly confessing their own sins, in the presence of 
God's witnesses, before they were, in any way, commissioned to 
stand as witnesses for other souls ; 

11. And that it was the duty of all those who stood as witnesses 
for the confessions of other souls, to pray earnestly to Me their 
God, that I would hear the honest souls, and bless them with strength 
and power, to withstand the temptations of evil in future. 

12. And furthermore, did my three witnesses testify, saith the 
Lord, that no one was called as a witness, to hear the confession of 
sins, now, in Christ's second coming, from such souls as had com- 
mitted capital crimes, for which the civil laws of man must deal 
with them. 

13. None were to hear any such confessions, until after the civil 
authority had passed judgment upon them ; and at all times, wit- 
nesses were to consider confessions made in the fear of God, of 
the most sacred, solemn and delicate nature; and rather than be 
compelled to divulge that which a soul had honestly confessed to 
them, in my holy fear, they had better sacrifice their lives. 

14. For none had any right to hear such confessions, as laid them 
open to the civil powers of man to make enquiries, and demand 
answers, by reason of the liability of the person who had con- 
fessed to them. 

I. John, V. 6. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, be- 
cause the Spirit is truth. 
9. If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is 



greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified 

of his Son. 

John, iii. 5. Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, 

Except a man be born of water, and of the Spirit, he cannot 

enter into the kingdom of God. 
Sec. 15. It may truly be said of the Daughter of Zion, (That is, 
Mother Ann Lee,) that she represented the spirit; for in her, 
the spirit of Christ appeared, with a full and complete salvation, for 
such as were willing to sacrifice all to obtain it. 

16. In her was displayed my sacred and saving power, to search 
the hearts, and penetrate into the souls of such as came before her, to 
much the greatest extent of any human being ever before sent forth, 
save the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I sent on earth, saith the Lord, 
to begin the foundation of this kingdom, which is now completed, 
through and by the Daughter ; and upon which the building is now 
arising, forever more to stand ; against which, the powers of earth 
and hell shall never more prevail. 



1. Of what be represented, &c. 

2. Of suffering for souls in eternity, 

3. Of suffering for souls on earth. 

4. Of gifts bestowed, &c. 

6. None redeemed, only through suffer- 
ings. Of passing through the fiery 

8i None can come to God, or find peace, 

nntil they have confessed their sins. 
9. The subsequent duty of souls who 
confess sins. 

10. The second witness, an example of 

true sufferings. 

11. The effect of suiferings for righteous- 

ness' sake. 

1. The second witness, whose name is recorded on my eternal 
record, Father William Lee, was truly "A man of sorrow, and 
acquainted with grief;" who bore and suffered in tribulation, for 
the increase of the gospel on earth, to the laying down of his nat- 
ural life ; which truly represents the blood, for he ended his days 
under sufferings, for the good of souls, as a bleeding martyr. 


2. Often did I suffer, saith the Lord, to full upon him, while 
upon e.'irth, a state of sufferings for souls in eternity, who were in 
their sins, and could not be released in any other way, only through 
the medium of that gospel which was now revealed, through the 
Mother, to mortals on earth. 

3. And the state of those that were bound in their sins on earth, 
was often suffered to fall upon him, that through his cries and in- 
tercessions, under the severest of sufferings, the way might be 
opened for them to be loosed from the bands of death, by which 
they were holden, and enter into the gospel field. 

4. And upon this same witness, did I, the God of Heaven, bestow 
that power of spirit against which no wicked opposers could stand, 
when in my wisdom, he was suffered to exercise it. 

5. Be it known to all people, saith the Lord, that no souls can 
ever be again redeemed unto Me, only through sufferings and deep 
tribulation of spirit. They have fallen so far below the moral 
order of nature, and from that state of innocency in which I first 
created them, that they must, before they can again be redeemed 
unto Me, pass through the fiery furnace of the gospel, by confess- 
ing every known sin. 

6. And [having done this, they must] travel in godly sorrow 
and true repentance for the same, until they have conquered that 
nature, and their souls are washed from the stains thereof, and have 
again become pure and innocent as when I first created them, 
saith the Lord. 

7. And this second witness, not only suffered to the cleansing 
of his own soul ; but he suffered for thousands of other souls, both 
in time and in eternity, that the door of this one sin-destroying, 
soul-saving gospel, might be opened unto them. 

8. Be ye not deceived, O ye inhabitants of earth ! No soul can 
ever come to Me, or enter my peaceable kingdom of rest, or find 
the acceptance of my Holy Spirit, in peace and in purity, either in 
time or in the eternal world, till they have honestly confessed their 
sins, one by one, to such of my witnesses as are appointed for that 
sacred duty. 

9. After which they must labor, and travel in tribulation of 
soul, until they are redeemed from that nature which caused them to 
sin; and this is a journey that the soul has to perform, before it can 
enter into that joy and felicity which is promised the truly right- 



eons, or stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion, clothed in white, as 
was seen in vision by my servant John. 

10. An example of true sufferings in spirit, this my faithful 
witness and servant William, did truly set, by night and by day. 

11. But remember, O ye people, my spirit of strength and con- 
solation never forsakes a soul, while truly suffering for the gospel's 
sake, either for their own purification, or that of others; but I will,, 
in the midst of these sufferings, cause their souls to break forth at 
times, with joy and thanksgiving, that they are accounted worthy to 
suffer for Christ's sake and the gospel. 

12- But remember, all have this travel to perform, as really as a 
man, when in a natural body, starting on a journey, has it to per- 
form, step by step. Just so [must be] the travel of the souL 



The third Witness declared. 

<5f his tuition in childhood and youth. 

His pecuhar gift. 

His character. 

The Witnesses faithfully accomplish- 
ed their work.&c. 

Of the anointing of successors. 

Of the government of the church. 

The conseqaience, should any prove 
untrue to their trust. 

Of King David's anointing. 

The gospel superior to the law. 

God's chosen people never left with- 
out a lead, only as a scourge for diso- 

Of man's strife against good. 

Tine lives of first witnesses sought. 

Of Christ's sufferings and death. 

Of the sufferings of the three first wit- 

Witnesses in mansions of rest. Perse- 

cutors in the depths of hell. 
The expressions of their souls. 
The Lord's reply. 
Maakind will not hearken. 
The manner in which the latter day 

of glory is ushered in. 
Must God always work miracles, in 

order to convince mankind ? 
The power of working miracles, still 

in the church of Christ. 
Of the eternal power and operation 

of the work of God. 
Of the working of miracles. 
The power, strength and substance of 

the spirit of Christ, retained in Zioir. 
Of the opening of the Heavens, 
Of the state of Zion. 
Three leading principles. 
A woe upon the unrighteous in Zion, 
Of God's equity and justice. 
Who can win the prize. 

1 . The third witness, who was a proclaiming and watering witness, 


and whose name, saith tlie Lortl, is recorded on my eternal 
record, Father James Whittaker. 

2. This witness, by the over-ruling hand of my providence^ was, 
at an early age of his childhood, placed under the special charge of 
Mother Ann, who brought him up in the path of true godliness and 
purity; by which means he was protected from all those soul dark- 
ening and sinful indulgences of self gratification, which most chil- 
dren are suffered, at a very early age, to run into. 

3. Therefore he grew up without defilement, and became an able 
help and supporter, in the ministration of his blessed Mother. I 
bestowed on him a peculiar gift, to water and nourish that which 
his blessed Mother had planted. 

4. His whole demeanor was mild, placid and gentle, yet solemn 
and soul gathering; and by this means, he would water, nourish 
and strengthen all ; and many times cause the weak and drooping 
plants, that were about to wither before the rays of the scorching^ 
sun, to be invigorated with new life and courage to press on their 
journey with zeal and fortitude. 

5. And because of the purity of that life which he lived, from 
his childhood up, saith the Lord, I did cause the most beautiful 
gospel graces to shine forth in his spirit. And in proclaiming the 
testimony of Christ's second appearing, and the way that leadeth 
to life eternal, to the surrounding multitude, even his wicked per- 
secutors, would acknowledge the goodness of his spirit. 

6. Yet, under sufferings was he patient, and in the hours of his 
rejoicing, I clothed his spirit with feelings divinely sublime and 
lovely, [and with] a portion of that mantle with which I had 
clothed the Daughter of Zion from head to foot ; and [in which] 
her spirit was inwrapped, as was measurably Father Wdliam's also, 

7. And all these, my three first witnesses, who were called first, 
to open the door through sufferings, that Christ might appear the 
second time without sin unto salvation, faithfully did the work 
which was required of them to do, by the over-ruling power of the 
Most High; and spread their mantles of love, strength and wisdom, as 
they were about to leave the world, upon all such of their children, 
as were determined to pursue the gospel path, even to the laying 
down of their natural lives, should they be called so to do. 

8. And upon such as had been prepared, through deep sufferings 
and tribulation of spirit, to succeed them in leading and directing 
the sheep of my fold, or the house of Israel, [the foundation of) 


which was now established on the earth, in its completed order, did 
they bestow that anointing power, which I had given them for that 
purpose, saith the Lord. And in this way doth the order of this 
anointing devolve and rest [upon such as are prepared to receive it.] 

9. My church, which is now established, in this day and age 
in which you live, is governed by an authority emanating from 
my divine influence, and proceeding directly from my Holy Spirit, 
through those upon whom I have caused my holy anointing oil 
to rest. 

10. But if any should prove themselves unworthy of this sacred 
calling and trust, after they had been once anointed by the unction 
of my Holy Spirit, I should, in my own wisdom, saith the Lord, 
send forth my anointing and saving power, to rest in other vessels, 
more worthy; as I did in the case of Saul, whom I anointed king 
over the children of Israel, but who departed from my statutes, by 
walking in disobedience to my commands. 

11. I did then cause my anointing power again to go forth, 
through the same prophet Samuel, by whom Saul was anointed, 
and to rest upon David, the son of Jesse, that he might be king and 
ruler in Israel. 

12. Though the gospel dispensation, both in Christ's first and 
second appearance, is much superior in its order, beauty and holi- 
ness, to that under the law ; yet, saith the Lord, in every age of the 
world, I have always provided means by which the sincere and 
honest hearted, who desired to do my will, might be 
the path of their duty. 

13. And whenever my chosen people, in former dispensations, 
were left without a true and faithful lead, according to the day in 
which they lived, it was because of their disobedience and rebellion 
to that which I had taught them ; and I suffered them to run into 
confusion, each doing that which seemed right in his own eyes, and, 
by this means, break to pieces. Where this has been suffered, it 
has been as a scourge, to punish them for their own wickedness, 
saith the Lord. 

14. But as frail and mortal man hath never ceased to pervert 
the way of the Lord, when it was in his power so to do, both by 
the means of a lying and slanderous tongue, and by inflicting 
with his hands, cruel and violent acts of persecution upon the 
bodies of those who sought to obey Me, rather than man, both in 
Christ's first and second appearing; so that wicked nature will 


continue to operate, in the hearts that are hardened in sin ancJ 
beastly abominations, until my heavy and desolating hand of judg- 
ments shall fall on them for the same. 

15. But I suffered not the lives of any of my first witnesses tc 
be taken by the hands of persecutors, though that of Mother Ann's, 
was in a most determined manner sought, time after time; yet I, the 
God of Heaven, did defeat their plans. I sent my holy Angels to 
guard and protect her, and those who followed her in truth. 

16. As these were my three first witnesses, through which I 
caused the spirit and likeness of my blessed Son, the second time 
to appear, without sin unto salvation ; the heaviest tribulation and 
sufferings of soul that ever fell upon any, possessing earthly taber- 
nacles, save that of the Lord Jesus Christ himself, fell upon them. 

17. But in Christ's first appearing, I suffered, when his work 
was done, the life of his animal body, and that of many of his 
followers, to be taken by wicked persecutors; as this was the begin- 
ning of the true gospel dispensation, and a perfect example of 
sufferings, in both body and mind, was required, even to the laying 
down of their natural lives, should the wickedness of man rage to 
that extent. 

18. But in the finishing and completing of that order, or gospel 
dispensation, I suffered none of my first witnesses' lives to be 
taken in that way. But for years were they inhumanly persecuted 
at times, both by night and by day ; and in the midst of their most 
severe sufferings, from the hands of the wicked, my holy Angels 
have often beheld them kneeling, and praying unto Me, that I would 
forgive them, for they knew not the wickedness they were doing. 

19. But these, my witnesses, are now in the eternal mansions of 
my rest, my glory and my delight, which I had prepared for them, 
and for those who had suffered before like unto them ; while those 
who hunted them from place to place, for the purpose of gratifying 
their own wicked and malicious spirits, are banished from my 
presence, sunk in the depths of hell, in anguish and horror, drink- 
incr the bitter cup, filled to overflowing, which they labored, [while 
on earth,] to make my faithful witnesses drink. 

20. Their cries and groans, their shrieks and lamentations, pierce 
the gloomy prisons of hell, beseeching Me, the God of mercies, to con- 
descend, once more to warn their fellow creatures on the earth, not 
to pursue the steps they have trod ; not to lift their hands, nor their 
hearts, to fight against that of which they know not ; but wait, and 


the work of the liord will prove itself; and the work of man will 
also prove itself. 

21. O merciful God, in thy everlasting kindness, warn them I 
O Holy Creator of all things, O warn them ! warn them ! lest they 
also pursue that course of persecuting thy righteous saints on earth, 
and thereby fall into this awful place of torment where we are 
bound in the flames of hell, suffering the just reward of our works. 

22. O Eternal Father of all mercies! if we may be suffered, in 
the flames of hell, to breathe forth supplications unto thee, in the 
midst of our unspeakable torment, suffer, O suffer thy word of 
warning to reach the ears of our brethren on earth, who will be 
liable to pursue the same course that we did. 

23. But could we, O could we have heard but one word of warn- 
ing, direct from thy eternal and hallowed lips, we surely should have 
hearkened, O righteous God! We know that our sufferings are just, 
for fighting against thee, through those whom thou didst send upon 
the earth to open a door of salvation, in thy everlasting kindness, 
to poor lost souls. 

24. We indeed, justly suffer the punishment thou hast inflicted 
upon our souls. While those whom we distressed on earth, are 
comforted in thy presence, we are banished far from thee, to suffer 
the just reward of our doings. 

25. But understand my words, saith the God of Heaven; Those 
who will not hearken unto those whom I have sent on earth, to warn 
the inhabitants thereof of the certain destruction they will bring 
upon themselves, by pursuing the paths of their forefathers, would !iot 
hearken and believe, though I should cause one to rise out of the 
grave, and go and declare my word unto them. 

26. And should I cause it to roll upon the earth, like peals of 
thunder, yet would it quickly be forgotten : for a moment, it would 
strike consternation and terror, upon mortal man ; but how soon 
would my solemn lessons of warning be disregarded, and the ways 
of wickedness again be resorted to ! 

27. And, as your Lord and Savior said, in his parable to the 
Jews, respecting the rich man and Lazarus, so do I, your God and 
Creator, say unto you ; If you will not hearken to my word in 
past dispensations, nor in the present, sent unto you through means 
of my own choosing, neither would you hearken, if I should send 
it through means thnt you yourselvejj might choose. 


28. Understand, O ye people ; I have not ushered in this latter 
day of my glory, with great signs and wonders, working of miracles, 
by raising the dead from their graves, as was suffered in Christ's 
first appearing. You have the records of what I then suffered 
to be done ; and if ye believe in the sacred volume, then ye must 
believe the things therein recorded, respecting the Christ, and 
those who followed him. 

29. But must I always be compelled, saith the Lord, to call the 
natural body, resting in the grave, again into life; or command fire 
to come down from Heaven in the sight of men, and destroy my 
enemies, before man will be convinced that there is a God, who 
ruleth at his will : after all that I have caused for thousands of years, 
by my Almighty Hand, to take place upon the earth ? 

30. Not so, saith the Creator of all things. Though I vested 
supernatural power in Mother Ann, to work miracles, and that 
power is still retained in my holy Church ; yet, I suffer it not to 
be applied, in a natural point of view, to the external sight of men, 
only at my command ; whether it be much or little. 

31. My work in this dispensation, saith the Lord, as effecting the 
work of salvation in the hearts of the children of men, is far greater 
and more powerful, than any that has ever preceded it; yet, to ex- 
ternal appearances, it is not so great ; therefore, I warn souls to be 
the more careful how they treat it. 

32. I often suffered the power of working miracles to be made 
use of by my first witnesses, as they were but few in number, and 
the work was new and strange to all people ; for Christ, in truth, 
had become a great stranger on the earth ; and moreover, there was 
no body or church then established, only what consisted in these 
few first witnesses. 

33. And the opposition of an unbelieving world was so great, 
that I suffered, in many instances, miraculous power to he displayed 
in a natural point of view, from the Q,ueen of Zion and those with 
her, insomuch that the unbelieving world acknowledged, they knew 
there must be a supernatural agency attending them. 

34. But now, saith the Lord, my power, strength and substance 
for the protection of souls, are concentrated in my Church, or Zion, 
which has been tried or proved on earth for more than sixty years. 
But this spiritual and divine power, has never, from the beginning, 
ceased entirely to show itself to the external view; yet I have suf- 
fered her to feel great leanness, and much tribulation, so that at 


times, she almost felt as though she was forsaken of her God: and 
this I have done, to try and to prove her, and those who dwelt within 
her walls. 

35. But for some years past, I have again wddely opened the 
Heavens to her assistance, and showered down upon her, in bound- 
less measures, that which it pleased Me to bestow ; that she might 
be cleansed, as with refiner's fire, and whitened, as with fuller's soap. 
And of the cup of my blessing hath she received, as well as the rod 
of my chastening. 

36. I found the ancients of the people, true to the cause ; but of 
Other classes, there were many, who had become lukewarm, and 
indiiferent in their zeal and feelings, respecting the true first prin- 
ciples upon which Zion is built, never more to be overthrown. 

37. And these are her first principles : True self denial and 
obedience, with a total seclusion from the popular sense, forms and 
fashions of the children of this world. And upon these principles 
she will always stand, and the gates of hell cannot prevail 
against her. 

38. And such as will not keep these principles, I will surely cut 
off from my people, and cast into outer darkness without the city. 
For nothing that worketh abomination or maketh a lie, shall remain 
at ease in her, saith the Lord her God. 

39. But wo unto them who stand in her gates, whose names are not 
written in the book of life. No name can be entered upon my holy 
book of life, saith the Lord, but the honest hearted and sincere 
seeker after righteousness. And all such are written therein, never 
more to be erased while pursuing this path: such, do make their 
own calling and election sure. 

40. I am not a God of partiality, towards the creatures of my 
creation, consigning some to eternal misery, and others to eternal 
happiness ; this would be the height of injustice, and inequality. 
But let him that will, come and partake freely. All have immortal 
souls, and all have a right to salvation, upon equal terms. 

41. They that will pay the price, shall win the prize; and no 
others can. They that will give up all, and lay down their own 
lives, shall take them up unto life eternal, saith He who gave 




Sudden change of the soul from time 

into eternity. 
The soul not again reinstated in the 

mortal body. 
Such as look for a natural resurrection; 

cited to past events. 
Of the reinstatement of the soul into 

the natural [)ody. 

Natural bodies caused quickly to dis- 

The only resurrection, that of the soul. 

True resurrection, from darkness to 

Sec. 1. I here require, saith the Holy Angel, such passages of the 
sacred writings, or some few of the most prominent ones, as refer 
to the resurrection, to be here transcribed entire. 

I. Corinthians, xv. 20, But now is Christ risen from the dead, 

and become the first-fruits of them that slept. 

21. For since by man came death, by man came also the res- 
urrection of the dead. 

22. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be 
made alive. 

23. But every man in his own order: Christ the first-fruits ; 
afterward they that are Christ's at his coming. 

24. Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the 
kingdom to God, even the Father ; when he shall have put down 
all rule, and all authority, and power, 

25. For he must reign,^ till hejhath put all enemies under 
his feet. 

26. The last^enemy that shall be destroyed is death. 

39. All flesh is not the same flesh ; but there is one kind of 
flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and 
another of birds. 

40. There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial : but 
the glory of the celestial is one, and the glori/ of the terrestrial 
is another. 

41. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the- 


moon, and another glory of the stars ; for one star differeth from 
another star in glory. 

42. So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in 
corruption, it is raised in incorruption : 

43. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory : it is sown in 
weakness, it is raised in power : 

44. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. 
There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. 

45. And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a 
living soul, the last Adam ivas made a quickening spirit. 

46. Howbeit, that was not first which is spiritual, but that 
which is natural ; and afterward that which is spiritual. 

47. The first man is of the earth, earthy : the second man is 
the Lord from heaven. 

48. As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy : and 
as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. 

49. And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall 
also bear the image of the heavenly. 

50. Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot 
inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit 

Sec. 2. Understand, all ye people, saith the Lord, all beings created 
with immortal souls, must meet with a sudden change, and this sud- 
den change spoken of in Holy Writ, is passing from time into eternity. 

3. And when this change, or separation between the soul and 
body is effected, the animal or earthly part, returns to earth and 
dust again ; and the soul, or immortal part, returns to Me, the God 
who gave it, there to receive its just and due reward. 

4. And thus, saith the Lord, is effected an eternal separation 
between the two, the mortal and immortal parts, as it respects the 
soul ever again being reinstated in its former house, or tenement 
of clay. 

5. Hear ye my words, and understand, all ye people ; The many 
passages, contained in the sacred record of my word, from whence 
you derive the apprehension, or idea of a resurrection of the nat- 
ural body, were not intended to be understood in a literal, or 
natural sense, as you construe them. 

6. And as evidence of the truth, that all such as look for a 
natural resurrection, will forever look in vain for the fulfillment 
thereof, I advise them to look back, and consider. What do all 


the events that have taken place, from the creation of the world to 
the present day, prove, respecting the hnal dissolution of the animal 
or natural body, and the final separation of the soul therefrom? 

7. Have those who died in early ages, been again reinstated in 
a natural body ? By no means, saitli the Lord ; though in some few 
instances, thrf)ugh the cries and intercessions of my faithful servants, 
I have caused the soul, for a short season, again to return into its 
former house, or tenement of clay, after I had called it therefrom. 

8. And this I did suffer, that the hardened hearts of the unbeliev- 
ing children of men, might be convinced of my Almighty power, as 
operating through those that I had sent forth on earth, to bear testi- 
mony against the sins of the world, and open a way that man 
might be saved therefrom, 

9. And again, I have in some instances, saith the Lord, with my 
Almighty power, caused the animal, or natural bodies of some few 
individuals, quickly to disappear and vanish from the knowledge of 
all mortal beings; and this I have done, that the lifeless lump of 
clay, resting in its grave, should not become an object of idolatry 
unto the living. 

lOo- For in those ages of the world in which I have done these 
things, the blindness and darkness of man were so great, that he 
would much sooner have worshiped the animal or natural part, that 
was consigned to its mother earth, than he would have worshiped 
or obeyed the spirit that I had sent forth to dwell in this body, while 
possessing the breath of life, and moving in its duty, according to 
my divine commands. 

IL Therefore did I cause that part which would have become a 
snare unto him, to be removed; for I have commanded all people, 
from the foundation of the world to the present day, to worship no 
God but Me, the one true and living God. 

12. And I do now testify unto all the inhabitants of earth, that 
the only resurrection that will ever take place, either on earth or in 
eternity, is that of the soul, not of the natural body. The soul, 
or spiritual body, is complete within itself, and needeth not the aid 
of that which is natural, to complete its order. 

13. And they that rise in the resurrection of the life and power 
of Christ, must rise from darkness into light, or from a state of sin 
and death, into a state of purity and holiness, without v/hich, no 
one shall see the Lord, or meet their God in peace. 

14. This is the true resurrection of the soul, or spiritual body. 


into that element of eternal life which is promised the faithful, 
who forsake all for Christ's sake and the gospel. 

15. And such as take the steps that I do require, saith the Lord, 
to rise and come out from under the bondage of darkness, of sin 
and death, and enter into a state of life and light eternal, do rise in 
the only true resurrection of peace and happiness to the soul, that 
ever was, is, or ever will be, saith the Lord. 

16. And whether they be in time, or in eternity, it altereth not 
the path they must pursue, in order to rise in this resurrection, as 
is clearly shown in this roll ; and there can be no other resurrection, 
save the resurrection of damnation to the soul, spoken of in Holy 
Writ; and so do I, your Lord and God, testify it, in this your day. 

17. And all who fear Me, and keep my commandments, though 
they remain in nature's darkness, yet, by so doing, they begin to 
rise from a state of disobedience, and come into the path of true 
obcdinire, which will, in the final event, if followed, whether in time 
or in eternity, surely lead them into that resurrection of eternal 
life, here spoken of, and to which my servant Paul alluded while 
upon earth. 

18. Though the fullness and completed order of my kingdom, 
(the foundation of which was then begun on earth,) was not then 
made known to the children of men, saith the Lord ; it is now 
revealed, in this your dny, without sin unto everlasting salvation. 




God come to visit the earth. 

The manner of his coming. 

]\Jankiad questioned; relative to re- 
ceiving- the word of God. 

The great reward of those who spend 
their days on earth devoted to God's 

State of sinners in time. 

Their state at the close of life. 

Of their punishment in eternity. 

Ministering spirits sent forth to offer 
such souls the gospel. 


Of beginning the soul's travel in eter- 
nity under adverse circumstances. 

Easier for souls to destroy their evil 
natures while in time, than in eter- 
nity ; and more glorious will they be. 

Of those who turn back. 

'J'he object for which this roll was 
sent forth. 

Not the invention of mortals. How it 
was sent forth. 

The state of those who refuse to do 
the will of God. 

1. Hearken, O ye people, and understand, all ye nations of the 
earth. I AM, before Me none were, and after Me, none can exist. 

2. TJie God, before whose bar of judgment ye must all shortly 
appear, hath now, in this last age of the world, condescended, in 
his eternal goodness, to stoop from the throne of his Almighty power 
on high, and come down to warn the inhabitants of earth* With 
thousands of holy Angels upon his right and upon his left, doth he 
approach the habitations of man. And how doth he come? crieth 
a mighty Angel that goeth before him, that the people may hear. 

3. With a balance of true justice in his right hand, and a sword 
of his judgment in his left; and on his right, doth a holy Angel 
bear the sceptre of his mercy, and on his left, a mighty Angel of 
power doth bear the besom of destruction. 

4 Yet, saith the Lord, I send forth unto you my solemn warnings 
in a still small voice, in language plain, simple and familiar, that a 
child may understand. Will you hearken any the less on that 
account ? 

5. Would you be more ready to receive it, were the earth rocking 
under your feet, and opening her mouth ready to swallow you down ? 

6. Would you be more ready to receive it, should I, without 
giving you the offer of repentance, send a pestilence through your 
land, that should sweep three fourths of its inhabitants therefrom? 


Would you be more ready to receive it, should I cause a dearth 
throughout the earth, and destroy both man and beast thereon? 

7. Or would you be more ready to receive it, should I, in my 
wrath, take from the earth what little peace there is thereon, and 
suffer the sword to be unsheathed, through every nation and 

8. Or will you, in mercy, receive it at my hand, before my awful 
judgments roll on you? J/j/ times are not man's time, remember; 
but the time of times shall not pass in vain over this earth, or those 
who dwell upon it. 

9. But I will now show unto you, the rewards of those who 
sincerely spend their lives to Mej, while in time, such as enter under 
the law of grace, and walk uprightly therein to the end of their days. 

10. When once a soul has heard the sound of the everlastino- 
and true gospel, ( remember there is but one trite gospel,) they 
no longer can be considered in a state of ignorance ; but they 
must either harden their hearts to disbelieve and reject it, or else 
they must follow the best light in their own souls in obeying it. 

11. But let it forever be remembered, by all the human race, 
that they who go through time and commit the least sin, are always 
the most bright and glorious in the eternal world, and come the 
nearest to God, their Creator; for every sinful act makes a stain, 
and deep impression of guilt upon the soul, which can never be 
eradicated, but through confession and true repentance. 

12. And none have found any way or power, by which they 
can keep from sinning, only such as have, in full purpose of heart, 
embraced the one only true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in his 
first, and in his second appearing, which, if lived up to, completes 
the work of redemption in the soul. 

13. Such as embrace this gospel in their childhood, and by that 
means, learn to love the way of purity in the days of their inno- 
cence, and continue faithfully to bear the blessed cross of Christ, 
to the end of their days, offer unto Me, their God and Creator, the 
first fruits of their lives. 

14. And such souls are prepared, at any time, to enter eternity, 
and stand before my holy bar of judgment, justified by their God; 
and there is no power that can condemn them ; and in this state, they 
are prepared immediately to enter a travel in eternity, progressing 
from one degree of glory to another, continually rejoicing in that God 
of their salvation who called them while upon earth, before they had 


sunk their souls in sin and wickedness, and become hardened 
against God, their Creator. 

15. Such are crowned with eternal crowns of glory, having palms 
placed in their hands; and such are made kings and priests unto 
Me, for they are worthy. They lived in a sinful world, but they 
defiled not themselves with her sins, that they might not partake 
of her plagues. 

16. And now, they are prepared to stand in truth with the Lamb 
on Mount Zion; therefore I will clothe them in white, and gird on 
them the breast-plate of righteousness, for they have no need to 
taste the second death. 

17. But such as pass a long life in every kind of wicked and sin- 
ful indulgence, to which their natures are prone, often feel a stroke 
of reproof from the monitions of conscience, while passing through 
time, which awakens in their souls, at times, solemn feelings 
of reflection and sorrow, for the time that is past and gone, 
which they have spent in wickedness, against the laws of their 
Maker. And in this state, many form strong resolutions of mind, 
that they w^ill mend their lives ; but when temptations again appear, 
their resolutions are gone, and so they again become an easy prey 
to nature's vilest passions. 

18. And, as they approach the close of life, they feel an awful 
horror and condemnation, thrilling through their souls; a dread of 
death, judgment and eternity now stares them in the face. 

19. They know they are unprepared to meet their God, for they 
have gone far aside, from doing the best they knew; they now try 
to pacify their own feelings, by that doctrine which they have so 
often heard advanced, while passing through life; That if they will, 
before they breathe their last, only confess themselves to be sinners, 
by calling on my name ; by the merits of Christ, the Savior, all 
their sins shall be pardoned. 

20. But how awfully mistaken on this point, do they fmd them- 
selves, when they enter eternity ! Though many times, my Holy Spir- 
it, saith the Lord, suffereth such souls to wander, and grope in dark- 
ness, for hundreds of years, before they are called to judgment; 
yet no enjoyment do they find; but are similar, in situation, to a 
man lost in a dense wilderness, among wdd beasts. And when 
their time comes to be called to judgment, they find, that upon my 
eternal record every deed of their lives is recorded ; the good upon 
the right, and the bad upon the left. 


21. And these are weighed in the balance of my eternal justice, 
which finds them greatly wanting ; and their doom is sealed in the 
flames of hell, with the devil and his angels, till they have paid the 
utmost farthing, by suffering the demands of justice. 

22. I now send forth ministering spirits, to offer them this self 
same gospel which is offered unto you, O ye children of men. 
They thankfully embrace the least offer of mercy which I now 
show unto them ; and they now have to begin, exactly in the same 
way that they would, had they begun in their childhood, or in any 
period of their lives while on earth, to embrace this gospel of 
Christ's second coming, without sin unto salvation. 

23. After losing their time on earth, as to gaining any treasure 
for their souls, and all this time in eternity, enduring all the heart- 
rending sufferings they have had to pass through, as their due and 
just reward, they now have to begin, and travel out of the nature of 
that loss, with all its increased strength, which is added many fold 
by indulgence, just the same as they would have had to do, had they 
begun in the early part of their lives. If they had done this, they 
would have saved all the time lost in eternity, and their souls from 
the deep impressions of guilt, darkness and disgrace, and of a sin- 
stained life, saith the Lord ; and been preserved from all the suffer- 
ings therewith connected. 

24. And be it known unto all people, that it is much easier for 
them to find a fruitful travel in this world, by yielding obedience 
to the cross of Christ, while they have strength and activity, of 
both soul and body, than it is for them to find it in eternity ; for 
there they must pass from prison to prison, from one degree of suf- 
ferings to another, seeking the mercy of God. 

25. And for those who have once tasted the true gospel of Christ, 
and the good word of God, and of the powers of the world to come, 
and then turn back to serve their own corrupt natures, it would 
have been better for them never to have been born ; for such cru- 
cify unto themselves the son of God afresh. 

26. But such as do not feel themselves called upon by the awak- 
ening flames of conviction, in their own consciences, to obey the 
law of gospel purity, must return to the moral law of nature, saith 
the Lord, or they cannot escape the heavy hand of my awful 

27. I have not sent forth this roll of solemn truth and warning, 
to threaten, or terrify the inhabitants of earth ; neither have I sent 


it forth for naught, or to be disregarded, trampled upon, and treated 
with scorn and contempt by any, eitlier JMonarchs, Kings or Princes ; 
but those of you who believe it not, let it alone, and both time and 
eternity will convince you, from what source it was sent forth. 

28. You shall be fully convinced, in the event, that it is not the 
invention of the people called Shakers, whose religion is so uni- 
versally despised throughout the earth, nor the invention of man or 
of woman ; but in obedience to my imperative command, and that 
alone, was it sent forth unto you. 

29. For the [inspired] mortal instrument, whose hand I required 
to pen the words of this roll and book, to the inhabitants of the 
earth, would sooner have laid down his life, than been compelled to 
draft what the Angel read, for mortal eyes to view, could he have 
been accepted of Me, his God and Creator, in so doing. 

30. But mortals are but worms of the dust; and whosoever shall 
refuse to do my will, (when I make it known plainly before them, 
with indisputable evidence,) are banished from my presence, to suf- 
fer in torment and anguish of soul. 

31. But if they trust in Me, and obey my voice, let the inhabi- 
tants of the earth to whom these warnings are sent, do as they may, 
they clear their own souls, saith the Lord. 





Mankind cited to the scriptures. 

weakness' sake. 


The Lord queslioneth the inhabitants 


Of looking back to Egypt. 

of earth. 


Of overlooking the kingdom of Christ, 


Of the law of the house of God, and 


Of the establishing of Christ's king^ 

of man's quaHfications of the same. 



Of a cloak for sinners, by wrong ap- 


Who can abide in it. 

pHcatiou of scriptures. 


Of eloping from an evil nature at once. 


Of hving without sin, and becoming' 


Victory gained step by step. 



Comfort administered to those who 


Christians questioned in regard to the 

travel in godly sorrow. 

cross of Christ. 


Well of the water of life. 


Of aday of justice. 


Christ's yoke easy to the honest heart- 


No indulgences of a half w ay cross in 


Christ's second coming. 


Judgment to fall on those who hinder 


No indulgences ever granted, only for 

souls from entering the straight gate. 

Sec. 1. And now look, O ye cliildren of men, and consider those 
passages, recorded in the sacred volume, which I caused from the 
mouths of the Prophets to be delivered, in this same line of inspira-^ 
tion that I now send forth this word unto you, which are hereafter 
inserted; clearly illustrating the glory of Christ'^s kingdom that 
should be established in the latter day. To this very day in which 
you now live, a portion of them refer, and ye know it not. 

JPsalms, xlvi. 9. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the 
earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he 
burneth the chariot in the fire. 

Chap. Ixxii. 16. There shall be a handful of corn in the 
earth upon the top of the mountains; the fruit thereof shall shake 
like Lebanon : and thei/ of the city shall flourish like grass of 
1;he earth. 

17. His name shall endure forever: his name shall be con-t 
tinned as long as the sun : and men shall be blessed in him : all 
nations shall call him blessed. 

19. And blessed be his glorious natne forever : and let the 
whole earth be filled with his glory ; Amen, and amen. 


Isaiah, iv. 2. In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beau- 
tiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent 
and comely for them that are escaped of Israel. 

Chap. ix. 0. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is 
given : and the government shall be upon his shoulder : and his 
name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, 
The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. 

Chap. xi. 1. And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem 
of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots : 

2. And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit 
of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, 
the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord ; 

3. And shall make him of quick understanding in the fear of the 
Lord : and he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither 
reprove after the hearing of his ears : 

4. But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove 
with equity for the meek of the earth : and he shall smite the earth 
with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips 
shall he slay the wicked. 

5. And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faith- 
fulness the girdle of his reins. 

6. The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard 
shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion 
and the fatling together ; and a little child shall lead them. 

9. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain : 
for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the 
waters cover the sea. 

10. And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall 
stand for an ensign of the people ; to it shall the Gentiles seek : 
and his rest shall be glorious. 

12. And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall 
assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed 
of Judah from the four corners of the earth. 

Chap, xxvii. 5. Or let him take hold of my strength, that he 
may make peace with me, and he shall make peace with me. 

6. He shall cause them that come of Jacob to take root : 
Israel shall blossom and bud, and fill the face of the world 
with fruit. 

Chap, xxxii. 1. Behold, a King shall reign in righteousness, 
and princes shall rule in judgment. 


17. And the work of righteousness shall be peace ; and the 
effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever. 

18. And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in 
sure dwellings, and in quiet resting-places. 

Chap. xxvi. 20. Come, my people, enter thou into thy cham- 
bers, and shut thy doors about thee : hide thyself as it were for 
a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. 
21. For behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish 
the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity : the earth also shall 
disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain. 

Chap, xxvii. 2. In that day sing ye unto her, A vineyard 
of red wine. 

3. I the Lord do keep it ; I will water it every moment : lest 
any hurt it, I will keep it night and day. 

Chap. XXXV. 1. The wilderness and the solitary place shall be 
glad for them ; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as 
the rose. 

2. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice, even with joy and 
singing : the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excel- 
lency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the Lord, 
and the excellency of our God. 

5. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of 
the deaf shall be unstopped. 

8. And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be 
called, The way of holiness ; the unclean shall not pass over it ; 
but it shall he for those : the way-faring men, though fools, shall 
not err therein. 

9. No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up 
thereon, it shall not be found there ; but the redeemed shall 
walk there : 

10. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to 
Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads : they 
shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall 
flee away. 

Chap. xlii. 9. Behold, the former things are come to pass, 
and new things do I declare : before they spring forth I tell you 
of them. 

Chap. Hi. 1. Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; 
put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city : for 
henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised 
and the unclean. 


7. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him 
that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth 
good-tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto 
Zion, Thy God reigneth ! 

8. Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice 
together shall they sing : for they shall see eye to eye, when the 
Lord shall bring again Zion. 

9. Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jeru- 
salem : for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed 

Isaiah, Iv. 1. Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the 
waters, and he that hath no money ; come ye, buy, and eat ; yea, 
come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. 

2. Wherefore do ye spend money for that tahich is not bread? 
and your labor for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently 
unto me, and eat ye that ivhich is good, and let your soul delight 
itself in fatness. 

3. Incline your ear, and come unto me : hear, and your soul 
shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, 
even the sure mercies of David. 

4. Behold, I have given him for a witness to the people, a 
leader and commander to the people. 

5. Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and 
nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee, because of the 
Lord thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath 
glorified thee. 

6. Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him 
while he is near : 

7. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man 
his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have 
mercy upon him ; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. 

8. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your 
ways my ways, saith the Lord. 

9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways 
higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 

Chap. Ivii. 14. Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take 
up the stumbling-block out of the way of my people. 

15. For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eter- 
nity, whose name is Holy ; I dwell in the high and holy place, 
with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive 


the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the con- 
trite ones. 

19. I create the fruit of the lips ; Peace, peace to him that is 
far off, and to him that is near, saith the Lord; and I will 
heal him. 

20. But the wicked arc like the troubled sea, when it cannot 
rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. 

21. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked. 

Sec. 2. Thus saith the Lord, O ye people, answer me this question ; 
What is it that constitutes a wicked man? Is it not in transgressino- 
the laws and commandments of his Creator God? And again; Is 
there any such kind of wickedness as popular and fashionable wicked- 
edness, that which tlie common usages and customs of man have 
sanctioned? Is it in the povv^er of man, by his habits and customs, 
to alter the nature of that which I have pronounced wicked, and 
have forbidden ? 

3. Is it in the power of mortals to change truth into falsehood, 
or falsehood into truth, in the final result? 

4. Can the laws and commandments of an Almighty God be 
made null and void, by the traditions of men 1 

5. Or must every thing remain, as his Almighty power hath or- 
dained it, having this seal, " Let God be true, and every man a liar," 
who perverteth his holy laws, when once made known to him? 

Isaiah, Ix. 1. Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the 
glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. 

2. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross 
darkness the people : but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and 
his glory shall be seen upon thee. 

3. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the 
brightness of thy rising. 

4. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see : all they gather 
themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come 
from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thi/ side. 

15. Whereas thou hast been forsaken and hated, so that no 
man went through thee, I will make thee an eternal excellency, a 
joy of many generations. 

18. Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor 
destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Sal- 
vation, and thy gates Praise. 

2L Thy people also shall be all righteous: they shall inherit 


the land forever, the branch of my planting, the work of my 
hands, that I may be glorified. 

22. A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a 
strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time. 

Chap. Ixv. 17. For behold, I create new heavens and a new 
earth : and the former shall not be remembered, nor come 
into mind. 

Chap. Ixvi. 5. Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble 
at his word ; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for 
my name's sake, said. Let the Lord be glorified : but he shall 
appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed. 

13. As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; 
and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. 

15. For behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his 
chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his 
rebuke with flames of fire. 

16. For by fire and by his sword will the Lord plead with all 
flesh : and the slain of the Lord shall be many. 

22. For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will 
make, shall remain before me, saith the Lord, so shall your seed 
and your name remain. 

Zecharialiy x. 10. I will bring them again also out of the land 
of Egypt, and gather them out of Assyria; and I will bring 
them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon ; ?md place shall not 
be found for them. 

Chap. xiv. 20. In that day shall there be upon the bells of the 
horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD ; and the pots in the 
Lord's house shall be like the bowls before the altar. 

21. Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holiness 
unto the Lord of hosts : and all they that sacrifice shall come 
and take of them, and seethe therein : and in that day there 
shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord 
of hosts. 

Ezekiel, xliii. 12. This is the law of the house; Upon the top 
of the mountain the whole limit thereof round about shall be 
most holy. Behold, this is the law of the house. 
Sec. 6. Consider, all ye people, the law of my house saith God. 
Is it not, that all shall be holy 1 Have I ever, at any age of the 
world, applied qualifications to my law, so that mankind could 
apply it, in any state or situation of life that they chose, even from 


him who possessed the most upright and blameless character, to 
him who had abandoned all rule or law, but that of his own cor- 
rupt nature, so that the transgressor could justify himself, as well 
as the upright, and pretendingly derive his authority from what he 
called the word of God? 

7. How oft are the two following short passages made use of to 
justify known transgressions. There is no man that sinneth not. 
[See I. Kings, viii. 46.] There is none that doeth good, no, not 
one. [See Psalms, xiv. 3.] 

8. But thus saith the Lord unto you. He that committethsin after 
having knowledge of what is sin, is of the devil, not of God, nor 
of his Christ. My beloved Son taught his followers to be perfect, 
even as their Father in Heaven is perfect. And the Apostle Paul 
said, "Except Christ be in you, ye are reprobates." Can the spirit 
of Christ be in those who know they almost daily transgress that 
which he and his beloved followers taught, and laid down as rules 
indispensable for every one who wished, or expected to be saved, 
or made heir to eternal life, by that gospel which they preached? 

9. Although the order of his kingdom was not then completed, 
as he plainly showed, and his followers after him showed the same; 
yet do I ask, saith the Lord, all professed Christendom, whether 
they truly think and believe, within their own hearts, that they bear 
that cross which and his disciples required every professing 
christian to bear, saying nought of the increase of his requirements 
in [this] his second coming ? 

10. But, as I have before told you, the day draweth nigh, when 
every thing shall bear its just weight. Truth and justice to the 
line, and righteousness to the plummet. 

n. The completed order of my kingdom, now, in the second 
appearance of Christ, is comprehended in few words ; it is, Without 
sin unto salvation, in every sense of the word. That is, there are 
no indulgences granted, nor permission given, for any to take up a 
half way cross, by keeping from indulging their natures of passion 
and lust, as much as they conveniently can, yet not think they must 
bear a full cross. 

12. In the first appearing of Christ, such a toleration was per- 
mitted, by some of his followers, for weakness' sake; but in his 
second coming, nothing of that kind can exist. 

13. And in this day, no one, having put his hand to the gospel 
plough and looking back into Egypt, hankering after the leeks and 


onions thereof, (or his carnal <rratifications,) is fit for the kingdom. 
But they that lay hold with full purpose of heart, by honestly con- 
fessing their sins, one by one, and press on with zeal and energy of 
soul, do, by so doing, make their calling and election sure. 

14. I have caused the last foregoing passages of scripture to be 
inscribed in this Roll ; for they are a few, out of many that are 
illustrative of the glory and beauty, and that perfect holiness which 
I required to rule and reign in the kingdom of Christ, which should 
be established in the latter day ; 

15. That all nations and people, may see that they are overlook- 
ing the kingdom of Christ ; or, in other words, are as blind to its 
appearance, in this day of his second coming, as the Jews were in 
his first. 

16. For I do now, in my own time and season, saith the God of 
Heaven, proclaim to all people, that the Kingdom so abundantly 
spoken of by the Prophets, which should be set up in the lat- 
ter days, is, by my Almighty hand, now established upon the earth; 
and that no other kingdom, to the end of time, will ever be estab- 
lished by Me. 

17. And this I have established, by the second appearance of the 
spirit of my blessed Son, through a chosen female, or the Daughter 
of Zion ; and the names of my three first witnesses I have told 
you, and the character of the inhabitants who are called and cho- 
sen to dwell in this kingdom. And none others, but those whose 
daily labor it is to maintain this character throughout, can long 
abide within its holy walls. 

18. And furthermore, remember, that He who speaketh unto you, 
is a just God, and requireth nothing more of his people than they 
are able to come to, if they will be truly obedient ; and without be-, 
ing obedient, they never can, either in time or in eternity, answer 
my requirements unto them. 

19. Since the whole human family have been so deeply baptized 
into the nature of the fall, in which nature they are born into the 
world, and which increases with their strength, and grows with their 
growth, it is not expected that any human creature can elope from, 
or overcome it at once. 

20. Not so, but by a daily cross, faithfully borne, they will, step 
by step, day by day, crucify that nature until it is dead; which 
[nature] is the beast, so much spoken of, after which the whole 
world have wandered. 


21. But such as are honest and open hearted, in exposing all 
their filthy works of darkness, and continue so to do, in sincerity 
of heart, whenever, in any way, by its influence they are overcome, 
they will surely destroy its life, and rise triumphant over its nature. 
But it is by a progressive travel, day after day and year after year, 
that the soul g;iins a complete victory. 

22. And, although they perfect their travel in tribulation and 
godly sorrow ; yet, if they are faithful after they have honestly con- 
fessed their sins, the horror and condemnation of a guilty con- 
science they never need to feel. 

23. But in true tribulation and godly sorrow, I never fail, saith 
the Lord, to administer, from my eternal source of goodness, com- 
fort and consolation, which none can have any correct idea of, but 
those who have taken the right steps to obtain it. 

24. This is the well of water, springing up unto everlasting life, 
which enableth mankind to love the Lord their God, with all their 
souls, might, mind and strength ; and their neighbor as themselves. 
This fills the soul with a kind and sympathetic feeling, for the 
whole human family; 

25. This is that which creates such true love in the soul, that 
one is ready to lay down his life for his brother; and no man hath 
greater love than this, as said my beloved Son, when he was 
on earth. 

26. And upon all such as are sincere and honest hearted, Christ's 
yoke is easy, and his burden is light. But to those who seek to do 
their work by halves, it is galling and burdensome indeed; but I 
am delighted saith the Lord, in the free-will offerings of a soul, as 
none can be compelled to enter the gates of the Holy City : this 
must be an act of every one's free will and choice. 

27. But when I cause, by whatever means I may be pleased so 
to do, a spirit to awaken the flames of conviction in souls, which 
leadeth them to look heavenward, and others stand in their way 
and hinder them from entering, Woe shall be unto such; not 
only the judgment of their own sins shall be upon them, saith the 
Lord, but the sins of such as they have hindered from entering the 







Of the torments of mighty men. 



The Rulers questioned. 



Just Rulers, a blessing. 


Of Rulers clothing themselves in 



Of dispensing justice. 



Rulers warned of an approaching 
day of judgment and equity. 



The world in a state of peace, had 


it been judiciously ruled. 


Of God's visitation to earth in mercy. 

Earth's cup of judgment, yet stayed 
in mercy. 

Judgments promised, if the inhabi- 
tants of earth refuse to hearken. 

Of causes and effects. 

Special warning to rulers, concerning 
the notice of this warning. 

A blessing to those who hearken. 

The consequence of rejecting it. 

1. Great and mighty men shall be mightily tormented. Why 
should mighty men be mightily tormented? Have I not promised 
equal justice in the bcdance of eternal truth? Then why should 
mighty men be tormented more than others ? 

2. Hearken ye Monarchs, and give ear O Kings, and incline 
your hearts to understand, O ye rulers of the people. 

3. Do ye stand in the house of decision for the benefit of the 
people, or for the benefit of yourselves? 

4. Do you spend the wages of your hire in benefiting the people, 
or do you spend it for your own gratification, in pleasing yourselves, 
in wanton luxuries and carnal pleasures, wastefulness and ex- 
travagance ? 

5. Do you ever consider that you are mortals, and must shortly 
lie as low before Me, your God and Creator, as the humblest peas- 
ant in your kingdoms? 

6. Do you consider, that naked, mortals come into the world, 
and naked go they out? 

7. Do ye stand in the seats of judgment, or the civil tribunals of 
earth, to mete out justice by weight, and equity in the balance? 

8. Do ye hearken to the cries of the needy, and take the wants 
of the afflicted home to your hearts ! 


9. Do you prolong debates, to feed your country's poor? 

10. Or do ye sound forth words, in trumpets to be blown? 

11. Do ye spend the rolling moments as ye would, did ye know 
each day was to be your last? 

12. How often do you consider, and in solemn muse reflect, that 
soon you must appear, naked and unclothed from mortal clay, before 
my eternal bar of judgment, and here, on my everlasting record 
of true justice, are all your works portrayed ? 

13. Do you decree, and statutes bind to support the schools of 
vice, where plans are drawn, and means sought out to spill the 
blood of man? 

14. Do fleets by sea and troops by land, bespeak the christian 
life? Do armies drawn in battle array, bathing their swords in the 
blood of their fellow creatures, bespeak the true religion of the 
Son of God, whose doctrines ye so highly applaud? 

15. Look ye in the sacred record of his word; read, and under- 
stand what you read, saith the God of Heaven. For of one blood, 
did my Almighty hand create all nations, kingdoms, and all people. 
And all these will I convince, by my Almighty power, that the Son 
of God was not sent on earth for nought, either in his first, or in 
his second appearing. 

16. Do ye administer the right of the poor, and deal justly with 
the afflicted ? Or do you even deign to feed them with the crumbs 
that you trample under your feet, which fall from your full tables, 
extravagantly loaded? 

17. Do you tax the laborers in justice, and heap up stores of 
their silver and gold for yourselves? 

18. Do not the rich grow richer, and the poor, poorer? 

19. Is not justice bribed, the weights deceitful, and the measures 
scanted when going out ? And are they not heavily laden, when 
coming in to one's private store? 

20. Can you all make out such records as will compare with 
mine, at the shortest warning ? 

21. Can you stand in judgment, and die in mercy? 

22. Do you enslave the freedom of conscience, and bind the 
hearts of men ? 

23. Do you sway the despot's sceptre, and wield the tyrant's 

24 Do you make use of literary knowledge, and science learned 


of men, to defraitd the ignorant and blind the eyes of the Treak, 
who on you for justice do rely ? 

25. Just and upright rulers in the kingdoms of men, are a 
blessing, which my Almighty hand doth bestow, that the people 
may be prospered thereby : but unjust, hard hearted, hasty and 
wicked rulers, I suffer for a scourge and a curse, to kingdoms and 
to nations. 

26. Do you, at all times, consider the golden rule, laid down by 
my blessed Son when he was on earth, " Do unto others, as ye 
would that others should do unto you?" 

27. Do you ever lay aside, for a season, the pride and arrogancy 
of your spirits, and clothe your thoughts in the ignorant and hum- 
ble attitude of the suffering poor, and lower classes of your fellow 
beings, who are suffering with hunger and cold, with nought but 
their hands to procure the stay of life, and employment for them 
they cannot find ? And yet, exactions are required at their hands, by 
such as have thousands to spend in revel ings, extravagance, and 

28. Do you, in dispensing judgment and justice to them", put 
yourselves, for the moment in their situation, and them in yours T 
Think ye that the eternal record before my throne would read as it 
now does, had this been practiced by the rulers, and great ones of 
the earth ? 

29. Does not this clearly account for the saying of the scriptures. 
That mighty men must be mightily tormented? Surely this is the 
reason, and so does it stand on my eternal record. In their power 
they are exalted above their fellow creatures, and trample the rights^ 
of the poor and needy under their feet. 

30. But remember, all ye Monarchs, Kings, Rulers, and rich 
ones of the earth, ye must shortly appear before my eternal tribunal, 
as poor and destitute ag the poorest. 

31. Had you but exercised your power, throughout your different 
kingdoms [and dominions,] to put an end to wars, bloodshed and 
carnage, as was plainly taught by the Messiah, when I first sent him 
tipon the earth, your kingdoms and nations would long ere this day, 
have been the habitations of peace, of equality and justice ; and 
hot a suffering mortal, for the want of the needful things of life, 
need to have walked your streets. 

32. But the God of Heaven hath stooped from his throne on 


high, to bestow a crumb of his notice, in mercy, to mortals; and 
now doth call aloud, yet in mercy, to the nations of the earth. 

33. Though my awful judgments slumber not, yet doth my Al- 
mighty hand, in mercy, longer stay from earth her merited reward, 
till she shall again hear my word in truth, as she did hear it in 
ages long past ; 

34. And doth prove herself an object of my mercy through hum- 
bleness of heart, by proclaiming solemn fasts throughout her lands, 
and solemnly hearing and reading this, my sacred word; or of 
my judgment by refusing the same, though sent by my Almighty 
hand to her in a way not looked for by mortals. 

35. And this is the way that I have worked, from the earliest ages 
of the world. 

36. But now, in these last days, I have condescended to visit 
the earth with my holy Angels, in a more accessible manner than 
I ever before have done; by reason that the foundation and order 
of my kingdom is now completed thereon. 

37. But if souls refuse to hearken to my word, earth's cup of 
judgment is filled to running over, and this she shall surely drink, 
saith the God of Heaven. 

38. And I do require, saith the Lord, that all nations, and in a 
special manner, those calling themselves civilized and christianized, 
cultivate the principles of peace, at home and abroad, by sea and 
by land. 

39. Would ye be more willing to believe this, my requirement, 
should I bury your fleets in the bosom of the deep, and sweep your 
landed forces from the face of the earth by pestilential diseases? 

40. Like causes produce like effects, throughout all created things: 
principles of peace produce their like, and principles of war their 
like. War and bloodshed among the objects of my creation, are 
entirely contrary to every precept or example, ever taught by my 
blessed Son while on earth ; they have proceeded from no other 
source than from man's fallen nature. 

41. If mankind will learn in mercy, they will not be compelled 
to hearken in judgment : but they must speedily learn to hearken 
to my voice, where they never have, or they cannot escape the 
awful stroke they have merited. 

42. And those who stand as heads and rulers of the nations, 
consider well ; feel not yourselves too great and high to read this 
plain, but solemn warning, and consider well every sentence therein 


contained; for by it ye shall shortly be judged in the eternal world. 
And, as ye treat this warning, so shall ye, in like manner, be treated. 

43. If ye humble yourselves, and counsel your people to do the 
same, by ceasing from violence and injustice, dealing uprightly one 
with another, laboring so far as is in your power, to suppress all 
haunts of infamy and lewdness, I will notice you in mercy for 
the same : and when my judgments are rolling through your lands, 
you may, with confidence, pour forth your souls in prayer to Me 
for mercy. 

44. But if you slight, disregard, or contemptuously treat this my 
word, and regard it not yourselves, nor counsel others so to do, in 
the days of your calamity you will pour out your cries to Me in 
vain, saith the Lord. 

45. And let these, the forewarning words of kindness, sink 
deep in every heart; read them in your palaces, and practice them 
in your courts; and keep this volume sacred, throughout your 

46. And again, hear my words saith your God; Whosoever shall 
destroy this book, out of contempt, derision or ridicule, I will blot 
out their names from the book of my mercy, and mete to them their 
portion in [the place of] eternal misery, where torments shall be 
their food, and the gall of bitterness their drink; for the mouth of 
the Lord of hosts hath spoken it. 







1. The Lord calleih unto them, and 

questioneth them. 
5. Of ministers preparing their own souls. 
9. Where baptized. 
10. Of what was learned at the literary 


15. Of preaching by rule, &c. 

16. Of industry. 

17. Of the register of the heart. 

18. The Lord promises to notice sincerity, 

and integrity of heart. 
21. Of proclaiming a gospel license for 

24. Of preaching deceptive doctrine. 
26. Good deeds rewarded. 

28. God commandeth them to return to 

the law of nature. 

29. Ministers required to proclaim the 

law of nature. 

3L Of coming into the law of grace. 

32. Warning to vain pretenders. 

34f. Of those who turn from the law of 

36. Of different denominations. 

38. But one way of life. 

39. Of man's ways. 

43. Of abhorrence to religion in conse- 
quence of false doctrines. 

47. A blessing to those who hearken and 

obey moral law. 

48. Ministers and people required often 

to pray to God. 

50. Ministers required to keep a copy of 

this roll in the pulpit. 

51. The power of God to be felt. 

52. Warnings against slighting the call of 


1. O ye Pastors of the flock, who watch in the broad way and 
cry at the wide gate, hearken ; hear my words and understand my 
voice, saith the Lord your God, whose eye is upon every sincere 
heart, and from whose sight no deceitful worker can be hid. 

2. The God of Israel and of Jacob, in condesceiiding kindness, 
now calleth unto you, in a way of my own appointing, not yours. 
Will ye hear my word, and in breathless silence let the same sink 
deep into your hearts? Or will ye, by reason of the humble means 
that I have made choice of to convey it unto you, spurn at the 
same, before my face ? I will, with mine own hand, prove you, 
saith the Lord. 

3. For what purpose do ye stand as preachers to the people, 
calling aloud unto them, to enter Heaven's gate ? 


4. Is this to benefit the souls of your flock ; or to increase your 

numbers to be seen of men ? 

5. Have you firstly prepared your own souls, for true and faithful 
Pastors of the flock, as the Son of God required? 

6. Have you traveled in the narrow way of a daily cross, and 
entered at the gate of true selfdenial? 

7. Doth your daily walk declare these fruits in open view of 
your flock, proving you to be the true embassadors of Christ? 

8. Are all your secluded and secret hours, to Me your God 
sincerely spent in prayer and humble supplication? 

9. At what fountain was you baptized with divine and holy 
power, to lead the people unto Me? 

10. Was it at the literary spring, where eloquence of words are 
considered the greatest [qualification ?] 

11. Did you there receive the sacerdotal garment, to enable you 
to stand truly in the priesthood of a pure and holy God? 

12. Or was the power of framing words, to make them answer 
the purpose of real truth at heart, there diff'used, and the art of dis- 
sembling there to perfection brought? 

13. Did you there receive my holy power, which instructed you 
to cleanse your souls and purify your hearts, by subduing the vile pas- 
sions of nature, which power would enable you to bring every mem- 
ber of your bodies into subjection to the law of Christ, or the Son 
of God, whose name ye have applauded so highly, and whose gos- 
pel is a pure, sin destroying gospel? 

14. Was the pure and undefiled religion of the Lord Jesus Christ, 
the first object of your pursuit? Or were the chief seats in the 
synagogues, and to be called of men Rabbi, Rabbi, and the greet- 
ings in public squares, your object? 

15. Do you sincerely believe that the Holy Son of God, or the 
gospel he preached requires you to make long and labored prayers 
to be heard of men? Or to preach studied sermons by rule, embra- 
cing the words of my holy Son, but not the power and substance, 
to save the soul from sin ? 

16. Do you put your hands to work, and give your souls in prayer 
to God, when not immediately in discharge of duties, incumbent 
on what is termed your priestly office? Or do you live in pomp and 
splendor, regaling and indulging yourselves in luxury and extrava- 
gance, supported by the suffering poor ? 

17. Does the register of your hearts, which contains all your 


proceedings by night and by day, bear upon its face that which you 
are willing and ready, at the shortest notice, to appear with, before 
my eternal tribunal of justice? and there meet the everlasting 
record of my truth, which altereth not, and upon whose pages my 
Almighty hand of eternal justice hath stamped the deeds of every 
soul and the thoughts of every heart; and to which place the 
sound of my eternal summons will shortly call you ? 

18. Have the leading motives of your transactions through life, 
been such as will support you at the hour of death, and justify your 
immortal souls, before the bar of God and his holy Angels ? If not, 
consider well the cause, make no delay. Integrity of heart and 
sincerity of soul, though in a state of blinded ignorance^ will I, in 
my mercy, notice, saith the Lord. 

19. The sincere and honest souls, though ignorant of true gospel 
light, and of the way of salvation, will I cover with the wings of my 
mercy, if they will hearken w^hen once they are warned by this, the 
solemn warning of their God. 

20. And again; Do ye who stand as shepherds to the flock, de- 
clare unto them, by precept and example, that you do yourselves 
possess the true gospel of Christ, which is a gospel of peace, suffer- 
ings, and of long forbearance ? 

21. Or do you proclaim unto them, that the pure and holy gos- 
pel admits of quarrels, contention, wars and bloodshed? Or ever 
give the holy church a right to compel souls to join and acknowl- 
edge her supreme authority ; or be persecuted, even unto death, 
as the consequences of a refusal ? 

22. Who among you all, saith the God of Heaven, are willing 
to appear before my eternal bar of justice, with this doctrine be- 
tween your teeth, and having also palmed it upon the holy Son 
of God? 

23. Who among you all, think that by the traditions of men, you 
can make the commandments of God of no effect? 

24. Who among you all, when you are made sensible that the 
doctrine you hold forth to the people, as being the doctrine of 
Christ and his apostles, is falsely so asserted, still continue, for 
popularity's sake, to cast the vale of deception and falsehood still 
longer over the multitude? 

25. Will you not be met in judgment for so doing, by your 
Creator God, and there bewail the loss of such souls as have been 
blinded by your deception, or the deception of that doctrine which 



ye preached as the doctrine of Christ and his true followers, and 
by that means, spent their lives in almost every kind of sinful in- 
dulgence? Surely, you shall there be met by your Creator God, 
and in a path where there is no turning. 

20. But for every elfort you have made, and for every act of 
goodness you have performed, in singleness of heart and sincerity 
of soul, to restrain, and bring souls to walk in the path of true 
moral virtue, that has in any way saved them from ccmimitting 
sin, either upon their own persons, or upon others, shall be account- 
ed unto you for deeds of goodness ; and a reward for the same you 
shall receive. 

27. Many among you, stand upon my record as having acted 
sincerely in this office and calling, according to the best light and 
understanding which had been given you, for the time being, not 
being enlightened into the true knowledge of that life which the 
gospel of Christ, in reality, doth require souls to live, either in 
his first, or in his second appearance. 

28. But the word of the Lord your God is. Return unto the 
moral law of nature ; propagate your own species according to the 
law of nature, or cease to call on the name of your God for mercy, 
or upon the name of Christ, for a saving gospel. 

29. And all ye who stand as priests, or teachers of the people, 
teach ye this commandment of your God, respecting the law of 
nature, which commandment has been from of old : Indulge not 
in sexual intercourse, further than is necessary for the purpose of 
begetting your own offspring : indulge not the sunken and sordid 
propensities of nature, for self gratification. 

30. Teach your congregations to prepare, in obedience, to meet 
Me in judgment, that in obedience they may receive at my hand of 
mercy, in the day that all flesh shall become as grass that withereth, 
and the kingdoms of men as a shadow before Me. 

31. But [let] such as feel that they are called upon, by the light of 
that gospel dispensation established on earth in this their day, obey 
that light, and keep the law of grace. 

32. But let not any souls seek for a refuge in the Zion of my 
likeness, or, in other words, let none who do not feel [that] they 
are called upon by my Holy Spirit, to forsake all for the gospel's 
sake, seek to enter into that completed order of my new Heavens 
and new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, now set up, no more 
to be overthrown. 


33. Souls had better remain under the law of a carnal command- 
ment, or in the works of natural generation, if they will but keep 
that law, than after having set out in a dispensation of greater light, 
and a more perfect law, to turn back again to their former lives, in 
the law of nature: for by so doing, *'They crucify to themselves 
the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame," through 
their own weakness, by reason of the flesh. 

34. For they that have been called, and have had a privilege to 
taste the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come, 
and have tasted of the same, if they then fall back, they have 
nought to feel, but a fearful looking for of the fiery indignation and 
judgments of God, to be revealed from Heaven, against sin and all 

35. But where the law of Christ is in truth not known, and there 
are many transgressions committed through ignorance, they will be 
liglitly passed over, saith the Lord. 

36. And how is it, O ye Shepherds, that the earth is covered 
with so many different denominations and persuasions, clashing and 
quarreling, both priests and people, one \\\lh another? yet all pro- 
fessedly maintaining the true religion of Christ! 

37. Do you expect, or have you any reason to expect, that all 
these roads lead along the narrow way, and enter the straight gate 
that leadeth unto life? 

33. Was it not plainly testified by the holy Son of God, that 
there was but one way that souls could enter his kingdom? And do 
you expect his words, which he received from my eternal throne, 
are going to prove false ? 

39. Have you not carved out ways of your own, to find salvation ? 

40. And have you not, by that means, been under the necessity 
of always placing salvation in the future tense, by reason that you 
never found it in the present? 

41. [Therefore you] found nothing that could protect the soul from 
the temptations, snares, and enchanting allurements of this world. 

42. And what do I, the God of Heaven, behold spread over the do- 
mains of earth, but a religion said to have emanated from my blessed 
Son, whom 1 sent into the world to open the way of life, yet, pos- 
sessing no power, [in the present tense^] to save the soul from sin 
and death. And more than this, it admits of their staining their 
hands in the blood of their fellow creatures. 

43. Have not many souls, in consequence of the wickedness and 


abominations, bloodshed and carnage that they have seen practiced, 
and cloaked under the name of being sanctioned by a religion that 
emanated from the Son of God, been induced in their spirits, to 
abhor the very name of a religion that would admit of such awful 

44. And have they not even been induced to believe that the 
whole is a deception, from beginning to end; and by that means, 
almost or quite deny the being of a God, or of any supernatural 
agency operating on the earth; or that there is any existence in 
eternity, of future rewards and punishments after death? 

45. Call not such a pretended religion, the religion of the Son 
of God. Blasphemy, in very deed, is recorded on my eternal rec- 
ords, ao;ainst those who have light and understanding, and do this. 
But let it stand for the inventions of man ; disgrace not the name 
of Christ with it. 

46. Nothino- beloncreth to Christ, my blessed Son, either in his 
first or in his second appearance, that is impure, unholy, cruel, wick- 
ed tir unjust in any shape. 

47. But all such as will live a moral life, after the order of na- 
ture, and humble themselves at my warning, put their hands to 
honest employment, and give their souls in prayer to Me, according 
to the best of their understanding, they shall not fail to receive 
in mercy, at my hand, of that which I have provided for them. 

48. And unto all of you who stand as leaders of the people, in 
sacred and divine service, do I require, saith the God of Heaven, 
that ye should often bow yourselves low, and call upon the assem- 
bly to do in like manner, and supplicate, while clothed in sackcloth 
and mourning, the mercy of that God, whose hand is stretched out 
towards the inhabitants of earth, both in judgment and in mercy. 

49. Let mortals cease their pleasure vain, 
And learn my name to fear; 
Though I'm a Gcd of all domain, 
Yet. penitence I hear. 

50, And, it is my commandment unto you, all ye who stand as 
Pastors of the flock, that, as fast as ye can obtain these sacred vol- 
umes of my word, ye cause one to be kept in your pulpits; and 
often look therein, and exhort the people to repentance; and, in 
your obedience, I will often cause a portion of my spirit to break 
out in your assemblies. 



51. Dwell together in peace, and let harmony pervade your meet- 
ings. The GREAT I AM visiteth the earth with myriads of his 
Angels; yet, with your natural eyes you behold them not: but, as 
you feel the wind, and see it not, so shall our Almighty Power 
yet be felt. 

52. Say not within yourselves, " Our God delayeth his comincr, 
and these pretended words of warning are all false, they are of man's 
invention :" For upon such, will I break forth as a thief in the 
night. Therefore prepare, all nations, prepare, all people, for the 
God of Heaven will weigh you as the small dust of the balance; 
therefore, prepare, prepare ye for his coming. 






1. Of selling the right of justice. 

3. Of turning away the right of the 

5. Of popular lying. 
10. Of the golden rule. 
12. Of making justice a study. 
14. Of being prepared to meet the de- 
mands of justice. 
18. All nations of one blood. 
20. Of keeping the law of God, &c. 

22. All flesh to tremble at the word of 


23. The inhabitants of the earth sick. 

24. Concerning physicians. 

28. Of being prepared to meet the souls 

of those unjustly dealt with. 

29. Of a day of truth and justice. 

30. Of the visitation of God. 

32. Of what God will do at his coming. 

1. Listen to my words, and hearken to my voice, saith the Lord 
your God, all ye who sell the truth for hire, and turn the scales of 
justice for money. Can ye, by word, turn falsehood into truth, and 
truth into falsehood ? 

•2. Do you look at the silver and gold, and then engage to sell 
the rights of justice for a certain price? 


3. Do you, for hire, turn the riglit of the poor from the b;ir of 
equity, and cause the penniless to sutler under the heavy hand of 
oppression ? 

4. Are you not called to plead the cause of the widow and 
fitherless, and use all your influence, that true justice be done be- 
tween man and man, without regard to gold or silver? 

5. Does the popular liar stand justified in my sight, or excused 
by the usages of men? 

(). Does the habit or custom of sellinor one's self, for a ^iven 
sum, to pervert the truth, render it less wicked? 

7. Do you remember the declarations of my mouth, through my 
servant John when on earth. That all liars should have their part in 
the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone? 

8. Do you remember, that for every idle word, man must give an 
account in iudorment, unto Me, his God? 

9. Does equity balance your accounts, and justice settle your 

10. Is the golden rule that your Lord and Savior gave, first and 
foremost in your hearts; 

11. "Do unto others as ye would that others should do unto 
you?" And [do you] never from this depart? 

12. Do you make justice your study, and uprightness your daily 
companion ? Or is deception your study, and false coloring your 
constant companion ? 

13. Do the records of truth, rest upon the table of your hearts, 
supporting the deeds that are past, and resolving the course to 
pursue in future ? 

14. And are you prepared for the summons of an eternal change, 
to appear before the tribunal of the Almighty, and there to receive 
your reward according to the record of my eternal justice? 

15. If ye knew, each day, that it would be the last you would 
have in time, would you not be in possession, at the return of night, 
of a different record in your hearts ? 

16. But remember, saith the Lord, Truth will stand, and justice 
will not be perverted, in the end. 

17. No one can take from him, that which is his just due, nor 
give unto him, whose right it is not. 

18. All classes, all nations and kingdoms of one blood I have 
created, with immortal and never dying souls, which are all alike 
accountable to Me who gave them, saith the Lord. 


19. Though the path-ways of men through life are very unequal, 
and the inequality greatly increased by their injustice one with 
another, yet shall all, in the final event, be arraigned at my bar of 
eternal justice, to receive their just due, according to the record of 
their lives, which they lived while upon eartii. Here, wealth, 
riches, grandeur or popularity, turn not the scales of justice. 

20. Do ye, while pleading the laws of man, keep in your hearts 
the law of your God, which is. Deal justly, love mercy, walk humbly ? 

21. Do you extort from the poor and needy, and spend it your- 
selves, in rioting, luxury and extravagance? Do you give place in 
your hearts, for sober, serious, and solemn reflections? Or do you 
put far away the day of my visitation, saith the Lord? 

22. Let all flesh tremble at my word, and bow at my command, 
saith the God of Heaven ; for I will sweep, with the blast of 
my destruction, from the face of the earth, the hard and impen- 
itent souls. 

23. For the earth and the inhabitants thereon, have become sick, 
and covered with putrefying sores, from the crown of their heads 
to the soles of their feet. 

24. And all ye physicians of men, how do you deal with your 
fellow creatures? Do you prolong sickness for money, and protract 
disease for gain ? 

25. Do you make just reckoning, and exact no more than your 
just due? Do you administer relief to the poor, and comfort to the 
afflicted, though they be penniless and have nought to reward you, 
but thanks of tongue and blessing of heart ? Or do you only pre- 
scribe for silver, and administer for gold? 

26. Do you pursue the golden rule laid down by Christ, your 
Lord and Savior, in all cases ; Do by others as you would have 
them do by you in the same condition? 

27. Are you guided and dictated by kind, benevolent and hu- 
mane feelings, towards your fellow creatures ; or do rewards 
control you? 

28. Are you prepared to meet, in judgment, the souls of those 
upon whose bodies you did protract disease, until you acquired all 
their temporal substance, then did leave them to die at last, and by 
this means their families were made greatly to suffer, and wholly 
through your avarice? 

29. Remember, the day of truth and justice must come with all. 
And are you prepared, while in the midst of life, and prospects of 


enjoyments i^reat, to be in death summoned by my Almighty power, 
before my eternal bar of justice, there to receive the just recom- 
pense of your labor, and meet the souls of those whom ye did 
wronj upon the earth, and cause their bodies much distress and 
pain, for the purpose of getting gain to yourselves? Behold I shall 
call, and from my call, no man can turn ! 

30. I am the God, who respecteth not the persons of men ; but 
who visiteth the inhabitants of earth, for the greatness of their 
abominations; and in mercy to them that will hear, and in judg- 
ment to them that will not. 

31. Therefore, prepare your hearts, my name in truth ta serve, 
and study first, the duty you owe to Me, your God and Creator; then,, 
the duty you owe to man, your fellow creature. And live each day, 
as ye would ifye knew it was to be your last: then you will be pre- 
pared to do my will, wherever your lot is cast. 

32. For behold, the powers of earth shall be shaken, and the heart 
of man shall be seized with consternation and dismay. Loudly and 
quickly, would he then call upon my name for mercy ! But such 
as have had warning at my mouth, and have heeded it not, their 
cries will be in vain. 

33. For have I not declared unto all flesh, that my spirit shall not 
always strive with mortal man to no purpose ? Therefore, be ye 
warned by my words, saith the voice of the Most High. 






Mankind not ready to work with God, 
Mankind replete with excuses. 
Awful judgments upon the earthy 

unless shielded by repentance. 
Of merchants, just reckonings, &c. 
Of living to be prepared foj death. 


Of the purposes, and design of the 





Of the perversion of them, by man. 



Of the credentials of man's office. 


Of false honor. 



Of worshiping other gods. 



Of the setting up of Christ's kingdom. 



Of the fulfilling of God's work. 

1. Give ear, all ye people, and understand my words, all ye who 
walk in paths of life, and grope your way in time's dark vale below, 
saith the great Jehovah; 

2. A God, the record of whose word, in dispensations long past, 
ye have; which record, by my Almighty and over-ruling power, 
hath been preserved unto the present day, as a couch to the frail, 
and lamp of true light unto the children of men, that the path be- 
fore them might be plain, and the way in which they should walk 
not hedged up; that wickedness might not cover the earth, nor 
gross darkness the people. 

3. Have these purposes, for which my sacred word was given, and 
preserved among the children of men, been accomplished accord- 
ing to my will ? Or hath man perverted the order that was intended 
he should forever keep, as a safe-guard to his soul through time? 

4. Remember, all ye inhabitants in time below, that your God 
remaineth the same, both in the past, the present, and the future. 
God is spirit, an eternal and everlasting substance of light, power 
and truth, filling all immensity and space, through endless worlds 
unknown; yet, a God that is near, and can be sought unto in mercy 
and loving kindness, by such as walk in obedience to his commands, 
and seek after Him with a sincere heart. 

5. But where, saith your God, are the ensigns of your creation. 


or the credentials of that office for wliich you were created? Were 
you not required by these, always to be in a state that you could 
show forth, at any time, to that power which created you, the en- 
sign of honor, and the credentials of glory ? That the day in which 
you were created, might not be repented of, by Him who formed 
you to be an honor and a glory to Himself 

6. But they have sought, not to give honor unto Me, but to seek 
for themselves, honor from men. They have not labored to glorify 
my name, but have sought glory in their own shame ; and I, their 
God and Creator, have not received tithes at their hands ; nor offer- 
ings acceptable, have they brought before my face. 

7. And the countless millions who have entered eternity for 
thousands of years, testify these solemn truths ; That the whole 
world hath wandered afar off from the law and order of their crea- 
tion, and made unto themselves other gods to worship than Me, 
the only true God and Creator. 

8. But, as the inhabitants of the earth, for ages and ages, from 
the earliest period to the present day, have refused to bring forth 
offerings, holy and acceptable unto Me, or sound forth praises and 
thanksgiving unto my holy name, with clean hands and pure hearts, 
according to the age in which they lived, and have, from time to 
time, refused the most merciful offers at my hand, saith the Lord ; 

9. Yet, in the dispensations of my eternal goodness and mercy, 
to the objects of my creation, I have, in this your day, established 
a work, and set up my kingdom, which by Me was foretold in ages 
long past, that shall never have an end or be destroyed, so long as 
I suffer life and breath to exist upon the earth. 

10. And this I have done, that the progressive order of my work, 
through all preceding dispensations, may be fulfilled, and accom- 
plished, in this, the last and final dispensation of my grace to man. 

11. But as it has been in all preceding ages of the world, so it 
is in this day, as respects mankind being prepared to work together 
with Me, their God and Creator, in my time ; and not lay out their 
own way and time, in which they will work, or not at all. 

12. I find, saith the God of Heaven, that mankind are replete 
with the same excuses in this day, that they were when I first 
sent my beloved Son upon the earth ; and they are no more ready 
to believe that my Almighty hand hath established a work, and set 
up a kingdom on earth in a way that I declare it unto them, in 



this age and day, than they have been in any age that has pre- 
ceded it. 

13. But I created man; and as I have given him warning in all 
preceding ages of the world, so will I, in this age and day, as a 
kind and tender father, give him solemn and sacred watch-words 
of warning of the awful state and condition in which he stands, 
sunk hi sin and wickedness, and every kind of abomination, with 
cruelty, bloodshed and carnage, on every hand and side im- 

14. In this awful and sunken situation, in which the inhabitants 
of earth, as a body, now stand before Me, do I, as a kind father, 
their watchful and eternal Parent, loudly proclaim in their ears, 
that every heart may understand, that the face of the Almighty is 
turned towards the earth, and that awful judgments are about to 
break forth upon the inhabitants thereof, if they repent not, and 
that speedily. 

15. Give an attentive heart, and a listening ear to my word, 
saith the Lord; Do all ye merchant-men of the earth, keep just 
reckonings, give true weights and honest measures to your fellow 
creatures? Or does the love of gold and silver, cause deception, 
lies and fraud to be practiced upon your fellow mortals? 

16. Do you live, from day to day, as you wish to die; or do you 
put the day and hour of death, at a great distance, hoping it will 
be more easy to prepare by and by ? Do all ye who call yourselves 
the common class of people on the earth, keep the golden rule 
given by your Lord and Savior, which was, Do unto others at all 
times, as ye would that others should do unto you? for this is the 
law and the Prophets, said the Christ. 

17. Do you hearken to the rulers of the land, by obeying the 
laws they do enact? Or do ye tansgress the same? 

18. Do ye speak evil of the rulers of your people? Or do you 
give honor to the same? 

19. Do ye observe and obey all they teach you, and yet follow 
no bad example ? 

20. Do you come at their call, and go at their bidding, to bathe 
your swords in the heart's blood of your fellow creatures? Or do 
you do it because you yourselves delight in deeds of blood, to prey 
like ravenous beasts upon your fellow creatures, to rend and tear 
in pieces the objects and image of my creation, saith the Lord? 


21. Have not I plainly declared unto you, that vengeance is mine, 
and I will repay in my own time and season? 

22. Do you consider, day by day, that for every deed you do, 
while in the body, against the laws of Christ the Savior, ye must 
answer in judgment, at my bar of eternal justice? 

23. Do ye keep sacred my holy Sabbaths, by bringing forth offer- 
ings acceptable unto Me, with clean hands and pure hearts, accord- 
ing to the best of your understanding, not having aught against 
your brother ? 

24. Do you love God, your Creator, by rendering praise and 
thanksgiving to his holy name, with all your soul, might, mind and 
strength ? Or is your strength far more engaged to heap up earthly 
gains, for selfish purposes, where moth and rust doth corrupt? 

25. Do you rise early to praise the Lord your God, and give 
unto his name the glory due? 

26. Do ye abstain from revelings, riotings, drunkenness, lascivi- 
ousness, wantonness and debauchery, and live a moral, temperate 
and sober life, meditating upon the law of the Lord by day, and 
resting in a state of justification beneath the providence of his pro- 
tection by night? 

27. Do you consider, that my All-seeing eye is continually be- 
holding all the doings of the children of men? Or do ye think that 
I am a God who only spoke from Sinai's top, parted the red sea, 
sent fire down from Heaven, and sent the Lord Jesus Christ upon 
earth; and since then, have taken no knowledge or concern 
respecting the inhabitants of the earth? 

28. It is true, saith the Lord, your sins and iniquities have sep- 
arated your souls from the protection of your God ; that is [the 
reason] why I appear at such a great distance from mortal man 
in this day : It is his transgressions that have carried him so far 
away from his God. 

29. But they that will do as their Lord and Savior taught, when 
he was upon earth, will always be nigh unto Me, and I will be their 
God, and they shall be my people, in deed, and in truth; and unto 
such I will often draw very near, and teach them of my ways that 
they may walk in my paths. 

30. The humble and contrite soul is near to Me; but the proud, 
the high, and the lofty, I banish far hence, for they are an abomin- 
ation in my sight. 




1. Of the confused state of mankind. 
3. Mankind as wicked as the builders of 

5. The expressidns of their hearts. 
7. Of bigotry and selfishness. 
9. God will destroy the works of man. 
10. The humble exalted^lhe proud abased. 

12. Judgments to that nation or people 

who stand against God. 

13. God near the humble heart. 

15. Of man's trouble by his own disobe- 

17. Of man's perversion of the record of 

the word of God, 

18. Custom never sanctifies deeds of evil. 

19. Knowledge of natural things profiteth 

not the heart : but exalts it in pride. 






Wickedness increased in proportion to 

man's exaltation. 
None fit to rule, until they govern 

Of applying knowledge to its proper 

Judgments convince man there is a 

Mankind warned to hearken. 
Command concerning the reading of 

this Roll and Book. 
Ministers required to circulate it. 
Directions to Zion, concerning the 

Of preserving the word entire^ without 

addition or diminution. 

1. O ye people on the earth, who are as sheep having no shep- 
herd ! Why are ye thus confused, and broken to pieces, divided 
and subdivided, throughout your kingdoms? Why is the integrity 
of your hearts shaken, and your confidence in one another 

2. How can two walk together j except they be agreed? And 
what is it that destroys your agreement? Can you not search out 
the cause? Confusion is an effect proceeding from some cause. 
Did I not, when the children of men were building Babel, confuse 
their language, so that they could proceed no further in the un- 
lawful enterprise which they had undertaken? 

3. And hath not mortal man upon earth, in this day, gone as far 
out of the way, as the builders of Babel were in that day, con- 
sidering how much greater knowledge, light and understanding, 
my Almighty hand hath suffered to beam forth upon the earth, in 
these last days, than there was at that early age? 

4. Have not the children of men in this age, in their self-exalted 
imaginations, built castles into the air? Do not their senses soar 


above all that is called God? Do they not trust in their own hands for 
strengtli, and in their own arm of liesh for protection? 

5. Do not they say, in their own hearts, *' Who on earth do bear 
rule, but us? We have plenty of silver and gold, and of our treas- 
ure there is no end. 

6. Whatsoever our hand listeth to do, we can accomplish, and 
no power can hinder the work of our hands. We are strong by 
land and mighty at sea. Our armies cover the fields, and our fleets 
the face of the deep; and who standeth before us? Great is our 
strength, and mighty is our power." They, in their hearts, defy the 
God of Heaven, and mock his righteous words to scorn. 

7. Doth not tlie spirit of man, cry out against his fellow, " Come 
not near me, for I am holier than thou? I am rich, but thou art 
poor ; 1 am good and righteous, but thou art a publican and sinner." 
Is not the heart of man, most intently looking for gain, each one 
from his quarter 1 

8. My record in Heaven, saith the Lord, declares and proclaims 
to all the world, this truth. 

9. And again do I sound forth my voice unto you, through the 
spacious arches of Heaven; Man may build, but his God will pull 
down. He may build again and again, but I, his God, will as often 
pull down, until he can build no more. 

10. But. he that humbleth himself in truth, I will exalt, saith 
God; but he that exalteth himself, I will bring him low, even to 
the dust of the ground, and the foot shall tread him down. 

11. He that humbleth himself, and cometh down low at my 
warning, will not have need to fall, and be dashed in pieces; but he 
that standeth against my word, seeketh to stand in vain; for I live, 
saith the Lord God, and he shall fall, to rise no more. 

12. And whatsoever kingdom she be that shall stand against my 
word unto her, and pass it over as a matter of little or no conse- 
quence, but shall stand against Me her God ; I will cast her down 
in my fury, and recompense in ray wrath upon her own head, the 
just reward of her doing, until she learn that 1 AM, is God, who 
ruleth in every nation, and greatly to be feared. 

13. Yet to the weary, the heavy laden, and humble seeker after 
Me, do I draw near ; the broken hearted I bind up, the weary soul 
refresh; and to the feeble and tottering knee, do I give strength. 

14. But man's exaltedness before Me, is as stubble, and his 
greatness, as chaff of the summer threshing floor ; for at one breath 


did I create him, and in one breath can I sweep him from the face 
of the earth, and leave her without an inhabitant. Therefore, fear 
the Lord your God, and walk humbly in his presence. 

15. As I have before said unto you, so do I now again repeat it ; 
Man's trouble, distress and misery, grow out of his disobedience 
and rebellion to the will of God, his Creator. 

16. But had he been as much engaged to keep my command- 
ments and fulfill my laws, as he has been to pursue his own plans, 
by carving out ways and means to please and gratify his own wick- 
ed propensities, I never should! have been compelled to visit the 
earth in judgment, for the wickedness committed thereon. 

17. But man hath never ceased to pervert the record of my sa- 
cred word, by framing plans of his own to shun the cross, and wrest- 
ing the scriptures to his own condemnation. Therefore, by his 
own tradition, he hath made that which is an abomination in 
my sight, lawful and commendable among men. 

18. And let all remember, that long established habits, customs 
or practices, [together] with the common usages of men, never 
alter the nature of my work, or the purity of my word : they change 
not the times and seasons which I have established ; they sanctify 
not that which I have pronounced unclean, nor in any way make 
it appear commendable in my sight. They change not the na- 
ture of truth into falsehood, nor of corruption and filthiness, into 

19. Man's greatness in knowledge and understanding of natu- 
ral things, purifieth not the heart. His great attainments of knowl- 
edge, in learning, arts and sciences, commend him not unto Me: 
though these he might render useful, if rightly applied; yet, what 
wickedness is committed thereby. 

20. Doth he not, by these means, exalt himself to his own des- 
truction ? Doth he not grasp power, and use it to oppress the icrno- 
rant and unlearned? And doth he not, in general, feel above putting 
his own hands to work, and by his meritorious industry gain his own 
bread ? Doth not his great knowledge, as he calls it, if wrongly 
used, prove in the end a curse, rather than a blessing to his soul ? 

21. Doth he not, in his self exalted state of greatness and inde- 
pendence of feeling, seek after gain without right, and power with- 
out virtue? Is he not continually seeking at heart, to be called 
of men Rabbi, and to be supported by the hard earnings of others? 

22. Do ye consider, O ye inhabitants, that discord, confusion, 


wickedness, and every kind of distress and injustice, increase upon 
tlie earth, in proportion to the self exaltedness of man, relying upon 
his ow n bigoted knowledge and understanding, instead of relying 
upon the moral principles of justice and equity, having the law of 
his G(m1 planted in his own heart, " Do to others as he would that 
they should do unto him ?" And in this sense, a man is enabled to 
make a beneficial use of all the knowledge that he can acquire, for 
the good of his fellow creatures. 

23. No one is fitly prepared to rule amongst men, or to stand in 
the place of decision and judgment, until h3 has first ruled and 
controlled the evil passions of his own heart. When he hath done 
this, he can rule, and the people can prosper ; for the blessings of 
my providence, saith the Lord, do rest upon such rulers. 

24. But where difference of opinion, in the house of rulers, is 
carried so far as to break out into hatred, animosity and revenge, 
even until they thirst for each other's blood, it proves a curse to 
themselves, and a curse to their kingdoms and nations ; and under 
this curse, saith the Lord, I will suffer that people and government, 
to break in pieces. 

25. But where equity reigns, and justice pervades the hearts of 
the rulers, by the providential hand of my blessing, that nation will 
be supported, and made to stand. 

26. And when the inhabitants of the earth, learn to use and apply 
all their knowledge and understanding to honor and glorify God, 
their Creator, and deal justly between man and man, they will then 
learn and know by experience, that which the inhabitants of earth, 
as a body, have not known, for thousands of years past. 

27. But the judgments of my Almighty hand will yet bring 
them to learn, by the things which they suffer, that there is a God 
who beareth rule in the kingdoms of men. 

28. Thus saith the Lord God of Heaven, to all nations and peo- 
ple ; Again I do warn you to hearken to the voice of the Holy One, 
when it is extended to you in mercy ; for I have sent forth no 
requirements hard to be fulfilled by any honest hearted souls : but you 
are required to proclaim solemn fasts through your lands, humble 
yourselves before Me your God, and repent in low humility when 
this word shall reach your ears. 

29. And read this, my sacred word, in your assemblies with awe 
and with reverence, not unto man, but unto God, your eternal 
Creator, at whose mercy you daily draw the breath of life. 


30. And unto all such as are engaged in spiritual callings, whether 
at home, or in foreign lands, I do require that they should circulate 
this sacred Roll and Book, to all quarters of the earth. And who- 
soever shall do this, in sincerity of heart, and see that it is correctly 
translated into other languages, shall be blessed in their labors, for 
so doing. But make it not a theme of speculation for money's sake; 
but you may make such charges to the buyer, as will fairly compen- 
sate you for your trouble, and no more. 

31. And that society to which I sent my Holy Angels to read 
this Roll and Book, for mortal hand to write, I have forbidden that 
they should make any charges, saith the Lord, or take [any] remu- 
neration for these books; such as I require should be sent out into 
the world when prepared. 

32. The number they are required to print, in their own society, 
is five hundred copies, for the purpose of giving to the children of 
men; and it is my requirement, that they be printed before the 
twenty second of next September. To be bound in yellow paper, 
with red backs; edges yellow also. 

33. And it is my command, saith the Lord, that if any person 
or persons, shall add aught unto this book, he, or they, shall not 
prosper in time, nor find rest in eternity. Or if any shall erase 
aught of that which is contained in this book, their names shall be 
erased from the records of Heaven, and my kingdom they shall not 
enter, I have not descended to earth, with my Holy Angels, to 
suffer vain mortals to trifle with my word, nor to make light of my 
name saith the Lord of Hosts. 



Sec, 1, Here I am required, saith the Holy Angel, to have those sa- 
cred passages of scripture inserted, that more immediately refer to 


the work of the present day, of Btraiigo signs, and of the awfal^ 
judgments that are about to take place in the earth, should man's 
wickedness continue, as it hath done, for many ages past. 

Jocl^ j. 14. Sanctify ye a fiist, call a solemn assembly, gather 

the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of 

the Lord your God, and cry unto the Lord, 

15. Alas for the day 1 for the day of the Lord is at hand, and 
as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come. 

16. Is not the meat cut off before our eyes, yea, joy and glad- 
ness from the house of our God? 

Chap. ii. \. Blo-w ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an 
alarm in my holy mountain : let all the inhabitants of the land" 
tremble : for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand , 

2. A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and 
of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains : 
a great people and a strong ; there hath not been ever the like, 
neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many 

10. The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall trem- 
ble : the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall -with-* 
draw their shining : 

12. Therefore ajso now, saith the Lord, Turn ye even to me 
with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and 
with mourning: 

13. And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn 
unto the Lord your God : for he is gracious and merciful, slow 
to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. 

15. Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn 
assembly : 

16. Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the 
elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts : let 
the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of 
her closet. 

17. Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between 
the porch and the altar, and let them say. Spare thy people, 
O Lord, and give not thy heritage to reproach, that the hea- 
then should rule over them : wherefore should they say among 
the people. Where is their God ? 

18. Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his 


!i8. And it ehall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out 
my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall 
prophesy^ your old men shall dream dreams, ypur young men 
shall see visions ; 

29. And also upon the servants and upon the hand-maids in 
those days will I pour out my Spirit. 

Joel, iii. 16. The Lord also shall roar out of Zion, and utter 
his voice from Jerusalem ; and the heavens and the earth shall 
shake : but the Lord will be the hope of his people, and the 
strength of the children of Israel. 
17. So shall ye know that I am the Lord your God dwelling in 
Zion my holy mountain : then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there 
shall no strangers pass through her any more. 

Isaiah, i. 25. And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely 
purge away thy dross, and take away all thy tin : 

Chap. ii. 19. And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, 
and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the Lord, and for 
the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly 
the earth. 

Chap. xiii. 13. Therefore 1 will shake the heavens, and the 
earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of 
hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger. 

Chap. Iii. 2. Shake thyself from the dust ; arise, c/ifi sit down, 
O Jerusalem : loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive 
daughter of Zion. 

Psalms, xlvi. 3. Jliovgh the waters thereof roar aiid be 
troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. 

Isaiah, xxiv. 13, When thus it shaJl be in the midst of the 
land among the people, there shall be as the shaking of an olive- 
tree, and as the gleaning-grapes when the vintage is done. 

14. They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty 
of the Lord, they shall cry aloud from the sea. 

15. Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name 
of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea. 

Chap. xxix. 17. Is it not yet a very little while, and Lebanon 
shall be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall 
be esteemed as a forest? 

Ezekiel, xxxviii. 19. For in my jealousy and in the fire of n»y 
wrath have I spoken. Surely in that day there shall be a great 
shaking in the land of Israel. 


Ilaggai, ii. 6. For thus saith tlie Lord of hosts ; Yet once, 
it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, 
and the sea, and the dry land; 

7. And I will shake all nations, and the Desire of all nations 
shall come : and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord 
of hosts. 

21. Speak to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah, saying, I will 
shake the heavens and the earth; 

Hebrews, xii. 26. Whose voice then shook the earth : but 
now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the 
earth only, but also heaven. 

Habakkuk, ii. 1. I will stand upon my watch, and set me 
upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, 
and what I shall answer when I am reproved. 

2. And the Lord answered me, and said. Write the vision, 
and make if. plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 

3. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end 
it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because 
it will surely come, it will not tarry. 

Ezekiel, xvii. 22. Thus saith the Lord God, I will also take 
of the highest branch of the high cedar, and will set it; I will 
crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and will 
plant it upon a high mountain and eminent: 
23. In the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it : 
and it shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit, and be a goodly 
cedar: and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing; in the 
shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell. 

Jeremiah, xxxi. 4. Again I will build thee, and thou shalt be 
built, O virgin of Israel : thou shalt again be adorned with thy 
tabrets, and shalt go forth in the dances of them that make merry. 

6. For there shall be a day, that the watchmen upon the mount 
Ephraim shall cry. Arise ye, and let us go up to Zion unto the 
Lord our God. 

9. They shall come with weeping, and with supplications will 
I lead them ; I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters 
in a straight way, wherein they shall not stumble : for I am a 
father of Israel, and Ephraim is my first-born. 

10. Hear the word of the Lord, O ye nations, and declare it in 
the isles afar off, and say. He that scattered Israel will gather 
him, and keep him, as a shepherd doth his flock. 


11. For the Lord hath redeemed Jacob, and ransomed him 
from the hand of hwi that was stronger than he. 

12. Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion, 
and shall flow together to the goodness of the Lord, for wheat, 
and for wine, and for oil, and for the young of the flock and of 
the herd: and their souls shall be as a watered garden; and they 
shall not sorrow any more at all. 

13. Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, both young men 
and old together : for I will turn their mourning into joy, and 
will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow. 

Chap. XXX. 23. Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord goeth 
forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind : it shall fall with pain 
upon the head of the wicked. 

24. The fierce anger of the Lord shall not return, until he 
have done it^ and until he have performed the intents of his 
heart : In the latter days ye shall consider it. 

Zechariah, xiii. 1. In that day there shall be a fountain opened 
to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for 
sin and for uncleanness. 

Chap. xiv. 13. And it shall come to pass in that day, that a 
great tumult from the Lord shall be among them ; and they shall 
lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbor, and his hand 
shall rise up against the hand of his neighbor. 

Amos, vii. 7. Thus he shewed me : and behold, the Lord 
stood upon a wall made by a plumb-line, with a plumb-line in 
his hand. 

8. And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou ? and 
I said, A plumb-line. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a 
plumb-line in the midst of my people Israel : I will not again 
pass by them any more : 

Chap. viii. 1. Thus hath the Lord God shewed unto me: 
and behold a basket of summer fruit. 

Zephaniah, i. 12. And it shall come to pass at that time, that 
I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that 
are settled on their lees: that say in their heart. The Lord will 
not do good, neither will he do evil. 

13. Therefore, their goods shall become a booty, and their 
houses a desolation : they shall also build houses, but not inhabit 
them ; and they shall phmt vineyards, but not drink the wine 


14. The great day of the Lord f5 neat) it is near, and hasteth 
greatly, even the voice of the day of the LoRd : the mighty man 
shall cry there bitterly. 

15. That day is a day of wrath, a day of trou!)le and distress, 
a day of wasteuess and desolation, a day of darkness and gloom- 
iness, a day of clouds and thick darkness, 

16. A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, 
and against the hicrh towers. 

Chap. iii. 8. Therefore, wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until 
the day that I rise up to the prey : for my determination is to 
gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour 
upon them niine indignation, fww all my fierce anger: for all the 
earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy. 

Joshua, vi. 6. And Joshua the son of Nun called the priests, 
and said unto them, Take up the ark of the covenant, and let 
seven priests bear seven trumpets of rams' horns before the ark 
of the Lord. 

15. And it came to pass on the seventh day, that they rose early 
about the dawning of the day, and compassed the city after the 
same manner seven times : only on that day they compassed the 
city seven times. 

16. And it came to pass at the seventh time, when the priests 
blew with the trumpets, Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for 
the Lord hath given you the city. 

20. So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trum- 
pets : and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of 
the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the 
wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every 
man straight before him, and they took the city. 

Judges, vii. 16. And he divided the three hundred men into 
three companies, and he put a trumpet in every man's hand, with 
empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers. 

20. And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the 
pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets 
in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried. The sword 
of the Lord, and of Gideon, 

21. And they stood every man in his place round about the 
camp; and all the host ran, and cried, and fled. 

22. And the three hundred blew the trumpets, and the Lord set 


erery man's sword against his fellow, even throughout all the 
host : 

II, Esdras, i. 37. I take to witness the grace of the people 
to come, whose little ones rejoice in gladness : and though they 
have not seen me with bodily eyes, yet in spirit they believe the 
thing that I say. 

38. And now, brother, behold what glory ; and see the people 
that come from the east : 

Chap. xiv. 38. And the next day, behold, a voice called me, 
saying, Esdras, open thy mouth, and drink that I give thee 
to drink. 

39. Then opened I my mouth, and behold, he reached me a full 
cup, which was full as it were with water, but the color of it was 
like fire. 

40. And I took it, and drank : and when I had drunk of it, my 
heart uttered understanding, and wisdom grew in my breast, for 
my spirit strengthened my memory : 

41. And my mouth was opened, and shut no more. 

42. The Highest gave understanding unto the five men, and 
they wrote the wonderful visions of the night that were told, 
which they knew not: and they sat forty days, and they wrote 
in the day, and at night they ate bread. 

43. As for me, I spake in the day, and I held not my tongue 
by night. 

44. In forty days they wrote two hundred and four books. 

45. And it came to pass, when the forty days were fulfilled, that 
the Highest spake, saying, The first that thou hast written pub- 
lish openly, that the worthy and unworthy may read it : 

46. But keep the seventy last, that thou mayest deliver them 
only to such as be wise among the people : 

47. For in them is the spring of understanding, the fountain of 
wisdom, and the stream of knowledge. 

48. And I did so. 

Chap. XV. 1. Behold, speak thou in the ears of my people the 
words of prophecy, which I will put in thy mouth, saith the Lord : 

2. And cause them to be written in paper : for they are faith- 
ful and true. 

3. Fear not the imaginations against thee; let not the incre- 
dulity of them trouble thee, that speak against thee. 

Sec. 2. These passages the most clearly show the nature of the 



work of inspiration and revelation, in the present day, among the 
people of God, 

3. Therefore, saith the Lord, learn true wisdom, O ye people, and 
let your hearts seek understanding. The foregoing passages illus- 
trate, in a small measure, that which is about to take place on the 
earth : and also the work which my Almighty hand is doing in Zion, 
and will continue so to do, in my own wisdom ; and the operations 
of my spirit shall break out in strange and divers manners, among 
the nations of the earth. 




1. Of the pouring out of the spirit of 
God upon earth. 

Beware of fighting against God. 

Of running into wildness. 

Forewarnings of the operations of the 
spirit of God. 

The effects of the same. 

Mortals never commissioned to usurp 
authority over the souls of the chil- 
dren of men. 

Of the laws of man. 

23. Of the law of grace. 

24. Of the operations of the spirit of God 

abroad in the earth. 

25. God's work will prove itself. 

26. Not overthrown by persecution. 

27. Will continue to break out. 

28. Mankind vainly to look for mercy, after 

slighting God's offers. 

29. Eternal collision between flesh and 


30. Man's lamentations. 

31. Of delaying the day of preparation. 
33. Solemn warnings. 

36. Of exceptionable characters being 

wrought upon by the power of God. 

37. The blessings of Providence used 

both for good and evil purposes. 

38. Things proved by fruits. 

39. Of the fulfillment of prophecies. 

40. The manner the spirit of God is suf- 

fered to be poured out upon many. 
42. Some chosen vessels run aground, 
for lack of wisdom. 

1. Hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God, all nations, 
kindreds, tongues and people. The Great I AM is beginning to 
pour out his spirit upon the earth; and many wdl be struck with 
consternation at what they behold ; and many will be provoked in 
their spirits, to persecute and abuse those who are the subjects of 
strange and mysterious operations. 

2. But take heed to your doings, all ye people, lest, unhappily for 


you, ye are found even to be fightincr against the work and power 
of the Most High, by resisting and ])ersecuting those whom He hath 
chosen as instruments, or vessels for his Spirit to operate in, to 
make itself manifest. 

S. The operation of my Spirit leadeth not its subjects to shed 
blood, nor to commit acts of violence upon their fellow beino-s : but 
where those whom I have chosen as my vessels, or instruments of 
divers operations and exercises are abused and persecuted, I shall, 
saith the Lord, in my own v/isdom, defend them by my ov/n power, 
operating through such agencies as I may choose. 

4. Therefore take heed to your doings, all ye who seek to oppose 
the workings of my Spirit. As well might ye fight and resist the 
rolling waves of the deep, and think to put a stop to their m.otion, 
as to strive against my work, or the workings of my Spirit. 

5. Though it may appear never so strange and singular to you, 
though it may differ never so widely from your traditionated forms, 
habits and customs of worship ; yet, if you have learned wisdom 
by the words I have spoken, you will humble your proud, exalted 
feelings, and unite, so far as not to be found opposing. 

6. Though you may have reason to believe that many of its sub- 
jects run into wildness not required by my Spirit, which will, in 
some instances, be the case ; yet, remember I have come to con- 
found the wisdom of the wise, and remove the veils of deceit and 

7. And, as the greatest friend to your souls, do I give you a little 
foreknowledge of the many strange operations and exercises, which 
I shall cause upon mortal bodies, like the following: Violent shak- 
ing, until thrown heavily upon the floor, or ground; Every limb of 
the body made stiff and unyielding; Eyes set uith a deathly ap- 
pearance; Pulsation of life nearly extinct; Gestures and bodies ex- 
hibiting ffightful attitudes; 

8. Little children speaking with great power, and declaring, in 
bold and undaunted terms, m.y v.'ord against the wickedness and 
abominations of mankind. 

9. The power of speech, for days together, entirely taken away ; 
The power of utterance given in language that mortals cannot un- 
derstand. Females greatly exercised in turning and suddenly 
stopping, declaring to the surrounding multitude the visions of 
God they have seen. 

10. [Also,] The comfort and happiness of tlie saints in Heaven,- 



and the awful cries, screams and screeches of those who are bound 
in hell, suffering for the wickedness they had committed while 
upon earth ; 

11. And withal, holding forth sublime testimonies, with power 
and great eloquence, against the filthy and beastly abominations 
practiced by mankind, and of the awful judgments of a righteous 
and just God, about to come upon them for the same ; 

12. Singing melodious and heavenly songs, given directly from 
the spiritual world ; conversing familiarly with unbodied spirits; In 
extreme distress, and then immediately in transports of joy, to all 
appearance enjoying the greatest degree of the sweets of Heaven, 
in the presence of justified spirits. 

13. Often breaking forth upon formal preachers, when sermon- 
izing to the people, [and not preaching the true gospel of Christ,] 
contradicting certain passages, and declaring what the truth of 
God is; Often setting aside all forms, creeds and ceremonies, and 
denouncing in strong terms, against the religious intolerance of man. 

14; Many times, loudly proclaiming against the lives of both 
priests and people ; protesting, with great power, against all laws 
of inquisition, of persecution, or compelling by mortal power, either 
by law or violence; or in any way binding the freedom of the souls 
of men. 

15. Thus saith the Lord, My spirit never did, and never will, op- 
erate in the hearts of the children of men to make them increase 
in that which is accursed in my sight ; such like as wars, fightings, 
shedding the blood of their fellow creatures, or persecuting and abus- 
ing them in any way ; or swearing, lying, stealing, defrauding, cru- 
elty either to man or beast, giving w'ay to passionate fits of temper, 
indulging in feelings of lewdness towards the opposite sex ; or to 
promote places and acts of prostitution by their examples of fre- 
quenting to indulge in such places. 

16. Or bestiality, or adultery, or bigamy, or of any filthy pollu- 
tions or abominations, or of hardness of heart or feelings of im- 
kindness towards the poor and distressed, or of any sexual connec- 
tion in the actual works of the flesh, farther than is indispensably 
necessary for the purpose of procreation ; or in any way to profane 
the holy Sabbath. 

17. Therefore, saith the God of Heaven, inasmuch as my holy 
and divine Spirit hath never, and will never, operate in the hearts 
of the children of men to make them increase in any of the before- 


mentioned evils, or sinful indulgences, but to cease therefrom, 

18. I have never, and will never, commission mortal man with 
power to usurp authority over the hearts and souls of the children of 
men, as respects the law and worship of tlieir God. 

19. For man to controll the volition and free agency of man, is 
usurping authority that I, his God and Creator, never gave him ; 
and it is that in which my Almighty power never will sustain him; 
but will surely visit, in judgment, such as contend for the right of 
exercising it. 

20. My holy influence, operating upon the hearts of the children 
of men, as I have before stated, leadeth directly away from indulg- 
ing in any kind of vice or wickedness whatever. 

21. But the evil influence, or the devil operating in the hearts 
of the children of men, leadeth them directly to indulge and in- 
crease in all those evils before mentioned, and in every species of 
vice, productive of misery and mischief in every sense of the word. 

22. Therefore, the laws that man is empowered to make, are for 
those who have a disposition, through the influence of evil, to trans- 
gress the righteous and moral laws of their God, which I gave them 
in the beginning, and which were again sent forth, with an increased 
degree of restriction, when I first sent your Lord and Savior upon 
earth ; and for the transgressing of which, all those evils have been 
suifered as a scourge and judgment upon man. 

23. He brought with him the law of grace, which not only fulfilled 
all previous laws, but wholly superseded the necessity of them, by a 
law which was far more perfect, and went directly to accomplish 
that work, for which all previous laws served only as directors, or 
pointers towards this very law, which your Lord and Savior did now 
establish, and [which] comprehended all the law and the prophets 
before him, in these ^ew words; " Whatsoever ye would that men 
should do unto you, do ye even so to them." 

24. And again, of the operations of my spirit abroad in the 
earth ; Strange signs shall appear, both in the Heavens above, and 
on the earth beneath; and strange signs shall be made by mortals; 
and when these you behold, again renew your zeal to prepare your 
souls in the lowest of humiliation, and cry unto your God : 

25. Remembering at all times, that my work, saith the Lord, will 
always prove itself: I need not, that mortal man should undertake 
to decide in his own wisdom, whether the work emanated from my 
Almighty hand. 


20. My work, saith God, cannot be overtlirown ; though the 
wickedness of man, by violence and persecution, may be suffered 
for a short season to suppress its subjects in certain places; 

27. Yet, it will keep breaking out here, and breaking out tliere, 
with greater and greater power and evidence of the Almighty 
hand that guides it, until man shall fear and tremble before it as a 
leaf shaken of a mighty wind ; and all his sins and abominations 
staring him in the face upon tlic left, and the indisputable signs of 
an Almighty power, approaching him on the right. 

23. Now the hearts of men shall fiil them, their joints shall 
tremble, their knees smite together with fear. Then shall their eyes 
be turned with an imploring look, for mercy from that God whose 
words tliey have laughed to scorn, and whose kind and fatherly 
admonition, with solemn v/ords of warning, they have set at naught. 

29. Bat alas, for mortal man ! The time has now come, that an 
eternal separation between flesh and spirit must take place. 

30. Now, man laments the day and time that is past, but he can- 
not recall it; now he sees the folly of his own doings, but too late 
to retrace his steps: Now he sees that he has outstood the day of 
God's visitation in mercy to him; now he takes a realizing sense 
of the power of that Almighty hand against Avhich he has been 
ficrhtinor; now he beholds, at a glance, the exaltedness of man, with 
all his micrht and power, sink quickly into oblivion, as the small 
insect is crushed beneath his foot v/hile walking upon the earth. 

31. Then why will you, O vain mortals of earth, harden your 
hearts, as your fathers before you have done? Why do ye delay the 
day of preparation ? Because your natures doubt whether the work 
is of God, or of man? 

32. Why do ye stand in your own light, fighting against your 
own best good and comfort, and thereby hazard the awful conse- 
jjuences of being found fighting against your God, since He requires 
nothincr but what is conducive to your peace, comfort and happiness, 
with a justified conscience in the present tense, and an inspiring 
hope for mercy from his Almighty hand, in the world to come, 
however quick you might be called? 

33. Turn, turn O Israel; turn, and change thy goings O Jacob! 
Turn to the Lord thy God, while he calleth unto thee in the still 
small voice; lest his heavy thunders from Sinai's top, in forked 
licrhtnino-s play upon the earth, and destroy both man and beast. 

34. For T testify unto you all, saith the God of Heaven, I testify 


unto all human flesh that presumeth to stand in this da}^ against 
the tender mercies of their God, their delays are big with danger, 
and fraught with consequences far more dangerous, both to soul 
and body, than in any age that hath ever preceded it. 

35. Therefore, bow down, in low humiliation, that your judg- 
ment may be lightened; for I have a controversy with all flesh, 
saith the Lord. But they that truly put their trust in God, by walk- 
ing in true obedience to his will, shall walk and not faint ; for I, 
their Lord and God, will help them, and that right early; and in 
Me shall their strength be renewed. 

36. And again, many will be wrought upon, by the troubling of 
the waters, whose previous lives and characters have been quite ex- 
ceptionable; but stumble not at this. And you will see some 
who have been the most forward in these strange and supernatural 
exercises, again turn to their wicked lives, and deny that they ever 
felt any thing but v.hat they could avoid, saying it was all made ; 
neither stumble ye at this. 

37. Does not the same wind that bends the suppliant willou^ try 
the strength of the sturdy oak also] Do not the same waters ever 
which the honest merchant-man doth glide, also bear upon its sur- 
face the piratical brig ? And do not some start from their own shores, 
on an honest enterprise, and turn pirates, or traitors to their coun- 
try before they return? Dees this act declare that they never have 
had any honest intentions? By no means. 

38. But wait with patience ; all things will prove themselves by 
their fruits. God's time, remem.ber, is not measured by the span 
of mortals, nor are his judgments weighed in their balance. 

39. You will hear of awful denunciations in my name pronounced, 
that will take place at certain fixed periods of time ; some you will 
see fulfilled, and some you will see are not fulfilled, according to 
the prediction, in any way that you can discern for the time being: 
v/ait with patience, also, in this situation. 

40. For as a ship having no helm, yet plenty of sail, must drift be- 
fore the wind, keepisig no direct course, so, in like manner, shall 
the pouring out of my spirit upon mankind, cause them to drift be- 
fore it for a season, until antichristian superstition v/ith fixed forms 
and creeds, is greatly broken up ; then I u'iil provide means by 
which they may have a helm, that shall steer them safely to Ca- 
naan's happy land. 



41. Be not hasty, O thou mortal man of flesh and blood, 

To judge of the immortal things of God ; 

But wait, thy judgments to portray, 

Till fruits do prove the truth in every way. 

42. You will see many vessels, when hard pressed by this celes- 
tial breeze from the eternal regions, that will run, for a short sea- 
son, with great speed; but, for the want of helper Wisdom, whom 
I have not yet sent abroad into the world, saith the Lord, they will, 
to all appearance, dash upon the rocks and sink to rise no more ; 

4:5. By reason that they had run before their tidings were ready, 
in predicting the particular periods of time and season in which 
my awful judgments should be accomplished upon man. Yet, 
many there be, who understand not the predictions of their own 

44. The times and seasons of these things are, as yet, reserved 
in my own power ; not even my holy Angels are yet furnished with 
the knowledge. 




Of warnings among the children of 


men, to prepare for the coming 


of the Lord. 


Of forebodings of future calamities. 



Of stating times and seasons. 



Further operations of the spirit of God, 


upon the inhabitants of earth. 



Of the fraiUy of man. 


Of timely warnings. 



Of the inability of man. 



All nations required to hail this word 


of warning and preparation. 



Required to keep the day it was sent 


Of the manner of keeping it. 
Nothing in this Roll, that militates 

against the sacred scriptures. 
Of marking by the Angels. 
Of keeping the Sabbath. 
The effect of this word. 
Requirement of God to the nations 

concerning the Roll. 
Of sacrificing property. 
Of rashness. 
Of pursuing in duty. 
Of the insertion of a prophecy. 
Of the Proclamation. 

1. It is very true, saith the Lord, my spirit has begun to work 
in some measure, among the children of men, by causing them to 


Stir up one another to prepare for the day of my comirig, and 
[warning them] that my heavy judgments are about to roll upon 
the inhabitants of earth. 

2. All this, saith the Lord, I acknowledge to be true; and many 
are the inhabitants of earth, that can witness to it, from their own 
experience. For several years past, they have been feeling more 
and more of an inward restlessness, that all is not right ; an inex- 
pressible something working in their own hearts, that created 
fearful apprehensions of the day and time that is near at hand ; 

3. Which causes strong forebodings of mind in some, that an 
entire dissolution of all material matter is speedily to take place ; 
and so strong is this impression, when supported by the passions of 
nature yet unsubdued, (which are as prone to self exaltation, as 
the sparks are to fly upward,) that they venture, (yet sincere, ac- 
cording to their understanding,) to predict and foretell the times 
when my Almighty hand should accomplish an entire dissolution 
of the earth. 

4. The wind and breezes by which these vessels have been impell- 
ed, saith the Lord, I acknowledge to be in the main, correct ; but, 
as to times and seasons, they should have waited for further knowl- 
edge ; for, as yet, they have no helm by which to steer their bark. 

5. Therefore, it is their wisdom and duty to labor to prepare the 
people ; but should state no times, saith the Almighty Power of 

6. And again, you will often behold mortal bodies, while under 
the influence of the spirit which I shall send forth, apparently 
eating that which natural eyes cannot behold, and, to all appearance, 
that which tastes exceedingly delightsome and pleasant; Also drink- 
ing freely from cups invisible to natural eyes. 

7. And moreover, mothers will see their proud daughters exer- 
cised by involuntary power, with the most foolish, silly, and morti- 
fying gestures that the human mind can conceive of, until their 
pride is humbled ; then their exercises will become beautifully strik- 
ing to the beholders. 

8. And fathers will behold their haughty sons, who pride them- 
selves in their dress, rolled in the mire and dirt, compelled to go 
forth in the most humiliating, and, (to the natural mind,) prepos- 
terous attitudes of body, that can be imagined, until they feel their 
haughty natures subdued, and are willing gently to bow and bend 
to the impulse of the spirit given. 


\). You will afrain see those whose sins and abominations stare 
them in tiie face with such terror and consternation, that they will 
cry mightily to Mq, their God, that I would open some way whereby 
they may be delivered from the condemnation of their sins. 

10. Others will be heard to cry aloud, by reason of the insupport- 
able weight of condemnation that rests upon their souls, and lament 
the day they were born. And others you will see swoon away 
in trances, and lie upon the floor like so many dead corpses; and 
to all natural appearance, the vital spark hath fled. 

IL But they will again return, and relate that which wilt astound 
the heart of man. Some will lie in this situation many days to- 
<rether ; and again, some, while in this situation, will talk out, to 
the understanding of those present, that which they are told by the 
spirits in eternity, which will cause the by-standers to fear and trem- 
ble, and many times to blush with shame. 

12. And when ye behold these things of which I have spoken, 
and many more of the like taking place, of which I have, as a kind 
and tender father forewarned you, then see that ye are not found 
fio-hting against the operations of my Spirit, or trying to stifle it in 
your children : for if you do, I shall send it upon you in judgment. 

13. But to all who will [hearken,] saith the Lord, I send unto 
them in mercy ; but my work cannot be trifled with, and the soul 
escape unpunished. 

14. Yet, I consider^ saith God your Heavenly Father, the ex- 
ceeding great frailty of man, by reason of his long and continued 
pursuit in seeking for all the pleasures and gratifications time could 
afford him. And by that means, the labor and pursuit of his mind 
have scarcely reached beyond the shores of mortality; but have 
been wholly absorbed by the fading, transitory, fleeting and perish- 
able things of a terrestrial state, whose stores do fade, and treas- 
ures turn again to earth and perish in the dust : therefore, his blind- 
ness and frailty have become very great. 

15. But in loving kindness and compassion, have I, his God, con- 
sidered him, and sent unto him a timely warning, that all flesh 
might be left without an excuse before Me, in that day in which all 
eyes shall be turned to their God, to supplicate his mercy, and es- 
cape his awful scourge. But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall 
it be verified unto you, if ye heed not the solemn watch-word of 
your God. 

IG. I know full well, the inability of mankind at large, in their 


darkened and sinful state, to receive the solemn warnings of an 
Almighty God, from the eternal Heavens, with that degree of thank- 
fulness and gratitude of heart, that sucli an unmerited act of con- 
descension from the Most High, to poor finite beings on earth 

17. Yet, those who receive it in thankfulness of heart, and give 
thanks, honor and glory to the God of Heaven for the same^ 
by hearkening to what is therein contained, will be accepted at 
my hand. 

18. And I require all nations, to hail this as the greatest notice 
of kindness and favor, from the Eternal Source of all power 
and goodness, that was ever sent forth directly to the inhabitants 
of earth since the days of the Messiah. 

19. And all such as believe and obey it, by turning from the er- 
ror of tlieir doings, are required to keep [the second day of Fchru- 
arij annually ;] the day bearing the date in which this was brought 
forth to earth, by the mighty and ht;ly Angel, to be written for 
mortal eyes to view. And after the following manner, I require 
you should keep it. 

20. Assemble yourselves together in your places for sacred wor- 
ship, and there humble yourselves upon your knees, and suppli- 
cate my mercy, by praying earnestly unto Me, that my All-powerful 
and protecting arm may yet longer be extended in mercy over you, 
and over your herds, and over your flocks, until you learn to do my 
will and keep my statutes holy. And sing solemn praises unto my 
name, exhorting each other in godly fear, 

21. But suffer not your hearts to s}>end this day in recreation; 
for it is not in vain delight and pleasure that the heart of man 
draweth nigh unto God, his Maker; but it is in cheerful resio-na- 
tion unto his holy will, when made known to him. 

22. I have sent forth nothing unto you, O ye inhabitants in mor- 
tal clay, that does in the least militate against any doctrine contain- 
ed in the sacred records which I have sent forth in past dispensa- 
tions, but that ye may, in truth, fulfill them according to the re- 
quirement of the law, and according to the requirement of Christ, 
both in his first and second appearing. 

28. For this purpose have I condescended to send forth this 

Book and Roll of one hundred seals unto you ; and this regulation 

I require you to keep, as an evidence of the contrition of your 

hearts, that my holy Angels may pass and re-pass throughout the 



earth, and behold the dvoings of the children of men upon this day. 

24. For I shall command them to mark upon the posts of every 
door, with the seal of mercy, whether in places of public worship, 
or in private dwellings, where they find the people assembled to- 
gether in sincerity of heart, truly supplicating my protection. 
And this I require to be sacredly kept, until, in my own power 
and wisdom, the time does come that I send forth a further word 
to the inhabitants of earth. 

25. Also remember, all ye people, to keep my sacred Sabbaths 
holy; profane them not with any kind of wickedness; nor the day 
I now require you to keep in special homage to Me your God. 

26. This sacred word will strike with consternation many a heart, 
and break forth upon the inhabitants of earth, at an unexpected 
hour. Therefore, beware of my after-coming. Prepare, prepare 
yourselves to meet your God, as ye would, if ye knew tomorrow 
would close the scenes of your mortal existence. 

27. Then, if in the order of my providence, you are still longer 
permitted to enjoy life in a terrestrial state, you will be able to hon- 
or Me, your God and Creator in so doing; or to leave the world, 
having made your peace with God, and all your fellow creatures. 

28. Hear my reciuirement, saith the Lord, ye leading characters 
of every nation. When you receive this Sacred Roll of the word 
of your God, you are required to enter it upon your most sacred 
records, and let it be engraven on the table of your hearts, there to 
remain while passing through the remaining moments of your lives 

29. I do not require that any should make a wasteful sacrifice of 
property ; but let all be diligent with their hands, to work in some 
laudable pursuit, and let those who have more than a competency 
[of the necessaries of this life,] help their poor fellow mortals. In 
so doing, saith the Lord, you will lay up a treasure far more 
precious than gold or silver. 

30. Let no one be rash, nor wild in their doings, in respect to 
temporal things ; but let true wisdom and reason guide your steps ; 
for I have given you way-marks, saith the Lord, by which you may 
safely steer if you will. 

3L I would that man pursue his various employments, dealing 
justly with all his fellow creatures, and be willing to work with his 
own hands for his daily support; for idleness leadeth the soul 
directly away from its God; it is, in truth, the parent of misery. 


32. Let rulers do their duty faithfully; rule in justice and equity, 
and suppress the haunts of infamy as much as possible. This is 
the command of your God. 

33. I have furthermore, here commanded to be inserted in this 
Roll, a prophecy which, but a short time since, I sent my faithful 
servant, the prophet Isaiah, of whom ye read, with six archers, 
through four of whom he was to deliver a prophecy in Zion, the 
other two were to keep silent, until the time should be fulfilled. 
And now their time is come, and I have sent him forth, with the 
other two, to prophecy to the inhabitants of the earth; and I require 
that they should all be inserted at the end of this Roll. 

34. But the Proclamation, which I wrote with my own hand ten 
months ago, and sent by my blessed Son, your Lord and Savior, to 
read for mortal hand to draft upon my Holy Mount, I require 
should be inserted at the beorinninaf of this Roll. 






a. Of the enjoyment of sexes together. 
6. What breaks society to pieces, 
y. Of laying the axe to the root of the 

11. Of iiidulgence to a carnal nature. 

12. The primitrive state of man. 

13. Sinning against light, hasteneth to des- 


14. Of male and female dwelling together 

in innocence. 

17. Of a state of innocence and purity 

as exemplified by Christ. 

18. How to enter the new creation. 

19. Of the government of Christ's king- 


20. Of the subjects who compose it. 
^. Of fighting against God. 








Of the treatment of his sacred word. 

Mankind dealt with, according as they 
have hearkened to the word of God. 

Requirement concerning the circula- 
tion and translation of this Roll. 

Of staying the hand of judgment, by 
cultivating principles of peace. 

Mankind ad\aiiccd in wickedness, to 
the verge of destruction. 

Destruction to those who refuse to 

Of the seclusion of Zionj and of 

Warnings against troubling the In- 
strument who wrote this Roll. 

Of sincerity wliile conversing upon 
sacred subjects. 

1. And again, saith the Lord, I now call upon you, O ye inhab- 
itants of the earth, to hearken to my words, and understand the 
truth concerning that of which ye are, as yet, strangers. 

2. You do not see how it is possible, for male and female to 
dwell in societies together and enjoy each other's association, and 
good and kind feelings, and still have nothing to do with sexual in- 
dulgences. This, in truth, to natural man, who is absorbed in the 
things of nature, seems to be impossible; a mystery that he cannot 
comprehend, or understand. 

3. And truly it is, saith the Lord, by natural man, while living 
after the ordinary course of nature, incomprehensible. 

4. For this power of associating together, as little harmless chil- 
dren who know no evil, in harmony, purity and innocence, is given, 
and can be found, only in the completed order of my creation, 
wherein old things are done away, and all things become new. 

5. All selfishness, quarrels, contention, strife, inveterate feelings 
of animosity, and attitudes of hostility, are effects proceeding from 


certain causes; and no body of people, [influenced by these causes,] 
can long dwell together in a united capacity, but that these effects, 
or consequences proceeding from these certain causes, will break 
them to pieces and scatter them asunder. 

6. The cause of all those uncontrolled divisions of feeling em- 
anates wholly from the region of darkness, where no true light, in 
its fullness, can ever shine ; and that is the indulging and gratifying 
of one's own carnal, fallen, and corrupt nature of fleshly lust, that 
is always at war against the soul's best good and comfort. 

^,-And while fed by indulgence and gratification, it will never 
suffer souls to enjoy true harmony, love, union and innocence, 
so that they can associate in societies together, further than the 
bounds of natural private families extend ; and even they, come far 
short of existing together in a state of peace and harmony. 

8. The gratification and indulgence in fleshly works, whether 
confined to one's self, or in connection with others, is continually 
strengthening the root of this evil tree, which bears the forbidden 
fruit, and hath many branches, that are continually strengthened 
and supported from this root. 

9. Therefore did the followers of my blessed Son, even in his 
first appearance, teach souls to lay the axe at the root [of the tree,] 
and destroy the cause, and the effect will cease, and the branches 
and limbs of this evil tree will die. 

10. When this is done, saith the Lord, then souls are again re- 
deemed unto Me, in a state of purity and innocence; and not until 
it is done, whether they be in time or in eternity, it maketh no dif- 
ference further than this ; 

11. The more they indulge themselves while in time, in the grat- 
ification of these works, the greater are the guilt, condemnation and 
stains of sin and filthiness impressed upon their souls when entering 
eternity ; and the greater must be their sufferings and tribulation to 
find their redemption. } 

12. For I created m^an, saith the Lord, in the beginning, pure and 
innocent; and when he is again redeemed unto Me, he will be pure 
and innocent ; and the more sin he commits, after he is born into 
the world, the greater is the distance that he is carried from Me, 
his God and Creator; and conse(}uently, the greater ujust be the 
length of his journey, in retracing his steps in sorrow and tribula- 
tion, again to find Me, his Creator God, in truth. 

13. And this is rendering unto every one a just reward, accord- 


ing to their works ; but mortals, wlien sinning against light and un-. 
<lerstanding, are rapidly hastening their souls at a great distance 
from Me, and from the purity of my kingdom. 

14. But in the completed order of my new creation, now estab- 
lished on earth, male and female dwell together as brethren and sis- 
ters, not as husband and wife ; for in this completed order, they can 
have nothing to do with those works belonging to the husband and 
wife dispensation ; as that is wholly confined to the natural order, 
and not to the spiritual. 

15. But that degree of comfort and true enjoyment which males 
and females take together, when living as brethren and sisters, in 
bonds of filial affection and gospel purity, is beyond any thing that 
can be enjoyed in a natural state. It is similar, saith the Lord, to 
that which two little children, brother and sister, who know no im- 
purity or wickedness, take in their innocent plays together. 

IG. And for this very cause, did your Lord and Savior take little 
harmless and innocent children in his arms, and bless them ; and 
told his disciples to suffer them to come unto him ; for of such was 
the kingdom of Heaven. 

17. This example of your Savior with little children, both in his 
first and second appearance, embraced the plainest and most strik- 
ing figure that could be made use of, to show unto the people that 
state of true innocence, purity and harmlessness, that must be pos- 
sessed by all such souls as would ever become true heirs of his 

18. But in order for souls to obtain a place in the completed or- 
der of my new creation, they must firstly confess their sins honestly, 
as before shown in this Roll ; then give themselves up unto Me, as 
clay in the hands of the potter, to be led as little children, counsel- 
ed and instructed through such visible agency as the influence of 
my Spirit, saith the Lord, hath appointed for that purpose; and to 
be admonished, in my holy fear, when found necessary. 

19. All this is done by the influence and power of the spirit, 
without coercive measures ; which measures I do not allow to be 
made use of, in my kingdom, save in the case of children, when all 
mild and persuasive means fail, I suffer them to be gently corrected 
with small rods ; but never are they allowed to be abused, or cru- 
elly treated, in any way, or meddled with by any one when under 
the least degree of excitement or passion. 

20. This is briefly the law and order of my kingdom, now estab- 


lished on the earth, forever more to stand. It is, and forever will 
be, composed of subjects harmless and inoffensive, who bear no 
carnal weapons of warfare, but rely, in their true obedience and 
devotedness of soul unto Me, upon my arm for protection from their 
enemies without and within ; 

21. Who will suffer at the hands of their fellow creatures, in- 
justice, cruelty and abuse, without retaliation, saiih the Lord; hav- 
ing this assurance from Me, That man can only destroy the body, 
but cannot injure the soul. 

22. Therefore, O vain and mortal man, consider all your doings, 
and take heed unto your goings, lest ye are found fighting, even 
against the Almighty hand of your God. 

23. For there is no person or spirit, that can rise and seek to 
stand against the eternal attributes of my goodness, purity, inno- 
cence and holiness, but what does fight against the Almighty hand 
of Him who created the Heavens and the earth, and whose power, 
in judgment, they must surely meet for so doing; for no weapon, 
formed against my Zion, shall prosper ; and every tongue that shall 
rise against her in judgment, I will condemn, saith the Lord. 

24. And now, my last and closing word in this sacred and sol- 
emn Roll of my mercy, I do send forth to all nations, kindreds, 
tongues and people, that dwell upon the face of the whole earth. 

25. As you deal with one another, so will your God deal with 
you ; as you treat this, his sacred and solemn word, so will lie 
treat you, in the dispensation of his judgment, and of his mercy. 
As you regard the laws of nature herein required to be kept, so 
will He regard you. 

26. As you regard the law of grace, or order of his new crea- 
tion herein required to be kept, by all who feel their souls called 
upon to advance forward into this perfect order, so will his Al- 
mighty hand regard you, with his blessing and protection. 

27. As you regard the requirement of Me, your God, respecting 
the reading of this solemn Roll of my ivord, and Booh of everlast- 
ing truth, to the inhabitants of earth, in your solemn assemblies, 
so will the Lord your God, in the day of his heaviest visitation in 
judgment, regard, and cause his holy Angels to regard you. 

28. As you regard, and treat the operations of my spirit, which 
shall go forth abroad in the world, of which I have before told you, 
so shall you be treated, by the ever-ruling hand of your God. 


■29. According as you believe and obey, or disbelieve and disobey, 
the words contained in tliis Sacred Roll [and Book,] so shall the 
sincerity of your cries and lamentations, in the day that you are 
constrained to pour thoni forth for my mercy, be regarded or disre- 
garded by your God. 

30. And according to the zeal, enterprise and sincerity of sucli 
as are required to correctly translate and circulate this Book through 
ditferent nations and languages, so shall their days of my notice, 
in peace and blessing, be prolonged. 

31. It is my requirement, saith the Lord, that in two years from 
the commencement of the year One thousand eight hundrfd and 

forty four, copies of this, my solemn warning, be circulated 
throughout all professed Christendom on the face of the whole 
earth ; and as far among the heathen nations, as missions for civil- 
ization and for instruction have been extended. 

32. And so far as the inhabitants of the earth regard, in truth, 
the sacred requirements contained in the holy scriptures, and in 
this my Sacred Roll, now sent forth directly from my eternal throne, 
in the age and day in which they live, so far are they justified in 
my sight. 

33. And by laboring, as fast as possible, to settle all feelings of 
collision, both in their own realms and kingdoms, [and with other 
nations,] without hostilities being commenced, or blood being shed, 
and to cease learning the arts of war, and cultivate the principles 
of peace, they will, so far, stay the heavy judgments which are 
already poured out without mixture, into the cup of the wrath of my 
indignation, to be sent forth upon the earth. 

34. But this effort to do away the cause of war, and establish 
conciliatory m.easures, that justice, in all cases, may be done, and 
the effusion of blood, and the destruction of human life be prevent- 
ed, I require, saith the Lord, should be made by nations, as well as 
by individuals. 

35. And so far as mankind turn their attention to cultivate the 
soil and procure their subsistence by their own honest industry; so 
far will they evidently feel, as nations, the blessings of an over- 
ruling providence smiling upon them. 

30. But let all nations and kingdoms remember, saith the God of 
Heaven, that they have advanced in wickedness, against the laws 
of their God and Creator, on to the very last stage in which his 
Almighty hand, in offers of mercy, can be extended towards then^. 


37. And if they refuse, as nations, to hearken and take warning, 
sure destruction is their certain and final doom. Herein is con- 
tained my word, the only true God, the Almighty Power of Heav- 
en and earth, the Over-ruling and Great first Cause of all created 
things. The God who was, the God who is, through endless worlds 
made known. 

38. Therefore, unto that God give thanks, whose omniscient eye 
is not confined to certain limits of time and space. 

39. Trouble ye not the little few from whence this, my word, at 
my command, has now come forth : for I, the God of all, have com- 
manded their seclusion, as a body, for a short season, from all public 
gaze and throng; that I may scourge them in my mercy, and teach 
them how, in tribulation's vale, to walk softly before Me their God. 

40. Trouble ye not the mortal hand, or Instrument of flesh and 
blood, through whom I caused my holy and mighty Angel of eter- 
nal light, power and truth, to move and guide the pen in truth to 
write this, my Holy and Sacred Roll, for mortal eyes to view ; for 
he is but mortal flesh and blood, like unto each one of you. 

41. No honor there belongs, but that of obeying Me, the Lord 
his God, regardless of all other personal views or consequences. 
Holy and sacred things I do require, saith the Lord, to be kept holy 
and sacred, practiced in both heart and hand; and not to be made 
the daily subject of comment, yet still unheeded. 

42. But when souls converse together on sacred subjects, let them 
be sincere in heart, possessing a degree of fear and reverence to 
that God by whom they were created, and before whose eternal 
throne of judgment and true justice, each soul must soon appear. 

43. And thus endeth the Roll, sent forth from Me, the God of 
Heaven and earth, consigned to ail possessing mortal clay, saith the 
Al fi'no of all creation, the Beginning and the Ending ; even so, 
eternally it shall stand, Amen. 




u^ ens ip^m^eo 


We require, saith the holy Angel, the first and second watch 
to be sounded in the ears of the watchmen of the flock. Go call 
the Shepherds, that they may hear; for my God hath commanded 
me words to speak, his truths to declare, to cry aloud, and spare 
not; for she that did glow in mirthful beauty, is now arrayed in 

Therefore, thou Prophet of the Lord, cause four of thy Arch- 
ers to speak thy word, this night; but command the other two to 
withhold, and speak not, until the time shall be fulfilled. And 
these shall be the hours in which ye shall cry aloud, The watch; 
first, between the hours of seven and eight ; second, between the 
hours of nine and ten; third, at the hour of twelve; fourth, between 
the hours of three and four. 


PART 1. 


1 . The Lord questioneth the Shepherds 

of Israel. 
G. God's hand upon earth in judgment. 
7. God'a word to his Archers. 

8. Warnings to Zion. 
13. Of the Lord's Vineyard. 
1.5. Of man's insisrnificance. 

1. Shall I gather and gather, gather and gather again, and then 
scatter in Israel, and rend in Jacob, saith the Lord? Shall I plant 
a o-oodly vineyai'd, and cause careful husbandmen to dress the same, 
that I may receive mine own with usury, and then suffer thieves 
and robbers to break in and abuse my husbandmen, and take to 
themselves the first ripe fruits, and destroy and trample the residue 
under their feet? 

2. Shall I grant that Israel may flourish, and Jacob prosper, and 
then suffer the destroyer to break down the walls of their city, and 
lay waste their pleasant places? Shall I suffer the little ones to be 
chased by their enemies, and scattered upon the mountains, as 
sheep having no shepherd ? 

3. Or shall I again, saith the Lord, send my beloved Son, to 
gather them under the shadow of his wings and seat them in the 
low and pleasant vales of humility? Yea, saith the God of Heaven, 
over mine own will I stretch forth my arm of protection, to save 
the offspring of my delight. 

4. But hearken, saith the Lord : Where are the credentials of 
your office, or the signets of your calling? Where are the marks 
from Wisdom's hand, that prove you objects of my name? Have 
not I promised that my judgments should be to the line, and my 
ricrhteousness to the plummet? Have I not given strength to the 
weak, that they might become strong to rejoice in the God of 
their salvation ? 

5. And again ; Have I not strengthened the feeble and tottering 
knee, that it might bow and bend as a suppliant willow, in my holy 
Sanctuary? Have I not called you all, saith the Lord, to drink at 
one fountain and bailie in one stream, and to refine by one fire, un- 


til you wfere clean? O hail levin cet! Haillevin'cet! and where 
tie I find you? 

6. Give ear, O earth, and hearken all ye people who dwell in her. 
My hand is upon you, saith the Lord God of Heaven, in judgment, 
and not in mercy ; and for your wicked abominations, shall ye howl 
in distress and gnaw your tongues for pain. 

7. Cry aloud, O ye archers, in Heaven, and spare not your voices 
on earth. Gird yourselves with the strength of a unicorn, and bend 
ye the bows of destruction, and let fly the arrows of death : but 
the humble and penitent, shall ye pass lightly over. 

8. And, O thou Zion of my planting, and all ye people who dwell 
in her ! Look ye to the hole from whence ye were digged, and to 
the pit from whence ye were taken. Have ye not been dandled as 
an infant at the breast, and rocked in the cradle of ease, until ye 
grew strong, yet unthankful; and rich, yet unholy? until ye de- 
nied the means by which ye were protected, and forgot the hand by 
which ye were sustained? 

9. O Zion, O Zion! Must I cast thee from my presence, and 
suffer thee to sojourn in a strange land, as one with whom I am not 
acquainted, saith the Lord, because I find thee set in thy own way, 
and conceited in thy own plans? 

10. Or shall I again send thee another offer by my first begotten 
Son, peradventure thou wilt hearken and return, though in the even 
tide of thy day. In lamentation and sorrow must I find thee walk- 
ing daily in my fear, and humbly in my presence ; for thy God is 
a God of justice, who is about to deal with thee. 

11. But in thy beauty shalt thou be magnified, and in thy glory 
shalt thou be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow unto 
thee ; for thy light shall extend far abroad, and the brightness of 
thy burning to the four winds of Heaven. 

L2. For in thy meekness and humility wast thou exalted in the 
eyes of thy God, and in thy dependence of feeling, didst thou draw 
down the powers from on high to thy assistance. Therefore, though 
thou become weak, yet thou art strong : though thy numbers be- 
come ^ew, yet shall myriads dwell within thy walls. 

13. I have planted me a vineyard, and walled me a city; I have 
built me a temple, and gathered me a people to worship therein. I 
have built me an altar, and placed thereon holy fire; and by the 
side of this altar, at my command, do fountains of living water boil 
up ; and here I have built baths, for my children to bathe and wash 



in ; and nono can enter this temple, and bring oflferings to my ac- 
ceptance, save those wlio continue to pass through this holy fire, 
and these living waters. 

14. And such, and such only, will be found in the hollow of my 
hand, when mountains sink and vallies rise, and kingdoms into 
pieces rend. 

15. What is mortal man, that thou art mindful of him, or the 
son of man, that thou visitest him ? whose life is but as a vapor, 
that vanisheth away, or as a mist before the rising sun. To-day he 
is, but to-morrow he is not : so is all flesh before the God of Heaven. 

PART 11. 



The word of God to his Watchmen 


Of the visitation of false spirits. 

aud Prophets. 


Of God's judgments. 


Of the Lord's city. 


Zion called upon to humble herself. 


This a world of sorrow, through man's 


The cry of the archers. 



Of the exaltation of Zion. 


Of watching. 


Of a preparation for the Lord. 

1. Give ear O ye watchmen, and listen O ye prophets ; for the 
God of Heaven doth call aloud unto you, Shall I gather and gath- 
er, gather and gather again, and then scatter them in Israel, and 
rend them in Jacob? Or shall I scatter them in Jacob, and rend 
them in Israel? How say you, ye Prophets? 

2. Have I not chosen you to lie low in spirit before Me, and bow 
even to the dust, and make sufferings of soul your constant meat, 
and the waters of affliction your pleasant drink, until ye were pre- 
pared, in truth to do my will, saith the Lord, and speak my word, 
and that alone? But I will cry aloud this watch in your ears, that 
you may prepare your souls for tribulation. 

3. For lo, I did build me a city, and planted me vineyards, and 
with a strong wall I did encompass it; and faithful watchmen I did 


place thereon, that no enemy should disturb the work of my hands. 
And for some length of time, the watchmen cried their etations, 
and no enemy dared approach. 

4. But hearken ; Hath not man, by his own disobedience, made 
this a world of sorrow? And shall he cease to watch where his own 
safety is endangered, and his life is at stake? Nay, but let him 
watch and pray without ceasing, and the ransom of his own soul 
shall be full compensation. 

5. And what I say unto my prophets, saith the Lord, I say unto 
all, Watch. For Zion shall be tried as she never before was, since 
I caused the light of my last dispensation to shine within her 
walls. She is now encompassed with an innumerable multitude; 
many for good, and many for evil. 

6. False spirits in my name have gone forth, both on earth and 
in eternity, to cast deception over the hearts of many. They have 
already begun to try the strength of her walls, by deceitful lies, and 
hypocricy : but a desolating curse shall follow up their rear, and 
judgments awful shall mark their footsteps. Yea, curse upon curse 
shall sweep, as a devouring flame, through the land of all such as 
fight against the Most High God. 

7. The breath of the Almighty, in his displeasure, shall desolate 
their most fruitful fields, and they shall become as a desert of burn- 
ing sands : Pestilential diseases shall prowl within their doors, and 
sweep them as carrion from before his face. The young shall die 
for the want of food in their habitations, and they of full strength 
shall go down to their graves for the want of bread. 

8. The fountains of water shall be dried up, and their tongues 
shall cleave unto the roof of their mouths. But again shall judg- 
ment be turned into mercy, and the humble seeker after truth, shall 
stand by the strength of the same. For truth shall out-live deceit, 
and righteousness out-stand hypocricy. 

9. O Zion, speedily put on thy garments of mourning, and lie 
low before the Lord thy God. And all ye her Prophets, prepare 
your vessels, from sun to sun ; in low humility and tribulation deep, 
clothe your souls as with a garment. 

10. Cry aloud, O ye archers, and spare not, for the arrows of 
truth must pierce through the heart. I am a Prophet of the Lord 
your God, and his word I will declare in the ears of the people. 
Let good to good be gathered, and chaff to chaff be burned. 

11. O ye inhabitants of Zion, never flee from the low vales of 



peace and safety, to soar on mountains high, in your own self-exalt- 
0(1 feelings, where the protection of your God cannot be found ; but 
down low, in tribulation's valley, there you will find the God 
of peace. 

12. This, the second watch, is cried in your presence ; there- 
fore, prepare for Me, in low humility, saith the Lord your God ; 
that I find you not unprepared at my coming : for a day of trial is 
at your doors, such as ye have never before seen. 

13. Ye may now go and take your rest ; but I rest not, saith the 
Prophet ; but shall cry aloud the next watch, when the curtains of 
midnight darkness are drawn over the land. 

PART 111. 





1 . Of desolation and judgments. 

2. The cry of the mourners. 

3. The Lord's answer. 

4. Of God's condescension. 

5. Of the sending of his Angels. 

7. The inhabitants of earth required to 


8. The lamentable condition of the chil- 



dren of men. 
Of protection to the righteous. 
Of desolation, and the lamentable 

condition of the inhabitants of earth. 
Zion's children required to humble 

themselves in prayer. 
Instruction to Zion. 

1. Again, hear ye the word of the Lord, O ye inhabitants of the 
earth ! Desolation is within your doors, and judgment's awful gloom 
stareth you in the face. 

2. The howling beasts of prey surround you, and nought but your 
God, can deliver you from their grasp. The voice of the mourner 
is heard in your streets, crying, O Lord, how long shall the inhabi- 
tants of the earth be forsaken of their God ? How long shall their 
nakedness appear? 

3. Until they have accomplished the full measure of tune, wherein 


they would not hearken to my warning voice, saith the Lord. I 
called, and entreated of them, as a fond mother would the darling 
of her delight; but they would not give ear. 

4. And as a kind and tender Father, I condescended to open the 
windows of Heaven, and shower down blessings upon them, and 
sent forth my words of solemn warning, that they might be encour- 
aged to hearken, and thereby taste the sweets of Heaven, by 
cleaving to the law of their God. 

5. I sent ministering Angels and spirits throughout the earth, 
openly to appear in their courts of solemn worship, and teach them 
from time to time, my holy will and pleasure. But for all this, they 
requited Me in derision, and mocked my holy messengers to scorn. 

6. The yoke of true obedience they would not wear, and the 
garment of tribulation, which I had prepared for them, they would 
not put on ; and thus is accomplished upon them, the fruit of their 
own doings. 

7. Lament, lament all ye people, for judgment crieth in your 
streets, and desolation marketh its way through your habitations ! 
For in my fury, saith the Lord, I will smite the shepherd, and the 
flock shall be scattered to the four winds. 

8. For the idols of abomination do rest in their skirts, and their 
garments are altogether unclean ; their eyes, full of wantonness and 
deceit, have been turned to serve other gods, and in the arm of 
flesh have they trusted for their protection. 

9. The enemy of all good hath dwelt in their hearts, and they 
would not hearken to my solemn warnings to purge him out: nay, 
but the inhabitants of earth courted his presence, and welcomed 
him into their habitations. 

10. Stoop down, O Heavens, and give ear to the few remainino- 
righteous and sincere souls upon the earth, who heeded my solemn 
warnings, and thereby have dwelt beneath the hand of my mercy ; 
for before other gods than Me they have not bowed, nor bent their 
knees to worship. 

11. And of this small remnant, wherever they may be, upon the 
face of the whole earth, they shall become a strong nation, whose 
union and relation shall be inseparably joined to that of the hosts 
of Heaven, and whose dominion shall be supported by the arm of 
ray power from on high, saith the Lord : for obedience is their motto 
and humility their garment, and no power shall wreak its vengeance 
in destruction upon them. 



12. But cry yet again, in the irlooins of midnight darkness, saith 
the Lord, to all the wicked and rebellious sons of men dwelling 
upon the earth. 

18. Their well cultivnted fields have become a desolation, and 
wild beasts do roam thereon. Their rich and splendid palaces are 
broken in pieces, and their garments are moth-eaten. Their heaped 
up stores are destroyed by vermin, and the canker-worm doth con- 
sume them daily. 

14. Their fields and their vineyards have ceased to bring forth 
fruit, for they are trodden by the feet of the unclean, and worked 
by the hands of the disobedient. 

15. O earth, earth, hadst thou but hearkened to the voice of the 
Lord thy God, the rays of life, light and hope, would have invig- 
orated thy goings, and the cheering and life-giving rays of the 
morning sun would have smiled upoa thy well cultivated fields, and 
beamed forth upon its vrings, from the firmament of heaven, songs 
of approbation to the tillers thereof. 

16. But alas ! Alas ! briers and thorns beneath, have choked the 
pleasant herbage of the fields, and in the firmament above, darkness 
does obscure the cheering rays of the luminous orb ; and the 
twinkling stars, from the glooms of midnight darkness, have with- 
drawn their shining. 

17. And the whole human family upon earth, is left to feel the 
scourge, and just judgments of an Almighty God, for walking in 
disobedience to his righteous and holy commands. 

18. But unto you who are called, and, by strict and true obedience 
to my commands, have made yourselves the chosen people of my 
Zion, wherever, and in whatever part of the earth you may be, bow 
low before your God, and cry for his mercy and protection. 

19. Consider yourselves but as worms of the dust before Him. 
Pray without ceasing, that your souls may be clothed in a garment 
of humility, possessing the spirit of the Lamb before all people. 

20. Pray that all your fellow mortals on earth may walk worthy to 
receive, at the hand of their God, his eternal blessings. Keep the 
sacred oracles of Heaven delivered unto you ; Love, and pray for 
those who appear to be your enemies. 

21. Render kindness and love unto all, retaliate upon none, 
though, being ignorant of their doings, they should seek to dis- 
tress and afiiict your souls, imprison and abuse your bodies, and 
destroy your property, that which ye have honestly gained by the 


iRieritorious industry of your own hands ; yet, render good for evil, 
and revile not upon those, either in word, thought or deed, who 
may appear to wish you exterminated from the face of the earth, 

22. But in the spirit of the Lamb, walk ye before all people, 
saith the Lord your God. And when ye are persecuted, by reason 
of the testimony that I, your God, require you to maintain, or for 
that life which I require you to live, consider those of my people 
who have gone before you, in past dispensations, and let your souls 
break forth in thankfulness, in prayer and humble supplication, 
upon your bended knees before I^ie, in the midst of your enemies 
saith the Lord, that the spirit of the Lamb of God depart not 
from your souls: for in this spirit you will be protected trom all 
polhition and defilement. 

23. Pray earnestly unto that Almighty God, who hath created of 
one blood all nations of the earth, that lie would stay his hand of 
desolating judgments therefrom, that all might have space to repent, 
and turn to the one true and living God, who giveth grace to the 
humble, and to the contrite heart draweth near, 

24. Pray that his blessings and protection may distill as the 
dews of Heaven from on high, upon the inhabitants of earth. 

25. Bend your knees in supplication and prayer, all ye inhabi- 
tants of Zion, in behalf of your fellow creatures; that the true 
wisdom of an Almighty God may rest in the hearts of the rulers 
of the earth; that they may frame their laws in true justice, and 
enforce them in equity. 

26. Mourn and lament, and pray for your fellow mortals, when 
they are suffering under the heavy hand of adversity. Hear the 
cries of the poor and distressed, that when ye are in distress, and 
under affliction, God may hear your prayers and supplication. 

27. Hearken to my voice, saith the Lord ; cease not to go forth 
in solemn praises to my name, your God and Creator, in thankful- 
ness for that privilege which, in the order of my divine goodness, 
I have granted you to gain your souls' salvation while upon the 
earth. Though you should be cast into prisons and dungeons, yet, 
cease not to glorify my name, and pray for your persecutors, and 
be kind unto those who treat you ill. 

28. Yea, saith the spirit of God, pray earnestly, without ceasing, 
that freedom of conscience may be granted throughout the earth, 
that every human creature may worship their God and Creator, in 



sincerity of heart, according to the best light and understanding 
given them. 

29. Pray that the whole human family may receive blessings at 
the hand of their God; Bless, and curse not, saith the Lord. Ven- 
geance belongeth unto Me, not unto man ; therefore, be ye always 
clothed with the spirit of Christ, the Lamb of God, who taketh 
away the sin of the world. 

30. In Me, saith the Lord, ye shall find rest to your souls; for 
him whom I love, I chasten, that he may walk in the way of my 
love, and depart not therefrom. Therefore, O ye children of Zion, 
be wise in all your goings forth; be harmless and innocent in all 
your doings, Amen. 



L Of the day of God's visitation in mer- 
cy, to the inhabitants of earth. 

4. Of peace and quietness. 

5. Of a day of rejoicing. 

10. Ziou called to arise in rejoicing. 
12. All people called to a banquet pre- 
pared in Zion. 

14. All creation called upon to rejoice. 

15. Free salvation to all tongues and peo- 







Words of the Prophet Isaiah. 

Short the time of slumbering. 

Every heart required to read. 

Warnings to Zion. 

Of one only true path. 

A state of humility, soon to become 
the greatest consolation. 

Of the manner of the Prophet's mis- 

Against discouragement. 

1. Give ear and attention, all ye inhabitants of Zion, and hail, 
all ye people from distant lands, who have come to visit her, saith 
the Lord. The day of her visitation, in mercy from on high, hath 

2. The rays of morning light beam forth in smiles of pleasant- 
ness upon her ; the sparkling orbs, from the canopy of Heaven, 
drop down their twinkling rays of light, in streams of consolation. 
The morning sun ariseth in effulgent glory bright, and spreadeth 


his wings to the four winds, and gracefully hovereth over Zion's 

3. The gloomy curtains of despair are withdrawn, the loathsome 
mist of darkness is dispelled, by the light-giving rays from the 
ethereal worlds on high. 

4. Hark ! hark ! O ye Seraphs, and all ye stationed Archers 
round her lovely borders. All animated creation breathes forth 
songs of peace to Zion, and good will to the inhabitants of earth. 
The glorious orb of light hath cast his silvery curtains around her 

5. Arise, arise, O Zion, the days of thy sorrow are fulfilled, and 
the hours of thy mourning accomplished. Thou hast humbled thy- 
self to the dust, and laid low in sack-cloth and ashes. Thou hast 
drank the bitter cup of adversity, and eaten, in obedience, the gall 
of bitterness. Thou hast appeased the anger of thy God for thy 
many transgressions, for thou didst suffer the full measure given 
unto thee. 

6. Cast off thy garments of mourning, and attire thyself in the 
beautiful robes of joy and gladness; go forth in the dances of them 
that make merry, and rejoice in the God of thy salvation ; for 
his anger is turned away, and his loving kindness doth now extend 
throughout the whole creation. 

7. Sound forth his joyful songs of praise, all ye his chosen peo- 
ple ; make a joyful noise before Him, and chant his holy name in 
your songs of adoration. 

8. Praise him, all ye people, praise him when you walk his holy 
land; praise him while you sleep beneath the arm of his protection. 

9. And all ye fowls in heaven, beat your wings in joyful praises 
to his name ; and let the beasts who tread and graze on earth be- 
neath, bleat forth praises to the same. 

10. O thou Zion of my delight, saith the Lord, arise and stand 
upon thy feet, for I have shod them with grace and truth, and they 
will now walk in my paths, for they are ways of pleasantness, and 
all my paths are peace. For I will hold you as the apple of mine 
eye, and as the objects of my greatest delight. Yea, saith the Lord, 
I will be unto you a God, and ye shall be unto Me a people in 
whom I can take great delight. 

11. Cry aloud, O thou watchman of the morning, cry aloud The 
Watch in Zion ; for the Heavens smile upon her ; in beautiful gar- 
ments is she arrayed, and decked with precious ornaments. The 


Sun of righteousness hath shone upon her, and dothed her in a 
robe of perfect beauty; and hath phiced an ensign of safety upon 
her breast, which she shall show to all nations. 

12. Come, come, saith the Lord, all ye from distant lands, and 
isles at sea; come, come saith your God, to the banquet I have pre- 
pared for you ; for in my Zion I take delight, and glorious shall be 
her name throughout the land. 

13. I will lay all nations low before thee, and in humility and 
meekness shalt thou ever come before Me, saith thy God. 

14. Rejoice with exceeding great joy ye heavens ; break forth 
into singing ye mountains ; ye hills and ye vallies leap with a glad- 
dened heart, and clap your hands for joy ; for his anger is turned 
away, and in mercy he hath looked on Zion. In thee there shall 
be no more sorrow, no more sighing, no more sickness, death or 
pain ; but thy spirit shall be wholly absorbed in doing the will of 
thy God ; and thy body shall be wholly delighted in supporting the 
same. Thus shalt thou spend thy days on earth, rejoicing in the 
God of thy immortality, whose hand doth now cover and shield thee 
from all harm without and within. 

15. Free salvation hath the Lord your God proclaimed to all na- 
tions, kindreds, tongues and people. He that feareth the Lord and 
worketh righteousness, by keeping his commandments unbroken, 
the same is, and forever shall be, accepted of Me, saith God, let 
him be of whatever kindred, nation, clime or people he may. 

16. For I am a God of justice, and not of partiality; and he 
that strippeth, and maketh the sacrifice, by running the appointed 
race, shall surely obtain the prize of salvation. 

17. The offers of my gospel are not decreed for any individual 
nation, kindred, tongue or people; but whosoever will, let him 
come and partake of the waters of life freely. 

18. Here the thirsty soul may drink to thirst no more. Here 
the wandering soul who is sick of sin, may find a place of rest. 
Here the widow and fatherless children, shall find there is a Zion 
of God upon earth, wherein dwelleth the image of his kindness, 
charity and goodness. 

19. O Jerusalem, Jerusilem, thou city of peace, and Zion cf 
my likeness, saith God, rejoice, and be comforted from thy sorrows; 
for thou now dwellest in the midst of one eternal day, whose glory 
divine and resplendent brightness shall never be withdrawn. In 
the bowers of peace and under the arbors of safety, thou shalt eat 


the fniit of the vine undisturbed; for there shall be none to make 
hee afraid. And amen,even so let it be, crieth the fourth Archer. 


20. O hear my words, ye leaders and people in Zion. In this 
manner, though strange and singular to you, was I sent forth this 
night, by the command of my God, with six archers, obedient to 
my word ; four of whom have cried The Watch aloud, as I was com- 
manded to have them. The other two remain in silence, for their 
hour is not yet come. 

21. They that have ears, and can hear aright, let them wisely 
use them. They that have a heart to understand the truth, lay it 
open wide. For I declare unto you, saith the Prophet, in the name 
of the Lord my God, that these things are sent forth for a weighty 
and solemn warning, to every age and class; for the time is short 
that ye will have your slumbers in peace, as ye now do. 

22. But the cries of your own little ones, in the silent hours of 
night, shall resound through your habitations; for God hath yet a 
controversy in Zion, and He Himself will settle it, in his own time. 

23. Let every heart read ; spell not, but read, saith the Prophet, 
and well understand what you read. Archers are used, when sent 
of God for that purpose, to draw the bow, and let swiftly fly the ar- 
rows of destruction. 

24. He that hath understanding, let him be wise and use it 
aright ; for the controversy will be great, before it is ended. And 
he that walketh uprightly, and speaketh his words discreetly, shall 
not be taken in a snare of his own setting. 

25. And alive inhabitants of Zion, I warn you, I again most sol- 
emnly warn you, in the name of my God, to beware at what fountain 
you drink, and with what spirit you unite. Try every spirit that 
Cometh unto you, by that rule which God hath given you ; for never 
did the Zion of God stand in a more dangerous situation, than in 
the present moment : for to this point hath He brought her, and 
through this point will He prove her. 

26. Could you behold that which God hath showed unto me, 
your tongues would stand in breathless silence, and rest would 
depart from your bodies, while sleep did flee from your eyes. 

27. One path, and one only path, hath the Lord your God placed 
before you: and, O how straight, how straight and narrow is this 


path! None can walk, I say none can walk it, save those who lie 
low in the valley of true tribulation of soul. 

28. You will soon be able, my dear gospel friends, saith the 
Prophet, to humble yourselves before God upon your knees ; and it 
will not become a form, nor a ceremony; but it will be a place of 
the greatest comfort and consolation that you can find; let not this 
pass through your ears as empty sounds. 

29. For the rolling of the Ar vanse kalon, will surely bring it on 
you. O do receive it in mercy, that it may not speedily come in 
judgment, and scatter your little ones to the four winds. 

30. I have not come, saith the Prophet, to prophecy of myself 
unto you ; but I have come at the command of my God, to speak 
the word He gave me, received through one of his holy Angels, who 
standeth by my side. Did Zion's children* pity themselves, with 
that true pity that God their Heavenly Father doth, they all would 
have repented in sack-cloth and ashes, long before this day. 

31. But let not the v/ords of your God discourage any soul; but 
prepare to meet [the Lord] your God, in a garment owned of Him. 
This, my mission at this time, with six of the Archers, who 
bend the bow to force the arrow, is a sign both solemn and awful 
unto you, although ye do but in part understand it; but so far as 
God will suffer me, I have told you. 

32. The foregoing prophecies, saith the Angel, cried at the differ, 
ent watches of the night, by the Archers, at the command of the 
Prophet Isaiah, you will but in a small measure be able to under- 
stand, in the present tense, as the different states of Zion therein rep- 
resented may be some hundreds of years apart. But you may gather 
much good, if you will, from the solemn warnings contained in them. 

33. So watch, and keep your lamps trimmed and burning, and 
your garments unspotted, that the Lord, in truth, may find you pre- 
pared for his coming. 

34. My everlasting love, saith the Prophet, I freely give to all 
Zion's children. And understand my words; In this love there is 
no fleshly aflfections to recommend it, nor yawning looks of filthi- 
ness : Amen, and even so let it be. 

The word the Father gave me, is finished. 

New Lebanon, December 23, 1842. 





The following prophecies, saith the Prophet Isaiah, I am com- 
manded, by the God of Heaven, to declare to the nations of the 
earth, through my other two Archers, who were not permitted to 
sound when the other four did. 

The fore part of the first, will embrace the present condition of 
the inhabitants of earth, and the last part, the blessings and good- 
ness of the Almighty, if they hearken to his word. 

The second part, the awful calamities, judgments and desolations 
that are sure to follow, should they refuse to hearken to the voice 
of the Lord their God, through humility and repentance. 


2. Questions to the inhabitants of the 

9. Questions concerning the first gospel 

dispensation of the Son of God. 
14, Of Christ's miracles. 
18. Of their effect upon the human family. 
21. Of Christ's labors on earth. 
23. Of the examples of God's wrath and 

judgments upon the wicked. 
31. Of the present wretched state of 


1. O Hdlen humer, I'se vdlo! 
thereon ! 

Of God's merciful offers. 

Of the lamentable condition of man- 

Of abused and degenerated nature 

Of the leading objects of mankind. 


Man called from nature's darkness, 
and promised a blessing in obedience. 

Of the restoration of peace on earth. 

Of a dispensation of equity and justice. 

Of promised blessings. 

O earth, and all who dwell 


2. Where are your oflferings of tithes, mint and cummin? 

3. Where is the incense of purity, and where are the oblations 
of praise ? 

4. Where is the light of thy brightness and the shining of thy 

5; Wast thou never illuminated by the brightest shining orb 
of Heaven? 

6. Was not the lamp of eternal life, filled with the oil of joy and 
gladness, held forth for thy reception? 

7. Was not a table spread by your Heavenly Father's command, 
and sufficient placed thereon to feed the whole family of man? 

8. Were not his watchful words of warning, from age to age 
sent forth, of what his Almighty hand, in time to come would do ? 
Did not the Lord Almighty Himself, send forth a beloved Son? 

9. Did he not hold forth to the whole human family, the sceptre 
of true righteousness, on just and equal terms ? 

10. Was not the path clearly shown, wherein their feet must walk? 

11. Were not the greatest promises that had ever yet been made 
to mortals, given by this, the Son of God, who was endowed with 
power from on high, to fulfill that which he did promise? Did not 
this, the Living Branch of Eternal Righteousness^ promise unto 
those who would forsake all and follow him, that they should re- 
ceive an hundred fold in time, and in the world to come Eternal Life? 

12. Did he not warn all to fulfill all the weighty requirements of 
the law, which had been given before him ? and that Heaven and 
earth should pass away before one jot or one tittle should fail? 

13. And did he not plainly declare, that he and his Father were 
one? What plainer language could he use, to show his divine mis- 
sion into the world ? 

14. And did he not restore to life, and raise the dead, before 
their eyes, that all might be convinced that he was sent from the 
Eternal Power on High? 

15. And moreover. Did he not, with a few small loaves and 
fishes, feed thousands of hungry mortals? And was there not in 
fragments much remaining, when they had done? 

16. Did not he walk on waters deep, and calm the tempestuous 

17. And did he not cast out devils, and suffer them into the 
swine to go? And how oft, by his mighty power, did he heal the 
sick, whom no physician could restore. 


18. And what did all these wonderful miracles do towards con- 
vincing the darkened race of man, that he came forth from God, 
his Heavenly Father ? Did they not revile him, and seek his life 
from day to day? 

19. And did they not lay out the work of an Almighty God ac- 
cording to their own plans, and in their own way ? 

20. And did they not prefer their own wisdom, to that which was 
sent of God, from on High ? 

21. How oft would he have gathered the whole house of Israel, 
under his holy wings, like as a hen gathereth her chickens! And 
for this purpose, how oft did he exhort them, and kindest language 
use, that they might be persuaded to turn to God, through. repent- 
ance and humility, before they had out-stood the day of God's mer- 
cy unto them ! 

22. Why would they not take warning from those who had lived 
in ages long before? Had they ever known God's promises to fail? 

23. Had they not the example of God's wrath and judgment on 
the wicked inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, for the hardness 
of their hearts in refusing to hearken to his word ? 

24. And furthermore, Did they not have the example of the 
haughty Ninevites, who, at the warning voice of the Lord, through 
Jonah, humbled themselves in sack-cloth and ashes, and by this 
means stayed the Almighty hand of judgment, so long as they 
walked humbly before Him, notwithstandijig, their days had been 
numbered ? 

25. And did not the Lord fulfill his word, when they returned 
to their former wicked lives, by a total destruction of their city? 

26. And had they not the example of righteous Noah before 
them, and the fate of those who mocked and scorned his word? 

27. Yet, what lessons from all these awful judgments did they 
learn ? 

28. Did they not pursue exactly the same path, in plans of their 
own devising, instead of heeding the word of the Lord ? 

29. Did they not pursue their own way, and crucify the Christ 
of God, and put his followers to death? 

30. And were not the judgments that had been foretold, exe- 
cuted upon them accordingly? All truth declares the affirmative. 

31. O wretched state of man, that now envelopes the whole 
earth ! who hath, from the earliest ages, sought to withstand his 
Greater God; who hath refused all offers at his hand of mercy, 


love and truth ; and madly hath pursued his own course, in de- 
struction's broad road of sin and death. 

32. The dispensations of his Maker's goodness, sent forth to him 
in streams of loving kindness, he hath trampled under his feet as 
vain and worthless ofters, designed in hearts of men, and portrayed 
by lips of mortals. 

33. In no age of time that is past, nor in modern days that now 
are, have mankind whom God created, ever been willing, as a body, 
to receive, own and acknowledge, the Great Supreme First Cause 
of all creation's vast extent, when in his wisdom He saw fit, in mer- 
cy, to reveal Himself to man. 

34. The blind and bigoted worms of dust, have never been pleas- 
ed nor satisfied with the way and manner in which He chose to 
reveal Himself. 

35. The two gospel dispensations of his eternal grace, He hath 
sent forth to earth ; and the door of saving grace and full salvation, 
is opened free to man ; A salvation that can save in the present tense. 

3G. Though many were called, in both dispensations of his ever- 
lasting goodness, yet, few were willing to pay the price required, 
that they might become the elect and chosen of the Lord. 

37. Therefore hath man, in all ages, chosen his own way ; and 
his Maker, God, hath suffered his delusion ; he hath chosen the 
ways of death unto his soul, and the wages thereof he must receive, 
as a just recompense for his determined folly. 

38. O sorrowful earth ! Dost thou consider the time that is past, 
and the day that is gone, wherein the Lord thy God would have 
clothed thee in beautiful garments of peace, but thou wouldst not 
receive at his hand? 

39. And all ye people who dwell in her, how oft would his All- 
powerful hand, in mercy have gathered you, from the earliest ages 
to the present day ! Yea, how oft would He have gathered you un- 
der the wings of his divine providence and blessing ! 

40. How oft would you have been fed at his hand from the eter- 
nal stores of his goodness ! How oft would He have watered your 
thirsty souls, from his eternal springs of life ! 

4L And how oft and continually, would He have caused the en- 
livening dews of his everlasting blessings to drop down from the 
Heavens above, with smiles of his approbation and pleasure, upon 
the inhabitants of earth below ! 

42. And how much more honorable and exalted would man's 


situation have been, in the eyes of his Creator God, than what 
it now is ! 

43. Would not his God now have said unto him. Thou hast an- 
swered the purpose for which I created thee, and my blessing of 
peace and mantle of love, shall never depart from thy borders? 
Thou didst receive the watch-word of warning, sent forth through 
my servants to thee ; and thereby, at my coming, thou wast prepared 
for my reception, and denied Me not. 

44. But O thou perishing earth ! whose inhabitants languish in 
sin, groping their way in shadows of death ! 

45. Defiled in heart and polluted in hand, doth thy God behold 
thee. The garment thy fathers did wear, by heirship hath now 
become thine. The cup which thy fathers did drink, is now filled 
to overflowing for thee : for by all that hath passed for thousands of 
years, thou shouldest have learned that the fear of the Lord was 
required of thee. 

46. For his infinite goodness, in mercy and love, unto thee hath 
been extended through all preceding ages, unto the present day, 
in which He hath accomplished the last and final display of his 
goodness and grace to mortals on earth, in the setting up of his 
kingdom which is never more to be destroyed. 

47. O inhabitants of earth, lamentable earth ! your God and 
Creator hath called you in mercy ; but you have answered in the 
spirit of rebellion, and for his goodness ye have requited Him evil. 

48. Time after time hath He proved you from the foundations 
of the world. And as oft ye have hardened your hearts in rebellion 
and stiffened your necks in stubbornness, against his holy will, 
until you have become clothed in blackness and despair, and en- 
shrouded in the shades of death. 

49. Your garments are moth-eaten, your shoes are worn out, and 
nought have you on to cover your nakedness ; your shame doth ap- 
pear to all who behold you. 

50. Instead of peace and quietness dwelling within your borders, 
wars and contention, bloodshed and carnage mark your footsteps. 
Instead of love and good will to each other, hearts filled with an- 
imosity and revenge, and hands stained in your brother's blood. 

51. Instead of keeping the golden rule of the Savior of men, 
doing unto others as ye would have them do to you, ye have turned 
it square around ; doing to others as ye would not have them do 
to you. 


52. Instead of just weights, the deceitful and fraudulent balance 
is used, always in favor of self, at the expense of the just rights of 
your brother. 

53. Instead of correct measures, scanted ones when going out, 
and pressed down ones when coming in. 

54. Instead of love, union and peace, whose beautiful graces, 
among brethren and sisters, are as the sweet smelling roses of Sharon, 
are found growing the thorn, the thistle and the brier; or pride, 
strife and ambition. 

55. Instead of cultivating the principles of peace at home, and 
nourishing the same abroad, what do we behold, but schools of vice, 
to learn the arts of war. 

5G. Had this been, when my Master was on earth, says the Arch- 
er, it would not have been so far behind the age. 

57. But now, it is at least, eighteen hundred years behind the 
age, wherein God intended man should enjoy, if he would, peace 
within and peace without, peace at home and peace abroad. 

58. And it is now more than eighteen hundred years, since the 
Son of God commanded all to love one another, and said that his 
servants would not fight ; his kingdom was a kingdom of peace, 
and he that taketh the sword should perish by the sword. 

59. But what do the present works of man declare? Are not 
hosts of armies trained on land, and fleets afloat at sea, watching 
an opportunity to cause the blood from human veins to flow ? 

60. And how can mortals, in this way, prepare to meet their God, 
save to drink the cup of his wrath and indignation, in rolling 
strokes of judgment? And this for their works' sake, both past and 
present, they surely do deserve. 

61. And what is now beheld on earth, among the sons of men? 
Do they present themselves to worship a pure and holy God, who 
will accept no offerings from any, save those whose hearts are sin- 
cere, and hands undefiled ? Or do they think the God they worship 
will not behold their awful and filthy works of abomination ? 

62. Can the image of God's creation, think to visit, for indul- 
gence, the beastly and filthy stews of vice, then wipe their lips, and 
say, I've done no wrong? And go into the place of worship, think- 
ing to make offerings to a pure and holy God ! 

63. Awful ! awful indeed ! cry the Angels of the Most High God ! 
Awful, awful will be their judgments on the earth, if into the order 
of nature's path, mankind do not return. 


64. By vile corruption, man hath sunk his soul in darkest shades 
of night. The law of nature is set at naught, to gratify his own 
insatiable propensities of lust; and by this means he draws down 
the judgment of Heaven upon his own head, for violating his Ma- 
ker's laws, which are right, just and good, and agreeable unto which, 
his offspring, in a natural state, was to have been begotten. 

65. Had this been kept, man, at this stage of his existence on 
the earth, would not have inherited from his progenitors, a curse 
through life, by hereditary diseases and raging humors, which cover 
his body with blains and sores, from the crown of his head to the 
sole of his foot. 

66. And what is now beheld among the sons of men, but the 
visible marks of an abused and degenerated nature, handed down 
from parents to children, and increased in every generation ! 

67. And thus, in this state and condition of man, his soul is in- 
wrapped in darkness, and his mortal body clothed in disease; and 
still he is pursuing the downward road with rapid march and quick- 
ened pace, to utter destruction's gate. 

68. And instead of being found by their God, each pursuing the 
path of true honesty and uprightness, dealing justly, loving mercy, 
and walking humbly before the Lord, how different their situation 
and pursuit. 

69. Is it not the leading effort of the human family to get gain, 
and that without right, or true honesty ? Are they not willing to 
traverse both sea and land to trade and traffic, and by unjust spec- 
ulations heap up to themselves silver and goldl Are not many in- 
ventions sought out by man to procure gain without right 1 

70. Are not unjust reckonings and deceitful weights constantly 
employed for this purpose? 

71. Is not man anxious to become rich, and popular in the eyes 
of his fellow beings, without putting his own hands to honest indus- 
try, day by day, to obtain it? 

72. Are they now, as a body, found honestly tilling the soil with 
their own hands, and gaining their bread by the sweat of their face ? 
Is each one sitting in peace under his vine, and under his fig tree, 
and none to make him afraid? 

73. Or are they now found in tumult and confusion, all over the 
face of the whole earth, both rulers and people, not considering 
that they have departed from the law of their God, until even the 


providential hand of his blessing is withdrawn, and they left to be 
confounded in their own doings ; 

74. While the heavy and desolating judgments of an Almighty 
God are about to burst upon them, as destroying blasts on every side? 

75. But O, inhabitants of earth, consider the greatness and good- 
ness of your God ; for when ye justly deserved the severest of pun- 
ishment for running, ages and ages in forbidden paths, the arm of 
tender kindness, by your God and Creator, was stretched out, 
clothed in mercy and compassion, to all who would hearken to his 
word. Even to-day, after so long a time, if ye will hearken and 
obey his voice, He promises you mercy at his hand; He whose 
promises fail not, whether given in mercy, or in judgment. 

76. Turn, turn O earth and all ye inhabitants thereon; humble 
yourselves to the dust, and put on your garments of mourning: 
from the king on his throne to those in humblest walks of life ; 
for your God is merciful, and will be touched with your cries and 
lamentations, in true obedience to his word. 

77. O cast from thee thy tattered garments, and be clothed upon 
with the mercies of thy God. Cease ye longer to grope your ways 
encompassed by midnight darkness. Come forth of his prisons, 
and be loosed of his bands, that ye may not be holden of him, and 
ye shall become as fruitful fields by the side of pleasant waters. 

78. Come ye forth from nature's darkness, and ye shall walk in 
the light of the luminous orb, at the meridian of day. Come 
forth to Him who hath called you ; in songs of praises and thanks- 
giving, adore the God of eternal mercies. 

79. Yea, saith the Lord, instead of briers, thorns and thistles, 
thou shalt become as a pleasant garden filled with flowers and lilies, 
in the midst of a fruitful field ; whose fragrance shall be strength 
to the weak, and courage to the way-faring man. 

80. The king and the prince, the rulers and people, the rich and 
the poor, the strong and the weak, the halt and the blind, can now 
unite in one voice of thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise to the 
God of their salvation, whose anger is now turned into mercy, and 
judgments into blessings of peace and prosperity; who maketh the 
desert to flourish, and the barren land a fruitful field, yielding in- 
creasing bounties to the tillers thereof 

81. In the strength of your God ye shall run, but shall not be 
weary; and by his power ye shall walk, but shall not faint; for by 


his Strength ye shall be supported; and in the sincerity of your 
hearts, his Almighty power shall sustain you. 

82. Your implements of war and destruction shall no more be 
stained in human blood, but shall be changed into implements to 
till your land to produce your daily bread. Your hands shall be 
cleansed, and your garments washed from the stains of human 
blood, no more to be defiled therewith. 

83. Your fleets at sea shall not float to distant lands, to butcher 
and destroy the objects of my creation ; but they shall guard upon 
the rolling deep against all unlawful prizes by any of the out-lawed 
race of man.* 

84. And your standing armies shall be released to cultivate the 
soil, and earn their bread by daily toil. 

85. Yet, laws of justice shall pervade, both by sea and land ; 
And I, your God, will this support by my Almighty hand. 

86. And they that were clothed in darkness, and bound in the 
prisons of death, are now arrayed in beautiful garments, shining 
with honor and glory, glowdng with brightest gems of true obedi- 
ence to the voice of the Lord their God, who called in love, and 
they hearkened in mercy; whose paths have now become the paths 
of peace, and whose ways can now be termed the ways of true 
pleasantness; whose feet no more pursue the paths of death to shed 
innocent blood, or walk the winding course, that leadeth to the 
house of her who keepeth open doors, for common prostitution. 

87. Now% such as once did spend their strength and lives to grat- 
ify the vilest passions of a depraved nature, are turned to spend 
their days in moral deeds of virtue. 

88. Such as once their persons did adorn, and decorate with 
gayety to attract, for filthy lucre, do now, in modest plainness, 
adorned with goodly virtue, pursue the even tenor of their way, 
in laudable pursuits. 

89. Now, he that once thought himself a potentate on earth, to 
rule as with a rod of iron, over his fellow beings ; who deigned not 
to speak, nor in any way to associate as a fellow being, with any, 
save those whom he considered equal with himself in opulence and 
splendor, doth now come down upon a level with the humble 

* This law is designed for people in the state of nature, and is necessary to protect the 
innocent from lawless violence. But where the dominion of Christ is established in 
souls, and where the law of grace reigns, the law of nature is thereby superseded. 


peasant, and pursue, in quietness, the common grades of life, along 
the paths of true contentment. 

90. He that did once make it his greatest study to practice fraud 
upon his fellow beings, that he might be possessed of that to which 
he had no right, doth now make restitution, and mend his froward 
life, by daily pursuing habits of industry and virtue ; having the 
principles of honesty, daily his pursuit. 

91. The once lion-hearted-like and ferocious spirit in man, that 
delighted to hear the thundering cannons roar, and did glory in 
deeds of blood and the destruction of human life, and in making 
thousands of widows and fatherless children to suffer for the want 
of bread, and drag out a disconsolate and wretched life, doth now 
shudder at the very thought of the deeds in which he once gloried, 
and for which his nation's voice of approbation did loudly resound 
in acclamations of honor to his name: but now, of such awful 
deeds no one can bear the thought. 

92. Thy fields, that once were covered with the slain who fell 
in battle, and whose ground was drenched in human blood, have 
now become the habitations of peace, cultivated by the hands of 
true peace-makers, bearing the ensign of love and good will to all 

93. And in your cities which were destroyed by fire and sword, 
shall a plant of true righteousness spring up, and it shall grow and 
flourish, and beam forth its rays of light, as the morning sun, when 
glowing in its effulgent brightness. 

94. Therefore, fear God and keep his commandments, all ye in- 
habitants of earth, that his out-stretched arm of mercy may go with 
you through time, and support you in eternity. His laws of nature 
keep, and they will protect you in that state, until He sendeth forth 
a further word to you, which will be in his own way, time and sea- 
son. Mortal clay knoweth not from whence it will proceed. 

95. The state herein described, saith the Archer's voice, are 
promises from on High, and will surely come to pass upon that na- 
tion and people who will humble themselves before the Lord their 
God, and heed his warning voice herein contained. Amen> 









Of the Lord's controversy. 
Great the cup of earth's punishment. 
All the disobedient to fall in one com- 
mon grave of ruin. 
Man's ways end in destruction. 

18. Of God's morning watch-word. 

19. How treated. 

22. The earth ripe for harvest. 

25. The Lord entreateth man to repent. 

28. Of salvation bv the merits of Christ. 

1. Prophecy aloud unto the nations of the earth, and declare my 
judgments unto them, O thou Prophet of my name, saith the Lord ; 
through thy Archer proclaim unto them. 

2. Truly hath the God of Heaven declared a controversy upon 
earth ; a controversy with all nations and kingdoms, and a contro- 
versy throughout his Zion. 

3. O thou Harlot and abomination of the earth, that spreadest 
thy iniquities over many waters, and coverest the face of the earth 
with thy lewdness ; Thou hast heard the warning voice of Almighty 
God, but hearkened not; neither would, so much as for a moment, 
incline thine ear or open thine heart to understand. 

4. Had one fifth part of the warnings which have been oiven 
unto thee, been given unto Sodom and Gomorrah, they would have 
lain low in humility before God, that his awful judgments mio-ht 
have been stayed from their city, and their lives prolono-ed on the 

5. Therefore great must be thy punishment ; the cup of trouble 
and affliction which thou hast filled to others, shall be filled to thee 
double. The abominations and pollutions with which thou hast 
covered the earth, shall sink with thee, as thy companions, into the 
lowest depths of Hell. 

6. Desolation shall stand in thy gate, and destruction shall stare 
thee in thy face. The cries and shrieks of the tormented in hell, 


shall be thy continual food ; for thou repentest not at my warning, 
and I no longer hearken to thy cry, saitli the Lord. 

7. O thou high and self-exalted kingdom, who hatli gloried in 
thy deeds of blood, and vaunted thyself in horrid deeds of cruelty; 
who trusted in thy own arm of flesh for strength, and heeded not 
my warning voice; who hath enriched thy coffers with gold and 
silver, at the expense of others' rights and comforts ; 

8. Thou shalt drink the full draught of my judgments. Though 
thou art exalted in the highest pitch of grandeur, yet, I will surely 
bring thee to the lowest depths of ruin. 

9. I called thee in mercy, but thou wouldst not hearken. I sent 
messengers unto thee, to warn thee of thy danger, but thou didst 
deride, mock, and shamefully entreat them. The time that I did 
give thee to prepare, in low humility, for my coming, thou didst 
put far in the future tense. 

10. The sun shall be darkened over thy head, and the earth shall 
roar in convulsions under thy feet; until she shall swallow down, 
and devour without mercy, many portions of thy wicked and ex- 
alted stations. 

11. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, shall fall in 
one common grave of ruin. And upon your fleets at sea will I 
pour forth my fury, which shall dash them one against another, 
until they are buried in the bosom of the deep. 

12. I will also suffer, saith the Lord, nations and kingdoms to 
destroy one another. I will take peace from the earth ; and pes- 
tilence, sword and famine, shall consume the inhabitants thereof. 

13. For my controversy on earth is great, and I shall not with- 
draw my Almighty hand, until I have accomplished the work which 
I purpose. 

14. Monarchs shall be confounded ; kings seized with conster- 
nation, and the rulers among the people, be silent through fear ; 

For all surrounding objects are overspread with silent gloom. 
And seem to speak forth loudly, the end to which they are doomed. 

15. Your God is a God of justice, of truth and righteousness; 
and his work of judgment, in his own time and season. He will 

16. Give ear unto my voice, all ye people dwelling on the earth. 
Why have ye chosen the way of death, misery, torment and destruc- 
tion, instead of the way of life and peace? 

17. The way that seemeth right unto man, or most agreeable to 


his natural feelings, is sure to end in destruction and death, and in 
the banishment of the soul far from the presence of his God. 

18. In mercy, saith the Lord, I sent unto her inhabitants the 
morning watch-word of my coming ; not from the starry regions 
above, but in a low, humble manner, quite out of sight of the great 
and the high ; and with this, my word, the most solemn warnings, 
that desolation would follow their refusal, should they not heark- 
en to the voice of Him who came forth from the Eternal Father. 

19. But all these entreaties prevailed to effect nought but mad- 
ness and derision; laughing to scorn my sacred name, and the 
means by which I made known my will to them. 

20. Yet, in my tender mercies did I send forth my work the sec- 
ond time on earth, and gave unto man a clear understanding, that 
it was my last display of grace to him; yet, he believed Me not, for 
my manner of coming did not agree with his own exalted ideas. 

21. And now again doth the Lord your God declare unto all na- 
tions, without reserve, that if ye would of his mercies receive, 
ye must hearken to his voice. 

22. For the time is come that the earth and her inhabitants, are 
ripened for harvest ; her cup of wickedness and abomination is 
filled to overflowing. 

23. But, as a God of mercy, love, righteousness and truth, I 
send my solemn watch-words of warning throughout the habitable 
earth, that he that will hear, may hear; and he that will forbear , 
may forbear. 

24. For I will surely meet all nations in their own paths; and 
nought shall turn my justice, to the right or to the left. 

25. Come gather near unto your God, O ye inhabitants of earth, 
put away the heart that is hardened in sin and wickedness ; put 
away your dead and stupid luke-warm feelings ; seek after God, 
with all your soul, might, mind and strength. 

26. He is found of them that seek Him early, who are willing to 
sacrifice all the pleasures of time, to obtain his favor and mercy. 
But such as are wholly absorbed in the cares of this world, they 
will seek when it is too late. 

27. They who feel they have no need to labor for repentance, 
stand on the pinnacle of destruction, and they know it not. 

28. They who feel that they can be saved from desolation by 
the merits of Christ, without exerting themselves to do, daily, the 



works which he required, will find that they are trusting in a false 

29. The}' that think these warnings are only words, and will 
never be fulfilled, will see their great mistake, when it is too late to 
remedy the evil. 

30. They that call upon the name of the Lord, in word and not 
in deed, are mockers of his eternal goodness. That true repent- 
ance which God your Heavenly Father requires, is to cleanse the 
heart, by ceasing to do ill and learning to do well ; by putting away 
the cause, that the effect may cease : Amen. 







Of the attendance of the Holy Angel. 


Sufferings of those who are used as 


Of the four mighty Angels. 

Instruments in the hands of God. 


The Angels' names. 


Speculation disallowed. 


The Angels' declaration. 


The power manifested in this work, 


The Angels' work lliroughout the earth. 

the same that inspired the Prophets 


Human wisdom cannot scan the work 

of old. 

of God. 


God's people subject to his will. 


Requirement of God to man. 


All who attend the service of God's 


Of special judgments. 

people, required to show respect and 


Mortals required candidly to consider, 


before judging of this work. 


Requirements of God concerning this 


The Angel testifies to the truth of the 
word contained in this Roll. 

sacred Roll. 

1. I now declare unto all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, 
saith the holy and mighty Angel, that I, in presence of three more 
holy Angels, (who together with me, have previously been commis- 
sioned by God, our Heavenly Father, to read the word which He 
gave us, for each quarter of the earth,) have strictly attended, ac- 
cording to the appointed times in each day, fourteen days, to read. 


correctly, this Sacred Roll, and the book of the three first Wit- 
nesses contained therein, with all the prophecies here inserted, for 
mortal hand to write ; whose pen I have guided, and whose hours 
I have directed, by night and by day, according to the will of 
my God. 

2. The work is now accomplished ; and it remains for the in- 
habitants of earth, to prove, in the sight of their God and his holy 
Angels, whether they be objects of his mercy, or whether they be 
the objects of his wrath and heavy judgments, which will lay waste 
their habitations, and desolate the land. 

3. My name, saith the mighty Angel of light, power and truth, 
I will now make known unto you, in my own language; also the 
names of the other three, in their own languages. 

4. We are four of the holy and mighty Angels of God, sent from 
before his throne, to pass and re-pass through the four quarters of 
the earth ; and many are the holy Angels that bear us company. 
And thus we shall visit the earth in partial silence, as this Roll 
goes forth, until we have marked the door posts of all, as our God 
hath commanded, who shall humble themselves and repent at his 
word, by proclaiming a solemn fast, and cease from their awful 
crimes of wickedness, and turn to Him in righteousness. 

5. My name, says the Angel whose quarter is eastward, and 
stands as first, is HOLY ASSAN' DE LA JAH'. The second, 
whose part is second, and quarter westward, is MI'CHAEL VAN' 
CE VA' NE. The third, whose part is third, and quarter north- 
ward, is GA' BRY YEN' DO VAS' TER REEN'. The fourth, 
whose part is fourth, and quarter southward, is YEN DEN' DE 

6. These are our names, in our own tongues, and we are sent on 
earth to prepare the way for the Most High ; and the whole human 
family will be convinced of this, before the final event of our mis- 
sion shall arrive. 

7. And although we know, that the words of this book will be con- 
sidered by many, as being produced in the wildest of enthusiasm, 
madness, blasphemy and fanaticism; and by others, as solemn, sa- 
cred and awful truths ; yet do we declare unto all flesh, that this 
Roll and Book contains the word of the God of Heaven, your Al- 
mighty Creator, sent forth, direct from his eternal throne, now, in 
this your day. 

8. And by this vvord shall every soul on earth be judged, in 


mercy or in jiidnrment, whether tliey believe or disbelieve. We arc 
not sent forth, by our God to argue with mortals; but to declare his 
word and his work. And we furthermore declare unto all the in- 
habitants of earth, that they have no time to lose, in preparing for 
their God. 

9. If there be any who cannot understand to their souls' satisfac- 
tion, (though the requirements are plain,) yet, they may apply 
wheresoever they believe they can be correctly informed. 

10. Though our work is swift and mighty, yet in mercy do we 
go forth; firstly, throughout the earth, and record the hearts, the 
words, and the doings of the children of men. 

11. As a new era from the Lord God of Heaven with all the in- 
habitants of earth, hath now commenced, and no human wisdom or 
mortal power, by natural calculation, can tell the order of his 
work, any further than He sees fit in his own wisdom, to reveal 
it unto mortals, that they may be prepared, day by day, to do his 
will and pleasure; and then they are sure that his protection will 
overshadow them, and they will run and not be weary; yea, they 
will walk in the commandments of their God, and faint not, saith 
the Holy Angel. 

12. What God now requires of the inhabitants of the earth, is to 
return immediately to the strictness of the law and order of nature, 
in all their goings forth. This you can all easily understand ; it is 
that which is required in your Sacred Bibles, and that which is re- 
quired in this Sacred Roll; that is; Deal justly, love mercy, walk 
humbly, fear God and keep his commandments; do by others as 
you would have them do unto you ; labor to dwell in peace, and break 
off as fast as possible, from the practice of going to war, and shed- 
ding each other's blood. 

13. Indulge not the vile passions of nature, further than is nec- 
essary to propagate your own offspring. And cease, says the Angel, 
from that habit which is accursed in the sight of your God, of 
keeping houses for debauchery and prostitution. 

14. For I, the Angel of the Almighty, will surely mark all such 
places for utter destruction, if they repent not at the warning of 
their God, by ceasing from these habits of abomination. 

15. Let mortals, before judging or condemning, candidly read 
this Sacred Book from beginning to end ; then pause, and consider 
whether it contradicts, in any way, the sacred writings of the scrip- 
ture, or is in any way prejudicial to the principles of your Lord and 


Savior, in his first appearing ; or in any way tends to operate against 
the principles of justness, morality, virtue, uprightness and good- 
ness, or the well being of any good and wholesome society. 

16. I proclaim to all people, saith the Angel, that this is written 
as handed unto me from the throne of the Almighty. I have not 
suffered the inspired writer to have recourse to any books, save the 
Bible, to transcribe those passages of scripture, word for word, here 
inserted, as the Lord commanded me to have done,, that mankind 
might see, in substance, what He required of them in past dispen- 
sations, and how exceedingly contrary to his requirements they 
had gone. 

17. But I have compelled the Instrument to draft this, word for 
word, as I read it unto him, as ye would transcribe a writing by 
the sight of your natural eyes ; save the former is brought to the 
view and hearing of the spirit yet in a mortal body, by the imme- 
diate influence and interposition of the Almighty^ (through us, 
his holy Angels;) while the latter is transcribed by the direction 
of the natural organs of sight only. 

18. But the sufferings of soul that God requires instruments to 
pass through, to prepare them for this holy and sacred calling, of 
speaking or writing by the immediate influence of direct revelation, 
is that which no tongue or pen can correctly describe. 

19. For they who are called to heavy duties in this line, saith the 
Angel, are required to feel an inexpressible something, to them the 
nearest like a consuming fire or breath, which runneth all over and 
through them, both soul and body, until they have done the duty 
that God requireth of them [in that line.] 

20. But mortals are not allowed to make these things matters of 
speculation, although they appear to every human being, strange 
and unaccountable, especially so, at their first acquaintance; and 
always to those who possess any degree of the fear of God, or 
the presence of his Angels, strikingly solemn, though many times 

21. This much, says the Angel, I was required by the Almighty, 
at this time, to make known to the children of men, respecting this 
strange, and, (to mortals,) singular manifestation that He has com- 
menced on the earth in these latter days. 

22. This is the same spirit, though brought still more familiar and 
accessible to man, if he truly walks uprightly before his God, that 
dictated the word, through the mouths of the prophets, in ancient 


days. And they that are God's people, in deed and in truth, would 
sooner lay down their lives than violate his will, when made known 
to them. 

23. And they worship Him by assembling themselves together, in 
whatsoever place He may appoint, regardless of their own personal 
convenience; whether it be upon the mountains, or in the vallies; 
in the day, or in the night ; and this they will always do, in true sin- 
cerity of heart, possessing his holy fear. 

24. And all such as attend, whether belonging to the body so 
assembled, or as spectators, are required by the laws of their God, 
to attend with sincere hearts, and show respect to his holy worship, 
though it may look never so strange and singular to them. For 
stranger still, God's work will appear among the children of men, 
saith the holy and mighty Angel of God. Again I say, fear the 
Lord your God. 

25. I now require the inspired writer of this Roll and Book, 
firstly, to sign his name as an Instrument, regardless of all present, 
or after consequences; and then, he may write a few words, ex- 
pressing his own feelings, in short, and sign his own name to it, 
says the Angel. 

26. And God does also require, that a goodly number of both 
male and female instruments, who have had that indisputable evi- 
dence of his Almighty and supernatural power, operating directly 
upon both soul and body, to direct their speech and to guide 
their pens, that they are ready, if God suffereth it so to be, to 
seal the truth of what is herein contained, with their own blood, as 
martyrs to his cause, should also sign their names as witnesses. 

27. First, briefly expressing their own feelings, in short, saith 
the Angel ; for to the inhabitants of the earth this will appear ex- 
tremely strange, and incredible to their understanding, at first. 
It will feel to many, like mortals blaspheming the name of the 
Deity ; therefore, other witnesses, than the inspired writer, of the 
reality of this work, and its truth, are necessary. 

28. And if mankind will wait a little season, says the Angel, 
these operations of the spirit of God, will be brought more to 
their understandings. 

Inspired Writer, 

Philemon Stewart. 



1. Beloved fellow mortals, I consider myself a poor worm of the 
dust; in my creation no better than any of you; and if in any way, 
I have found favor in the sight of my God, it has been by and 
through the means of this one true and sin-destroying gospel, 
plainly stated in the foregoing pages, which I embraced in my 
childhood, and have sincerely labored, according to the best of my 
understanding, to walk agreeable to its requirements, unto the 
present day. 

2. I am now at the meridian age of life, being in possession, as 
it respects letter learning, of hardly a common country school edu- 
cation : but my labor, through life, has been devoted to the gospel, 
and sincerely to obey the call of God, when made known by indis- 
putable evidence, regardless of all personal consequences. 

3. And so it has been, in the duty to which I have been called 
by the power of the Most High, as a mortal instrument in the hands 
of Holy Angels, in writing the foregoing sacred pages ; the real- 
ity and truth of which, I stand ready at any time, if so suffered 
by the Almighty, and my fellow mortals require it, to seal with 
my blood. 

4. These sayings, contained in this book, are made to me far 
more real, than any thing possessing flesh and blood ; and never 
could I submit myself as an instrument, in a matter of such vital 
importance to the human family, and to my own soul also, until 
this evidence was brought clearly to my view; and then, I no 
longer dared withstand, for fear of the immediate judgments of God, 
and of an eternal banishment from his presence. 

5. It is not my province or duty, to labor to convince my fellow 
beings, that the contents of the foregoing pages are the subjects of 
divine and immediate revelation, from the Most High, through his 
holy and mighty Angels, for they will prove themselves; but it is 
my duty, and that which the Holy Angel requireth me to do, to 
declare, in the sincerity of my heart, to all the inhabitants of earth, 
that such is the solemn truth of God, and such it will forever 

6. And I do solemnly testify, that no natural wisdom, either of 
man or of woman, has dictatQi a sentence herein contained ; and 


that I, tlie mortal agent, used in the hands of the Angel to pen this 
word, knew nought of the subject before me, only as opened and 
brought forward, word after word, by the mighty Angel. 

7. And who is there among you all, my beloved fellow beings, 
that would dare withstand the requirements of a righteous and holy 
God, when brought thus plain before you, both by sight and feel- 
ings? not feelings wrought up by excitement, into wildness and 
fanaticism, nor feelings of self exaltation, to which the unsubdued 
passions and nature of man are so exceedingly prone, wishing to 
sound his name abroad in the world ; but by such feelings as come 
down from God, out of Heaven, and rest upon the soul, as a con- 
suming fire, until the requirement be fulfilled. 

8. And be assured, all ye who may read this word, that I feel my 
nothingness, and unworthiness in the sight of my God ; and on Him 
does my poor soul daily depend for mercy and protection, as much 
as any of you. And I would much rather, if this would answer 
the mind and will of my God, never to have my personal name go 
abroad upon the earth; For if there be honor due, it is unto God, 
not unto man, who is at best, a poor worm of the dust, before God, 
his Creator. 

9. Consider, O my fellow mortals below, that we are all alike in 
the hands of a just and holy God; and, that we are all created with 
immortal souls, which are accountable unto Him for every deed 
done in the body, while passing through the scenes of time, in this 
terrestrial state, whether they be good or whether they be evil. 
This our Lord and Savior plainly taught when he was upon earth. 

10. Remember and bear in mind, my dear friends, that I, (the 
inspired writer,) have been called by the irresistible power of God, 
to act only as an agent under his Almighty influence, in conveying 
this word to all my fellow beings upon earth, who are, in their 
creation, as precious in the sight of a just and righteous God, as I, 
or any other one. But all professed Christendom should bear in 
mind, that God, from the foundation of the world, hath always no- 
ticed mankind for their works' sake ; whether they merited mercy, 
or whether they merited judgment. 

11. And I do solemnly testify to all the human family, in the fear 
of that holy God who created me with immortality, that the society 
of people in which I live, either Leaders or any of its members, 
have had nothing to do in controlling and directing this word to 
the nations of the earth ; and that I, the inspired writer, liave not 


been suflfered by the power of the Mighty Angel, to alter or vary 
from what he brought forth, whether it was in reproof and admoni- 
tion, directly to the society, or to the inhabitants of the earth. 

12. But I have been compelled to write the foregoing pages, as 
held forth, by the Mighty Angel, to my view, and read aloud in my 
presence, without regard to any particular sect or denomination 
now in existence. And I do furthermore solemnly testify to the 
whole human family, that the testimonial evidences, which here fol- 
low, respecting this Sacred Roll, word and work, to the inhabitants 
of earth, were written, many of them, more than a hundred miles 

13. And that the inspired writers, had no knowledge, by any 
earthly communication, of the work and operations of the spirit of 
God in distant branches of the society, respecting this very Roll 
and Book, which is now, by the kind and tender mercy of an All- 
powerful and wise God, placed before us, that he that runneth may 
read and understand ; and wisely fear that God, by whom he was 
created with an immortal soul ; and before whom, I, with the rest 
of my fellow mortals in time, must shortly appear at his eternal 
bar of justice ; where we shall all receive the just reward of our 

14. And I do testify to all the children of men, that my soul feels 
perfect peace and quietness as it respects this work ; for I have an 
indisputable evidence within my own soul, that the hand of God 
hath done this ; not the hand of man, or the power of evil. 

15. And I do daily fear and love that God, by walking softly in 
his presence, who hath called me, with the rest of my dear breth- 
ren and sisters, (companions in tribulation,) from the paths of sin 
and death, to walk in the way of true gospel light, and life eternal, 
where a salvation through the spirit of the blessed Savior, is found, 
that is able to save the soul from sinful works in the present tense. 

16. Where souls can walk, day by day, in true obedience to the 
revealed will of God ; and by this means are prepared at any time 
to do his will on earth, or to leave their house of clay, and enter 
eternity at his call, justified before Him, whose summons must 
shortly sound in every heart to bid farewell to earth and all its fleet- 
ing glories, and close their eyes to all her transitory enjoyments. 

17. To be enabled to do my duty day by day, in the true fear of 
the Lord, regardless of all other personal, or private considerations, 
is all that my soul can pray for, ask or desire : And I do earnestly 


entreat of my fellow beings, and of every reasonable mind, candid- 
ly to read the foregoing sacred pages from beginning to end, and 
seriously consider, and ponder well the subjects therein contained ; 
and this do, unclothed of prejudice from any quarter. Do not be 
hasty, beloved fellow mortals, in casting forth epithets of scorn and 
derision, before you know even the record of that solemn and 
weighty word, contained in this Roll and Book. 

18. Give place in your hearts for sober and solemn reflections ; 
look not at this denomination, or that; but look with me, to that 
God who gave us being ; and to that sacred and solemn impression 
of eternal truth, which his Almighty hand hath stamped upon the 
foregoing pages. 

19. And in the tenderest feelings of love and good will, to all my 
brethren and sisters of the human family, and in obedience to the 
direction of the Holy Angel, do I sound forth these sentences 
unto you, my companions and sojourners in time's dark vale below. 
And let all the inhabitants of the earth remember, of whatever na- 
tion they may be ; rich or poor, professors or profane, that by one 
just and righteous God, we must and shall all be judged, according 
to our works ; before hisjholy throne and tribunal of eternal justice, 
none can be wronged of that which is their just due. 

Philemon Stewart. 


We, as a Society, feel it our duty to acknowledge that we have no more 
right, in our own natural wisdom, than any other society now existing on 
earth, to deviate from the true sense and meaning of the Word of the Lord, 
to favor our own personal views concerning any doctrine or matter contained 
in the Sacred Roll. 

But as it hath pleased God, in his infinite mercy and goodness, to select 
from among us, an instrument or agent, to declare his word and will to the 
inhabitants and nations of the earth, and (as is the case in many of the an- 
cient sacred writings,) there are some few passages in this Roll, that do not 
seem to us to express so clearly to the understanding, the real meaning of the 
Spirit, or what we believe to be the real meaning, we have taken the liberty 
to make a few notes to illustrate our views of some particular points, whicJi 
we think are entirely free from the prejudice of sectarianism ; and here we 
leave them, knowing that God is able, and will defend his own word and 

Note first, page 17, Sec. 10. 

By this we understand that He would have noticed them with his blessing 
and protection, as really^ according to their order, which is inferior to the or- 
der of grace, to which all souls must ultimately come, if they ever obtain an 
inheritance in the kingdom of God. 

Note second, page 23, Sec. 11. 

If this was to be understood as a command given to man in his primitive 
state, we consider that he was thereby equally bound to keep the whole 
original law and order of nature. See Genesis, Chap, i, 8 . 
Note third, page 44, Sec. 33. 

We do not consider that the expression, keep the laic of nature, is to be 
understood that any one can continue under the law of nature, and be justi- 
fied, after being called by the light of Christ, into the order of grace ; nay, 
he must then yield obedience to that call, and keep the law of grace, or lose 
his justification, and forfeit the Divine blessing and protection. See page 
146, and 147. 

Note fourth. 

It is to be understood that the inspired writer who wrote this Book, had 
the full union and approbation of the visible leading authority of the Society, 
in doing the will of God, as revealed to him by immediate inspiration, 
through the Holy Angel, without regard to any individual or personal feel- 
ings whatever. 


ErjAnnntions^ amendments and corrections. 

On account of the special requirement to lay tliis sacred Book before the 
public as soon as possible, it was transcribed in much haste and put to press 
without sufficient time for careful examination, in consequence of which, a 
variety of literal andjverbal mistakes have escaped detection. 

We have therefore prepared the following, in which are embraced the 
most material of these mistakes, including some few typographical errors. 
There may be other small errors discovered; such can be easily corrected by 
those who may reprint or translate it. 

Page 14, Sec. 7, for Fm read 1 am. 

15, " 14, before St. John, insert Matt, xvi, 25; and Mark X. 29, 30. 
" 22, " 3, from the beginning of the Sec. to the word part; in the 
fourth line read as follows ; Bvt the irrational or animal propensities., which, 
is the inferior part., [through the serpent.^ soon, overruled his right reason., and 
placed upon him strong bands, ichich held him in, bondage to the laio of sin 
and death. 

" 30, " 5, f. there &e millions, r. there are millions, and f.hath r. have, 

" 32, " 5, f. days of his wrath r. day of his wrath. 

" 35, " ^0, f. fruits of his loins ., r. fruit of his \o\ns. 

" 35, at the end of Chap, v, add, Isaiah liii. 1, 2 & 3 verses. 

" 42, " 15, f. be false, & be true, r. are false, & are true. 

" 43, " 23, f. straight gate, r. strait gate ; the same in other places. 

" 45, " 37, f. or destroy, r. nor destroy; the same in other places. 

" 48, " 28, insert the word already, after with her. 

" 51, 8 & 9, to come in after Mark vii, and before 20, in page 50 ; also, 

Chap. XX, 34, 35, 36, to be transferred & placed before Luke xxi, 34. 
" 54, dele Luke xiv, & transfer verse 20, which follows it, to 

page 53, & place it between Chap, xiv & verse 26; & transfer the quo- 
tations from Luke xvii, 26 & onward, in page 53, &, place them directly 
after the quotation from Chap, xvi, 15, in page 54. 

63, IL Thess. ii, 3 to 12, to come in before L John ii, 18. 

64, " 12, f. have pleasure r. had pleasure. 
66, " 13, f. pretended yoke, r. specious cloak. 

77, " 4, f. which are not, r. which icere not. 

78, " 9, f. Acts ii, r. Acts i. 

" Revelation i, 7, he cometh with clouds,* 

" Chap, xxii, 20, to come in after verse 17 in page 79. 

96, " 12, after John, r. as related. 

109, the quotations from Isaiah, to come in before those from 

" 116, " 18, f. forgive the jn, r. forgive their persecutors. 

*The original expression in Greek, is "metaton nephelon," together with 
clouds, meaning clouds of witnesses endowed with his spirit, who will de- 
clare him to the world, with evidence that cannot be disputed. 


131, the quotations from Isaiah, Chap, xxvi & xxvii, down to 

day, to come in before Chap, xxxii, near the bottom of page 130. 
141, " 39, f. landed forces, r. land forces. 
148, " 49, f. penitence, r. penitents. 
155, " 15, f. merchant-men, r. merchants. 
165, Jeremiah, Chap, xxx, 23, 24, down to shall consider it, 

to come in before Jeremiah xxxi, on page 164. 
165, the quotations from Zechariah, down to neighbor, to come 

in after those from Zephaniah, down to jealousy, in page 166. 
179, " 33, f. to ])rophecy, r. to jirophesy. p. 200, the same. 
181, " 9, f. will cease and will die, r. would cease and would die. 
190, " 14, f vallies, r. valleys ; the same error occurs in other places. 
197, " 9, f. fowls in heaven, r. fowls that soar in the heavens above. 
219, " 6, bottom line, after the word contained, add. So as to vary 
the obvious meaning of the original. 


We freely give notice to those who may wish to reprint this Book, for the 
benevolent purpose of extending its sacred contents, agreeable to the Divine 
command, that it is our wish to have notice of it; so that whoever may feel 
disposed to undertake it, may, by application to the Society, if practicable, 
receive the necessary information respecting some corrections which we de- 
sire to furnish. 

Letters for that purpose may be addressed to Richard Bushnell or Frederic 
W. Evans, New Lebanon, Columbia county. New York. But if the great 
distance should preclude the possibility of getting returns in due season, we 
wish the errors printed at the end of the book, to be noticed and corrected 
in the places to which they refer, so as to make a correct copy. 

Note. The testimonies alluded to and required in the close of this first 
Part, page 218, will be comprised in a second Part not yet issued. 














The most of the subject matter of the following pages has been written 
in compliance with the command of the holy Angel of God, who dictated 
his sacred word, comprising the first part of this work, entitled A Sacred 
Roll and Book to the nations of the earth. 

The inspired writers and testators of the word contained in this second 
part, have consented to the publication of the same, only in compliance with 
the requirement of God, feeling it a duty to acknowledge his mercy and 
goodness in this the fourth and last dispensation of his grace to man ; yet 
feeling, on every other consideration, great diffidence in offering their names 
to public view, desiring a secluded station in life, and a privilege to work 
out their own salvation by self-denial and the cross. 

It is true, they have been greatly privileged with the blessing of God, and 
made instruments in his hands, to aid in the execution of his work among 
the children of men, and they claim no greater merit, than the reward 
which is gained by obedience to his sacred word, with the rest of their gos- 
pel companions. 

It may be justly due to all, to say, that many of the testimonies are not in- 
serted entire, as it would swell the work more than would be consistent 
with our present bounds. But it has been the labor of the publishers, to 
preserve the inspired matter relating to this Sacred Roll and Book in its 
true spirit and meaning. We wish simply to publish to mankind the word 
of God as delivered unto us for that purpose, and to connect therewith such 
testimony, as is required by the Mighty Angel. 

There have been many other testimonies received, and now in manuscript, 
corroborating the truth, reality and authenticity of this sacred Book, and de- 
claring that it is the will of God, that it should go forth to the children of 
men, written by those who are no less worthy, than those whose testimonies 
are here published, being faithful wearers and bearers of the yoke and cross 
of Christ ; but for want of room, and as it is not our labor to prove by these 
the truth and divine origin of this work, they are omitted. 

It was judged advisable to select from among them, a portion from several 
of the different branches of our communion, to represent more forcibly, the 
unanimity and corresponding relation existing in the Zion of God upon earth. 

It may be asserted with truth and confidence, that God has a holy Church 
on earth, wherein He reigns, and all the living members thereof, are Wit- 
nesses to his word and work; though they remain a chosen and secluded 

We would further state, that it was our original design, to publish the 
whole of this work in one part entire; but owing to unavoidable circumstan- 
ces prejudicial to a speedy publication of that portion of the work embraced 
in this second part, we have been compelled to issue it in two parts. 
September, 1843. The Publishers. 








1. Bow down thine ear to hear O man, and thine heart to re- 
ceive O son of man, this most sacred word of your Heavenly Father, 
is the voice of me, the ancient Prophet Jeremiah, who art still 
alive, and dwelling in mansions not made with hands; yea, though 
the earthly tabernacle which I once inhabited, has, for thousands 
of years, been mouldered to dust, yet I am still alive in the spirit ; 
and in the power of my God I often go forth with his holy word to 
the children of men; and now I rejoice that the time has come for 
this, his Sacred Roll, to go forth to the nations of the earth, that 
all may be left inexcusable before his holy throne. 

2. Therefore listen unto me, for I know the unwillingness of 
man to believe, at any time, the then present manifestation of the 
spirit of God ; it has been so in every past dispensation, and still 
remains so ; but this altereth not the purposes of the Almighty. 

3. The voice of your God is. Yea and amen ; He that will lis- 
ten to my words of solemn warning, and reverence my holy word, 
who will incline his heart to obey my voice and his feet to walk 
in my paths, though he may dwell in the uttermost regions of the 
earth or roam the pathless desert, yet my blessing shall crown his 
soul ; my hand shall direct, and my arm shall defend him. But he 
that turneth a deaf ear to my word, and scorneth in his heart the 
calls of my mercy, who wandereth where he listeth, and tread- 
eth in forbidden paths, must yet meet my spirit in judgment. 

4. And now all ye people, look back and see where those whom 
He had called as his chosen people in ancient days, missed the 
point, and failed of the blessing and protection of their God ; Was 


it not by willfully rejecting the then present light and manifestation 
of his mind and will to them? Was it not by turning a deaf ear to 
the calls of his mercy, as sent forth unto them through his chosen 
messengers? Most certainly it was. 

5. Therefore hearken, O ye nations of the earth, and listen all 
ye people, to this his Sacred Roll, as the voice of the living 
God in solemn warning and tender love ; and if you believe the 
words which I spake in days of old, believe me now, when I say 
that this Sacred and Divine Roll which is now sent forth unto you, 
is not the work of the vain and aspiring imagination of fallen man; 
but was directed by the holy spirit of the Lord your God, and con- 
tains those solemn truths to which every soul must bow, or finally 
fail of his protection and blessing; for He hath not sent forth his 
word in vain, nor will He strive with man for nought. 

6. For lo his holy Angels are commissioned to bring, first his mer- 
cy, and should it be received in humbleness of heart and due con- 
trition of spirit, Amen, then his blessing and protection will crown 
the soul. Butif not, then, the voice of the Mighty One crieth. He 
that is holy let him be holy, and he that is filthy let him be filthy. 

7. And to them who turn a deaf ear to his calls, doth He give 
that cup which He has prepared for them, even the vials of his wrath 
in heavy judgments : for the Lord your God hath commenced his 
final work with his creature man, who with wickedness hath so cor- 
rupted his way, in sin and filthy abomination, that the earth groaneth 
by reason of the weight thereof ; for the cry of the poor and op- 
pressed hath ascended to his throne, and the spirit of your God 
doth loudly call for justice and truth. 

8. And now O man what art thou, that thou shouldst strive with 
the living God, who is able to destroy thy body with a breath, and 
cast thy soul in hell ? Wilt thou withstand the calls of his mercy, 
and shut thy soul from the glory of his presence ? Or wilt thou fall 
before Him, confess his holy power, and seek his mercy by obeying 
his holy word ? 

9. Put not thy trust in earthly power, for whoso trusteth in earth- 
ly strength, leaneth upon a broken staff that shall pierce his hand ; 
but whoso trusteth in God, will find Him a shield that is able to 
cover, and an arm that is able to defend, when tribulation as a flood 
shall sweep over the land. 

Inspired Writer, 

William Tripure. 




DECEMBER 14, 1842. 


1. Hearken all ye nations of the earth, and bow down all ye of 
high rank, of whatever grade or class, before the one true and 
living God ; and in his most holy fear meditate ye upon his good- 
ness and loving mercy, to warn you of approaching danger ; and 
humbly implore his favor, that you may learn his will and obey his 
word to his pleasure. 

2. Behold I am a prophet, a servant of my God; before Him I 
bow, and before his throne I worship. His word is truth and everlast' 
ing righteousness to the soul that believeth and receiveth, and end- 
less misery and woe to the soul that refuseth to listen and obey. 

3. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings shall the word of the 
Lord be sounded forth ; and mortals shall fear and tremble, because 
of truths, hidden truths revealed unto them, through means of 
God's own choosing; and all shall be left without excuse, both 
within and without the walls of Zion. 

4. Holy, holy is the God of my salvation, and most holy is his 
name ; fear Him O ye inhabitants of earth, and praise Him ye inhabi- 
tants of Zion, because of his excellency saith the Holy Archangel of 
my God. 

5. Awaken and be quickened, all ye who are slumbering in 
your sins, who revel in carnal delights and in the vain gratifications 
of a fallen corrupt nature; for Lo! the day cometh that shall burn 
as an oven, when your days of ease and pleasure shall be loathsome 
to you, and your riches, O ye noble ones, will be no more to you 
than dust. 

6. Hearken ye and hear the word of your God which is unto ev- 
ery nation and people, for thus saith the voice of the Lord God of 
Heaven and earth ; I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and 
they that seek Me early shall find Me, and become wise and come- 
ly before Me. 

7. I will turn the mirth of the proud, the giddy and vain into 
mourning, and the spirit of the oppressor into freedom and good 


will to the souls of allmon; for tlio time sluill b(^ when mortals 
shall fear my word, for I will send it forth to every nation on the 
face of the earth. 

8. Judgments shall roll and roll ; yea, like the tide of the rolling 
deep, they shall ebb and flow, flow and ebb, until in my infinite 
wisdom I shall cause, for a season, the waters to be calm and beau- 

9. I will again shake the heavens and the earth, and again I will 
spread sack-cloth and dust before those whom I have chosen to be 
servants in my holy house; for I am All-powerful ; Wisdom is mine, 
justice is also mine, and I will reward every one according to their 

10. Those who lift up their swords, who raise their hands through 
ambition or revenge, against their fellow beings, let them beware of 
my great displeasure and heavy hand of cursing; for I will be known, 
feared and obeyed. Those who know Me not in time, shall know 
Me in eternity; and those who believe not my word, nor the divine 
source from which it is sent forth, I will meet in judgments, and 
close their days in unpleasantness and sorrow; because they shut 
their ears that they will not hear, and their eyes, that they will 
not see. 

11. I am that I Am ; and mortal man whom I have created to be 
the image and likeness of Myself, shall tremble in my presence and 
bow down at the sound of my voice, or I will frown upon them with 
a frowrtof my displeasure, and blow upon their souls the blast, yea, 
the solemn blast of my vengeance, which will cause their souls to 
wither before Me, as the tender plant withereth before the merid- 
ian sun, 

12. I am a God of justice, mercy, charity and love; therefore 
hearken ye unto Me ; for I will yet pour out my great and heavy 
displeasure upon the earth in my fury, because of her wickedness. 

13. If ye heed not my word and work, O ye dwellers on earth, 
ye shall perish by the sword; for the time will come when it will 
be unsheathed and furbished, glittering in judgment, while on the 
other hand, if ye hearken unto Me, if ye receive my warning 
word and turn from the evil of your ways, my spirit will bear 
rule; my peace shall overshadow you, and you will begin to love 
righteousness and hate iniquity, to serve Me your God, and not the 
god of self 

14. Come out, come out from among the haughty and proud, all 


ye who hear the word of kind Heaven, all ye who are ready to lay 
down your lives to do my will, not to the destroying of the body, but 
that life of self and selfish passions which ye have indulged, and by 
so doing have wandered far from Me your God. Return unto Me as 
harmless babes by true confession and repentance, that my wings of 
protection may encircle you, that I may hold you as in the hollow 
of mine hand, from the persecution of the wicked, and the vain 
enticements of Satan. 

15. The earth shall yet be in commotion, the fire of the ever 
blessed gospel, taught by my faithful Son, your blessed Savior, and 
revived through my anointing goodness, by the Mother of the New 
Creation, Ann Lee, shall burn and run as flaming fire among stubble; 
and souls shall be awakened by the sound of the heavenly harpers 
harping with their harps ; yea, by my holy and proclaiming Angels 
whom I will send to pass and re-pass through the earth, sounding 
the cheering trumpet of sweet liberty to the soul bound in sin, and 
to the seeker after true righteousness. 

16. I AM, that sitteth upon my throne, will judge all souls ac- 
cording to their works. I will give freely to the seeker after good ; 
and the poor in spirit shall be nourished from my hand, and fed 
from the never failing fountain of my goodness. 

17. Happiness is designed by Me for every creature whom I 
have created ; but how many there are, who by indulging the baser 
passions of a carnal nature, are ruined for life, disenabled in body 
and distorted in mind, must drag out years in misery, 

18. How many pride themselves in afliuence and a great name 
among men ; yet how often cut down at noon ! How often dis- 
appointment lurks for her prey and seizes her captive ! O that ye 
would heed my word, before I call you to taste of my displeasure! 
Long, long have I borne with those whom I have created solely to 
worship and adore Me. 

19. I will open their eyes through my wisdom, and teach them 
new and wonderful things. Many w^ill believe and turn from the 
evil of their ways, and many will still pursue their downward and 
self-pleasing road, until I can no longer feel any pleasure in their 
doings, or with-hold from them my hand of judgment. 

20. O my Zion, my Zion ! bow down low, exceeding low, because 
1 have blessed thee, and have in my glory shone upon thee with 
great brightness and beauty. 


21. Thy comeliness many shall yet flock to see; and thy light 
shall shine forth to every nation, kindred, tongue and people, be- 
cause thy inhabitants confess and forsake their sins, and offer holy 
offerings unto Me their God ; the smoke whereof ascendeth unto my 
throne like sweet smelling incense in my presence, instead of a 
stench of uncleanness to provoke Me to anger. 

2*2. Here the simple and innocent lambs of the Savior, he can 
hold in his arms, and none can harm or hurt them so long as they 
obey his kind voice, and are contented to remain under his care 
and protection. 

23. But how many there are who delight to behold the young 
and weak, captivated by vain seducers and filthy plot-leaders, and 
enslaved by that base and ungodly passion which knows no bounds, 
and seemeth to find no restraint. 

24. And can a righteous God pass lightly over the doings of 
those who pretend to walk in my way and obey my word, yet only 
in the letter thereof, while their hearts are filled with uncleanness, 
and are far from Me? Nay, nay; for my spirit is not in them, nei- 
ther does my true word abound in their long-toned voices or fash- 
ionable prayers ; but like a heated furnace to refine gold, so I would 
my word should be to refine the soul of every human being. 

25. My word is piercing even to the dividing asunder of the joints 
and marrow ; quick as -lightning, and loud as peals of heavy thunder. 

26. No soul can appear before Me in peace, nor offer acceptable 
offerings to Me, unless they stand in justification, freed from a guilty 

27. I am purity ; and those that gather under my hand of safety, 
that would dwell in the low valley of peace and quietness, must 
walk circumspectly before Me. Then I will enrich them with my 
blessing, and Satan shall never take from them that overcoming 
power with which I will clothe their spirits; for all power is mine, 
and the reins of justice I hold in my hand. 

28. Come, come away all ye young and gay, saith the voice of 
the holy spirits, and prepare your souls for a never ending eternity ; 
walk ye in the pleasant paths of wisdom and love, that ye may be 
rightful heirs to a holy and sweet abode with saints and angels. 

29. Remember, O remember, life is short, but eternity is never 
ending ; the sweet smelling flowers of the field soon pass away, 
and so do the beauty and vigour of youth and youthful pleasures. 


Though they hold forth tempting colors, you can have but the taste 
of one before the others are fled, and thorns often appear in their 

30. Therefore seek that treasure which is abiding, that fadeth 
not away, but is forever an anchor to the soul when trying scenes 
roll on, and affliction spreads her gloomy wings over your heads ; 
have your treasure in Heaven where moth and rust corrupteth not, 
and where thieves cannot break through and steal. 

31. Time is ever on the wing, and God, in his own way and 
time, will bring to pass a work, a strange work ; for long He hath 
borne with his creatures whom He hath created ; therefore as a 
Holy Prophet of his choosing to sound his awakening and life- 
cheering trumpet of free salvation to every nation on the face of 
the earth, I say unto you. Take heed to your ways, all ye dwellers 
on earth, that ye be not found fighting against your God ; that ye 
be not found blaspheming his holy word sent forth unto you ; for I 
tell you of a solemn truth, if you are, your God will yet meet you 
in a strait place, and send forth his judgments upon you, unless you 
repent and turn from the evil of your ways. 

32. If ye know not how to treat the givings of his Spirit, then 
be wise and mock not his word, lest in his fury He cast you off 
forever ; for He will be feared by mortals, and all must bow and 
confess his name Jehovah, the All-wise Creator of the world, and 
all that is therein. 

33. Bow down and fear Him all ye people, for he is Alphine and 
Omega, the Beginning and the Ending. 

Inspired Writer, 

Hester A. Adams. 


who lived in former days and proclaimed the word of the 

Lord unto the people; and who ceased not to 

prophecy, though he was ridiculed and 



1. Come gather near all ye spirits now dwelling in tenements of 
mortal clay, and hear this my word ; for even as my Heavenly Fa- 
ther commandeth, so will I perform. On this Holy Roll, prepared by 


Eternal Wisdom, who is one witli the Father, will I write my warn- 
ing word unto all nations. 

2. I am Noah, a prophet of the Lord who dwelt on earth in an- 
cient days, and who prophecied unto the people concerning the 
flood of waters which the Lord, as a heavy judgment, would pour 
upon the earth and its inhabitants, because of the wicked abomin- 
ations therein. 

3. When upon earth, I feared my God, and labored to do my duty 
by obeying his requirements ; and by many I have been called a 
righteous man and servant of God. Even so let it be. Truly, by 
living up to that light which God had given me, and obeying his re- 
quirements, so far was I found acceptable in his sight; and even so 
it will be with all souls, who do the same. 

4. And now I call upon you to believe and receive my word ; and 
be assured it is from the same righteous servant of God, who built 
the Ark according to his commandments. 

5. I am a friend and well wisher to every soul whom God hath 
created. I view the works of his creation, and say : O that I could 
see true righteouness, O Lord, in thy creature man! O that thy 
laws were regarded, that the earth might become flourishing as the 
fruitful garden of Paradise ! 

6. O ye mortals ! My fellow brethren ! Will ye not hearken to 
my warning word and my declaration of truth, which now, even by 
the command of a just and righteous God, I sound forth unto you ? 

7. The Lord of hosts has condescended to visit you in mercy ; 
and as a natural father instructeth his son how to become useful in 
society, a delight to himself and comfort to surrounding neighbors, 
so has God your Heavenly Father, given his word plain and famil- 
iar, that ye may become acceptable servants of his through time, 
and prove rightful heirs to his pure and peaceable kingdom in 

8. Blessed be his word. The prophets that dwelt on earth many 
years ago, rejoice and give thanks in behalf of their fellow brethren; 
and may every soul now dwelling in a tenement of mortal clay, re- 
turn to please their Creator, and rejoice in works of righteousness; 
blessing God for his unbounded charity and wide extended mercy. 

9. I am Noah, the prophet of the Lord. I dwell in mansions of 
eternal bliss, with Angels and happified spirits. My brethren the 
prophets, and my sisters the prophetesses, are alike enjoying the 
blessing of our Eternal Parents. And as a friend to all souls, I say, 


Slight not the call of your God which is now sent in mercy to you, 
to awaken and prepare you for future happiness. O my fellow 
brethren, be not found like the people in ancient days, disputing and 
disbelieving the word which is now declared unto you ; for I tell 
you, your day is brighter, and your privilege far exceeding. 

10. And what rational, candid inquirer after the truth, will not 
bow down to receive this the word of God sounded aloud by his 
mighty Angel, and written upon paper by a humble and devoted 
servant of his, who has sincerely labored to walk in true obedience 
to the requirements of his God, and hath given himself up to do 
his will? Who will not rejoice and be exceeding glad, that the day 
of knowledge has come? 

11. Will the noble of the earth, the learned and wise, who are 
skilled in the fine arts and studies, be found like the Jews in an- 
cient days, when Christ the Messiah was sent unto them? Will they 
rise and oppose it, and say it is not of God? 

12. And then shall the poor and mean of the earth, the unlearn- 
ed and untaught embrace it, and in thankfulness fulfill its require- 
ments, and thus receive his blessing and enter his kingdom before 

13. Shall pride, arrogance, self-knowledge and wisdom, even in 
this enlightened age, shut out souls from Christ's pure kingdom? 

14. Consider, and seriously reflect on the word, work and wis- 
dom of God. Hath it not been declared that the wisdom of God 
was foolishness to vain and proud man? 

15. Then be not led astray, O ye men of good intellect, for I de- 
clare unto you that God is surely to work in the earth; and because 
of the wicked abominations therein. He hath purposed to send aw- 
ful and heavy judgments upon the inhabitants thereof; 

16. And of this thing has given timely warnings, for repentance 
to take place; for unto his chosen people dwelling in Zion on earth. 
He hath committed his word which is to be spread abroad to all na- 
tions of the earth, that all may be left without excuse; and that all 
such as know Him not, may hear his word, and become wise with 
the knowledge of the truth. 

17. So hear all ye people, the word which the Holy Roll and 
Book contains ; and know of a truth that it is his holy and sacred 
word; and furthermore, understand ye that it is unalterable. 

18. Because of the wicked abominations of man, the Lord hath be- 
come displeased ; therefore, I warn all such as have been measurably 


awakened, and have received conviction, to be wise and see that 
they judge not the givings of the Holy Spirit, with a rash and in- 
considerate judgment. See that ye be not found fighting against 
your own best good and comfort. 

19. I warn you, (for this is my mission,) to be found ready to 
meet the calls of the spirit, and attend to the requirements as 
made plain in this Sacred Roll and Book ; for remember, as you 
treat these, so will you be treated by your God. 

20. I solemnly warn all souls to take heed to their ways, and 
mind what they say, or how they move, as touching the holy and 
sacred things of God. 

21. As regards the spiritual kingdom, at the head of which 
stand Christ and Mother, as is explained in the preceding pages, 
be it known unto you, that we the prophets, though called servants 
of God, were not exempt from bowing to Him in Christ and Mother 
Ann, as the Father and Mother of the new creation; notwithstand- 
ing there were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses and Joshua and 
prophets many. Therefore this is the way that every soul is to find 
happiness ; To bow to God wherever He has placed his name : 
bowing not to man or woman, but to the Anointing Spirit which 
Cometh from God. 

22. The word of God as is communicated to you, is plain and 
easy to be understood. Fight not against it, but unite with it ; 
giving thanks, honor and glory to your God, for thus noticing you 
with his word. 

23. The manifestation of God in this day, exceedeth any that has 
ever been previous to this ; and if souls refuse offered mercy, aw- 
fully will their souls lament it yet. For as truly as there is a God 
ruling and reigning in the eternal worlds, just so surely will He 
pour out his awful and heavy judgments upon the scoffer and scorn- 
er of his word. Therefore, as you consider the importance of your 
souls' salvation, so will you regard this saving word that is now sent 
unto you. 

24. I am Noah the prophet; you have learned by historical 
account, something of the work which I did, and the same of many 
of the servants of God ; but the half ye have never learned. But 
if ye will believe the word of the Lord now sent unto you, well 
will it be with you : If not, you will be as the people unto whom I 
declared the word of the Lord in ancient days ; for they were found 
repenting when too late : and just so it will be with you. 


25. For the truth of God is being declared even as in that day : 
and souls who believe and repent, and return to seek God's favor, 
unto the same will God be merciful ; but such as disbelieve and 
disregard it, setting it aside as false prediction, will He sweep off 
in the flood of his judgment. 

26. I bow to my God in thankfulness for the means He has pro- 
vided for his creature man to gain his favor, and bless the medi- 
um through which it is conveyed to his people. 

27. But know this, all ye people, that this word has not been 
received without deep sufferings and heavy tribulation on the part 
of the Instrument chosen for the purpose. Of this I can testify 
unto you, for I have visited him many times while engaged in his 
duty, and ever found him bowed down under tribulation, possess- 
ing the solemn fear of God ; fearing to move the pen, save as di- 
rected by the holy Angel that read aloud the word unto him. 

28. I viewed him as a prophet, even as Jeremiah, Isaiah and 
Daniel ; for by the same spirit was he led and governed, which was 
the spirit of eternal truth. 

29. And though he may be ridiculed and laughed even to scorn, 
as I was when upon earth, it altereth not the word nor the work ; 
for it is unalterable, being declared by the power of the Most High. 

30. And even so it was in the days when I prophecied of mighty 
and strange works ; Though I was disbelieved and laughed to scorn, 
I feared not, knowing I was under the influence of the spirit of 
God, and that what I proclaimed was his word; therefore I trusted 
in Him, and He led me to the knowledge of the truth ; and even 
so will it be with every devoted servant of God. 

31. And now I speak unto you in the spirit of loving kindness, 
saying ; May the word of my Heavenly Father which is now before 
my fellow brethren, reach every ear and open every heart, and cause 
each rational person to forsake the sinful paths in which they have 
hitherto walked, and seek the one sure and only path which leadeth 
unto joys eternal. And thus my word endeth. 

Inspired Writer, 

Myra a. Bean. 




1. Thus saith the Prophet, I am one of the four and twenty- 
Prophets that have often visited this chosen vale, and have sounded 
my trumpet of love therein. Yea, I am an holy Prophet of the 
Lord, one that keeps the commandments of God, and follows the 
footsteps of the meek and lowly Savior and blessed Mother Ann. 

2. And thus do I sound the words of truth from the Most High; 
even that which is given me of my Heavenly Father, will I declare 
before you O ye children of Zion. Yea, it hath pleased the Al- 
mighty to show unto his chosen Israel many things which He in 
wisdom and judgment will execute upon the earth and its inhabi- 
tants. Therefore doth the Lord thy God send unto thee by the 
voice of heavenly messengers, many solemn warnings and rebukes; 
that ye forget not his holy statutes and laws which He hath enacted 
for your safety and protection. 

3. And now O ye children of Zion, hearken and give ear unto 
the law of your God, and make it your delight daily ; for the consum- 
mation of God's work with the children of men, will make a final 
separation between the pure children of light and those who walk 
in darkness : yea, it will divide between saint and sinner, flesh 
and spirit. 

4. Therefore, bow low and bewail thyself O Zion, for the de- 
stroyer is passing through the land, to lay in ruins the habitations 
thereof; for the abominations which make desolate do cover the 
the earth as the waters cover the sea, and she has become polluted 
and defiled. 

5. O ye children of this valley, know ye, I am one of the holy 
Prophets that did prophecy in the days of the ancient kings of Is- 
rael and Judah : yea, of the present day, of the glorious reign of 
the Messiah did I in the spirit of God prophecy. And ye now do 
behold the word of my God verified unto the faithful chosen Israel ; 
who stand even in this day as a warning in mercy to the nations, as 
did also the rebellious house of Ahab stand as a warning in judg- 
ment to the inhabitants who beheld them. 

6. Wickedness and oppression did much abound on the earth 
when I dwelt in mortal clay, but surely it has increased, consid- 


<ering the light which has been suffered to shine into the hearts of 
the children of men. 

7. Therefore, saith the Lord of hosts, the Almighty Ruler of 
Heaven and earth; Man, vain man, may exalt himself and set on 
high, but I will pull down, I will destroy, I will lay low every soul 
that walks in high places or vaunts itself in emulation or vain glory. 
Cursed shall be the ground on which they tread ; for their sake it 
shall yield unto them neither fruit nor herbage; nor shall any green 
thing appear thereon to support them, 

8. Ruinous heaps shall their most splendid palaces and temples be- 
come, where they have openly profaned my holy nam.e, and worship- 
ed gods of their own forming, who have trusted in man and made 
flesh their arm of defense, 

9. Verily, saith the Holy and Just One, the gods they worship 
shall not save, neither will the arm they have trusted in, prove suf- 
ficient to deliver them from my Almighty hand. Surely the ma- 
gicians and learned divines shall in no wise be competent judges of 
the signs and wonders which shall be visible in the heavens above, 
and on the earth in many parts thereof; for gross darkness has 
blinded their eyes until no ray of light illuminates the beaten track 
in which they run. 

10. They may devise and divine; they may inwrap themselves in 
mysteries until my work overtakes them, saith God. What shall 
their vain philosophy avail them in this day? Behold, saith the Al- 
mighty, when I smite with the rod of my vengeance, a certain city, 
I lay it desolate of both man and beast, without respect to the high 
or the rich, or those who are vainly noble ; for I will leave none, saith 
God, who blaspheme my holy name. For this I will not suffer to be 
done when I finish my work of destruction which I have already 
begun ; but the remnant which escape shall fear Me from the least 
even to the greatest among them. And my holy word shall be re- 
vered by the inhabitants that are left upon my footstool, saith God. 
For I will utterly destroy sin and sinner, until there be found no 
more filthy and corruptible vessels, bearing the abominations of 
the Mother of harlots ; for such have the inhabitants of the earth 

11. Yea, every vile act has been committed which can be named 
by the human tongue, until in the most flourishing kingdoms and 
cities under heaven are found theatres for the foulest crimes and 
the most obscene works. Therefore 1 the Lord Almighty will shake 


to the foundation, and will sweep to the very basis on which they 
now stand ; for I have no pleasure in unrighteousness, neither do I 
delight in the wantonness of this adulterous generation; for they 
have perverted my law and estranged themselves from Me, and have 
bowed themselves down to the god of lust, and know no shame. 

12. O ye inhabitants of the earth ! saith the voice of Him that 
executeth judgment in righteousness ; Old and rotten are ye in 
trangression ; yea , dead in sin. 

13. How oft have I weighed thee in the balance of justice and 
truth, and spared thee and thy little ones ! But now my hand shall 
not spare, nor my eye pity, for ye are fully ripe and ready for the 
sickle of destruction ; and the pit has opened her mouth to receive 
those who plunge themselves therein. 

14. Therefore, know ye my hand shall not be stayed, until every 
work is accomplished, which I have decreed by the mouths of my 
Prophets and holy Angels, shall be fulfilled unto the inhabitants of 
the earth. For I am Jehovah, and above Me there is none. 



1. Hearken yet again, O ye nations of the earth! for by the 
voice of many Prophets and holy Angels will I cause my word to 
be perfected, and my decrees made known unto those who dwell on 
the face of the earth. 

2. For as in the days of old, even so shall they now prophecy of 
the destruction of the ungodly ; and of the peace and salvation of 
the righteous chosen number, whose dwelling is in Mount Zion and 
whose souls are redeemed unto the Lamb. 

3. Yea, saith the Lord of hosts, my holy Prophets shall prophecy 
in the midst of Jerusalem, and many shall run to and fro in the 
earth, sounding the trumpet of the gospel to the lost children of 
men, who shall be left scattered over the land as sheep without a 
shepherd, knowing not which way to run to escape impending de- 


4. For with an Almighty voice will I shake terribly the earth, 
and the waters of the mighty ocean shall cover the islands thereof, 
and sweep from its coasts round about, many of the inhabitants who 
dwell thereon. The habitations of the unclean shall be no more 
the resort of debauchees; but such as I suffer to remain standing, 
and to become inhabited, shall be cleansed without and within, that 
they may become the abodes of the remnant that are left who will 
turn their hearts unto Me their Creator. 

5. O earth, hear the voice of the Lord. Surely I will sweep thee 
with the besom of destruction ; I will build up and I will pull down, 
until the mountains sink and the vallies rise; yea, until the exalta- 
tion of man is leveled in the dust before Me, and every high feeling 
is laid low. 

6. For in this day the Lord alone shall be exalted ; and man, 
vain man shall fear and tremble in his presence; for the walks of 
the proud are an abomination in his sight; but the doings of the 
upright are beautiful and lovely. 

7. The garners of the wicked are filled with rottenness and bread 
of idleness; but the store-houses of the godly are furnished with 
the genuine fruits of industry gained by toil and care. 

8. Corruptible art thou, O rebellious man ! In no age or dispen- 
sation since man was placed in the garden of Eden, and fell from 
this by transgression, has the earth been so filled with corruption 
and every evil work, by man's sinning against true light. 

9. When by a flood of waters I swept from the face of the earth 
all its inhabitants, in the days of the Patriarch Noah, (except a 
remnant which I preserved in the ark,) surely the wickedness of 
men in that day of ignorance, can be likened unto this as a bud 
compared to the fully ripe fruit. And shall I spare in mercy now, 
where I showed no mercy then 1 Surely not. But as the overflowing 
deluge destroyed both man and beast, even now shall the deluge 
and the famine, pestilence and many evils, come upon mankind; 
for sore destruction awaiteth the sinner. 

10. Ye may heap together gold and silver, and in many ways may 
ye decorate yourselves and your habitations; but for all this I will 
surely recompense you, saith God. 

IL Your gold and silver shall be unto you as a devouring fire or 
as a gnawing worm ; and in no way shall it profit you, when I pass 
through your borders with my rod of vengeance in my hand, to 
give unto you the cup which I in judgment ha?ve prepared. 


12. For the caterpillar, the locust and the canker-worm shall de- 
stroy the works of your hands and shall mar the pride of your splen- 
did palaces in which you now glory. Thousands and tens of thou- 
sands, yea, numbers without end shall compass thee ; they shall 
enter your chambers and fill the vessels of your most distinguished 
palaces where ye have feasted to gluttonness and drank to drunken- 
ness and debauchery : and instead of the carnal mirth and profane 
jollity now heard therein, shall arise the voice of mourning and dis- 
tress, enough to pierce the heart of any human being. 

13. And that which is left by these destroyers will I smite with a 
curse, even man and beast. Your beasts shall run howling upon 
the mountains because of the barrenness of the land ; for I will 
cause the ground to become unfruitful, and the springs and foun- 
tains of water to become dry ; until the tongues of the inhabitants 
cleave to the roofs of their mouths for thirst. For as I live, saith 
the Lord, I will destroy the pride of man, that I alone may be ex- 
alted. For I am the Beginning and End, the first and last. 

14. O thou chosen Zion, builded and supported by my own hands ; 
in thee shall all nations find rest and quietness. Unto thee shall be 
gathered of all kindreds and tongues that dwell upon the earth ; for 
I am thy God, and thou art my chosen city where I have placed my 
name, and where my holy Angels pitch their tents. Cursed shall be 
the hand that curseth thee, and blessed shall be the hand that blesseth 
thee for my sake, saith God. 

15. O thou Zion of my likeness, hearken to the voice of thy 
Redeemer. Give ear unto the sweet melody of the lovely Bride- 
groom and Bride, all ye children who are begotten of lawful pa- 
rentage in the spirit, and are truly formed and fashioned in likeness 
of your Heavenly Parents, and have received that holy light, which 
lighteth every soul that is born of the spirit ; thus saith your Heav- 
enly Father and his Eternal Counsellor, Let not that lamp which 
We have given unto you grow dim, or the light thereof become 
darkness : but let your lamps be kept trimmed and burning, that ye 
may see by the light of truth to walk uprightly in purity and love. 
For this is true wisdom, that ye stumble not upon your own errors, 
and fall into the snares of the enemy. 

16. Love one another with heavenly love, is the voice of the 
Bridegroom and Bride. As children of one Mother, be ye bound 
together with those gospel ties of affection that nature cannot sev- 
er ; for pure love is stronger than death. 


17. It will shield and defend in the day of trouble, and will sup- 
port the children of Zion through many trying scenes; therefore 
hearken, Love ye one another as ye have been loved, or ye cannot 
be blessed. 

18. In loving one another ye shall be beloved by your Heavenly 
Father, by your Holy Mother Wisdom and all the host of Heaven. 

19. Forget not the children of men whom God has not blessed 
with the way of salvation; but show ye tender mercies unto the 
poor and distressed, even as your blessed Mother Ann and your Pa- 
rents in the gospel have ever taught you, both by precept and ex- 

20. For if ye turn them away without showing pity or compas- 
sion, ye call down the wrath of a righteous God upon your souls; 
and He will in no wise pass you by unnoticed ; but will requite 
you for your hardness of heart. 

21. So be ever mindful of the goodness of God, and of your sa- 
cred and holy calling, and be careful to walk in the pathway of life 
which leadeth to the city of perfect purity and holiness; that the 
Lord your God may not forsake you in the days of tribulation 
and affliction. 

22. Thus, O ye children of Zion, are ye often reproved and re- 
minded of your duty to God and to each other, that ye may not 
grow careless in this great day. For by the voice of many wit- 
nesses the truth is confirmed. 

23. And now O ye faithful chosen watchmen of the house of 
Israel, I the holy Prophet Ezekiel, do freely give unto you my pu- 
rified love, and my holy blessing; for I am purified and cleansed 
by the gospel of Christ and my blessed Mother Ann, and am made 
able to render unto God true thanksgiving and praise. 

24. Yea, I have that holy love that will abide all trials ; and I do 
love all the children of my blessed Mother who yet remain upon 
earth. They are my relation and interest; for them I pray, and for 
them I rejoice and bless God the giver of all good. 

Receive ye bountifully, bestow freely. 




1. Come now, O ye nations of the earth, let us reason together, 
saith the Prophet of the Lord, for I will converse with you as a man 
with his friend. I am not dead, but alive in the God of my salva- 
tion, and quickened by his eternal spirit and power, to proclaim his 
goodness, charity and love, and warn souls to flee from the wrath 
to come, which is near at hand. 

2. Hearken now, O ye inhabitants of the earth, and heed the 
voice that crieth. Turn ye, turn ye, for why will ye die? Why 
will ye tempt the Lord your God to destroy you ? Turn ye your 
faces towards Zion, the city of the living God, which is now estab- 
lished on the earth, in beauty and glory; whereunto all nations shall 
gather, saith the voice of him that crieth unto you. 

3. Though ye have long forsaken the Lord your God, and walk- 
ed in violation of his holy laws and statutes, yet once more doth 
He loudly call unto you by the voice of his spirit, in benign charity 
and mercy, to turn from the path of rebellion, and seek his pro- 

4. Seek the goodly Shepherd, that leadeth the flock of Israel in 
safety ; (even as I predicted by the spirit of God when I possessed 
mortality;) for lo he reigneth in righteousness on the earth, and 
hath set up his pure and peaceable kingdom, which shall never be 
demolished; though the natural heavens and earth pass away, and 
are consumed as a scroll. 

5. Come, O come, all ye who desire the knowledge of the Lord, 
which maketh truly wise, and drink at the fountain of light and un- 
derstanding now opened unto you ; and rest not satisfied until ye 
are made receptacles of those living truths of the Almighty. 

6. Consider thy ways, O man ! pause and reflect upon thy past 
life : humble thy soul exceedingly, before the righteous Judge of 
all the earth, and implore his mercy, by turning from your iniqui- 
ties, while mercy is held out to you : for God is now offering unto 
you the means of escape from his awJul judgments, and proclaim- 
ing his word of solemn truths that ye may repent; for He delight- 
eth not in the destruction of any soul. 


7. O then bow down, ye high who sit on thrones and in seats of 
honor, and attend to the word of the Almighty, that you may be- 
come honorable in his presence : for the self-exalted are an abomin- 
ation unto Him, and the loftiness of man shall surely be leveled 
with the dust ; for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. 

8. Give ear, all ye people : hearken and believe, repent and be 
saved. Strive to enter in at the strait gate which leadeth unto 
eternal life, and count all worldly fame as dung and dross, which 
are alike perishable. 

9. O fear ye the Lord, all ye who dwell on the earth, from the 
hoary head to the prattling tongue ; and put not far away the day 
of his visitation. For behold, I declare unto you, that his work 
will shortly overtake you, and from his hand ye cannot escape. 

10. His purposes are fixed, and his decrees unalterable. His 
judgments are sure to the ungodly, who turn not from the error of 
their ways, and his mercies are free for those who flee vanity and 
vice; who regard the sacred and solemn truths manifested unto 
them, by setting their feet to run in the path of obedience. 

11. I, Ezekiel, am a servant of the Most High, and my soul does 
bow at his sacred throne, to fulfill his holy will and keep his right- 
eous laws. And no one whom He hath created with a rational soul, 
can be owned of Him, or feel his mercies flow unto them, unless 
they reverence that eternal law of righteousness established by 
Him, by falling low before Him, and keeping that which He re- 
quireth in his sacred word which He hath given. 

12. 1 am indeed inviting you to ponder well the work required 
by your Heavenly Father, and let your whole souls be devoted to 
reflection ; that ye may be able to comprehend your duty, and do it. 

13. This is my desire for your welfare, all ye who dwell in time, 
and are capable of serving and honoring your Creator, by living 
righteously, walking humbly and dealing justly with all your fellow 
creatures. In this, God will accept you, and bless the work of your 
hands. Peace shall crown your souls, and thankfulness fill your 
hearts to an overflowing for his divine goodness. 

14. Thus and thus shall it be with thee, O man, saith the 
spirit of the holy Prophet Ezekiel. 

Inspired writer of the three foregoing communications, 

Phebe Atwood. 




1. Bow down, all ye inhabitants of earth; hearken and hear the 
word of the living God. For lo ! I am an holy Prophet of the Lord, 
who in ancient time, prophecied many years, of the purposes of God 
that would in after days take place; and because it did not come to 
pass immediately, the inhabitants of the earth disbelieved the warn- 
ings of God, and mocked and derided his mercy unto their needy 
souls, and would not be persuaded to believe, till the flood came 
and swept them from the face of the earth. 

2. But verily, God wrought by means of his own choosing, and 
at his own appointed time; and all nations, kindreds and people, 
were compelled, by his judgments, to believe that his word was to 
be listened to and obeyed : for none, save the righteous few that 
were sheltered in the ark, were saved from the flood of waters that 
He sent upon the face of the whole earth, to destroy his creation, 
both man and beast, because of the abominations that were in her. 

3. Therefore, be not likened unto those who lived in the past 
acres of the world, by refusing to comply with his terms of equity 
and justice, lest He again stretch out his heavy hand of judgment, 
and ye suffer like unto them; But lend a listening ear unto the sa- 
cred warnings which the Lord my God hath seen fit, through his ten- 
der mercy, to unfold in these last days, to the nations, that they may 
repent, believe and obey; that ye may escape the second flood, 
(though not of waters,) that He hath designed to send upon the 
abominable and polluted of this world. 

4. For verily, as the Lord, in the days of old, spake unto the 
children of men through mortal clay, even now He doth, by the 
mouths of holy messengers, make known his decrees ; and as truly 
as He fulfilled his purposes in former ages of the world, so true He 
will bring about every decree that has been spoken by the mouths 
of Prophets in this, his last display of his grace to the inhabitants 
of earth. 

5. Therefore be persuaded to fear God and love mercy, that wis- 
dom may dwell within your hearts, that ye may not be left to reject 
the word of the Almighty God, to your own destruction. For surely 
as the Lord has spoken by me, He hath written this Holy Roll and 
Book of warnings and instructions to the nations of the earth, that 


they may be left without a cloak to hide their iniquities, when He, 
by the aid of Eternal Wisdom, shall accompJish the work which 
is already begun. 

6. How can frail mortals think to change the purposes of God, 
or alter the least command He has given to his creatures? And if 
any slight this, his word of warning and invitation unto them, be- 
cause it did not come in a way that is pleasing to the carnal senses 
of vain mortals, then they must inevitably fall under loss, and be 
accountable for this, as all other transgressions. 

7. But suffer not, O frail man, thy immortal soul to be guided 
by a spirit of opposition, or incline thy heart to the vain clamor 
of the caviler upon this solemn and sacred truth of the Most High 
God; but deal with the same, in that way that ye are willino- to 
give an account for in the day of judgment. 

8. And think not to veil thy doings from the All^eeing €ye of 
Jehovah, who watches around the whole human family, as a tender 
parent watches his own household. Neither flatter yourselves that 
this is the planning of mortal man, to obtain a high name, or gain 
applause; for verily it was the express command of the Almighty: 
and in his solemn and holy fear, through tribulation and suffer- 
ings it has been written, to obey his requirement. 

9. Again I warn all who are favored with a privilege of seeing 
or hearing this Holy Roll, that they handle it not without the fear 
of God, nor treat it with levity; for verily the Lord will not hold 
guiltless those who reject this, his offer of mercy unto them. 

10. The Lord hath purposed to make an end of sin, and to put 
down every system of antichrist. And He hath already established 
in his Zion upon earth, a permanent foundation, where his holy 
fear is kept and his righteous laws maintained. So let the solemn 
feelings of your souls be increased, by this Holy Roll of light and 
truth ; and let it be an ensign to the inhabitants of earth, throughout 
every generation ; that the designed purposes of God in blessing 
may be fulfilled, and lasting good gained. 

IL This is the word of the ancient Prophet Noah: and if the 
Lord failed not to speak through me in former days, I am still in- 
spired with the same holy power, alive in the spirit, and persever- 
ing in the work of the Eternal Father. And by his spirit I have 
written this short word of tender charity and love to the kindreds 
of the earth. 


12. For the powers of the earth shall be shaken ; truth shall 
stand, and falsehood shall flee as dew before the sun. Though 
kingdoms and cities be dashed in pieces, and rent as a filthy gar- 
ment, yet not one soul that walks in the true fear of the Lord, 
shall perish. 

Inspired Writer, 

Elmira Allaru. 



1. Hear ye and consider the word of the Lord, O ye inhabitants 
of earth, ere his heavy hand of judgment come upon you; for sure- 
ly, his fierce wrath is waxing hotter and hotter, as the abominations 
of the inhabitants of the earth, daily increase. 

2. Reflect and consider of your ways ; see if ye have not forsak- 
en Me, saith the Lord. Ye have strayed from the path of my 
appointing, and broken my law of nature which I commanded 
ye should keep throughout all generations, or never inherit my 
blessing and protection. 

3. And am I a God who will promise and not bring to pass, as I 
have declared, though the pride of poor fallen man is risen, to 
trample upon every gift, which I have in my wisdom seen fit to 
bestow upon him? 

4. Whenever I have revealed Myself to him, has he not been 
ready to spurn at the order of my revelation, and trample upon 
every thing that is holy or sacred ; choosing rather to take sides 
with the adversary of his soul, than to hearken to my word ? 

5. Yea, saith the Lord ; this have I seen until my righteous 
spirit is grieved, and I will not longer forbear. But I will pour 
out upon man, even of the vial of the wrath of my indignation, by 
the instruments of my vengeance, as I have declared by the mouths 
of my servants, the Prophets ; for I am the same, yesterday and 
to-day; keeping mercy for the upright and sincere who desire the 
knowledge of my ways; but punishing the transgressor and evil 
doer with my heavy hand of judgment, and that in a day when they 
are not looking for it. 


6. And this I am determined to do, till I soften the hearts of men 
to such a degree, that they will be willing to receive any thing at 
my hand which I am pleased to bestow. 

7. Yea, saith the holy Prophet, this hath the Lord shown unto 
me; that He will pass through the land even with a mightier and 
more destructive hand, than He did through the land of Egypt, 
when He slew all the first-born. And all the plagues and ca- 
lamities which the Lord brought upon the Egyptians, shall be 
looked upon as a small thing, to what He will cause to fall upon 
the inhabitants of earth in the day of his fierce wrath, when He 
shall send forth his destroying Angels to hurt and destroy all that is 
not consecrated to Him. 

8. And in that day. He shall cause peace to depart from the earth; 
leaving the inhabitants thereof who serve the gods which they have 
set up, even their own lusts and selfish desires, to wage war with 
each other ; spilling their brothers' blood, and performing every act 
of cruelty and abuse which Satan can invent; thereby bringing 
upon themselves, in a ten-fold proportion, the judgment which the 
Lord pronounced upon their father Cain, who first set them the 

9. O ye dwellers on the earth, saith the holy Prophet; listen to 
my voice, for the day cometh when the voice of a Prophet of the 
Lord will sound precious to you. And know ye this, that I am 
now as when upon earth, a Prophet that is called to warn the souls 
of the children of men of their approaching danger. 

10. And I declare unto you, though millions deride the warn- 
ing I give, yet I say, there shall none escape the judgments of 
God, but such as are found striving to keep his law according to 
their best knowledge ; and this He has condescended to make 
plain, and send to the children of men, that they may know of his 
statutes and judgments, and prepare for the day of his coming. 

Inspired Writer, 

Horace Folsom. 




1. Thus saith the holy Angel, Beware, all ye children of men, 
how ye judge these things ; for ye know not that in this, ye handle 
living embers, which may yet become your trouble; for God is not 
to be mocked, nor his word and work trodden under feet of men ; 
for truly He has begun to work his strange work, and to fulfill his 
act, his strange act; therefore be ye not mockers lest your bands 
be made strong. 

2. For lo! I work a work in your day which many will in no 
wise believe, although a man, yea, and although the voice of God de- 
clare it unto them. Therefore shall they be given up to hardness of 
heart to believe a lie. 

3. And thus will the Lord suffer strong delusions to come upon 
those who seek to climb to Heaven some other way, save by that 
which God has laid out for all souls; yea, strong delusions, that 
they may believe a lie, and in the end fall under the condemnation 
of their own sins, which have not gone, in mercy, beforehand to 
judgment, but followed after, to condemnation and wrath. 

4. So be warned, all ye children of men, who may hereafter be 
favored to read the solemn word of God, given in great mercy and 
loving kindness to the inhabitants of the earth, who wander upon 
every high hill of imagination concerning the things of God; and 
know not that they must come down into the lowest valley of hu- 
miliation and self-reproach, even like the prodigal son, ere they 
can find God or his infinite mercy. 

5. So again do I the holy Angel of eternal truth, solemnly and 
in the fear of God my Heavenly Father, warn all, as ye wish to 
be treated in the day when the fierceness of his wrath shall deluge 
the earth, and its inhabitants; I say, as ye wish to be treated in this 
eventful day, which is now at hand, so in like manner treat ye 
the word which He giveth unto you ; 

6. And if ye cannot comprehend it, neither wish to become en- 
lightened in the matter, take heed that ye do not rashly judge or 


oppose it ; lest ye be found fighting even against God, and his holy 

7. And this is my solemn warning unto one and all who may 
hereafter be favored with the word of God, sent forth directly from 
his mouth: wherein are contained his mind and will, and also his 
positive commands to the children of men; a solemn warning 
which will yet meet many of you in judgment. 

From the holy and proclaiming Angel of Eternal truth. 
Inspired Writer, 

Paulina Bates. 



Word of the Angel to the Writer. 

Awahe, mvake, aivake! Arise quickly Othou chosen instrument of 
the Lord your God, and bote your spirit and body exceeding low ; 
yea, seven times boio loiv even to the dust; for I am an Angel of the 
Lord your God, and fear thou to disobey my word. Prepare quick- 
ly to write, loord for ivord, while I read unto you this short Roll, 


1. Fear, fear ye Me saith the Lord your God, for my arm is all 
powerful, and above Me there is none. And I will guard and pro- 
tect mine heritage, yea all my chosen people, saith the Lord, who 
truly walk in my pure way; for I will have a people that truly serve 
Me; and unto these my holy chosen, will I speak my word and 
declare my holy will. 

2. By reason of the sore abominations which are now on the 
earth, I have written, with mine own hand, my word of solemn 
warning to the inhabitants thereof, and showed plainly unto them in 
what way they shall receive my mercy and favor, and in no other, 

3. But heavy judgments shall speedily follow the disobedient, who 
refuse to obey my word ; for in mercy do I send it forth, that all 
may understand my requirements, and turn from the evil of their 
doings, and worship Me, the only living and true God. 

4. Through great sufferings of spirit, and deep tribulation of souL 


I have prepared a lioly and chosen one of mine, and sent my Angel 
unto the same, to read aloud from my Roll. And this instrument 
of mortal clay, hath written my word unto the nations of the earth, 
as the Angel did read it unto him, and hath written correctly word 
for word. 

5. And lo ! I have sent my holy Angel with this short Roll unto 
thee, thou chosen instrument, to read from the same, that thou 
mayest hear, read and clearly understand, and bear witness unto my 
word; for know ye, unto every branch of Zion I have, and will send 
the same, that my people may know and do my will, and in so 
doing escape my heavy judgments. 

6. For know ye in this last display of my grace, I did purpose 
to bring down the haughtiness of man, and to stain the pride of all 
flesh; and this work I have surely commenced and it is swiftly go- 
ing on, and by means of my own choosing I will accomplish it, 
both in, and out of Zion. So fear ye, vain mortals, to judge my 
work, for I am a God of all power, and will deal with the children 
of men according as their works shall merit. 

Inspired Writer, 

Sophia F. Mace. 



1. I am a holy Prophet of the Lord, sent forth by his mighty 
hand, to witness the work which He is about to perform in the earth : 
for the time hasteneth when the power of salvation will be sounded 
in his loving mercy, to every son and daughter of his creation. I 
was a true Prophet of the Lord when I inhabited mortal clay, and 
I still remain the Lord's Prophet. 

2. Lo, all ye nations, give ear while the truth of the living God 
is sounded in your ears : for his sacred word He has sent forth in 
his Holy Roll. This I did witness, and this I saw before it was de- 
livered to mortals on the earth; and know it contains the sacred 
truths of the 'living God, written by his own hand and sealed with 
true wisdom and love. 


3. Ho, all ye people who dwell upon the face of the whole earth; 
know ye the Lord is performing a work by mighty signs and won- 
ders. But marvel ye not at this ; although his word will go forth as 
fire in the midst of stubble, to destroy all that is corruptible or un- 
clean in his sight, yet know ye, it is by his All-righteous hand; for 
in his loving mercy hath He condescended to send his word unto you. 

4. But with a warning voice do I warn every soul, when ye re- 
ceive this sacred and holy word of salvation, to consider well from 
whom it was sent forth, and for what purpose it was intended. 

5. It is not to build up the pride of self-exalted man, and set one 
above another ; but it is to set free oppressed souls, and remove 
the yoke of bondage from their necks, that they may obtain true 
■freedom and salvation ; this He hath intended for every soul. 

6. There will be various opinions concerning the Lord's work, 
but this does not alter it : He will do his work in his own time, in 
a manner of his own choosing. I say, let every soul beware how 
they slight, misuse or destroy this sacred word of the living God. 
If there be any that do these things, his judgments shall follow 
them ; but unto those who give a listening ear and a heart to obey, 
the blessings of the living God shall be abundant. 

7. As a friend to the lost children of men, and in love to the 
Father of light, have I written at this time ; that it may be known 
that we, the Prophets, foresaw this very work, long ere this time ; 
and now we do make it manifest to those who dwell on the earth, 
and in a way of God's own choosing. 

Inspired Writer, 




1. Thus saith the holy Angel, I will sound my ter're vac' le o'ne 
trumpet to the nations of the earth, in my own appointed time ; 
and they shall hear the sound of this ever blessed gospel, for it shall 
be sounded throughout all the earth. For lo, the inhabitants there- 
of are laden with sin and iniquity, and fierce judgments are await- 
ing them. 


2. Therefore, saith the Lord, my word shall surely go forth from 
my Zion on earth, to the inhabitants of a sinful world; that they 
may take warnino; thereby, and be awakened before my heavy judg- 
ments roll on. For lo, tlie inhabitants of earth are filled with sin 
and abomination ; and if they hearken not to my warning voice 
when they hear the sound thereof, I will meet them with heavy 
judgments, for these shall roll and roll through the land, in my own 
appointed time, and in the way of my own choosing; and they 
shall sweep down the haughty nations of the earth ; yea, the wick- 
ed and rebellious shall feel my over-flowing scourge, saith the 

3. O hearken again ye children of men, and give heed to my 
warning voice, while I entreat you in mercy and loving kindness; 

hearken and give ear to my solemn warnings, lest my heavy judg- 
ments fall upon you. For I will, in my own time, visit the earth ; 
yea, through every empire, kingdom and city, shall my holy word 
be sounded ; for I am the Lord God of Heaven and earth, and all 
nations shall bow before Me, and tremble at my presence. 

4. O ye proud nations of the earth, thou wicked generation ; shall 

1 suffer you to remain on my footstool, in your corruptions? I tell you, 
nay ; I will cut you off from the face of the earth; I will send forth 
famine and pestilence to destroy you ; I will consume the nobles of 
the earth; I will destroy and lay low all that do not fear my name, 
saith the God of Heaven; I will not spare those w^ho call on my 
name, and are not doers of my work. Surely, I have always had 
chosen witnesses on earth, and still have, even to this day, unto 
whom I do reveal my holy will; and all nations shall bow there- 

5. O hearken again unto my voice, and delay not; for the great 
day of my visitation is come. Ye may think ye lie down in safety, 
but I will cause you to rise up under judgment ; for with heavy 
judgments I will visit you, that you may know that the great I AM 
speaketh not in vain; but my warning voice I send forth unto you, 
that ye may understand and do my holy will. 

6. Verily I say unto you, Remember, the prophets of old I sent 
forth with my own hand, to warn the people ; but they hearkened 
not unto Me the God of Heaven. Therefore I cut them off from 
my holy lan'se va' ne, and from the face of the earth; and even so 
I will do in this visitation to man. 

7. For I will send forth my word, and declare unto them, that all 


nations shall have an offer of salvation, which is free for all souls; 
and they shall hear the sound thereof, for this I have declared from 
the beginning; and 1 created man a rational being, capable of choos- 
ing the way of life, which leadeth to happiness, or the way of death, 
which leadeth to misery. Therefore I say unto you, harden not 
your hearts against Me your Creator. For I have sent forth my 
spirit to the inhabitants of the earth, to strive with man, that he 
might, if he would, receive proffered mercy ; for surely my judg- 
ments are pending; yea, kingdoms, thrones and dominions, shall 
fall at my hand, and desolation fill the land; 

8. The earth shall tremble and quake, the seas roar, and foam- 
ing billows shall sweep over the mighty deep; yea, I will destroy 
in my own time, kingdoms and nations; and the high and nobles of 
the earth I will lay low. I will not stay my hand nor lighten my 
judgments, saith the Almighty, unless ye give ear to my solemn 

9. O ye wicked and perverse generation ! how long can ye re- 
main in darkness, groping in sin and iniquity at the risk of your 
final salvation ! For surely my word has gone forth in ages past, 
and remains unalterable, even to this day. Though the Heavens 
and earth pass away, my word shall not fail; but I will, in my own 
time, increase my judgments according to the abominations and 
wickedness that are in the land. 

10. I will not save by profession; I will look upon the professor 
as those that profess not ; and upon the rich and great men, yea, no- 
bles, kings and princes, as though they possessed nothing; for in their 
hidden treasures are deceit and fraud, by speculation, and all man- 
ner of wickedness which I do abhor, saith the God of Heaven ; and 
for this cause and many more, I have sent forth my destroying An- 
gels to pull down their lofty towers; yea, to lay low, even to the 
ground, their high places. 

11. My ter're vac' le o'ne trumpet shall sound through the land, 
and many will flock to my Zion on earth for refuge, over whom I 
will stretch out my protecting hand, and shield them from harm. But 
to those that put far away these solemn warnings, and say, No dan- 
ger awaits us ; on such I will pour out my wrath and indignation; I 
will smite them with my rod of justice, which I hold in my right 
hand to accomplish this mighty work of the latter day. 

12. Therefore, hearken again to my voice, and repent of your 
doings, saith the Holy One of Israel ; for I am determined on a 


decision with the inhabitants of earth. Hence, I entreat you in mer- 
cy; and will ye not hear? Will ye not come forth to the resurrec- 
tion of life, and escape the awful judgments that await the sinner? 

13. I say unto you. Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall 
confess that I am the Lord. I will, in my own appointed time, 
cause my prophecies to be fulfilled, that the inhabitants of earth 
may know and feel sore tribulation for the abomination with which 
the earth is filled. 

14. Never was there so great a day of my visitation to fallen man ; 
and never, according to the truth manifested, was the earth so laden 
with sin and wickedness as at the present time. How long shall I 
suffer the earth with her heavy burden to cry unto Me ? Shall I 
wait on the sinner that repenteth not? I tell you, nay; 

15. I have appointed my time, and my work I will do; I will 
smite the sinner that oppresseth, and confound and bring to nought 
the lofty imaginations of men; they shall wander in desolate places, 
and say to the rocks and mountains, Fall on us, and hide us from 
Him that sitteth upon the throne. For great and terrible, saith 
the holy Angel, will be the day of the Lord which is declared 
unto you. 

16. Therefore, I solemnly warn you, not to treat the things of 
God as abusing them. For know ye, there is but one true God, the 
great Eternal Giver of all good; just and righteous, who will re- 
ward every one according as his works shall be. 

17. Therefore saith the Lord, Hearken again O my people, to 
my word; prepare ye to sound the ter're vac'le o'ne trumpet; for I 
have not spoken in vain, neither will I pass lightly over those who 
know my will and do it not; but those who do my pleasure, I will 
gather together from the four quarters of the earth, into my ark of 

18. Therefore, I say unto the children of Zion, Gird on your 
helmet, sword and shield, and be ye strong in the Lord: for lo, the 
time Cometh when many will flock to Zion, some for good and 
some for evil. But I say unto you, stand ye firm and unshaken, and 
I will be your God and ye shall be my people, forever more : Amen. 

Inspired Writer, 

LuciNDA Hartford. 





1. Hearken, O ye children of Zion, and give a willing ear, O ye 
fellow brethren and sisters of mine, who dwell on the earth. I am 
Peter, of whom ye read, an apostle of your blessed Lord and Sav- 
ior, and a servant of the Most High God, whose command I make 
it my delight to obey. 

2. I have long desired and been prepared for this opportunity; 
like a free volunteer, at this time, in union with my brethren and 
sisters, (the faithful apostles and servants of Christ,) I thankfully 
raise my voice to testify of those things which seem good in my 
sight; for I have long been an ear and eye witness of the great work 
of the Lord in the Heavens above, and on the earth; and especially 
in this his late sacred and glorious manifestation to the chosen 
people of his Zion. 

3. I was near even at the side of your blessed Savior, in pres- 
ence of your holy Mother Ann, at the time your Heavenly Father 
commissioned his holy Angels to go forth with the sacred Roll and 
Book, which I well know, and testify to all nations and people that 
move on the earth, his Almighty power did prepare, and send by 
his mighty Angel to his Church on the Holy Mount of Lebanon, 
there to be copied by mortal hand, in deep tribulation and the holy 
fear of God ; which I know hath been done according to his own 
choosing; for I have accompanied the holy Angels, with many other 
glorified spirits, and have with them been a careful observer of 
the operations in Heaven and on earth, in preparing this sacred 
Roll and Book for the nations thereof, from the beginning to this 
time ; and still shall be, till it reaches those for whom it was design- 
ed by the Almighty. 

4. Be it known unto the many nations of this earth, that there 
are thousands and tens of thousands in the eternal world of light 
and life, who are ready and free to pour forth their thankfulness 
and gratitude in the hearing of mortals, for the great condescension 
of their Heavenly Father, in sending forth his permanent word of 
lengthened mercy to fallen man ; and would be glad so to do, if 



time with mortals and room on the sacred pages would permit; for 
their souls even as mine, are filled with the tender love and sweet 
compassion of an All-wise and just Creator, for all who will strive 
to know and do the will of their Heavenly Father, from the time 
his word shall reach them, till on earth their days are ended. 

5. I have heard their prayers, and seen them bowing low before 
the throne of Eternal Truth and Infinite Wisdom. O ye who are 
as good by nature as myself, my soul daily prayeth for you, that 
you may not be found fighting against God, neither be so unwise as 
to slight the day of his visitation to your needy souls, as many did 
in past ages. Trust in God, if his will ye would do ; for if you 
trust in your own knowledge and strength, though ye may greatly 
desire to do ^ight, ye may, in the trying moment, be left to feel the 
effects of your own weakness. 

6. Receive the mercy of your God, that his most heavy judg- 
ments may not be yours to suffer. Choose wisely, and hearken to 
the voice of charity, and shut not your eyes against the light of 
truth which already beginneth to burn in your own consciences ; but 
unite with every thing holy and good, whatever be the means by 
which it is offered, or whoever be the messenger by whom it may 
be conveyed to you; remembering at all times, it is not so much 
matter what the size, color, shape or costliness of the vessel is, as 
it is about the cleanliness, and the precious worth it contains. 

7. As a brother, and friend to your precious souls, I feel to warn 
you all, to receive the messengers of your God when sent to you in 
charity and love, and treat them with kindness ; for many will He 
yet send forth to every kindred and people on earth ; but whether 
they will come unto you, spirits dwelling in natural bodies, or spir- 
its freed from the earthly tabernacle, is not for you to lay out or 

8. Though my spirit sorroweth for the haughtiness and foolish- 
ness of mankind, yet I rejoice in the condescension of the Lord 
and his mighty Angels, and that He hath purposed to send forth 
his messengers to visit and awaken the sleepers in sin, and bring 
to life the dead, restore the lame, heal the sick, and bind up the 
broken hearted. 

9. By the light of my God and his holy influence, I am led to 
see and know in part, that which will be in time to come. 

10. Ye may say, Who is this that declareth these things to us? 
I am a co-worker with my brother, the faithful and beloved disciple 


of the holy Savior, Jolin the Revdator; and when it shall please 
my God again to send me forth with my brethren and companions, 
as in the days of Christ's first appearing, I will go whither by the 
spirit of justice I am led ; and will help to open the hearts of the 
children of men with the key of love and light, and awaken them 
with the word of faith, for the solemn word of the Lord, through 
the holy Revelator, to enter. And when these things come, then 
will ye know that my words are true. 

11. Your noble dwellings, where kings and princes dwell in ease 
and indolence, shall be the places where food shall be prepared for 
the chosen servants of God; and sweet industry shall reign. 

12. In many an unfinished shed, in barns, in cottages of the 
poorest peasants, in the once lonely deserts, shall the power, mercy 
and justice of God yet be displayed, and his word loudly echo. 

13. To the thatched and unthatched roof, and to the meanest 
hovel shall some of the most renowned of this earth yet gather, and 
on their bended knees seek the forgiveness of their God, and hum- 
bly beg for his mercy; and by those whom they once disdained to 
comfort with the necessaries of life, shall they be taught the way of 
eternal life, and fed with the imperishable bread of Heaven. 

14. Times and seasons may pass away before these things are all 
fulfilled; but the word of God standeth sure to the end; so be not 
faithless or unbelieving. 

15. Before I hold my peace, I freely declare to you ye hearers, 
great and small, that the work of God, in the order of his grace, 
will bring you all on a level ; the king and beggar shall eat from the 
same table, the peasant and prince shall drink from the same cup, 
and the professor and profane shall loudly acknowledge, they have 
both been destitute of the true power and word of salvation, and 
know not the living God as He is revealed. 

16. Ye who read and understand the word of your God as re- 
corded on the sacred pages of this book, will see that it is vain for 
you, any longer to stretch your senses to the ethereal skies, to find 
the Lord ; or place your eyes there to look for the second appear- 
ing of Christ. 

17. He hath appeared as declared in this book; and I bless the 
bright Eternal Two who have, in their own way and time, in beauty 
and order, displayed their might and wisdom, by placing at the 
head of the New Creation, the heavenly Bridegroom and Bride, as 
the spiritual Parents of all souls who have been begotten into the 


elements of eternal life; for as true as there is a God, every soul who 
ever finds access to his throne, must find it by and through them. 

18. It is equally as impossible for a soul to enter into the spirit- 
ual creation, without spiritual Parents, and breathe the air of eter- 
nal life, as it would be for a child to enter into the natural world 
without natural parents. 

19. But thanks and honor forever and evermore I will give to 
the Eternal Two, for tlic perfect way of life and redemption from 
the nature of sin, which they have revealed through Christ the 
Holy Savior and blessed Mother Ann Lee. They who worship the 
spirit dwelling in these, the two Anointed Ones, do truly worship 

20. I bless the day that I found the second Eve, the Bride, the 
Lamb's wife, a Spiritual Mother, without which my salvation could 
not have been perfect, nor my joy full. 

2L Blessed be her name in Heaven and on earth, and that pure 
gospel and perfect cross of self-denial which she daily taught and 
practiced in all her goings forth. Let her praise be spoken, and 
her goodness sounded throughout the whole earth, as well as that 
of the Holy Savior. 

22. As I am a well wisher to all those who dwell on the earth, I 
have considered it a great privilege and sacred duty, to sign and 
seal the words of everlasting truth and light, by revealing in part 
my sympathetic feelings for all the creation of God. 

23. O that none might be found so unwise, as to disregard the 
warnings of God, defy his mighty power or deny his holy name, or 
that of his holy messengers. 

24. Desiring all those who read the foregoing, to remember, 
that the true saints of God are one in all things; and thus, having 
spoken to you, through an instrument of mortal clay, T have plainly 
shown you the feelings of my companions who suffered with me 
when on earth; with earnest feelings to do good to my fellow kin- 
dred, in the spirit of prayer and with Christ-like humility, I close 
my word by saying, O Heavenly Father, do be merciful and forgive 
them, for they know not what they do. 

Inspired Writer, 

Susan H. Whitcher. 




1. Come listen candidly unto my words all ye travelers in time, 
for as a true friend and well wisher to your souls I address you. I 
am John, the beloved disciple of Christ; the brother of James, and 
the son of Zebedee. 

2. By the goodness of God I was made a partaker of this saving 
gospel of life and salvation, in the first appearing of Christ upon 
earth. And by walking in perfect obedience to that doctrine sent 
forth by the Eternal Father, through him unto a lost world, I have 
ever found favor in the sight of God, and in no other way. 

3. And I testify unto all people, that no souls, either in time or 
eternity, can ever be owned and accepted of God, short of acknowl- 
edging and obeying Him in that order where He has made Himself 
manifest, whether it be in accordance with their vain and exalted 
imaginations, yea or nay. 

4. Whatever means it pleaseth God to make use of to reveal his 
will unto mortals, whether it be through the agency of man, wo- 
man or child, there must every soul bow, and acknowledge his word 
and his power, or never share in his mercy. 

5. Therefore, as a wise parent would warn his son to flee from 
approaching danger, so do I warn you, O ye inhabitants of mortal- 
ity, not to deny or defy the means which God hath chosen to make 
known his will unto you at the present time. 

6. Remember, God hath ever chosen the foolish things of the 
world to confound the wise, and the weak things of the world to 
confound the mighty; yea, and base things, and even things which 
are not, to bring to nought things which are. 

7. Behold Jehovah hath declared, that out of the midst of Zion 
his word should go forth to the nations of the earth. And where, 
O ye inhabitants of earth, would you look for the midst of Zion ? 
Would you look into the divided and subdivided parties of men, 
where strife and contention reign perpetually ? 

8. Christ promised that his kingdom should be a kingdom of peace. 
And where, O ye children of men, can that kingdom of peace be 
found, if it be not where blood is not shed, and where strife and 
contention are not known? Where one mortal man is not exalted 


above another; but where all share alike the blessings of God; where 
they that were rich become as those that were poor and possess- 
ed nothing, and tliey that were poor, become even as those who 
possessed an abundance of this world's goods; they that had wives 
become even as though they had none; and all dwell together in 
perfect harmony, purity and righteousness, enjoying one faith, one 
Lord and one baptism, which is the baptism of fire and the Holy 
Spirit: who are daily crucifying the flesh, with all its affections 
and lusts, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit, and in 
the knowledge of God ? 

9. Of such is the kingdom of Christ, the Zion of God compos- 
ed. And what rational soul can dispute, but that such a kingdom, 
is that kingdom of peace which belongeth to the Savior, rather than 
that w^hich is filled with contentious strivings, and confused divis- 
ions, where each man careth for his own household and nothing 
more, and is daily striving to serve and please himself, rather than 
his Maker? 

10. Through what means, I ask, O ye candid ones, would you 
that your Heavenly Father send forth his word unto you ? If you 
despise the humble means which He hath chosen, where, I ask, 
would you that his word be given ? 

11. Would you that it be given unto the haughty kings, and 
bigoted princes of this earth, who are daily reveling in the most 
filthy abominations, whose hearts are polluted with iniquity, and 
whose hands are stained with innocent blood 1 Verily I say unto 
you. He would sooner send forth his word through an African babe, 
or a natural idiot. 

12. But again I ask, Would you that your Heavenly Father send 
forth his word through your appointed priests and pretended minis- 
ters of the gospel of Christ, who, it is known by their fruits, and 
the declaration of their own mouths, daily commit sin; and who 
strive to indulge and gratify the cravings of their evil passions? 

13. Or would you that He send his word forth through a meek 
and humble follower of Christ, who never sought to be honored 
and adored by mortals, but whose constant labor from his youth up, 
has been merely to know and do the will of God? 

14. Such an instrument the Lord hath made choice of, to reveal 
his will unto mortals in the present case. And every rational soul 
who is endowed with one spark of true light, will acknowledge the 
means He has chosen, to be in wisdom, justice and goodness. 


15. Although the people from whence the word of the Lord 
hath gone forth, are looked upon by mankind in general, as a mean 
and contemptible few, and even judged by some to be the very off- 
scouring of the earth ; yet I declare unto you, and my word shall 
prove eternal truth, That even the most noble among men, will yet 
witness the day, that they would willingly make any sacrifice what- 
ever, to obtain that perfect peace, and that heavenly undisturbed 
joy, which this little despised flock have merited, by their daily 
walk of humility and self-denial. 

16. The flock of Christ never was known by great numbers, or 
much popularity ; but his true and faithful followers were always 
few, and that few always suffered ridicule and persecution for 
his sake, 

17. When our Savior came into the world, he came not in great 
pomp and worldly array, exalting the great and noble of the earth; 
and for this reason they despised him, and suffered him to be put 
to death. 

18. He called unto him those who were needy. It was not the 
rich or the proud; but it was the poor and mean in the eyes of men, 
honest humble laborers in the things of this world, who sought not 
to be honored by their fellow mortals, although that saving gospel 
which he taught was offered freely to all, kings as well as beggars, 
if they would comply with its just and humiliating requirements. 

19. But the self-exalted sense of human nature, was the same in 
ages past that it is in the present day ; and the objections of an 
unbelieving world were no more vain and unstable, eighteen hun- 
dred years ago, concerning the first appearing of Christ, than they 
are in the present day concerning his second appearing, which it 
has pleased God should be through the instrumentality of a female. 

20. The wisdom of God is foolishness to vain man, and ever 
was. His work is a pride-staining and humiliating work, and has 
been from the beginning; but what mortal shall dare to oppose 
the order of it? 

21. Know ye, heavy judgments shall be set upon that soul, who 
will dare, knowingly, to oppose his work and his wisdom, insomuch 
as to abuse and persecute his subjects. 

22. The sufferings of this little despised few, the followers of 
that chosen and anointed female, have ever been like unto those 
which Jesus of Nazareth and his faithful followers were caused to 
suffer by the wicked ; and this is one convincing evidence to you, 


that the same spirit dwelt in lier and her followers, which dwelt in 
Jesus and his followers ; if it had not been so, that spirit of enmity 
never would have arisen as it did, to persecute and destroy her, and 
to put an end to that gospel which she taught. 

23. The world loveth its own ; but it hated Christ the Savior 
because he was not of the world, neither was the doctrine he 
taught; and for the same cause, did the world of mankind despise 
this woman, and her faithful, humble followers. 

24. What rational soul can dispute the wisdom and propriety of 
a spiritual Mother in the new creation, any more than a spiritual 
Father? In the natural order and creation of the human race, the 
male and the female are both workers together ; and the natural 
creation of all things is a figure of the spiritual ; therefore no soul 
is born of God that does not acknowledge a spiritual Mother, as 
well as a spiritual Father. 

25. That latter day of glory has been ushered in, which was 
predicted by the Prophets ; that day in which the virgins should re- 
joice in the dances of them that make merry. 

26. This is the morning of the day in which the marriage of the 
Lamb is come, and blessed are they which are called unto the 
marriage feast of the same. Rejoice and be glad all ye nations of 
the earth, for the heavenly Bridegroom and Bride stand at the head 
of the New Creation, proclaiming peace and full salvation unto all 
souls who are willing to hear and obey the word of the Lord. 

27. The Lord hath sent forth his holy proclaiming Angels unto 
all the earth, to sound the awakening trumpet of full salvation and 
redemption unto lost souls. And his Angels of vengeance stand 
ready to pour forth his wrath, upon the Heaven-daring mockers of 
his sacred word. 

28. Awaken and be enlightened, all ye children of men, look ye 
and behold the City of the New Jerusalem. That City of ever- 
lasting peace and purity, the kingdom of the Messiah; which I 
John the Revelator, did behold in a heavenly vision, when confin- 
ed upon the Isle of Patmos. 

29. I saw the word of the Lord, and the purity of his kingdom, 
even as it was to stand in the last dispensation of his goodness 
unto mortals. I saw, and I knew not what I saw, but I have since 
seen the fulfilling of many wonders; and all that which remaineth 
sealed, will yet be revealed. 

30. But behold I saw a woman, clothed with the sun, and the 


moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars; 
and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to 
be delivered, and brought forth a man child who was to rule all na- 
tions with a rod of iron. Therefore rejoice, all ye inhabitants of 
earth, that this woman, being the Eternal Mother of the whole Cre- 
ation, even as Jehovah is the Father, has been delivered even of 
the remnant of her seed, which is the Lamb's Bride, the second Eve. 

31. Give honor and praise, all ye sons of men, that the mystery 
of God is finished, and his true Church upon earth established. Bow 
down and worship before his throne, for the desire of all nations 
is come. Give honor and glory to Him unceasingly, for his length- 
ened mercy to fallen man. 

32. Be ye not found caviling with the workings of his Holy 
Spirit, like the Scribes and Pharisees of old ; nor contending with 
his holy Wisdom like the unbelieving Jews ; lest, after the many 
warnings He has given you. He smite you with heavy displeasure, 
and cut off his mercy from your souls. 

33. As a friend and well wisher to all, I solemnly warn you who 
dwell in mortal clay, to treat the word of your Heavenly Father, 
which is now sent forth in mercy and charity to all souls, with sa- 
cred reverence and holy fear. For know ye, every soul will have 
to render account to God for the use they make of that which He 
has given them. Amen. Sevac' Selah'. 

Inspired Writer, 

Lydia M. Chase. 



1. Bow down and obey, all ye who hear my word, both ye who 
dwell in Zion, and ye who dwell in distant lands, say I Eternal 
Wisdom. O ves'ter Ian sine exfari'na, in words of solemn warning 
I sound my trumpet of wisdom unto you, through my witnessing 
Angel, Ah Se'lah Ves'perlon'. 

2. Know ye, that I am Wisdom, eternal and unchangeable 


Wisdom; one with God I am, ever was and always shall be; even as 
He is your Eternal Father, so do I Eternal Wisdom, stand as your 
everlasting Mother. With Him I sound forth mercy, with Him 
judgment proclaim; We stand as one, and work as but one alone; 
nothing doth He send forth upon the earth, either in mercy or judg- 
ment, without my everlasting seal. Eternal Wisdom; and nothing 
do I sound, or cause to be sounded forth, without his everlasting 
sign and approval, 

3. Therefore marvel not that my words are sounded unto you, 

ye of little faith and weak understanding; for even as He has 
condescended to stoop from his throne in Heaven, to notice his 
creature man now dwelling upon the earth, his footstool ; even so do 

1 accompany Him, to bless the word of his mouth, and bear wit- 
ness to the truth contained in the Holy Roll, sent forth by his Al- 
mighty power, mercy and justice; and many times have I placed 
my seal thereon, and pronounced it wholesome and good, to stand 
unaltered and unchanged, till He in his infinite goodness, sees fit 
to send forth a further decree. 

4. So beware, all who are called to read or to handle this word, 
in any way, shape or manner ; for I have said and again say, that 
whosoever will, knowingly, alter, add or diminish one word contain- 
ed in the Holy Roll, shall feel the judgments of God, and the heavy 
displeasure of Me, Eternal wisdom; and whosoever will destroy, 
or cause to be destroyed, this holy Book, or any part therein contain- 
ed, O car'bo hes'per larth vile, and de veen' through tern' po ha' 
vo a' zen; I say, 

5. Though you burn this Book, the truth thereof shall burst forth 
in your souls, as an unquenchable fire and a tormenting flame; and 
if you bury it in the earth, the power of God shall cause it to 
breathe forth the curses and the heavy judgments which are written 
therein; yea the earth itself shall breathe forth plagues, pestilence 
and sore diseases, upon those whose hands or voices were raised, or 
whose hearts rejoiced, to have this the holy word of the Lord bur- 
ied in the earth, to be trampled upon; and thus cause it to be a 
curse instead of a blessing unto you. 

6. Therefore be wise, all ye inhabitants of the earth : and con- 
sider, ye cannot hide from the All-seeing eye of your God. 

7. But why should man seek to destroy the word of Heaven, sent 
unto him from his God, given for his eternal good and happiness? 
It is because it strikes at the root of all evil, which is the lust of 


the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life; yea, because he 
is required to live strictly according to the law of grace, or strictly 
to the law of nature. 

8. It is, saith Wisdom, for these reasons that he will seek to de- 
stroy this holy wordj but know ye, all who hear my word, that ye 
cannot now, nor ever will be blessed, in any other way. Walk strict- 
ly according to the principles of one or the other, or you will merit 
the displeasure of your God. 

9. Let those extensive buildings in which you have spent so many 
precious hours of your life in the filthy and obscene works of dark- 
ness, now be changed into houses of solemn prayer, or of honest 
employment; no more to be set apart for such foul and base pur- 
poses. There let holy songs of thanksgiving and praise, be sung 
unto the Lord for his long forbearance; there let solemn and sa- 
cred fear fill every soul ; 

10. There let the cries of the penitent, the humble, true seeker 
afi:er righteousness, and the broken hearted, ascend to the throne 
of God, from the deepest recesses of your hearts; yea, bathe your 
floors with tears of true repentance and thankfulness, that He has 
seen fit to notice you in mercy, and warn you of his heavy judg- 
ments, which He will pour upon you, unless you quickly repent. 

11. O may sweet repentance soften each heart, that the words 
of Heaven may sink deeply therein ; which will cause you to be 
bowed down with fear and reverence, and filled with deep tribula- 
tion, that you may be prepared to meet your God in his mercy, and 
share in his forgiving love; for He will have mercy on the faithful, 
and compassion for the contrite spirit ; those who regard Him, He 
will regard ; but those who scorn his words, and disregard his say- 
ings. He will scourge with his judgments, and meet them in his 
fury ; yea, He will disregard them in their calamity, and withhold 
his protection when their fear cometh. 

12. So beware how ye walk, and how ye use the givings of your 
God ; for know ye, it is an awful thing to fall into the hands of the 
Almighty, to feel his judgments and heavy displeasure. Carefully 
use the words of Heaven at all times, wherever they may be re- 
vealed ; through whatever means they may come, it matters not ; if 
it pleaseth your God, you have no reason to complain. 

13. But when you hear or see them, or even have them in your 
presence, the eye of the Lord is continually upon you, to behold 
the manner in which you regard them. Therefore be ye cautious 


how you use the things of God, and how you speak of the same. 

14. And I do forbid, that any should take expressions or senti- 
ments written in the Holy Roll, and use as common by-words, 
either in a light carnal way, or in any other, save with sacred rev- 
erence; for they are solemn indeed, and should not be used or blended 
with your own carnal words and ways, to express your ideas or feel- 
ings in any manner; but preserve them in their order, by themselves, 
solemn, sacred and divine; yea, preserve them as you would the 
most valuable treasure of silver or gold, for they are of much 
more importance. 

15. And those of you who stand as rulers, often warn the people 
to use them carefully, and abuse not the books themselves, nor the 
solemn words therein contained ; and set ye the same example before 
them, in all you say and do. So shall you be blessed, and your 
people likewise. In obedience to the words of Heaven, you shall 
be prospered, and in no other way. 

16. Therefore be wise for your own souls' sake, and for your 
own prosperity and happiness, take heed how you walk ; seek your 
God in true humility, and you will find He hath mercy ; labor for 
wisdom, that you may act wisely. 

17. My delight is in the upright souls; I dwell with the honest 
heart, and with the true seeker and doer of the Lord's will. I am 
not found in the high lofty regions, where dwell pride, arrogance 
and deceit, where each one strives to be the highest, where all 
strive to rule, and none to obey; 

18. There I dwell not, saith Holy Wisdom; but in the lowly 
vale of humility and sweet repentance do I abide ; there I shower 
my blessings, and cause every thing to grow in wisdom, and perfect 
order; there I have planted my vineyards, and there I have prepar- 
ed holy fountains of everlasting waters wherewith to feed my flock. 
I have there planted beautiful groves, and the blessing of God has 
caused them to flourish exceedingly. 

19. Come hither all who will, and walk in my pleasant valley; 
purify your souls from sin and I will delight in your oiferings; wash 
in the pool of repentance, and you will be lovely; enter at the gate 
of final decision, bid adieu to the world without, take up your cross, 
no more to put it by, and you shall be mine forever. 

20. My paths are pleasant, and all who will, may walk therein ; 
but nothing that is sinful or unclean, hath any place in my valley. 


saith Wisdom ; but straight as straightness, holy and divine are all 
things which are under my full blessing. 

21. You must bear the cross, if you would wear the crown; you 
must lay down your carnal lives if you would share in life everlast- 
ing; you must regard the holy words of your God, and live ac- 
cording to his requirements, if you would enjoy peace on earth, 
and eternal happiness forever. 

22. Worship your God to his acceptance, if you would that He 
receive your offerings ; worship Him in spirit, with life and zeal, 
in truth and in reality, regardless of certain forms and ceremonies; 
and it will be accepted of Him; He will be merciful towards you, 
in well doing, in loving and obeying his word. But bow down, and 
give your ears to hear, and incline your hearts to understand and 
obey his holy word. 

23. Thus my word is finished unto you at this time, say I, Holy 
and Eternal Wisdom. 

Words of the Angel to the Anointed in Zion. 

O ye blessed of Holy Wisdom, the above did She sound unto me, 
to have written and given unto you, on the fourteenth morning of 
the fifth month, to do with as your wisdom would direct. But keep 
my words, said She, for they will yet prove a benefit ; and time 
may yet unfold why I wrote them. I have no more to do with 
them, saith the Angel, as they are now correctly written, according 
to her holy and divine will. 

Inspired Writer, 

Dorothy Ann Durgin. 




77*6 following^ is a correct statement of the various interviews and commu- 
nications^ witnessed and received from the holy and mighty Angel of God^ 
Ma' ne Me' rah, Vak' na Si' na Jah', by Adah Zillah Potter. All of ichich 
transpired some months previous to the writing of the preceding word of the 
Lord, to the inhabitants of the earth. 

Testimony of the inspired Writer. 

I am but a dependent mortal, and of myself equally ignorant of the divine 
and mysterious purposes of the All-wise and ever righteous God, w^ith my 
fellow companions of time. Nor do I assert, that, in my very small measure 
of natural wisdom and knowledge, I am able, in the least degree, to compre- 
hend his ways, or his doings. 

Yet, I am bold and confident to affirm, in the hearing or presence of all 
people, if so required to do, that I have received a knowledge and under- 
standing of a mighty and merciful display of the infinite goodness of the 
one true and living God, to the inhabitants of the earth, which He is about 
to manifest unto them, through the medium of his holy Angels ; and that 
from the same divine source, it has been shown and revealed unto me. 

Therefore, to obey the voice of the Holy Angel, I feel called upon, by the 
powers of truth, at this time, to bear witness to the word of the Lord, which, 
by his holy Angels, is proclaimed unto the children of men. For I have 
known, for some months previous to this time, by the revelation of God, 
that the time was near at hand, even at the door, when He would, by means 
of his own choosing, make known his word, and reveal his will unto the in- 
habitants of the earth, even to the nations abroad. 

And it is for these reasons, even because Heaven hath revealed it to me, 
and for a confirmation to what has been already stated, that I now add my 
testimony, and freely acknowledge the same ; and also prove the truth of 
my word, by giving an account of what I have felt, seen and heard ; yea, and 


receivpd from tho powers above, concerning tlio word and work of the holy 
and mighty Angel of God, that is now at work, for tlie good of the children 
of men. 

First Interview. 

It was in the evening of the twenty second of January, eighteen hundred 
and forty two, while I was busily employed putting all things in readiness, 
for the close of the week, that I distinctly heard my name called very loud- 
ly, and with much earnestness. I could not go so well at that moment, and I 
answered, I will come soon, for I supposed it to be some one in the adjoining 
room, that wished to see me : but the word was repeated three times, and I 
hastened to the place from whence the sound seemed to come, but there was 
no one present. 

I soon saw in the middle of the room, four very large and bright lights, or 
balls of fire, as they appeared to be ; they moved slowly each way, and after 
a little time, joined together in one exceedingly large light, or pillar of fire. 
At this moment, I heard a loud voice, which uttered many words, with such 
mighty force that I feared to stay in the room, and attempted to go out ; but 
found I had not power to move my feet. 

For some time, I could not understand one word that was sounded forth ; 
but the first that I did understand, were as follows : Hark, hark ! hearken, O 
thou child of mortality, unto the word that is, and shall be sounded aloud in 
thine ears, again and again, even until it is obeyed. 

And lo, I say, a time, and a time, and a half time shall not pass by, before 
my voice shall be heard, and my word sounded forth to the nations abroad. 
But in the Zion of my likeness and true righteousness shall it be received 
first, and from thence shall it go forth ; for thus and thus hath the God of 
Heaven and earth declared, and purposed that it should be. 

Then why will you, O why will you yet fear to obey .-* What would you 
that your God would do in your presence, that you might fear his power, 
rather than that of mortal man .' 

From this moment, I was not sensible where I was ; and after a little time 
of silence, the body of light, or pillar of fire, dispersed ; and I saw a mighty 
Angel coming from the east, and I heard these words : 

Woe, woe, and many woes shall be upon the mortal that shall see, and 
will not stop to behold ; that shall hear, and will not hearken j or that shall 
understand and will not receive, and well consider upon that which the God 
of Heaven and earth, of the wise and unwise, the just and unjust, shall yet 
send forth, and cause to be proclaimed within Zion, and without Zion, in his 
own time. 

The voice now ceased, and I could not determine whether the word proceed- 
ed from the brightness that remained before me, or from the mighty Angel. 
All was silent, for a short time, and then these words were repeated very 
forcibly, and loud. 

Speak not of my presence, nor of what thou hast seen and heard, until 
thou hast permission, or until the time shall come ; for I have now come 
forth to work mightily among the children of the earth : but in the heart of 


Zion I shall begin, and for a season, I shall pass to and fro, unseen and un- 
known as I really am. 

O then thou mortal of my choice, remember the day and the hour, and 
number the times, and keep the time of my coming, even from this, the first 
time, until the time is fulfilled ; for thou shalt remain my witness, unto the end. 

February third, eighteen hundred forty two, early in the morning, between 
the hours of two and three, I heard a loud voice, resembling distant thunder ; 
and as it came nearer, I could hear distinct words. After some minutes, I 
arose, and looked out of the window, to see if there was any thing the mat- 
ter without ; but I saw nothing in danger, and turned to go to my rest ; and 
the voice sounded forth, yet louder than before, in the following words. 


These twenty days, have I passed to and fro in the earth, and have softly 
sounded my word, and but very few have listened ; and shall I longer hold 
my peace, and let the earth be troubled ? I have passed and re-passed, to watch, 
guard and protect, and prepare the Zion of the living God, for that work 
which the Almighty hath purposed, should shortly begin in her. 

But lo, I go, and a mightier one than I am, will soon come ; for the All- 
powerful God will not longer be still ; but will work mighty wonders in the 
earth, even that which is more marvelous than what has already been wit- 
nessed ; and this He has surely declared in the ears of his chosen people, 
many times of late, by means of his own choosing. 

So I say, let the inhabitants of the earth, both great and small, old and 
young, prepare to humble themselves as the dust, in the presence of the 
Lord their God, the mighty one of Israel. Let Zion tremble, and let all Is- 
rael fear before Him, and murmur not against his sacred requirements to them. 

Let the mountains break forth with lamentation, and let the vallies be fill- 
ed with sorrow and mourning; for mighty and terrible are the bands and 
strong holds of Satan, throughout the earth. 

Surely, I say, many will there be, that will be led captive ; and this, the 
captivity of Siar' lavon', will be far greater than the captivity of Babylon, in 
ancient days. 

But well will it be with thee, O Zion, if in that day, thy walls are well 
fortified, and thou art found standing in that holy order and rectitude, in 
which thy God hath placed thee, and purposed that the nations of the earth 
should behold thee. 

And woe, yea, a cursed woe, unto every soul that shall spread an evil re- 
port of the mysterious doings of their God in the Zion of his holiness, or 
shall go out among strangers, with an intent to do evil. 

Woe unto them that shall seek to understand the mighty works of their 
God, among the children of men, for the sake, or by way of judging them, 
or their God who is at work with them. But a far greater woe shall be upon 
him, even to this day, that shall spread abroad, or declare falsely, in the 
name of the living God, or his holy Angels, that which has been and will 
be shown unto the inhabitants of Zion, before the full time for so doing 
shall arrive. 

For verily I say, a knowledge and understanding suflicient for the good of 


man, concerning Zion, will the Lord your God send forth, even in his own 
time and by means of his own choosing, entirely according to his own will. 

The word was now finished, and all was silent. 

Second Interview. 

On February fifth, eighteen hundred forty two, about ten o'clock in the 
morning, I saw in the room, a large ball of light, or seemingly, a body of fire, 
moving slowly to the south ; it then turned and passed by me to the north, 
and divided into four parts, and moved swiftly each way, east, west, north 
and south; and I saw them no more. 

I thought to go to my work ; but presently, I heard a loud and terrible voice, 
but did not see any thing. The word was as follows. 

I am Ma'ne Me' rah, Vak'na Si'na Jah', or the mighty prophesying Angel 
of the God of Heaven and earth, sent forth at his command, to pass and re- 
pass to and fro, and to prophesy throughout the earth. 

Within Zion, and without Zion, shall I pass continually, even as God 
has commanded me, until my time of prophesying is passed by, and the days 
of the fulfilling of the same shall come. 

I do, and shall, speak of that which has been, of that which now is, and 
of that which is to come. 

I am at this time, only as one that goeth before that which is to come, and 
will follow ; and that which mortals shall yet see, and understand. 

But the voice that soundeth forth the word at my command, no mortal eye 
shall behold from whence it cometh ; but mortals shall hear and understand 
without fail ; for the GREAT I AM hath spoken it, and his Eternal Wisdom 
hath declared it. 

And again I say, I will pass to and fro, within Zion, and without Zion ; 
and I will prophesy in the name of the GREAT JEHOVAH, that which 
He will assuredly bring to pass, until my time of prophesying is fulfilled, as 
the God of all nations has commanded me. 

And if there are yet to be found in Zion, sinners or workers of iniquity, I 
will, without reserve, prophesy evil against them ; yea, and against that part 
of Zion in which they dwell, and heavy woes shall follow my word ; and 
they, and all such as rest at peace with them, shall be cast from before the 
righteous like stubble. 

In the days of the fulfilling of my prophecy, shall these things be ; for the 
Holy One of Israel, hath purposed and declared, that his kingdom on earth, 
should be a kingdom of righteousness ; and his Zion, a holy City of perfect 
order and beauty, adorned with purity, and as a shining light to the nations 
around. Thus and thus shall it be, before the mighty work of the living 
God is accomplished. 

And again ; I am the power that ruleth and commandeth the voice; but 
no man shall see, or be able to tell from whence the word proceedeth from 
time to time, or comprehend the meaning of my word, very many times. 

Yet, I am one that many shall hear, many shall see, many shall understand ; 
and many shall believe that I am, and that I was sent forth at the command 
of the Almighty One ; and shall indeed fear my coming. 


But many more, yea, far greater will be the number, that will not believe 
that I am, or that I am sent forth by an Almighty and eternal power, and 
am indeed of the same ; but will set at nought, and deride my word, and will 
put afar off the days of the fulfilling of it, and will sneer at those who will 

Yea, and such will devise harm, and plot mischief against those who will 
fear my power ; and will seek to lie in wait and ensnare the mortal that shall 
be caused to declare these things in the ears of their fellow creatures ; for 
truths, truths, and solemn truths, without reserve to the pretended ignorance 
of man, will I command to be sounded forth. 

And I will no more cease to pass and re-pass to and fro, throughout the 
earth, or cause my prophecy to have an end, until my time shall come, yea, 
fully come ; and of that time, no power has ever yet spoken ; but it is not 
far distant, according to the times and seasons above. 

Nay, no power in Heaven, hath ever yet said to mortals, I will cause my 
holy, proclaiming, or prophesying Angels, to cease their word, and return to 
my throne ; neither hath the Almighty declared, that his word should be no 
more known, and acknowledged on the earth, or that a voice from the Heav- 
ens should no more be heard. 

But He hath repeatedly declared, that He would work marvelously, and 
do mighty wonders out of the sight of man ; and, at the same time, warned 
his own chosen people to be prepared and ready ; plainly testifying, that 
what He had heretofore done, was but the beginning. 

So let no one dare to say, Why is the word thus, or so ? And marvel not, 
neither murmur in thy heart, O thou mortal that now beholdest my presence, 
hearest my name and understandest my word, even at this time, for lo I go, 
but I come again ; so write correctly what thou hast heard, but speak not of 
it, but wait my return ; Amen. 

At this moment, I was surrounded by the same pillar of fire that I first saw, 
and the mighty Angel was in the midst of it; but I could not see to my sat- 
isfaction, because of the brightness. After a short time, all instantly disap- 
peared, and I was standing by the door of the room, and knew not that I 
had moved. 

I made mention of what I saw, but spoke not of the word, although it was 
very contrary to my feelings to keep silent ; but remembering the word of 
the Holy Angel to me, at the first time, and feeling bound to obey the same, 
I dared not, as yet, make known in full, what I had seen and heard. 

Third Interview. 

February twenty first, eighteen hundred forty two, this morning, soon after 
I had finished my morning duties, I retired to my writing table ; but as soon 
as I was seated, I felt some one, as I thought, take hold of my arms and hold 
them fast; but I could not see any thing around me. After a little time, I 
was released, and went to my writing; and very soon, I heard the following 
words, very powerfully and loudly spoken. 

Where, O where is the mortal, that will condescend to listen to a mighty 
voice from the Heavens, and obey the same ? 

Where, O where is the tongue that will speak freely to declare the word 


sounded forth to the nations abroad, and boldly testify to the truth of the 
same, in the ears of the inhabitants of the earth, within Zion and witliout 
Zion ? 

Shall the God of Heaven seek, and choose from among the monarchs, no- 
bles, kings and princes, and mighty men of the earth, that would daily defy 
the name of the true and living God, and would readily take all the honor 
and glory of the word and the power to themselves, and would declare unto 
the people that it was their own ? 

I say, shall the God of Israel be tempted to do this, even to take from 
among these, a tongue, a mouth, or a hand, to do his will, or perform his 
work ; because there can be none found in Zion, or among his peculiar peo- 
ple, that are willing, as yet, to become as clay in the hands of the potter, or 
as ore cast into the furnace, or as a tool in the hands of a cunning workman? 

Shall it be so ; or shall it be among the heathenish nations of time, that 
neither fear nor serve any God but such as they serve in their own vain imag- 
inations? or shall it be among the ignorant natives of the wild desert, that 
have never, as yet, heard of the true God, or of his Christ; nay, not even in 
the mildest whisper ? 

I say, shall it be among these, that the holy God and Father of all, shall 
seek, and choose for Himself, after all his everlasting mercy and unbounded 
blessings, which He has bestowed upon, and showed unto the inhabitants 
of the Zion of his own likeness and glory on earth ? 

Can Zion's children bear this, rather than to humble themselves in the 
presence of that God, yet again and again, fi-om whose hand they have so 
unboundedly received, and whose name they do really fear ; whose word 
they have acknowledged, and whose voice they know in full reality ? 

Heaven forbid that it should be so ; and I bear witness, that the Mighty 
One of Israel, yea, the God of the just and the unjust, purposeth to humble 
his Zion, and exalt her no more, until in her most holy courts, or in the 
heart of his holy city, there can be found instruments of his power, and 
mouths of his word, that are sufficiently humbled to pronounce the name 
of the God of their own deliverance, and boldly testify to his All-righteous 
and eternal power, before the children of men, and even in the presence of 
their own brethren, his chosen people. 

Yea, such He hath purposed to choose, as will not deny his wonderful dis- 
plays, or visitations on earth, in ages past or present, because they fear the 
sneers of the haughty, or the humbleness of the Lord's way. 

Neither because the visitations of their God have been marvelous, and his 
word mysterious, and the effects of his power, that which they could not 
comprehend, in their own natural reason ; nay, nor because tiiey fear the 
many mortals that have, and will judge and despise it, and boldly declare 
that it is not of God, but of natural man. 

Thus and so shall it be, for the voice of truth hath spoken it, and a short 
time will bring it to pass ; but I say, well it is, and well it will be, with the 
children of the kingdom that put their trust in the Lord their God ; and fear 
his word, and obey the same, instead of mortal power. 

But woe unto the slothful and unbelieving soul, that dwelleth within the 


walls of the Holy City ! Woe unto the heart that would fain be filled with 
flattery, that the work and mighty wonders of the Almighty, to the confound- 
ing of the natural wisdom, and down-bringing of the haughtiness of vain 
man, are at an end ; and glory, yea, and rejoice in that day ; and even in their 
hard understanding, surmise that the powers of Heaven would be no more 
displayed, and that each mortal might walk his own way, and fear no 
power greater than his own. 

But, I say, let such mistaken mortals know, that their God has decreed, 
and declared, that when his time shall come. He will have mercy on whom 
He will have mercy ; and well pleased will He be with every soul of his 
people, that is ready for his coming, even in his own time ; for his holy mes- 
sengers and proclaiming Angels, which He has sent forth to prepare the 
hearts of the children of men, as well as warn the children of the kingdom, 
have faithfully done their work, thus far ; and even the darkest nations of 
the earth, He hath not left without many warnings of his mighty power, in 
some way or manner. 

So let all Zion, and the nations far and near, know the hand of the Lord 
is not at rest, nor his ear slumbering, nor his eye closed ; neither hath He 
said, I will no more stretch forth my hand of mercy, unto the nations of the 
earth, nor send unto them my word; neither hath He said, I will no more 
visit my Zion, nor proclaim my judgments through the Israel of my glory. 

But He hath said, I will go before my own people, and work mighty won- 
ders, even to the terror of the nations abroad. And this He will in no wise 
fail to do, according as He hath promised, and as He hath already prepared 
to begin. 

Amen, my word is finished for this time ; and you that have now listened 
to it, may now behold me, as I have at this time passed to and fro, that you 
may believe that I am ; and understand, in a small measure, what I am 
about to do, in a short time. 

The voice now ceased speaking, and I beheld, in the east, an Angel, mov- 
ing slowly along, and soon came very near. The appearance was solemn 
and ten-ible ; for the body, from the neck, was like that of a mighty man, 
and the head was like that of an eagle. He had four exceedingly large wings, 
two upon each shoulder; these were open and spread each way. 

The feet were like the feet of the elephant, and seemed to be well shod 
with cast iron ; in the right hand was a very large Roll, sealed with ninety 
nine seals ; and in the left a Book, the lids or cover of which, was of some 
kind of metal, but I did not know what ; and it was clasped together with a 
clasp of steel. I feared, but spoke not, for I knew not what to say; indeed 
I dared not speak. 

The mighty Angel now spoke unto me in a voice like thunder, and said, 
Me, ye now hear and see, and ye know that I am ; and from this time ye 
will not often hear me, though ye may see me yet again and again, for I am 
indeed the power. But the voice that ye shall hear, ye shall not know, nei- 
ther shall ye see from whence it proceedeth, until the time shall come. 

For hath not the God of his own chosen ones, made known his will, pro- 
claimed his Almighty Power, showed forth his greatness of love and mercy, 


and made known tJic excellency of his kingdom, and condescended to send 
forth, even from his throne, his holy Angels with his righteous word of mer- 
cy, and call of charity, to his creature man even in the letter; and in a form 
so simple, and language so plain, that even the babes from the bnast, might 
seemingly understand if they desired so to do ? 

Surely, this the God of Hoaven hath done, and the same you may now be- 
hold. The Angel now hold forth, ^r^'i the Roll, and then the Book ; and said, 
The time will surely come, and is not far distant, but is not yet. 

But alas ! alas ! St a' nn qua'^ efa' ma., Lo, these days in which that right- 
eous God of never-ending charity, has now winked at the pretended igno- 
rance and hard understanding of the children of men, and even of his own 
people, and hath showed mercy unto all, will be numbered and will pass 

And there shall a day come, when the voice that shall be heard, even to 
the four quarters of the earth, within Zion and without Zion, shall utter 
words still more marvelous and mysterious in the ears of man, and hard to 
be understood ; and even the wise among men will be troubled, to know the 
will of their God. 

And then shall it be, that even Zion's inhabitants shall mourn for the days 
that are past, and reflect upon the loving kindness of their God, even the 
God of all power, in the days of his endless mercy and love. 

And now, O thou mortal, whose eyes have beheld, and whose ears have 
heard, and whose heart hath been opened to understand the word of eternal 
truth sounded from a voice which you know not, hark, while I say unto 
thee. Go now and consider well upon these things ; and marvel not, neither 
speak of all this in the hearing of the people, but write ye the whole, bold- 
ly and with good confidence. 

For with the power that is given you that is not of your own, you shall be 
able to perform my work and do my will, or stand as a swift witness of that 
whieh I, in my own time, shall do ; So number my times, and keep the 
time, for the full time shall come ; Amen. I go, but come again. 

Fourth Interview. 

Early on the morning of March first, eighteen hundred forty two, I was 
awakened by a loud singing; I carefully listened to it, for it was very heav- 
enly and harmonious. I soon saw a band of Angels passing through the 
place ; they marched in regular order two abreast, about four feet from the 
ground ; I could hear the words which they sung, but did not understand any 
save the following. Zion is the habitation of the living God, and here is 
the Holy Mount of his glory ; and from this place shall his righteous word 
be sent forth ; and we, his holy Angels, will proclaim the same to the na- 
tions of the earth. 

They soon divided into four companies, and went each way out of sight. 
Instantly, I heard a mighty roaring like unto heavy thunder ; I was sensible, 
that it was the coming of the mighty Angel ; it came nearer and grew loud- 
er, and soon changed into a voice, and the words were these ; 


This day thou hast seen and will see and hear, O thou mortal that now 
Hsteneth to my word, that which will be pleasing to thee, and also, that 
which will cause thee sorrow of soul ; for thou shalt not, as yet, fully under- 
stand nor have permission to make mention of my word unto the people. 

So go your way and fear not, but remember I now tell you, that ere this 
day shall come again you shall see my work in a measure performed, and 
many of my words fast fulfilling. 

I now went about my hand labor ; but the sound of the mighty voice was 
so loud in my ears, for the most part of the day, that it seemed I could hear 
nothing else. I saw the mighty Angel four different times in the course of 
the day, and received many words from him, similar to what I had before 

At the last time, which was about the hour of four in the afternoon, the 
word to me was, as follows. Know, and even remember from this day, that 
God your Heavenly Father, never has, and never will permit, or cause a 
promise to be made to his chosen people, nay, nor even to the nations of the 
earth, but what He has fulfilled, will fulfill, or cause to be fulfilled in his 
own time, and according to his divine will. 

This was the end of the word at this time, and I retired to my room, feel- 
ing very sorrowful that I could not, as yet, feel at liberty to speak freely of 
all that I had seen and witnessed. In the evening of the same day, soon 
after I had retired to rest, I again heard the voice of the holy Angel, and 
the word was swift and powerful as follows ; 

Hearken, hearken, O thou mortal of my choice, while I declare boldly 
unto the people of the earth, that the days of preparation for the God of 
Heaven and earth to commence his own work in full, are fast passing by ; 
and his time to work throughout the whole earth, is near at hand, and the 
time for his Christ, the Savior of men to be more fully known, as he now 
stands, the head of the New Creation, in his second manifestation, is not far ofi'. 

And I will now, loudly proclaim to all people within Zion and without 
Zion, that from this day I will no more rest, I will no more be still, and I 
will no more hold my peace, neither will I longer move slowly, nor be mild 
in my motion on flight; for the Almighty is ready to be displeased with his 
creatures, because of their readiness to say, The day of the Lord is fast pass- 
ing bij, and He will no longer go before tis. 

But I will assuredly be known, I will be heard, and I will appear in many 
shapes and forms ; and my mighty power shall be felt and acknowledged by 
the inhabitants of Zion ! And the nations far and near, shall fear me, but 
shall not know me, for a time ; but in due season shall they know me, and 
shall confess that / ain. 

But, before that day shall fully come, many in Zion shall deny me in their 
hearts, because of my strange doings within the walls of her holy City : and 
they will be tempted to sound the same in the hearing of the children of 
men. But woe, woe and a lasting woe, be upon the soul now numbered in 
Zion, that shall presume to do this; and my vengeance shall be upon such, 
by day and by night. 

I have already been seen and known in part, many times ; and my power 


has boon confessed in Zion ; and even among the dark vain children of 
time, it lias been feared, and freely acknowledged to be from an eternal 
source ; but they know me not as yet. 

1 have spoken through the mouths of the holy Prophets, and wise men 
of old ; I have appeared as one that was once an inhabitant on earth, or as 
a guardian Angel to tiie chosen people. I am the power, the strength and 
the might. 

And now, O thou mortal that hast these four times beheld me, even 
as I am, and hast patiently listened to the voice that speaketh at my com- 
mand ; know thou, that I have never so fully made myself known on earth, 
save only to thy view, and in thy hearing : but now I go, and after some 
days I shall return, and when again I come, I will try you and will prove 
you many ways. 

And after my next coming, which will be my fifth, you will no more see 
me for a season, as these four times you have done. 

At that time, I will give you permission to make mention of all that 1 
have said and shown unto you ; but as yet deal carefully with it, for it is 
hardly the beginning. 

So now I bid thee as before, to write the whole, and keep it sacred and 
safe ; for in my time I shall call for it from thy hand. Amen. 

The word was now finished, and all was silent. I arose and wrote the 
word, as I was commanded. The Angel at this time, appeared as at the 
third time ; yet holding the Roll and Book, but did not speak concerning 
them. His appearance was truly fearful and terrible ; but the voice still 
more so, if possible. I now went to my duty, and spoke not of what I had 
witnessed, relying upon the word of the Angel, that I should soon be per- 
mitted to make it known. 

Fifth Interview. 

On March twelfth, eighteen hundred forty two, while I was busily engaged 
in my duty, and in conversation with those around me upon various subjects, 
the holy and mighty Angel entered the room and stood before me, and 
showed forth many signs in my view ; they were singular and strange, even 
so much so that I cannot well describe them on paper. 

This scene was short, but was repeated three times ; and now was my 
time of trial ; for those present perceived that something singular was 
transacting to my view, and not to theirs. 

I was asked many questions, but dared not answer, because of the word of 
the Angel ; for I fully believed that in perfect obedience, dll would be well 
with me in the end. 

Soon after this, the Holy Angel entered again, and said to me, This is my 
fifth and last coming in this manner; but as I said, so have I done; I have 
indeed suffered you to be tempted and tried, and I have proved you to my 
satisfaction at this time. You may now speak of my presence, and make 
known my word ; but when this you do, let it be boldly, yet wisely ; for I 
am to be feared in very deed. 

Suffer not my word to be written on loose sheets, but in a book by itself; 


and this have ready at my call, for lo my work is only begun. Number the 
times of my coming, even from the first sound that ye heard of me ; when 
ye have beheld me as I now am, and when ye have only heard me from a 
voice that ye knew not. 

Yea, I say keep my time, and number my times, and be ready to witness 
for me, and my word, in the presence of thy companions, and the hearing of 
all people, when my full time shall come. 

For lo I now declare unto you, that unto my word among the nations 
abroad, there shall be no beginning known, and in Zion there shall be no 
end spoken of; for I am like the unceasing stream, and yet as the flowing tide. 

My power no man can withstand, and my force he cannot stay. I am the 
same in the morning as at evening, and at midnight as at noon-day, I am 
one and the same mighty power. 

My word, even that which is sounded from a voice unknown to mortals, 
shall not be trifled with ; neither that which is within or without Zion. Let 
not this thing be, lest there be such confusion in the land as was never be- 
fore known ; lest there be tumults afar off" and near by, among the children 
of men, and lest Zion be troubled, and know not the meaning of her troubles. 

And now, even at this, my fifth coming, I repeat my words, and pronounce 
yet a heavier woe upon the soul of man now dwelling in Zion, that shall 
carry tidings therefrom; or make mention of the marvelous doings of their 
God and his holy Angels, as spreading it abroad, or sounding it in the ears 
of strangers without, until the full time shall come, which is not afar off; 

Lest Zion's afflictions come upon her before the time, and to her travail 
in pain there be not an end, until her captive daughters become faint-hearted 
because of the very many days of their mourning, and her forsaken sons 
grow angry, because of oppression from those that were once of their own 

So let Zion exalt not herself, but be humble ; let the Rulers in her be 
wise ; and if any man ask soberly seeking for true knowledge, if the voice 
of the living God, or of his Christ, the Redeemer of souls, hath been sound- 
ed aloud in your hearing, or among you, then hide not the thing from them ; 
but boldly declare it with good confidence ; showing forth your perfect faith 
in that God that has called you. 

Verily I now call, and shall again call upon thee O Zion, to let thy light 
so shine that the nations afar off" may behold thee, and seek a dwelling 
within thee ; and that the sound of mighty wars, tumults and bloodshed, 
may be afar oft' from thy borders, and stain not thy walls because of thy 
readiness to proclaim the mighty goodness of thy God and the excellence of 
his power in the deliverance of his Zion on earth. 

And again I say, My word shall not be trifled with ; neither this, nor that 
which is to come ; neither shall it be carelessly laid by for nought, or secretly 
concealed as a word of mischief; for verily I say. If Zion feareth to pro- 
claim that which God delivereth into her trust, then, when a time sufficient 
has passed by and the Lord be weary of waiting. He will cause thee to 

Indeed I say, Then shall it be that I will, yea even I, the mighty pro- 



claiming and prophesying Angel of the God of Heaven and earth, sent forth 
being filled witli eternal power, publish upon thy walls O Zion, and pro- 
claim upon thy house-tops, O Israel, that which has long been concealed 
within thee, and hid from the nations abroad, that the Lord thy God did 
send unto thee, by his holy Angels, that out of thee might go forth his judg- 
ments and statutes, and shine forth his perfect righteousness and glory. 

And remember, ye rulers and watchmen, that in the day that is not afar 
otf, I will go my own way, and will do whatsoever I will. I will answer 
no man a question, nor be asked of any man the meaning of my doings; for 
quite suflicient is my word, at these five times of my coming, for all to know 
and believe that I am. 

The Angel now put forth his right hand and bade me take the Roll, and 
unseal it ; but I could in no wise reach it ; and he, stooping low, gave it to 
me. I took it, and unsealed the ninety and nine seals one at a time, and 
unrolled it upon the floor. I looked upon it for a moment, and feared to 
look longer; but the Angel said, Thou mayest read freely, but it will not 
profit thee, for it is yet to be written. 

But now, seal again the Roll and hand it unto me. I did so, and he then 
said. Now hearken unto my word, which, if thou wilt obey, it shall be well 
with thee; for well hast thou thus far done, to conceal my word as I bade 
thee ; but now, as soon as convenient, make known this, my fiflh coming to 
the rulers in Zion, and also speak freely of all that has troubled and tried 

But show not my word, until thou hast correctly written, in one book, all 
that has been shown unto thee ; even from the hour that thou wast warned 
of my coming until this time. 

All this I say, that there be no trouble in my coming, nor confusion within 
or without Zion, because of the WTitten words that may, and will be sent 
forth throughout the earth : but woe, woe unto the hand that dealeth un- 
wisely with them. 

This is my word, concerning that which has been and may be sounded 
forth in thy hearing ; save the writing of the Book and Roll, which I now 
hold in my hands, and which will not again be unsealed, until the time shall 

And let it be remembered, that my word is not exclusively to one part, 
nor to another part of Zion's inhabitants; but to every part, and to the na- 
tions abroad the same. But now, my last word unto thee, O thou mortal 
child, that hast these five times listened to me, and to the voice that abideth 
with me, is this ; 

Thou shalt in no wise provide for thyself an article of any kind, where- 
on to write my word ; but as I shall command thee, so shalt thou do. Upon 
thy knees shalt thou place the Holy Bible, (for that is the [record of the] 
most sacred and holy word now known among the children of men ;) and 
upon that thou shalt write, all that I shall command thee. 

And that sign shall stand as a lasting memorial of my eternal power, with- 
in Zion and without Zion, for generations to come ; and no name, save, 
Ma'ne Me'rah Vak'ne Si'na Jah', shall be upon [this] my word. 


This is the end of my word for this time ; I go now, yet come again in 
season; but not as I am now; but number my times, and keep my time, and 
be a ready witness for me. Amen. 

Ma'ne me'rah vak'xVa si'na Jah'. 

In perfect obedience to the word of the Angel, I did write every word of 
it upon a Bible, only five and a half inches wide, and nine in length, which I 
laid upon my knees. And though many asked me why I did so, yet I told 
no one, until I had finished. I have now done all that I am as yet required 
to do ; and to the whole communication I freely and confidently sign my 

Adah Zillah Potter. 

Sixth Interview. 

On May first, eighteen hundred forty two, while assembled with many 
others, upon the Holy Mount, to sing praises and offer offerings holy and ac- 
ceptable to that God whom we love, serve and worship, and who had called 
us there upon that day ; I saw a band of Angels coming from the east, and 
the mighty Angel that I had before seen followed them; and they all tarried 
upon the sacred ground for some time, and were seen by many others that day. 

The mighty Angel had somewhat changed his form and appearance ; yet 
it was solemn and fearful. His wings were spread each way, and each ap- 
peared to extend near seven yards ; and upon each wing were written many 
words, but I could not read them. His word at this time, was a lengthy 
prophecy, upon the place on which we were assembled ; but he did not 
speak to me, save these words ; 

Child of earth, knowest thou what thou beholdest ? I answered, I be- 
hold the mighty Angel of God, whose time I keep, and whose word I know. 
Then showing me the Roll and Book he said. 

These, ye now behold closed and sealed; but when again ye see them, 
they shall be opened ; and upon this holy ground, will I show forth signs of 
that which I shall hereafter declare openly, and proclaim aloud. 

So go thy way, but forget not to witness for me, and my word and work ; 
for at an unexpected hour shall I come, and in haste shall I perform my work. 

Seventh Interview. 

On July sixth, eighteen hundred forty two, Wednesday morning, I was 
suddenly awakened, by the sound of these words. Count the time, keep 
the time, number the hours, number the days, and watch the signs ; for the 
days of my prophecy are nearly fulfilled. And after a short season of rest 
shall pass by, I shall commence that work of which I have spoken unto thee, 
O thou child of mortality. 

For five months only shall pass by, before I shall call at the same hour ; 
and twelve months shall not end, before I will hasten my work, in the eyes 
and ears of man; and my time shall be kept, and the times numbered. 

I arose, and wrote the words I had heard ; and at that moment, the clock 
struck three. I knew the voice to be that of the mighty Angel that I had 
previously seen, although I saw nothing present. 



I thought to go back to iny rest, but was suddenly thrown on thn floor • 
and it seemed to me, that the whole house rocked like a cradle for some min- 
utes. Soon, I heard a noise, similar to the roaring or bursting of a mighty 
peal of thunder, or the firing of a cannon ; and as the sound ceased, these 
words followed ; 

Arise and write ; arise and follow me, and write, for no longer can the 
time be prolonged. I now was in the presence of the mighty Angel, and 
awful indeed was his appearance ; for in addition to the frightful form in 
which he had before appeared, was a crest of scarlet red on his head; and 
from that proceeded a trail of crimson, which hung to the ground. 

In his left hand he held a flag of the same, tinged with white ; and this 
lie gently waved high in the air, and then low to the ground, turning each 
way. Upon this, were many words written, but I could not read them. In 
his right hand were the Roll and Book, open. 

The voice said, Seest thou the Roll and Book, yet again ? I answered yea'. 
Then humble thyself, and condescend to do my will ; for my word, at this 
time, is short ; but the work of my God is mighty, and is to be hastened. 
These seven times have I come unto thee, and shown unto thee these things 
that thou mightest witness for me, when I shall declare unto the people 
my mission on earth, and the work of the mighty God. 

The Angel now handed me the Roll and said, Read now that thou may- 
est know what the Almighty requireth, and what I am about to do. 

I read the four first seals, and found the ninety nine sealed Roll, to be a 
part of the Book ; and the Book to be a word of the Lord to the inhabitants 
of the earth ; and the whole was a word and work to be hastened ; for the 
time was near by, for it to be accomplished. 

The Book was now presented to me, and as I reached to take it, the 
mighty Angel still held in his hand one lid, and gave me the other ; I then 
found it to be a leaf, or sheet, rolled or folded within these lids, after the 
form of some maps. The voice said that it would extend one hundred 
leagues, or seventy and seven paces [or spaces] of the Angel, when spread 
its full length. 

The terrible Angel, in whose presence I stood trembling, said to me. Now, 
O thou mortal worm of the dust, speak quickly, and say whether thou art 
willing to obey my word or not } and tell me, even now, what thou think- 
est of what thou beholdest. I answered, I think it a work too mighty for 
mortals to handle, or in the least degree to accomplish ; and I am too sensi- 
ble of my incapability to perform such a work, to condescend to begin ; O 
then thou holy Angel, do in thy mercy release me from the burden of thy 
work, and I will readily witness for thee when thou desirest, and do with 
thy word as it is thy will. 

The voice then said, Mortals have not this work to do; they have only 
to yield obedience to the God of Heaven, who will, in his own time, accom- 
plish the whole, by and through the medium and power of his holy Angels; 
and his people will only have his word to proclaim, and his will to make 
known by means of his own, and signs which He will show unto them; and 
none need to fear what shall come, although various, numerous and marvel- 



ous in the eyes of mortals, will be the requirements of the Holy One. 

So bow thy spirit low, and take in thy hand the Roll ; and at this hour, 
on the morrow, will I make known the order of writing the same. 

The Angel now took the book and said, In one half time, will I again un- 
seal and spread this in the view of mortals, and never again shall it be sealed ; 
for then shall the time be fully come. Tlie Angel now moved slowly out of 
my sight, towards the Holy Mount, and I found myself on the floor where I 
first fell ; and rery soon, the clock struck four. 

Eighth Interview. 

Thursday, July seventh, eighteen hundred forty tv^o, I was awakened, 
just as the clock struck three, by these words; Up quickly, and gird thyself 
with that which I shall prepare for thee to wear ; and at the hour of four, 
start for the Holy Mount, and there will I meet thee. Three mornings shalt 
thou do likewise ; and upon the third morning shalt thou begin to write. 
One of the Rulers and a witness shall attend thee. Now tliis is my will 
and word at this time. 

Surely, if this be done, then shall it be the beginning of that which is 
to be, and shall come, and all things will be in readiness ; but if not, then 
will my work be the more hastened, and I, myself, will come with my Ven' 
sen ^des ter ^da trum^ and the Two Anointed Ones shall bear witness of me ; 
and thou shalt, in time, be caused to suffer my Se lac' la tos' ton de moc' iia^ 
because of the many things I have shown unto thee. 

For lo, I shall soon come again, but not as I am now ; yet thou shalt know 
me, for as I said at first, I am not the word, nor the voice that soundeth it 
forth ; but I am the power that performeth the work ; and this all shall be- 
lieve when again I shall return. 

The word ceased, and I fell on my knees, and earnestly entreated of my 
Heavenly Father, and the Miglity Angel, to look upon me with pity as an 
ignorant and dependent mortal, and release me from the requirement, as I 
saw no way for me to perform it according to the word, in my then present 

At this instant, the Angel took both the Book and Roll, and arose out of 
my sight ; and I arose from my knees, feeling perfectly released and comfort- 
able in spirit, believing that my intercessions would be heard and granted. 

From this time, I had no more knowledge or impressions of the holy Angel 
or his work, until some time in August following; when he, the mighty An- 
gel, was seen by another person to unseal and spread an exceedingly large 
and lengthy Roll. 

I saw the performance, and knew to my satisfaction it was the same ; and 
I made mention of the Angel's word to me, on the seventh of July. There 
was no word to me at this time, and I felt no duty incumbent on me, con- 
cerning the word, until the morning of the twenty second of January, eight- 
een hundred forty three ; which was precisely twelve months from the day 
that I first heard the Angel's voice, or received any knowledge of the mighty 
Angel or his work ; and from the first date I was commanded to keep. 



This day, which was the Sabhatii, did the holy and mighty Angel appear 
to mc and to many others; and his word to me was as follows ; Hearken 
thou little one of sorrow, and thou true witness of me ; for lo, I now gay, 
Peace shall rest with thee for a season, even until I have comforted thee 
with a fulfilling of my many promises, and an answer to thy just desires. 

I have indeed, come now to begin my work in the sight and hearing of 
many, and to command and attend the writing of the Book ; and whomsoever 
I will, tlie same shall bo the mortal instrument of the word. 

But that which I required of thee on my last visit, shall be as a sign and 
witness to thee, of that which I shall now cause to be performed openly, and 
to the view of all. And rest assured that I shall, ere long, demand of thee 
the whole that I have shown and made known unto thee, previous to this 
day, even from the beginning ; and be thou ready, at my call, to stand as my 
true witness, and to hand forth my word, prepared and ready, even as I have 
commanded thee from time to time. 

Do this, and all shall be well with thee ; for thus and thus have I done, 

that mortals might know and believe that I am, and that I have come forth 

in truth and reality. This is the end of my word unto thee, for a season and 

time ; Amen. o- , 


Ma'ne me'rah vak'na si'na Jah'. 

I have now finished the word that I felt in duty bound to write, concern- 
ing what has been shown unto me from time to time, respecting the word and 
work of the Lord, which, as appears clearly evident, is in reality sent forth, 
and is to be spread abroad among the children of men. 

This word, and these things, I freely hand forth and relate, as solemn facts 
and realities ; shown forth and revealed by a holy and supernatural power, 
and from a divine source, for some wise purpose. And I also testify that I, 
and many others, have been eye and ear witnesses of the perfect fulfilling of 
the Angel's word, so far as time has yet admitted. 

I have now nothing more to say, save only that I saw the mighty Angel 
with the mortal writer of the foregoing Roll, several times, while writing 
the Book. And it is with a degree of pleasure, that I add my testimony, to 
the truth and reality of the whole word and work ; and can readily hand forth 
this statement, as a witnessing word, in obedience to the word of the Holy 
Angel. And now, this whole word, I am willing and ready to seal with my 
life, or in whatever manner it may please a just and holy God to require it 
of me. 

New Lehanon^ Columbia counhj, a 

state of New York. Jlpril, 1843. \ ^^^« ^illah Potter. 



Sabbath morning, July tenth, eighteen hundred forty two, I saw, placed on 
the top of the dwelling house, a beautiful sign ; it reached the whole length 
of the house, and appeared to be about six feet wide. I could not at that 
time see any writing on the sign, it shone with such very great brightness. 
It resembled the color of gold. 

At first, I was struck with fear at the sight ; I supposed it to be placed 
there by mortal hand. But I soon beheld three mighty Angels guarding it ; 
I then knew it to be something placed there by a supernatural power. 

On Saturday evening following, July sixteenth, I again beheld the same. 
On Sabbath morning the seventeenth, it was again made plain to my view, 
so that I could behold many of the letters; but I could not read it. On the 
evening of the same day, after retiring to rest, I suddenly heard a voice 
sounding in my ears like peals of mighty thunder, which caused me to fear 
exceedingly ; saying, 

Keep silent, O thou worm of dust ; fur lo, I am the Almighty, who is 
able, in the twinkling of an eye, to crush that soul in atoms, who dares 
presume to make mention of my doings, before my time hath fully come. 
But lo, in my Zion have I placed my name, forevermore to stand ; there 
have I made myself known ; and from Zion shall my light and glory shine 
forth, throughout the whole earth. 

The dwellings of my people shall I cause to glow with beauty, and upon 
their high towers and most sacred places will I place my name, word and 
will; and from thence shall the same go forth to the nations of the earth . 
while millions, from both far and near, shall flock together to behold my 
word, and admire, with astonishment and fear, the wonderful and marvelous 
doings of my all-righteous hand ; while the scoffer and mocker I will lay 
low before Me, and cause them to howl with agony ; and the filthy and un- 
clean I will scourge and abase. 

Behold, O thou babe in Israel, thou hast this day, in very deed, beheld, 
in a small measure, the doings of my hand ; but small it is to what your 
eyes shall yet behold ; for Lo, I am the Almighty Creator of Heaven and 
earth ; therefore great and wonderful is and shall be, the work of my hand. 
Here the word finished for this time. 

On thursday evening following, July twenty first, after retiring to rest, I 
heard a trumpet sounded very loud and solemn, but heard not a word spoken • 
yet I knew it to be from one of the guardian Angels on the house. I then 
turned my eyes towards the sound, and again beheld the sign ; but could 
not yet behold a word on it. 

On the fourth day of August, I again heard the trumpet of one of the 
mighty Angels sounding ; which was truly solemn and heavenly. I looked 
towards the sign, and beheld it much plainer than I ever had before ; and 



could once in a while distinguish a letter, from amidst the dazzling brightness 
that surrounded it ; and at lengtli I eould possibly discern a lew words, 
written towards the bottom of it, which were as follows : 

Lo ! lo ! I am the Almighty, the Ever Existing and Never Ending; hold- 
ing in my right hand, the sword of my judguieni and displeasure, and in my 
left, the vial of my wrath and indignation, with which I shall shortly visit 
the earth, and release her from the heavy weight under which she is now 

I will not always strive to no purpose ; I will not always threaten and 
not perform ; I will no longer be blasphemed and mocked by the vile, the 
filthy and unclean. Here in my Zion have I placed my name, here are the 
chosen of my delight, my holy, holy people ; and from thence shall my 
word go forth ; and he that heareth it, and obeyeth it not, shall fall by the 
sword of my displeasure. 

On Sabbath afternoon, August seventh, I again beheld the sign, and heard 
one of the Angels speak the following words : Behold, even seven times 
have passed by, and thou, O little one, hast been called to behold and 
witness this, the word of the Almighty. But rest assured, that thou hast not 
beheld, but in a small measure, that which is now placed upon the dwelling 
of the righteous. 

But the word of thy God and my God, is this day fulfilled and obeyed; 
which was, that I, the Holy Angel of Almighty Power, should not rest, 
until seven times I had called forth the least child in this part of his Zion, 
whose eyes had beheld the glory of God, and whose lips had been moved to 
sound forth his sacred word ; that she might stand as a witness of his marvel- 
ous doings. 

But yet louder crieth the voice of Him who sitteth on high, O Mi ka'lon 
sevin'da; rest shall not crown thy spirit, nor peace and quietness prevail 
around thee, until my word be fully known and my righteous law fulfilled. 

Even seven times shalt thou loudly sound thy trumpet of alarm, and call 
forth hirn in whom I do take pleasure ; who has, through suffierings sore, 
and sorrow deep, washed his garment white, and found favor in my sight ; 
for lo, he shall suffer even as did my first begotten Son, many things for my 
name's sake, and the gospel's. 

And on the sixth time that thou shalt call him forth, I will draw nigh, 
and crown him with wisdom and clothe him with power ; and cause his 
eyes to open, that he shall see my glory, and the word of his God ; and 
write in full concerning the same. 

And on the seventh time he shall behold the whole, and write the same ; 
and at that time I will cause four thousand of my most holy Angels to be 
present, and witness my word correctly written. For lo, I will have wit- 
nesses, both in Heaven and on earth ; but through sufferings deep shall my 
word be obtained, and in tribulation shall it he written. 

The voice then ceased, and the Holy Angel turned to me and said ; Little 
one, hast thou not heard the voice of Almighty Power .? I answered, yea. 

Then go ye, and correctly write all that has passed in these seven inter- 
views, and I will be with thee to help thee. But remember, I shall call 


forth many witnesses, ere the day eometh when mortal eyes shall behold 
the word of the Lord, written plain to be understood by the inhabitants of 
the earth. 

Sabbath afternoon, August fourteenth, eighteen hundred and forty two, 
while in meeting, I saw a holy and mighty Angel enter the meeting room. 
He marched to the head of the room, and placed his wings upon many of 
the brethren and sisters, saying ; Arise, arise, and witness for me ; for lo I 
am an Angel of Almighty Power, sent from the throne of God to guard his 
heritage, his Zion on earth. 

And surely great is my mission, and marvelous shall be my word and 
work ; therefore I call you to arise and witness for me, with many others ; for 
know ye, I shall work in the sight of man, and of the children of this world; 
and many things will I make plain to their view, and bring to their un- 
derstanding. And not seven and a half times shall pass away, before they 
shall hear my voice, and acknowledge the goodness of their God, and behold 
his name printed on Zion, where He has placed it, forever more to stand. 
The Angel then disappeared, and I saw him no more at that time. 

After meeting was closed, as I was returning home, feeling entirely free 
from the burden which I had previously felt, I was met by the Angel after I 
entered the dwelling; his wings were raised, and his countenance shone 
with great brightness, yet it was solemn and serene ; which struck me with 
reverence and awe, insomuch that I had scarcely strength to stand. 

The Angel looked at me in a very sacred and solemn manner, and bid me 
follow him back into the meeting room, which I did; and there I found one 
of the sisters ; he then placed my hand in hers, and bid me walk with her 
and sing the little solemn song which he sung; this I did. 

After walking a few moments, the Angel said to this certain sister, I would 
that thou, little one, learn this song and sing with me. I am an Angel of Al- 
mighty Power, and have come unto thee, clothed in thy Mother's spirit; and 
this is thy Mother's song of mourning, for surely she mourneth and weepeth 
for Zion, because great and heavy will yet be her tribulation ; and her chil- 
dren will yet mourn and weep, in very deed with her. 

The Angel then desired to march this song throughout the dwelling house, 
through every hall and in every retiring room, that all might feel the spirit of 
their Mother, and sense, in a small measure, a degree of her tribulation ; 
which was done. The Angel then entered one of the rooms where several 
were assembled, and turning to the one whom his God had chosen to write 
the Sacred Roll, he said ; O thou beloved one, prepare thy heart for tribu- 
lation; great has been, and great shall yet be thy tribulation. 

The Angel then proceeded through the house, and after returning to the 
place where he had previously been speaking, he spoke the following words : 
O Holy Anointed, and dearly beloved, have not tribulation and persecution 
been, the lot of God's people in Zion through all past ages .? and hath not 
the Lord promised protection to them in obedience ? Surely He has ; and will 
fulfill according to his promise. 

I am an Angel of Almighty Power sent from the throne of God, bearing 


on my wings a heavy cross: and it is the will of thy God that this cross be 
placed on ray chosen instrument. Wilt thou not, O thou little one, take 
this cross from off my shoulders ? He replied, The will of my God be done. 

Also upon my head is placed a solemn and weighty Roll, containing the 
word of the Lord thy God, which has been written with his own finger, and 
placed on this thy dwelling place, for nations to behold ; yea, that which 
shall yet be proclaimed in the earth. 

And lo, I say unto you, it has been through tribulation deep, that this word 
has been handed forth ; and in and through tribulation deep, and sufferings 
sore, shall it be obtained and written by mortal hand, for nations to behold. 
Even seven times have I called thee forth, O thou little one, to view this my 
word, or the word of thy God, though not through my loud and solemn trum- 
pet ; therefore thou hast not heard me, in full. But yet seven times more 
will I again call thee forth, to view this solemn and sacred word, before 
thou shalt write it ; but on the sixth time thou shalt write concerning it, 
and on the seventh thou shalt write the whole. 

Yea, even as the Lord did place a rainbow in the heavens, as a sign and 
sure promise unto Noah, that He never would again destroy the earth, or 
the inhabitants thereof, by floods of water; so shall the doings of my hand 
which ye have seen, stand as a sign unto his people, that ye have this day 
received his holy and sacred word, which shall yet be written by mortal 
hand, and made plain to mortal eyes ; and be understood by many of the in- 
habitants of the earth. 

I have now finished the word which my Heavenly Father gave me to 
speak ; but I leave you not at present ; nay, I the Holy Angel will remain 
with this little one, even Philemon, until this work is accomplished, and the 
word is finished. Amen, saith the Holy Angel.* 

January first, eighteen hundred forty three, I heard a heavenly trumpet 
very loudly sounding. I listened, and the sound ceased; I paused for a mo- 
ment, when I again heard it, which seemed to cause the regions above to 
shake with terror. 

I then looked towards the northwest, and there beheld a beautiful rain- 
bow ; and on the rainbow, stood four thousand holy and mighty Angels, each 
holding in his right hand a flaming sword, and in his left, a vial of God's 
wrath and indignation. I gazed upon the scene, with admiration and rever- 
ence, yet feared exceedingly. 

I again heard the heavenly trumpeters loudly sound their solemn trumpets, 
which caused the arches of heaven to echo ; and at every blast I was struck 

* The inspired writer of this Roll and Book had been sliown by an Angel,, at times, 
for more than two years previous, that God had a word direct to the nations of the earth; 
but in what way it should be sent forth, it had never been shown me. 

The Angel repeatedly informed me that God would direct and conduct this work in 

his own time, and according to his own Avill and pleasure. These things I kept and 

pondered in my own heart, until God should make his time known, entirely according to 

his own will. Of these things the inspired writer of this communication, knew nothing, 

as I had kept them entirely within my own heart. 

Philemon Stewart. 


with exceeding great fear and terror. I then heard a solemn and lieavenly 
song sung, which was played upon instruments of music, by forty and four of 
the most holy Angels that marched in front. 

They moved along slowly, while the rainbow still continued under their 
feet, until they reached the dwelling house, where the Roll or Sacred Sheet 
was spread. Then did the ninety and nine trumpet-sounding Angels raise 
their trumpets, and loudly blow a solemn blast, which they repeated four- 
teen times ; signifying, that for fourteen days they would all attend to the 
writing of the Roll. 

Then spake one of the mighty Angels, saying; For fourteen days shall 
we, the Holy Angels of Almighty Power, tarry with the son of man and 
inspire him with wisdom, light and understanding, that he may behold the 
glory of his God, and do his all-righteous will. Yea, we will open the eyes 
of his soul, and give unto him true knowledge and understanding ; that he 
may, if he will, correctly write the word, and do the will of his All-wise 
and All-powerful Creator. 

But let him not fear to write it in full, exact and correct, that every nation 
may know that God is a God of justice ; impartial and merciful. And more- 
over I say, if he writeth not the word in full, but keepeth back a part, fear- 
ing man, and the powers of earth, rather than his God ; I say, and under- 
stand ye ; more tolerable was it, in ancient date, for the inhabitants of Sodom 
and Gomorrah, than it will be for him. Far better would it have been, had 
he never existed on the earth ; or, that a mill-stone be hung about his neck, 
and he be cast into the sea, than that he should see the days that he shall 
live to see. 

But if he obeyeth the voice of his Father which is in Heaven, all shall be 
well with him. Though man be mighty, yet God is Almighty ; though man 
be able to torture and perplex, yet God is able, in the twinkling of an eye, to 
crush and lay low the haughtiness of man, and raise up and exalt the hum- 
ble seeker after true righteousness. Therefore, fear exceedingly : yea, trem- 
ble with fear. 

Then the forty and four holy Angels, taking hold of the sheet, raised it 
up and said unto me. Look, behold and see, O thou babe in Israel, the word 
and doings of thy All-wise Creator. I looked and beheld the word of the 
Lord written in full, for the first time. It was written upon a sheet which, 
to my view, appeared like fire, and the letters were as letters of gold. And 
after the Angels had raised it up, about six feet from the roof of the house, 
taking it in the middle, it was then shown to me as I had before seen it, in 
the shape of a sign ; the sheet was again spread, and I beheld it in full. 

Then said the Angel ; A time and a half time, and a half of a half time, 
shall in no wise pass away, nay, the sun shall not reach its meridian height 
at noon-day, nor the moon spread her gentle beams of light over you by 
night, even ninety and nine times, before ye shall behold the word of the 
Lord your God written in full, by mortal hand, and made plain to the view 
of the inhabitants of Zion. 

Then did they roll up the Roll, and seal it with ninety and nine seals ; 
and singing a song of rejoicing, and playing the same upon their instruments, 


they marched into the upper hall in the dwelling house, laid down the Roll, 
and vanished out of my sight. 

January twenty second, eighteen hundred forty three, I again beheld the 
four thousand Angels approach the place of worship, with quickened steps ; 
and as they entered, I heard a band of heavenly music, which sounded in my 
ears like many harpers playing upon their harps. Then the Angels raised 
their solemn trumpets, and gave a solemn blast ; then said they, Peace be 
unto the righteous ; yea peace, joy and tranquility shall crown the days, and 
rest in the bosoms of the true and upright soldiers of Christ. 

But woe, woe, and a heavy woe shall rest upon that soul that shall presume 
to make mention of the doings of their God to the children of darkness be- 
fore the time hath fully come, when his word He will reveal, and his will He 
will make known, in his own time and season, way and manner. Even of 
these, the vials of God's wrath and indignation, which we hold in our left 
hands, (and with which He hath purposed to visit the earth, and the inhabi- 
tants thereof,) shall they constantly drink ; and as a dead and lifeless branch, 
shall they fall from the tree of life, to rise no more, through time or in 

The Angels then formed a circle around the chosen instrument, and said ; 
Thou child of sorrow, prepare thyself for death ; for a sacrifice of all things 
even to the laying down of thy life doth thy God require ! Thy path is pav- 
ed with tribulation ; therefore, in the bitterest of grief, the heaviest of sor- 
row and keenest of tribulation, shalt thou walk by day and by night j till 
thou art willing to sacrifice all to thy God, that thou mayest be able to know 
and do his will : 

For never again will the Lord condescend to reveal his all-righteous will 
unto mortals, unless through tribulation, sorrow and grief, they have washed 
their garments white, and in the lowest of humility have bowed their spirits, 
and opened the door of their hearts with thankfulness and resignation, that 
He might enter and work. 

We say not that the Lord requires you to give up your natural life ; but 
He requires a willingness to sacrifice all things, even unto death. The An- 
gels then sounded their trumpets, and I saw them no more at that time. 

Early on the morning of the first day of February, eighteen hundred and 
forty three, I was awakened from my sleep, hearing the Angels again sound- 
ing their trumpets, and the forty and four most holy Angels playing upon 
their instruments of music. I looked towards the west, and again beheld 
the sheet spread. The Angels then raised their wings with joy, and loudly 
rung their bells of alarm; shouted a shout of rejoicing, and sung a solemn 
song of praise, saying ; 

Rejoice, O Zion ! let thy inhabitants be joyful, and let joy and rejoicing 
prevail throughout thy borders. For lo, this day will the Lord of Heaven 
draw nigh, and clothe with wisdom and crown with strength, that soul who 
has, in sufferings and sorrow, laid himself low before God, even to the dust, 
that he might find favor in his sight, and be able to do his holy will. This 
day will He commence revealing that which has long been concealed ; and 
this day shall long be remembered by thee, O Zion. 


I did not hear or see any more at that time. But on the morning of the 
second day of February, I again heard the Angels sound their trumpets, 
and saw them take the sheet, and again roll it up and seal it, even with 
ninety and nine seals ; they then carried it into the room where it was to 
be written, unsealed it and placed it upon the wall. 

Then said the Angels to the chosen instrument, O thou child of sorrow, 
this day do we, the mighty and proclaiming Angels of the Lord, commence 
tarrying with thee, to feed and support thee, and to witness the word of the 
Lord correctly copied from this sacred sheet, by mortal hand, for mortal eyes 
to view ; for this was thy Father's command, and this is our mission. He 
chooseth witnesses, both in the Heavens and on the earth ; for out of the 
mouths of many witnesses shall his word be established. 

On the fourth day of February, eighteen hundred forty three, I saw the in- 
strument that was to write the Roll, go into his room, and the four hundred 
Angels follow him ; and after he had commenced writing, I saw the Angels 
place a seal on every page as he wrote it, as their witness and testimony, 
that it was correctly written. 

On the fifth of February, I saw yet another sheet placed upon the house- 
top, resembling the first, having the same word written upon it ; and I saw 
an Angel standing at the top of it, having a head like a lion, and wings like 
an Angel. And as the instrument copied the word correctly, from the Roll, 
the Angel blotted it out. 

And on the ninth day of February, I saw the Angels ascend even unto the 
throne of the Almighty, and there gather food, strength and blessing for the 
instrument; and with it I saw them feed him ; saying. Be faithful, thou lit- 
tle one, even as thou hast been ; for lo, thy God, thy Father and Eternal Ma- 
ker, is well pleased with thee. 

On the sixteenth day of February, I again heard the Angels sounding their 
trumpets ; saying. Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou in- 
to the joy of thy Lord. Well be it with thee, because of thy obedience ; 
because thou hast faithfully done the will, and correctly written the word of 
thy Father which is in Heaven. And whosoever shall put forth their hand 
to destroy it, shall fall by the sword of his displeasure, and be banished from 
his presence. The Angels soon disappeared, and I saw them no more. 



I, the Holy Angel of Almighty Power, by name, Al'sign te're Jah', do wit- 
ness and testify that the word of the Lord has been correctly written by 
mortal hand. 

I, the Holy Angel of the Lord, do solemnly affirm that the word which 


has long been concealed from mortal eyes, is now revealed by Almighty 
Power and made plain to mortal view. 

I, the Holy Proclaiming Angel of the Lord, do solemnly testify that it has 
been through deep tribulation, and as heavy sorrow and suffering as mor- 
tal clay, or the inhabitant thereof, was able to endure, that the word of the 
Lord has been obtained and correctly written by mortal hand, for mortal 
eyes to view. 

I, the mighty Angol of the Lord, by name. Con' sole te' re Jah mon'shue, 
do solemnly testify that my eyes have beheld the word of the Lord correctly 
written by mortal hand ; and it is in truth the invariable word of the Lord, 
which will stand unalterable through time and in eternity. 

I, the holy Proclaiming Angel of truth, do firmly testify that it is the 
word of the Lord, which has been written by mortal hand; and should any 
one put forth a hand to destroy it, or alter in the least degree, either by add- 
ing to, or diminishing it ; that soul shall surely fall by the sword of his 
displeasure, and drink of his furious wrath and indignation. 

I, an Angel of Mighty Power, do testify, that the inspired writer of the 
Roll was chosen by the Lord Almighty to write his sacred word ; and the 
will of his God he has done, and his duty faithfully executed. 

I, a mighty Angel of glory, do firmly declare the word to be true that the 
forementioned Angels have testified. 

I, a mighty Angel of tJie Lord, do solemnly protest, that not one promise 
of God, stated in his Sacred Roll and Book, shall fail or pass away ; but shall 
be fulfilled, even to a jot and tittle. 

I, a mighty Angel of warning, do solemnly affirm that the anger of a 
justly provoked God is greatly kindled against the inhabitants of earth ; and 
He is about to visit her in the fury of his wrath and displeasure, and cut 
down her inhabitants in judgment, if they hearken not to his warning voice 
of mercy. 

I, a Holy Angel of the Lord, do solemnly declare, that within the covers 
of this Sacred Book, is inserted the word of the Lord correctly written by 
mortal hand, which has been done in the true fear of God ; and let all who 
peruse it, do it in a measure of the same holy fear in which it was given. 
For I will ever stand as a witness of the usage of this Sacred Roll ; and 
with a just reward will I meet every soul when they have done with time. 

I, a mighty Angel of the Lord, by name Pre' line fi' nan vas' ten va' ren 
ve' ne ; do firmly testify that we, the Holy Angels, have witnessed the con- 
tents of this Roll correctly written ; and the word inserted therein is the 
word of that God who created and knoweth all things ; though plain, yet it 
is true ; then let every soul remember, that whom the Father loveth He 
chasteneth ; and will kindly warn them to flee from the dangers that shall 

Hear my word and obey the same, crieth the voice of Him who sitteth on 
High, and ruleth over all. 

Inspired Witness, 

Harriet Goodwin. 


I can here testify, that the foregoing statements are no fiction, or vain 
imagination. But I have an evidence within my own heart, beyond all 
wavering or caviling feelings whatever, that it is truth and reality, that 
the Lord's time has fully come for his warning voice of mercy to be sounded 
throughout the four quarters of the earth ; that He may gather the wheat 
into his garners, while He separateth the chaff therefrom, and burneth it 
with unquenchable fire; for saith God, Unto him that seeketh mei'cy aright 
will I show mercy ; and, crietli the holy Angels of mercy. Whithersoever the 
word of the Lord Almighty goeth, there shall we go ; and whosoever shall 
hearken and obey it, the same shall be blessed ; but whosoever shall de- 
stroy or treat it with scorn and ridicule, the same shall be cursed. 

These things have been made as plain to my view, as the natural elements 
above, or the inhabitants of earth below ; therefore it would be as reasona- 
ble for me to dispute my existence, as to dispute the reality of them. I 
therefore stand as a witness before God and all men, through time and in 
eternity, that it is in truth and reality the word of the one only true and 
living God, which is contained in the pages of this sacred Book. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. February 18, 1843. Harriet Goodwin. 

Born June 2, 1823 ; a?id was brought by her parents into the United Society^ 
at JYew Lebanon, December 19, 1833. 


New Lebanon, N. Y. April 17, 1843. 
Friends and Fellow Mortals ; 

Li presenting to you this my testimony, and affixing 

my name hereunto as a witness of the divine origin of the Sacred Roll 

now laid before you, I am induced by no other motive than the pure 

love which I owe to that God who gave me life and breath, and by whose 

power I am sustained while passing through the scenes of time, and a fear 

to displease the same ; 

Yea, and to fulfill that duty which I owe to a companion in God's holy ser 
vice, who has fulfilled a divine obligation in writing the Sacred Roll, that 
mortal eyes might see and behold the same. For I have walked hand in 
hand with him in sorrow deep, and known full well the grief and tribulation 
of his spirit, that he might be able to fulfill the holy will of his God and 
accomplish the same, according to his sacred requirements. 

And I know of a truth that I am called upon by the powers of Heaven, 
manifested to me by the Holy Savior, Mother Ann Lee, Father William Lee, 
Father James Whittaker, with the ancient Prophets and holy Angels, who 
have appeared unto me, and by whose information I have become acquaint- 
ed in a small degree, with the design of God, to raise my voice in favor and 
support of the truth of God's unbounded love and charity to poor frail man ; 
and of the remarkable outpouring of his holy spirit among his chosen people, 
to which I have been both an eye witness, and an instrument in the work. 

On the first of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty two, I plainly 



saw the preceding Roll, and was moved upon by the holy spirit of God, to 
sound forth words from the same, and to prophesy of the word of the Lord, 
that should go forth from Zion to the nations of the earth. 

I plainly saw and beheld the suiFerings of liis faithful servants, who 
should be chosen, to do his will and effect his purposes ; but I knew not 
by what mortal hand it should be written, when the time should come, or 
how it should go forth. 

On the eighth and fifteenth of May, first and thirtieth of June, and four- 
teenth of September, did I again see the Roll, and oftentimes spake of the 
same to some of my companions. 

February fourth, one thousand eight hundred and forty three, while ascend- 
ing the Holy Mount in the service, and according to the will of the mighty 
Angel, I looked and beheld arv innumerable host of flaming heralds, having 
wings ; and they moved swiflly forward to meet us. 

They held in their mouths the preceding Sacred Roll. In their right 
hands were offers of peace, love and good will to all men who would ac- 
cept the ofrers of salvation and loving kindness sent forth from the Almighty ; 
and in their left hands were held justice, truth and equity, with the wrath 
and sore displeasure of a righteous God, who is justly provoked to anger, to 
pour out in judgment upon all such as would not heed the friendly solicita- 
tions of the voice of Wisdom and Mercy. 

Upon their heads were other sacred Rolls. Their countenances were open, 
bright and piercing, yet courteous, loving and merciful ; in which it was plain 
to be seen that their mission required haste. Their bodies were like as a 
flaming fire, and larger than the usual size of man. 

I beheld them for some length of time, and knew not but I saw them with 
my natural eyes ; for I beheld them as plain as ever I beheld mortals : and 
as near as I could judge, they extended in length from north to south three 
fourths of a mile. Their breadth I knew not, as they moved towards us five 
deep, one exactly over another's head, at a little distance apart, and ten 
or fifteen feet from the ground ; I could not therefore see the further side of 
them. Having come within a few rods of us, they disappeared and I saw 
them no more ; but a deep impression and strange feeling was left upon me. 

I saw the Roll several times previous to its being written, of which I have 
not heretofore mentioned ; and the dates of which I cannot remember. 
But between three and four months before the Roll was written, the Angel 
brought and placed it before me, and put the burden of the same upon me, 
which at times would seemingly take my natural life ; for I felt as though 
the loss of all creation rested upon me. I felt great tribulation of soul, but 
knew not what to do ; for I felt incompetent and insufficient, in every sense 
of the word, to accomplish that which seemed to be put upon me to execute. 

I continued in this situation about three days, when I prayed I might be 
released, or enabled to do the will of God ; for in Him I put my trust, and 
notwithstanding my feelings of inability to perform what lay before me, I 
believed, if it were the will of God, I should have strength so to do ; I then 
felt a sudden impression, that I was not the instrument intended of God to 


write the Roll ; but that this burden was put upon me for a short season, 
that I might know the tribulation it would bring upon the mortal who should 
be chosen to do this solemn work. 

I then prayed and anxiously desired that it might rest upon the inspired 
writer who wrote the Roll, for it seemed to me that this was the design of God. 

I then beheld a short written roll brought by an Angel of God, which con- 
firmed the same. I now felt entirely released, with the exception, that I 
daily felt an uncommon prayerful feeling, that the will of God might be done, 
and his purposes fully executed according to his pleasure. 

And I now feel it my indispensable duty and privilege, solemnly to assert, 
that, by the operation of the spirit of God in my own soul, I am made to 
know that the preceding Roll is from the Almighty ; and by his power and 
agreeably to his will, has it been written and sent forth for mortal eyes to 
view : 

And though my blood should be the price, in consequence of this my tes- 
timony, yet I say unto you, this would be a pleasing sacrifice, rather than to 
renounce my faith and deny the holy work of my God ; for I have both seen 
and felt the irresistible influence of his holy power, which I cannot deny. 
And to this, I afiix my name ; and I now commend my spirit to his holy 
power and into his gracious hands. John Allen. 

Born May 11, 1816 ; in the town of Uliite Havcn^ county of Cumberland^ 
England. Gathered into the United Society at JYew Lebanon in the eleventh 
year of his age. 


On the eighteenth of April, eighteen hundred forty three, at the first hour 
of the day, I was called by the holy Angel, whose name is Te le vash' ta la 
Jah', to arise. And he said unto me, Thou mortal Instrument of my 
choice, one whom I have supported thus far, and shall continue so to do, 
until you reach the happy mansion of eternal peace and rest; 

Arise, and boldly bear testimony of the work of thy God, regardless of 
mortals, who, though they can take the life of the body, cannot destroy the 
soul ; but fear thou Him who can destroy both soul and body in Hell. I re- 
peat again, (said the Angel,) Fear not the power of mortals, for in obedience 
I will support thee, through all trying scenes that thou mayest have to meet. 

Therefore, fearing that God whom I daily love, honor and glorify, in ev- 
ery faculty of my soul, for his boundless goodness in calling me when a child, 
to forsake the pleasures of a lost and sinful world, and for the many blessings 
of which I daily partake ; though I feel myself small in his presence, and 
no better by nature than the rest of my fellow creatures, I feel loudly called 
upon, to add my testimony, with that of many others, to the truth of the 
word contained in the foregoing sacred pages. 


I do firmly believe, without a doubt, that it came forth from the Almighty 
Jehovah, through means of his own choosing, and was written by the mor- 
tal hand of his own appointing ; this I feel certain of, by what I have seen, 
heard and felt ; and this I can never deny. 

I can furtlier testify without boasting, that I, through the goodness of God, 
have been made partaker of that soul-saving gospel, by which, in obedience 
thereunto, I am enabled to live day by day as I would be willing to die ; and 
in this sin-destroying work I have been laboring for nearly forty years. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. April 17, 1843. Luther Coplev. 

Born in Pittiford, covrity of Rutland^ state of Vermont; December 15, 
1800. Came into the United Society at JVcw Lehanoji, December 15, 1807. 


I do testify that I have been shown by the Angels of God, at five different 
times, in vision, a portion of that work now revealed in the Zion of God up- 
on earth. 

In the last of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred 
and twenty, I saw many things which have now taken place; and that the 
inspired writer of the foregoing Roll, would be employed as an instrument 
in the hands of God to do a work for Him, concerning the nations of the 
earth, and to declare, in the name of a just and holy God, that every sinful 
practice must be repented of and forsaken, before the soul could find accept- 
ance with its God. That every high and exalted imagination, God would 
lay low even to the dust. 

I also saw the following motto, which has been used by the Angel who in- 
spired the writer of the foregoing Roll ; 

*'Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." 

And again I do testify, that I saw two mighty Angels at the time of the 
writing of the foregoing Roll. The Angel of Mercy went before, and the 
Angel of Power followed after, with a red robe ; whose eyes were like 
flames of fire. 

Soon after, I saw the inspired writer of the foregoing Roll, dressed in the 
same manner, agreeably to the requirement of God. Thus I am confirmed 
beyond a doubt, that the writer of this Roll was inspired by the Angels 
of God. 

JVeio Lebanon, Columbia county, ) Hiram Rude. 

state of Mew York. April 19, 1843. > 


The fear of God and the sacred reverence which 1 feel to his holy word, 
induce me at this time to declare that which I have seen, heard and felt, as 


a witness to the truth and divine source from whence the foregoing work 

This I am bold to testify before all people, feeling an undoubted assurance 
that the divine knowledge with which I have been privileged from time to 
time, proceeded from one and the same spirit, which caused the mortal hand 
to pen the word of the foregoing Roll. 

I therefore make mention in short, of some interviews, which at the time 
received, were both strange and mysterious; but in obedience to the Angel, 
I wrote correctly what I saw and heard, not knowing the meaning thereof 
until the Book was opened, and its contents copied by mortal hand. 

I am but a frail mortal ; but through the mercy and blessing of God, have 
received a measure of his holy power, light and heavenly gifts ; which have 
caused me to love and serve Him above all other beings, and render unto 
his service, every faculty I possess ; and through which I have obtained an 
abiding evidence, a burning lamp of eternal truth, which can never be extin- 
guished by vain reason or earthly knowledge. 

On Wednesday, April twentieth, eighteen hundred forty two, while sitting 
in silent meditation with my companions, I saw rising out of the south a 
cloud of fire and smoke ; and in the midst thereof an Angel of might and 
terror. He held in his right hand a sharp sword, and in his left a vial of 

I turned my eyes to the west, and beheld an innumerable company of arm- 
ed men, arrayed in martial attire, marching swiftly to the south. When 
they approached the cloud of fire, they fell prostrate to the earth, and were 

The vision then ceased, but left upon my feelings a chill of horror and 
solemnity. I heard not the Angel's voice, neither made mention of what I 
had seen. 

On the following day, the same vision again appeared before me, but with 
greater plainness than before. The Angel approached so near, that I could 
plainly behold his visage, and the terror of his countenance, but heard not 
his voice. This sight was truly awful, and caused my whole frame to trem- 
ble before it. His eyes appeared as balls of fire, and his presence bespoke 
judgment, vengeance and destruction. 

The time soon arrived for our evening worship. While engaged in our 
devotion, I saw another Angel enter the room, holding in his right hand a 
flaming Lamp, and in his left, a Book; often going before the Leaders of the 
meeting, and opening it, as if desiring them to read. He spoke some in a 
language unknown to me, and soon disappeared. 

I learned from his appearance, that the time had not come for the Book to 
be revealed, but the day was near at hand, when it should be read to the in- 
habitants of Zion. 

The vision of the former Angel, caused in my feelings much anxiety, to 
know the meaning thereof; but I received no answer, save, that he was an 
Angel of judgment, sent forth by Almighty Power to visit the earth ; and to 
the chosen of the Lord, he would make known the power of his hand, that 
they might seek a refuge from his wrath and indignation. 

April twenty third, while employed in my duty through the day, I was 


visited witli an unusual degree of solemnity, and many times a feeling of 
fear, as if about to behold a scene of horror and distress. 

I prayed earnestly to know the cause thereof, but received no satisfactory 
answer ; neither was T permitted to make known my feelings. 

Towards evening, I went to my retiring room, and in a short time, saw 
again tiio two Angtds before mentioned. As I beheld them, the latter spake 
unto me thus ; ThoO iuist seen the sign in the south and in the west; now 
turn thine eyes to the north, and behold the vengeance of an Almighty 
God ! I looked, and lo ! Desolation, distress and sorrow, filled the land ! 

The Angel then said unto me. From this place were sent forth the com- 
pany which ye saw fall before the Angel of judgment. Desolation hath 
marked their footsteps ; their dwellings are as a dreary waste ; and from 
their tent doors, judgment hath followed their goings, until they were con- 
sumed by the sword! But verily saith the Lord, judgments, still heavier, 
await their rulers and country ! 

Tlie Angel now paused, and then spake unto me thus ; Speak not of what 
you have seen, neither shall you know any more concerning the same, until 
the morning of the coming day. 

You shall then receive further information, and correctly write all that you 
have seen and heard. 

Accordingly, on the following morning (April twenty fourth,) while sit- 
ting with my companions, I was suddenly called by a sound from an invis- 
ible source, to behold the rising sun, which was then shining in the east. 

I looked, and lo ! it remained fixed, as if refusing again to illuminate 
the earth with its noon-day rays ! 

I was then commanded to turn my eyes to the north ; there truly I beheld 
the most horrid spectacle my eyes ever witnessed. 

I saw the wretched inhabitants, walking to and fro ; friendless, destitute 
and forlorn : gnawing their tongues with anguish of soul, while their bodies 
were famishing with hunger, and constantly falling on every hand ! 

Their thrones, palaces and splendid dwellings, had become tombs for their 
dead bodies ; Their lofty towers were laid low, even with the dust ; and their 
kings and nobles had fallen prostrate to the earth, without a friend to raise 
them up, or listen to their cries and lamentations ! 

Others, who were left as spectators of the scene, were putting an end to 
their wretched existence, and that of their tender offspring, with their own 
hands ! 

This day being the Sabbath, the time for our morning meeting had now 
come, and I was called from this scene of horror, to behold the peace and 
quietness with which 1 was surrounded. 

I went with my companions to our place of worship, but with a heavy 
heart. In a few moments I felt a trembling of the floor upon which I stood 
like that of an earthquake. I raised my eyes to see if others did not notice 
the same ; but perceiving no alarm, I remained silent, and soon followed the 
same dreary scene, (but with increasing horror,) which I knew not but I had 
viewed for the last time. 

The sun appeared as blood : the stars resumed their glittering, and the face 
of nature was one scene of midnight gloom ! 


Tiie hand of desolation had reached from east to west, and from north to 
^uth ; and the earth was encircled therewith, like unto a continual flame of 
lightning and constant roar of thunder ! 

I looked to find the chosen Israel of God, and beheld as it were, wings, 
gathering them together into one band, and hovering them from the ven- 
geance of an Almighty God. 

I also heard the tender calls of the Holy Angels, and the mourning of 
saints, for those who wandered from these wings of protection, and rejected 
the warning voice of their lovely Shepherds. 

I observed that all who gathered beneath these holy wings, were safely 
protected from danger, and in a low and pleasant vale, united even as one 

My vision now ceased, but the sensation produced thereby, can never be 
erased from my memory, while in time I remain. 

On the following day, April twenty fifth, while engaged in worship, the 
Holy Angel whom I had previously seen with the Book and Lamp, again 
appeared to my view. At this time he opened not his Book, but placed him- 
self before the Leaders of the meeting, and desired all present to bow in hum- 
ble supplication and prayer, that the hand of desolation might be stayed, and 
the will of God be done. 

I spake not of what I saw, to the assembly; but soon another instrument, 
being mightily exercised with the power of God, loudly proclaimed that the 
Angels of judgment were passing through the earth, and requested all pres- 
ent to bow low in supplication for the protection of Zion. 

I have also seen at many different times, a Mighty Angel assemble with 
us, holding in his hand a large Book, witli the following inscription written 
thereon. Tke icord of Alinightij God,, icrittcn and sealed with his oicn hand,, 
for the childre?i of earth. 

These things may appear to some, as phantoms of a disordered brain ; but 
unto the candid and unprejudiced, must stand in their true light, unalterable 
truths, without veil or covering : the evidence of which nought but disobe- 
dience can remove from an enlightened mind, or darken with the clouds of 

I therefore testify unto all, that to me they are solemn realities, firmly 
grounded by a knowledge which I can never den}', should my life be requir- 
ed in consequence of a refusal. 

Having proved by experience, the uprightness and integrity of this des- 
pised number, (called Shakers,) for the last twenty five years, I can with 
confidence bear witness that it is the vineyard of the Lord's planting, and by 
his merciful hand, daily supported. 

JVew Lebanon,, Columbia county, > 

state of A^ew York. ) Abigail Crosman. 



New Lebanon, N. Y. January 2, 1842; 

Sabbatli morning, about the hour of ten, as I sat in solemn meditation 
upon the everlasting goodness and mercy of God, I was surrounded by a 
company of Holy Angels, whose brightness was far superior to any thing my 
eyes ever beheld. 

Upon their heads were written the name of the Almighty Jehovah Jah j 
just beneath, tiieir own names were stamped in letters of pure gold, as it 
appeared to my view, and were as follows ; First, the Mighty Angel of God j 
second, the Angel of Conviction ; third, the Angel of Meekness and Love ', 
fourth the Angel of Mercy and Truth. 

Their appearance at first, terrified me, and caused me to fear and tremble 
exceedingly : but the mighty Angel soon spake unto me, saying. Fear not 
O thou little one of flesh and blood ; but bow ye low, and hearken to my 
word, yea, look and behold our doings. I looked, and beheld upon the head 
of the Mighty Angel, a large Roll. He held in his right hand, a pen of pure 
gold; and in his left, a Book; and upon the cover was written thus — The 
true Record of Heaven. 

The second Angel held a very large trumpet in his hand. The third 
opened another Book, which he held to my view ; it was perfectly clean 
and white ; and on his head was a flaming two-edged sword. 

As I turned to view the fourth Angel, I saw him shut the Book, and seal 
it with yellow seals. He held a rod of truth, and waved the sceptre of mer- 
cy gently over my head. I bowed very low four times ; and heard the voice 
of the Mighty Angel saying, I am he whose power thou hast often felt, and 
whose hand hath brought thee even to the dust of the earth. Therefore, 
fear thou exceedingly to disobey the word of thy God, O thou mortal frame ; 
lest He smite thee with a curse, and separate thee from his holy people. 

The Angel took from his head, the afore-mentioned Roll, and said. This 
is the word of the Lord God of Heaven and earth, and in his own time, even 
as He hath declared, it shall extend from east to west, and from pole to pole. 
Yea it shall go throughout the earth. For I have brought it from the Heav- 
ens, even from the eternal throne of light ! and I will measure its length 
and breadth, and number its many folds. 

The Roll was then opened, and held by the four holy Angels, and it 
formed a perfect cross, pointing to the four quarters of the earth. I viewed 
it with surprise, for I understood not the language in which it was written. 

After a short pause, the Roll was again folded in forty eight folds, and 
upon the outside fold, were written the following words ; 

O Ha'lon, Ha'lon, don es que' ! Heaven, and the Angels in Heaven bear 
witness, that this Sacred Roll is now sent to earth, by the Angel of Holy 
Power and Wisdom. 

The Angel then placed the Roll upon his head, saying. In due season 
shall all things be accomplished according as the Lord hath commanded. 

The second Angel then sounded his trumpet to the four winds, and 
bowed very low at each blast. 


They then sung a solemn song, and at the close, I again heard the voice 
of the Mighty Angel saying; 

I am the messenger, who was sent to proclaim tlie word of my God, 
through the mouths of the Prophets of old, and to warn the people to turn 
from their unrighteousness, and seek his mercy. I am he who protected 
Daniel in the Lions' den, and delivered Jonah from the whale's belly, to do 
the will of his God. Yea, I am indeed the Mighty Angel who hath ever 
guarded God's chosen people who feared his holy name, and kept his 

I work in wisdom, and my doings cannot be comprehended by mortals 
until they are revealed. But I am ever present with the witnesses of truth ; 
and whenever they have been sent abroad, I have witnessed the^persecutions 
and sufferings they have borne, for the sake of their testimony ; and many 
are the times I have caused their spirits to rejoice in the God of their sal- 
vation, while their enemies feared and trembled before me. And now, even 
at this time, hath the God of Heaven sent me forth, with these my compan- 
ions, to warn the inhabitants of earth with this his solemn word, that they 
may, if they will, hear his voice in mercy, and seek a refuge beneath his 
protecting wings, before it be too late. 

The Angel then gave his word, concerning the reception of the Roll on 
earth, and bade me copy the same in his presence, which I did ; and he im- 
mediately vanished from m}^ sight. 

On the twenty third of April following, while I was engaged in solemn 
worship with my brethren and sisters, I again heard the voice of the Migh- 
ty Angel, but understood not his word, for it was in a language unintelligi- 
ble. But soon I perceived that the Angel was viewing the people very closely ; 
and upon his head, as he passed me, I saw a hand, and upon the back of it 
was written thus; The hand of Almighty Power is now sent forth 
ON the earth. 

I then heard a loud trumpet; I looked, and beheld in the southwest, 
about a half mile from me, a thick cloud of smoke ; and the Angel spake and 
said, The hand of the Lord is numbering his chosen people, who faithfully 
bear the cross of Christ, and walk in his holy footsteps. For behold ! the 
Angels of destruction are this night to pass the camp of Israel'! Yea, verily 
I say ; those whom the Lord hath sent throughout the earth to execute his 
judgments, shall this night come near to his Zion, and call upon her inmates 
to mourn and lament, for the lost children of men. 

When he had made an end of speaking, I looked, and the cloud of smoke 
had vanished ; and I saw instead thereof, a company of holy Angels ap- 
proaching from the same direction. 

They came near, and placed themselves in the center of the room, in a 
square form; each one holding a trumpet. The Mighty Angel spake a word 
to them in his own language ; and immediately they all bowed low in prayer 
and supplication, and the assembly united in the same. 

After they arose, I saw them divide into four companies, just a hundred 
each, and turning to the four winds of heaven, marched with hasty steps 
each way, singing as they went. 

April twenty eighth, as I was traveling with my companions a little distance 



t'roni lioiiic, I saw tho Mighty Angel coiuing from tliu north, liolding in Ms* 
lijind tlie trutnpet of ahirni : He Kounded it to the four winds, and turning his 
face toward Zion, said with a loud voice, 1 will visit thee again and again, 
until the Lord shall make an end of his sayings, and thou art beautiful in 
his sight. 

Again on the first day of the fifth month, I beheld the Angel with his 
company, and saw the Sacred Roll placed upon his head, as I at first beheld it. 

May eighth, I beheld the Mighty Angel, and he spake unto me, saying, 
Famine and pestilence shall sweep through the land, and desolation shall 
come near to the borders of Zion. 

But unto thee hath the God of Heaven turned his face, and unto thee will 
He make known his all-righteous will, and just judgments; and all who 
will obey his laws, and walk humbly in his presence, shall be known by Him 
in the day of his fierce anger, and indignation upon the wicked. 

The Angel then rested his wings upon the Sanctuary, or liouse of wor- 
ship, and spake thus. For a time and a half time, shall I dwell in Jerusalem ; 
and when the time is fulfilled, I will again number my chosen, and the clean 
white book shall be filled, when the end shall be. 

At four or five diff'erent times from this period, I have seen the Mighty 
Angel, and heard his voice, through the mouths of other instruments ; and 
can testify to the same with boldness, in love and holy fear ; for at a certain 
time, through another of his chosen witnesses in the month of August, I was 
called in haste and asked if I was not a witness for the Mighty Angel ; I re- 
plied I was J and that I knew his voice, and feared his word with the true 
fear of God. 

All these things, with many others not liere mentioned, have proved to 
my soul the necessity of humbling myself, and seeking in humility, the favor 
and mercy of that God who created my immortal soul ; knowing that unto 
Him, through the medium of his chosen witnesses, I shall and must give a 
correct account of every deed both good and evil. 

Twenty four years of my life, have I spent among his people ; and thanks 
everlasting be to the source of all good for my precious call. I was born 
March thirty first, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and eleven. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. January 2, 1842. Hannah Blake. 


The late manifestation of God to his people, which has been for a few 
years past, I have been privileged with the opportunity of witnessing, from 
the commencement, to the present time. And being one in the work, and 
feeling and realizing its operation in my own soul, and its powerful influ- 
ence on all its subjects, I can, in singleness of heart, testify to the truth of 
the work and manifestation of divine power, through the medium of holy 
Angels, and those in whom Christ has revealed himself the second time, 
without sin unto salvation ; and that God has begun a work which will, in 


liis own time, extend to every nation, tongue and people, either in mercy 
or judgment. 

The fulfillment of his promises which I have witnessed, establishes my 
faith beyond a doubt, that the power manifested, is genuine, and proceeds 
from God ; and those who receive and obey it, will have to confess and ac- 
knowledge, that the fruit is good, and proceeds from a pure source ; and it 
thus far has proved as such, and will, to all who seek a holy life of self-de- 
nial and the cross 5 the same cross which our Lord and Savior did bear. 

Therefore, I feel under the most solemn obligation to God and man, to 
boldly testify the truth, and maintain the same, at the risk of all things else. 
And, although God has, in some instances, manifested Himself through mor- 
tals who have not proved true unto the end, and has caused thera to sound 
forth his word with unshaken confidence to the inhabitants of earth, yet, 
without his holy power and true fear, they were nought, but as empty sounds. 

But truth standeth unalterable ; and those mortal instruments who were 
truly baptized into his holy spirit, and trusted in God, and Him alone, were 
supported, and led according to his will ; and were attended with evidence 
beyond a doubt, that they were influenced by his holy spirit. 

JVew Lebanon, Coluinhia county, ') Orrfn H\sktns 

state of^Yeio York, August 23, 1843. 3 

Born December third, eighteen hundred and fifteen, in the toion of Savoy^ 
county of Berkshire, state of Massachusetts ; has lived among this people, 
about tioenty one years. 


As I have been one that has been called and chosen by the special notice 
of God, to do his will and stand as a living witness, prepared only through 
scenes of deep tribulation, and by that means enabled to testify before all 
people, that which He hath in his wisdom seen fit to reveal to mortals ; 

It is from no other motives, than a solemn sense of duty which I owe to 
God and a tender regard for the good of all mankind, that has induced me 
to'stand forth boldly in a cause which will undoubtedly meet with much op- 
position, and excite the feelings of many to search deep, in order to deter- 
mine the cause from whence these things originated. 

Therefore, choosing rather to obey the dictates of my own conscience in 
laboring to do the will of God as made known to me, in preference to seek- 
ing the favor and applause of those who are enemies to the cross of Christ, 
I shall labor in the fear of God, to testify of that which my eyes have seen, 
my ears have heard, and of which my soul has been partaker, and to which I 
can with boldness and confidence bear witness before all people, to be the 
real work of God, and not the invention of man or woman. 

Some time previous to the Roll being written, many signs and forewarnings 
were given, indicating that God was about to bring to pass a great work 
among the children of this world, which thing I was confident would shortly 
take place ; but in what way and manner it would be effected, was not then 


fully made known to me ; but I can truly say, when the Roll came forth it 
corresponded perfectly with my feelings, and my faith was strengthened in the 
work; and I have no hesitation in saying that it was given by the special 
revelation of God, through means of his own choosing ; and if vain mortals 
dare to trifle with, and make light of the solemn warnings therein contain- 
ed, they will in no wise escape the sore displeasure of a justly provoked 
God, who will, in his own time, recompense every one according to their 

Kew Lebanon, N. Y. June 9, 1843. Daniel Crosman. 

Born December 10, 1810; in Wilmington, county of Windham and state of 
Vermont; teas gathered into this society, October 26, 1822. 


New Lebanon, N. Y. April 20, 1843. 

I feel bound to write a few lines, testifying my full belief in the divine 
origin of the foregoing Roll, brought by the holy and mighty Angel of God. 

On the fifth of February, eighteen hundred forty three, I distinctly heard 
the mighty Angel, beating, as it were, upon a drum three times. I then saw 
him enter the room where I was, and make some signs, for which I could 
not account; he then disappeared. 

But after a little while, I looked out of the window, and to my surprise, 
saw him marching the street, with forty holy Angels. He appeared to me 
as a man clothed in white, black and red. Another Angel then appeared to 
me, who was an attendant of the mighty Angel ; he passed through the 
house where I was, and showed forth a multitude of signs which were very 
singular and strange. All this, I was told, represented the work of God, and 
the present work of the holy Angel ; which was, to warn a lost world to 
turn from the evil of their doings, and flee from the wrath to come. 

And I do solemnly testify and declare to all, who may consider these few 
lines worth their notice, that the origin of the foregoing Roll is divine, and 
that it is the word of God, revealed, in his infinite mercy, to mortals on earth. 
And I will ever stand to the truth of this assertion, while time endureth. 

Olive Wheeler. 

/ was born October 21, 1802, and was brought among this people by my fa- 
ther, March, A. D. 1809. 


The town of Ashford, County of Windham and state of Connecticut was 
the place of my nativity ; where I was born April 9, 1823. I came into the 
united society in New Lebanon, November, 1825, where I have resided to 
the present time ; and having received many divine manifestations, which 
have confirmed my faith in the present work of God among his people, I 
feel willing to declare the same to all my fellow mortals. 


On the Sabbath, the sixth day of October, eighteen hundred fortv two, 
as I came out of the meeting house, after attending solemn worship, I heard 
the sound of a mighty trumpet, which caused me to raise my eyes to see 
from whence the sound proceeded; when I beheld an Angel slandin*' on 
the top of the center dwelling, holding in his right hand a trumpet, and in 
his left, a Roll or Book. 

With his trumpet he sounded aloud, turning to the four quarters of the 
earth ; and it was made known unto me, on my return home from meeting, 
by that power which is not of mortals, but of the Supreme Being, who is 
God of all, that a Roll should yet be revealed and spread abroad to all na- 
tions of the earth, that they might be forewarned of his judgments, and pre- 
pare for the same. 

I saw no more of the Angel after that time, until the month of January, 
eighteen hundred forty three, when I again saw him bearing the Roll in his 
hand ; and he spake unto me in a loud and mighty voice, saying ; I am a 
holy Angel of power, from the throne of my God ; and I have come before 
you at this time, in power and in truth ; and I speak unto you of things 
very few of which ye shall understand now ; but the time shall come, when 
you shall know the meaning of my sayings 

Although the meaning of my words are unknown to you now, yet shall 
they bear with weight on your mind, until I shall see fit to reveal them to 
you, in a language that you can understand : so remember ye my word and 
forget it not. 

This and this only did I understand at that time. 

April fifth, eighteen hundred forty three, an Angel spake unto me, saying; 
I come, I come again at this time to make known unto you the meaning of 
the words which I before did speak, which you did not understand. So 
hearken and hear my word, and write the same ; for I have now come to 
fulfill my promise. 

I am the Angel that you, and many more mortals, have seen within a 
short time ; I hold in my right hand a trumpet : and in my left, a Roll. Se 
to' re ca' lo ve' rin de le' ri, ere my time has come. For thus saith the 
Lord your God : 

Behold, the time has now fully arrived, when all the inhabitants of earth, 
difi'erent nations, tongues and people, shall hear my indisputable word of 
truth and justice. Of my all-righteous judgments shall they be warned in 
due season; and all who strictly obey my warning voice, before it be too 
late, yea I sav, all, every class and order that heed my word in due season, 
with the same shall it be well, now and hereafter. But those who slight, 
disregard, mock, scoff or deride my sacred Word, shall not escape my hand 
of judgment. 

I have not thus warned the inhabitants of earth for nought; but that they 
might know in part, in a very small part, that which awaiteth them, and 
humble themselves, if they would, and turn to Me their God; for I am truly 
to be found of those that seek Me in truth, and in the sincerity of their souls. 

To those who seek aright, shall it surely be given. The hungry soul will 
I feed with the bread of Heaven, and to the thirsty soul will I give to drink 


of the waters of life everlasting and eternal. I am the only true and living 
God of Heaven and earth ; and not one word that I have spoken, or shall 
hereafter speak, or cause, hy my power, to be written, shall ever fall or fail. 
So beware liow, and in what manner ye treat my word, O ye children of 
men ; consider, well consider, and seek to understand these my sayings. 

Inspired Witness, 

Emily Babcock. 

I can now boldlv testify and afhrm that what 1 have here stated is the 
truth, and that I am willing to meet my Maker at any hour. I know that I 
am nothing but a frail mortal, in the sight of my God ; but that which is re- 
vealed to me by divine revelation, and the power of an Almighty God, I 
know to be true. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. April 8, 1843. Emily Babcock. 

We, the undersigned, hereby testify, that we saw the holy Angel, standing 

upon the house-top, as mentioned in the foregoing declaration, holding the 
Roll and Book. 

Betsey Boothe. Sarah Maria Lewis. 

Louisa Chamberlain. Sarah Ann Spencer. 

Caty De Witt. Lucinda McDoniels. 

Laura Ann Jacobs. Maria Hedrick. 


I was born in Norwich, county of Chenango, state of New York, January 
twenty sixth, eighteen hundred and six ; and was gathered into the United 
Society in New Lebanon July eighth, eighteen hundred sixteen. And hav- 
ing lived here for twenty seven years, in which time I have been familiar 
with the work of God, and in a special manner for the last few years, in 
which the windows of Heaven have been opened and a knowledge of the 
way and will of God made known to poor lost man, by the gift of divine in- 
spiration and revelation ; I feel it a duty I owe to God and my fellow crea- 
tures, to bear testimony to that which by the gift of God, I have seen, heard 
and felt. 

In truth, and in the fear of God, I can say, that by the gift of divine rev- 
elation, I have seen the lost state of poor fallen man ; I have seen that the 
whole element in which he is born into this world, is opposed to God, and 
to the spirit of his blessed Son ; yea, and I can say by the light of divine 
inspiration, I have seen, as plain as I ever beheld by the light of the sun, 
the highways on this earth, that the way revealed by Christ and Mother 
Ann, is the only way whereby fallen man can find his redemption, and come 
into a state of purity and holiness, and be true children of the Parents of the. 
New Creation of God. 

I have witnessed the revelation of many things past, and things which 


were to come ; many of whicJi have come to pass according to prediction, 
which could have heen revealed by no other power, than that which is abie 
to comprehend all things, both visible and invisible. 

And furthermore I believe and testify, that the word of God, as published 
in this Book, has been written by divine inspiration, and that it is the great- 
est offer in mercy that has ever been given to man to obtain the favor of a 
justly provoked God ; and it is my firm belief that no soul \yho will yield 
obedience to it, will fall short of what has been promised therein ; but will 
see the goodness of God and feel satisfied; while those who despise his of- 
fers in mercy, will have to share in his heavy judgments. 

I have witnessed the operation of the work of God upon many souls, both 
upon the faithful and the unfaithful. With the faithful, I have seen the good 
seed take root and grow, until it brought forth all the heavenly virtues 
which adorn the true followers of Christ and Mother. While on the other 
hand, I have seen those who have been blessed with great light and power, 
}'ea, and even with of inspiration, yield to the influence of a carnal 
mind, become unreconciled to the cross of Christ, lose their element in the 
way of God, and manifest clearly that the spirit of Christ had ceased to 
strive with them. As a witness for the truth, I do testify that I have no 
other hope of Eternal Life, only in obedience to this gospel. 

James x Smith. 

New Lebanon, N.Y. August 15, 1843. 


I was born September fifth, eighteen hundred twenty one, in the City of 
New York ; And having been a resident in this society for twelve years, I 
feel it incumbent upon me to assert that my faith is established in the testi- 
mony maintained among this people, that it has emanated from God and 
none else; that in, and among this people, all true prophetic types and fig- 
ures relative to the latter day of glory, are fulfilled to the satisfaction of ev- 
ery unprejudiced and true seeker after righteousness; that in every jot and 
tittle, it fully accords with the self-denying gospel taught by Christ and his 
apostles, which was, If any man-^will come after me, let him deny himself, 
take up his daily cross and follow me. And again ; Whatsoever ye would 
that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them. 

These are two principal articles in the constitution of this society, and 
two main pillars which uphold this sacred temple, wherein dwell peace and 
good will towards all men ; whereon rests that cloud, the type of which 
gave light unto the Israelites, while it was the cause of stumbling to the 
Egyptians ; and when viewed from without it was darkness ; but within, 
Moses and Aaron conversed with, and were covered with the glory of God. 

It always has been, still is, and ever will be, the leading principle among 
this people, (notwithstanding the behavior of individuals to the contrary,) 
to follow peace with all men, and live a life of holiness, to deal justly, love 
mercy and walk humbly before their God ; and if these will not accord with, 


and prove this 1o he true religion, then may it he said, that Dirist was a 
grand deceiver, and the Scriptures pointed lies. 

I feel confident in testifying my firm and unshaken h(>lief in the divine 
emanation of the foregoing pages of tJiis Book, believing and knowing it to 
have had its origin in God alone, and being his most merciful offv.r of re- 
demption to fallen man ; and I do not hesitate to affirm, that all who will 
take the doctrine herein contained, for their rule of life, and live accordingly, 
will assuredly find it a guide unto their feet, a lamp in their path, and a staff 
whereon to lean while sojourning through time. They will see the light 
of Heaven shining upon their path brighter and brighter, and they will 
grow more and more into the knowledge and love of godliness. 

And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man 
his brother, saying, Know the Lord ; for they shall all know Me, from the 
least of them unto the greatest, saith the Lord; for I will forgive their ini- 
quities and I will remember their sins no more. And that God which they 
now view as a wrathful Sovereign, clothed in fury, dispensing judgment and 
desolation through the land, they will then behold as a kind and tender 
Shepherd, an affectionate and loving Father, watching over them with an 
eye of mercy and forbearance, and directing them in his wisdom, and with 
his arm of Almighty Power providing for their present and eternal happiness 
and welfare. 

Believing, and being confirmed in my belief, that this testimony is the 
only door of hope, through which every soul must pass, in order to enter the 
kingdom of Heaven, and meet their God in peace, I earnestly desire that all 
who have a privilege to read or hear these sacred pages, may consider their 
weighty importance, and give them the attention they demand. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. August 15, 1843. Charles McCartie. 


Some time in the month of October, eighteen hundred and forty two, 
on the Sabbath, after divine worship, as I came out of the meeting house, 
I heard the sound of a trumpet, which seemed to be in the air. I looked up, 
and beheld on the north end of the centre house, a Mighty Angel, holding 
in his right hand a trumpet, and in his left a Roll or Book : and by the spirit 
of God it was then made known to me, that this Mighty Angel held the word 
of the Lord in his hand, which would yet be sounded to all nations of the 
earth. It was also made known to me at this time, who the instrument was, 
that the Lord had chosen to reveal the words of this Roll to the people. 

Many times before this, I had seen this Mighty Angel, and knew him to be 
the same ; and as a witness thereof, I here assert an instance which occur- 
red on the evening of June fifth, eighteen hundred forty one, which I can tes- 
tify before all people, to be the truth, and was spoken by the same Mighty 
Angel whom I afterwards saw standing on the centre house. 


I was taken from things of time, by the Angel of Almighty power, to the 
top of a high mountain, where the Angel spake words unto me, as follows : 

Hearken and give ear, while I tell you of things that will take place on 
earth ; that when you hear of them, you may know that they are caused by 
the over-ruling hand of God ; for He is about to send heavy judgments upon 
the inhabitants of this world. Then extending his hand towards the east, 
lie said : 

Look thou yonder; there lies a very wicked nation which have long sin- 
ned against a just and true God : and He, in his mercy, has borne with their 
iniquities, and held back his furious wrath; but now saith the Lord, ven- 
geance is mine, and I will repay; yea, my vengeance shall be poured out 
upon the inhabitants thereof, and they shall know tiiat I am Lord of Heaven 
and earth. And as the Angel turned with his hand extended, he said : 

No quarter of this earth can escape the judgments of a justly provoked 
God; and many, very many of the inhabitants will be swept off from the 
face of the earth. Fires, famines, earthquakes and pestilence shall prevail ; 
cities and towns shall sink under the mighty hand of God ; yea. He will rule 
both sea and land, and his righteous judgments will roll, roll on, till all nations 
are brought low ; for all men will yet fear and tremble at the word of my God. 

Truly, the abominations of the children of men are great, and the scourge 
will be mighty. And, saith the Angel, all these things will yet be ; yet 
never fear, but place your trust in God ; for those who love and fear the Lord, 
and keep his commandments. He will protect from harm. And know thou, 
that none but the humble and meek can escape the judgments of Him who 
seeth all things; and whose power no mortal hand can stay. The Angel 
then left me. Inspired Witness, 

Sally Maria Stewart. 

I know I am but a feeble mortal ; yet I can testify in truth, that what is 
contained in this Roll and Book, is the work of an Almighty God, sent forth 
by his Proclaiming Angel, to the inhabitants of earth ; and this do I freely 
acknowledge, and will to the end of time, to be the work of God, and not 
of mortals; and this testimony given in the sincerity of my heart, I am will- 
ing to meet in the presence of God, the Father of all. 

New Lebanon, N. Y. April 15, 1843. Sallt Maria Stewart. 

Born October 15, 1806, i7i the toivn of Spencer^ Columbia county^ state of 
JVeio York. 


Thus saith one who has wholly devoted and consecrated himself, soul and 
body, time and talents to the service of his Creator God ; whose eyes have 
seen, and whose ears have heard the wonderful things of God, and the great 
display of the Almighty, in this day of Christ's Second Coming; and whose 
soul has tasted of the holy things of Heaven, and the powers of the world 
to come ; 


Being a firm believer in the rcvehition of (fod, and the gift of divine in- 
spiration, by wliicli the Prophets of old, and the Apostles of Jesus Christ, 
were enabled to declare and to write the words of the Almighty, revealed 
in their day ; even so do I firmly believe that, in this day of Christ's second 
appearing, the Heavenly Father in bis never-ending mercy, has called forth 
Prophets and chosen Instruments, to proclaim his holy word and will to the 
inhabitants of earth. And I hesitate not to declare, that I have full faith 
and confidence in the substance of the foregoing pages of the Sacred Roll 
and Book, believing it to be the holy word of God, and written in a true gift 
of divine inspiration. 

It has ever been the will and pleasure of the Almighty, through every age 
and dispensation of his grace to the lost children of men, to send forth his 
holy word of solemn warning, showing them their lost state and condition, 
and the dangerous situation they were in ; giving them suitable time to repent 
in low humility of soul, that all who would, might escape the fury of his 
wrath. And it has ever been so, that the only true light and knowledge of 
Heaven, made known to the children of men, have been by and through the 
revelation of God, in such ways and means, and through such individuals, 
as He was pleased to appoint and anoint with his holy power, for the accom- 
plishment of the same. 

Why then should it appear incredible to any rational, candid and well 
informed mind, that the great Author of our existence, in his mercy, conde- 
scension and loving kindness, should, in this enlightened age of the world, 
again make a display of his mighty power, his love and infinite wisdom ? 
and by the gift of divine Revelation and Inspiration, declare to the nations 
of the earth, the speedy fulfillment of the ancient predictions and prophe- 
cies, concerning the great day of his oming, wherein should be displayed 
the fullness of his glory .^ 

Even as in ages that are past, so doth He now send forth his holy word of 
solemn warning to the inhabitants of earth, of the near approach of his roll- 
ing judgments which are already going forth through the land, that all who 
will, may turn from the evil of their doings, and in low humility of spirit, 
seek his mercy before it be too late. In this is clearly manifested the great 
wisdom, love and condescension of the Almighty to the lost children of men, 
in giving them a foreknowledge and timely warning of that which will short- 
ly come to pass ; that those who are willing to hearken to his word and keep 
his commands, may escape the fury of his wrath, and the vengeance of his 

Having full faith in the present great manifestation of God, and the gifts 
of divine revelation and inspiration existing in his holy Church on earth, I 
have not the least shadow of a doubt of the truth and reality of the fore- 
going pages, and of the divine authority by which they were written. 
And having been an eye witness of the manifestations of divine power 
attending the reading of the Sacred Roll, before a large assembly, after it was 
written by mortal hand, is sufficient evidence to me, (had I no other,) of 
Ihe purity of its composition and divine origin, and of the supreme author- 
ity in which it is sent forth to the nations of the earth. 


And even more than this, I have an indisputable knowledge in my own 
soul, of the holy spirit and power in which the Sacred Roll is given ; and by 
which power, I can safely declare it to be the holy word of God, sent forth 
to the inhabitants of earth, to warn them of their danger, and give them 
timely notice of the displeasure of the Almighty in beholding the wicked- 
ness of the world. 

Therefore, in the solemn fear of God, and in the sincerity of my soul, I 
write this testimony of my faith and feelings concerning the Sacred Roll 
and Book, in evidence thereof, for the benefit of my fellow beings, as being 
the greatest act of benevolence I am capable of bestowing. And having 
now passed the fortieth year of my age, and arriven to that point of life, in 
which man possesses the full powers and faculties of his mind ; and also, hav- 
ing had a lengthy experience of twenty four years among these peculiar peo- 
ple, to become acquainted with their true life and character, I hope the reader 
will not consider me under a mask of deception concerning my religious be- 
lief, or that I am duped and influenced by others, to act contrary to what I 
consider to be right and just, in the performance of my duty either to God 
or man. 

VVatervliet, Albany county, N. Y. ) David A. Buckingham. 

August 24, 1843. ) 

Born the ninth day of March, 1803 ; in the town and county of Schoharie, 
and state of J\'eio York. 


On the eighth, ninth and tenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and 
forty two, there appeared unto me an Angel, having in his possession a Roll 
and Book, like unto one I heard read, on the ninth and eleventh of April, 
one thousand eight hundred and forty three. 

The above Roll was unsealed in my presence, and the Angel read to me 
from it, on each day of his visit, from different sections, four different sen- 
tences } making in all, twelve. 

The Angel then informed me, that this Roll and Book was to be written 
by mortal hand, and circulated for the general benefit of mankind. But the 
name of the one who should pen these things, and bring them to the sight 
and understanding of man, and the time of its accomplishment, was then 
concealed from my knowledge. 

But in the reading of the foregoing Roll and Book, I recognized and knew 
the twelve sentences referred to above, as being the same, verbatim, as those 
read to me by the Angel a year before. And further, I also knew that the 
same Angel who read to me at that time, was in attendance on the reading 
of the foregoing Roll and Book, on the ninth and eleventh instant. And he 
there and then informed me, these were correct copies of those he had pre- 
viously shown me. 

I, the writer of the foregoing communication, was born April tenth, one 



thousand eight huinh-iul ami eight ; and liavu spent st;veiiteen years in obe 
dicnce to my present fUitli and calling. 
Watcrvliet, iN. Y. Apriilo, ICio. Willard Allen. 


As my belief is firm and unshaken in the powerful and mighty display of 
the work of God that has been showered upon his people for several years 
past, I feel it a duty to bear witness to the same. 

I was born in Cummington, county of Berkshire and state of Massachu- 
setts ; August twentieth, seventeen hundred eighty nine ; and was gath- 
ered into the United Society at Watervliet, in the year one thousand eight 
hundred and two. 

I have been a close observer of the late strange and powerful work of God 
among his people, from the beginning ; and have many times been overshad- 
owed with the irresistible and mighty power of God, which I could not 
withstand, but by the influence of which I had to move as the spirit directed, 
which was convincing to me, beyond a doubt, that it was the mighty power 
of God ; that power which no man or woman can counterfeit. 

I further testify, that I firmly believe the foregoing Roll and Book contains 
the word of Almighty God, sent by his holy Angel, and by him revealed to 
an instrument of mortal clay ; and that the instrument who was called by 
the holy Angel to perform this sacred duty, has written it as the Angel read 
to him, and is the word of Almighty God to fallen man ; that word which 
will stand when all human inventions shall fall. And as a friend and well- 
wisher to all mankind, I would advise them to be careful how they treat this 
solemn warning from their Heavenly Father, and not speak evil of that which 
they do not understand. But read the Book candidly, without any prejudice, 
and consider its weighty truths, as the invention of neither man or woman, 
but the word of a holy God, which will meet every soul in mercy or in 

Watervliet, N. Y. August 24, 1843. Justice Harwood. 


In the commencement of this late manifestation, I became exceedingly 
desirous to have a part in the gifts of God, either by vision or revelation, or 
in whatever manner the Lord might see fit to notice me. Not that I had any 
doubt of its correctness, but for my own satisfaction and comfort I desired 
to know these things by experience. 

But my fei'vent prayers and cries to God seemed for a time all of no effect ; 
it appeared as though the Heavens were shut against me in this respect. I 
many times promised the Lord, upon my bended knees, that I would be 


true to the least gift of his spirit, which He might see fit to give me. And 
in process of time, the Lord in his wisdom saw fit to call me forth by his 
mighty power, to write, and also to speak his holy and eternal word, which 
He purposed to reveal to the children of his Zion upon the earth, by the 
mouth of his holy Angels, which He often sent from time to time, with the 
sacred volumes thereof. 

These things I do know, and can bear witness to with confidence, before 
all men, even should I know that my natural life would become a sacrifice 
in consequence. Yea, rather than deny the same, or in the least flinch, by 
the fear of man, or forbear to declare my full confidence in the present 
work of God, both as an individual and as an inspired instrument, who has 
seen, handled and tasted the good things of God, and knows beyond a doubt 
that God is the Author of the same, I would cheerfully face death in any form. 

But for all I have been called to speak or write of the word of God, sound- 
ed forth by his holy'Angels and ministering spirits in this great display of 
his power, I stand ready to answer to God, knowing of myself I could do 
nothing ; but by the power and gift of |God have I been able to write and 
speak many things, in his holy name, that I, myself, was as ignorant of as 
a child unborn. 

Many, very many proofs and confirmations have I had to confirm me, be- 
yond a doubt, concerning that divine origin from whence these precious 
gifts and communications have been given ; and I boldly say, and bear wit- 
ness that I know them to be of God. And although wicked man, influen- 
ced by the father of all wickedness, should rise up and seek to destroy the 
work of God, and the power of his last manifestation to his people; and also 
his word which He has given in mercy to the children of men, yet he can 
never overthrow that which God hath so firmly established by his own 
mighty power and strength. 

Although the way and means which God hath laid out for the redemption 
of all souls, may seem small and self-degrading, yet all will find, sooner or 
later, that sufficient therein is given to undermine and beat in pieces every 
false creed and form, and make, of those who call upon the name of the 
Lord for salvation, one people, of one heart and mind, seeing eye to eye, 
having one faith, one Lord and one baptism ; which is the baptism of fire 
and the Holy Spirit that worketh the purification of the heart. 

I have written the foregoing with my own hand, but not in ray own 
strength ; which word I am not afraid to meet both in Heaven and on earth ; 
either before the Angels of God or the wicked inhabitants of earth. My 
soul stands undaunted, and with boldness do I place my name and testimony 
as a witness to the present manifestation of the revelation of God, to his call- 
ed and chosen people ; as being one who has been called to be a partaker, 
not only an eye or ear witness, but as one of the chosen instruments which 
God hath called, whereby to ^bring about his purposes. And thus is my 
word and my witness closed. 

Watervliet, N. Y. April 10, 1843. Paulina Bates. 

Born December 26, 1806 ; in the town of Broicnville, county of Jefferson 
and state of J^'cio York; was gathered into this society in the year 1825. 



About nine o'clock tliis evening, (April 20, 1843,) while engaged in prayer 
and supplication to God, I received a small Roll ; and it was said to nie, This is 
the word of the Lord. After receiving it, I returned it to the Angel who 
brought it, and I was required to write, while he read as follows : 

Thus saith the Lord who upholdeth the righteous, and saith to Zion, 
Receive my word that I now send unto thee. My word is truth, and it shall 
not return unto Me void ; but the word I have spoken, I will surely per- 
form ; and I will empty out the wicked, who despise judgment and scoff at 
my holy givings. 

In mercy have I now sent forth my word anew unto the inhabitants of the 
earth ; and I have again set life and death before them, teaching them plain- 
ly, what I require of the souls I have created, and warning them of the 
judgments which shall shortly pass through the earth, and enter the habita- 
tions of the sons and daughters of pride, who have chosen the paths of 
iniquity and the seal of destruction. 

Lo, from my Holy Mount, from the centre of the Zion of my likeness on 
earth, have I caused this my word to go forth ; and in truth and faithfulness 
have I caused it to be plainly written, that all who desire it, may clearly 
understand how to find my mercy and forgiveness. 

O ye inhabitants of the earth, is it a strange thing, that I am able now, as 
in days of old, to make known my word unto you, through the means of my 
own choosing.' Is my power diminished, so that I cannot reveal my word to 
souls who dwell in tabernacles of clay ? Who hath taken from Me, or who 
hath removed my attributes ? Will ye set bounds for Me, that I cannot pass, 
or determine what things I shall not do.? When did I ever teach you that I 
would never again speak unto the sons of men ? 

If ye would be wise, receive my testimonies which I have revealed in 
this day of my favor and kindness unto sinful man, and reject not my laws. 

Inspired Witness, 

Joseph Wicker. 

Strange as the contents of the foregoing pages may appear to the natural 
man, I feel no hesitation to declare my faith in the truth of the doctrines, 
warnings, invitations and instructions, set forth and inculcated in them ; and 
that they are of divine origin, and eminently calculated to produce peace 
and happiness in all who observe and keep them. 

/ 7Pas horn in the town and county of Bennington^ state of Vermont^ March 
23, 1790 ; was gathered into the Society in April^ 1806. 

Joseph Wicker. 
Hancock, Berkshire county, state of Massachusetts ; April 20, 1843. 



Feeling it a duty I owe to mankind, I thankfully bear witness to the truth 
and reality of the many wonderful manifestations of divine power which 
I have seen among the children of Zion. 

As God did in the primitive church, so has He in these days, blessed his 
people with lieavenly givings. Many are inspired to speak and write his 
word, to prophesy the things that come to pass, to speak in unknown tongues, 
to interpret what is so spoken, to discern spirits; and many other spiritual 

Having received some of these divine gifts, I can say in the language of a 
holy apostle, What man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man 
which is in him ? Even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the spir- 
it of God. Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the spirit 
which is of God ; that we might know the things that are freely given us of 
God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom 
teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth ; comparing spiritual things 
with spiritual. 

Having these lights before me, I feel no hesitation in declaring my entire 
conviction that the foregoing Roll and Book is true ; that it has been pro- 
duced by the divine spirit of inspiration, as much as those written by the 
ancient prophets, and other inspired servants of God. 

The Lord our God has no where declared, in the record of his word, that 
He never would again bless his creatures with a further revelation of his will ; 
but the scriptures teach us there is to be a revelation of the righteous judg- 
ment of God. And I feel the witness in my soul, that God has, in this latter 
day, revealed his will in divers ways, and concerning many things ; and 
that his impending judgments will fall upon those who willfully disobey his 
commands, and refuse to repent of their transgressions. 

My counsel to all is, Let truth have its perfect effect in your hearts ; con- 
demn not through prejudice, nor judge under the influence of envy; and 
let all conscientiously live according to the best light they have. 

Hancock, Mass. August 13, 1343. Joseph Patten. 

Born in Belchertoicn, Hampshire county^ Massachusetts ; was gathered into 
the United Society in Hancock^ February^ 1805. 


On Saturday evening, December seventeenth, one thousand eight hundred 
and forty two, while in meeting, I saw a very powerful Angel enter the east 
side of the room, clothed in shining brightness. His appearance filled my 
soul with godly fear. He said to me, I am the Angel of Eternal Truth. 
Look thou ! behold this Roll, which shall be written in my time. I looked 
and saw a very lengthy Roll held before me, and it was sealed with many 



The Angel broke the first seal, and commenced unrolling it. He unroll- 
ed a part, and then came to another seal. In this manner he continued 
unrolling and breaking the seals, until it was all unrolled. And by the 
space it covered in the room, it must have been about twenty feet long, and 
several feet wide. I saw it was covered with writing, but could not read 
one word of it. 

Sabbath morning, December eighteenth, while in our morning meeting, I 
saw the same Angel with the same Roll ; and he held it before me. At this 
time a very solemn feeling came over me, accompanied with a weight of 
tribulation. There was also another spirit standing by me ; and I said, 
What does this mean ? Is this for me to read ? Nay, said the spirit, it is not 
for you to read ; but it is the eternal word of God, and will be written and 
gent to all nations of the earth. You will yet know this to be true. 

The Angel with the Roll now left the room, and I looked to see where he 
went; and saw him go towards New Lebanon. My impression then was, 
that the Roll would be written there, and sent forth as I had been told. 
This I mentioned to some of the family at the time. 

The next day I saw the Roll again, and the Angel that unrolled and unseal- 
ed it as before. I did not count the number of the seals, neither did I know 
their meaning. 

Tuesday afternoon, April fourth, one thousand eight hundred and forty 
three, a mighty Angel appeared to me. He first told his name, Ha la vac' 
tha na' ; and then said, O thou little one, bow before me. 

The appearance of this mighty Angel was majestic and solemn. When 
he spake, his voice caused me to tremble with godly fear and reverence. Af- 
ter a pause, he said ; Bow down thou mortal instrument, bow low, low, even 
to the dust of the earth, if thou wilt become a witness to the truth of the 
holy word of God, which in his wisdom He hath seen fit to cause to be writ- 
ten. Yea, the word of your Eternal Parents hath been revealed by a 
mighty and powerful Angel; and written by mortal hand at New Lebanon, 
the Mount of God. 

O ye witnesses of the eternal word which is about to be sent forth to the 
different nations of the earth, through the mercy, power and wisdom of God, 
have ye not felt the solemn and awful weight of the word and work which 
have been revealed in the Zion of God upon earth ? Can you not testify, in 
truth, that the Lord God hath declared, through his ministering Angels, that 
the fire of his Almighty truth should be spread through earth's remotest 
bounds .'' Yea, to this, and to more can ye bear witness. 

Hark, hear the awful sound ; Woe ! woe ! woe ! awful woes are pronoun- 
ced upon the inhabitants of the earth. A sign shall be given in the east. 
Terrible and mighty is the army that shall be sent to and fro in the earth, 
with vials filled with the wrath of God, to pour upon the proud, the high, 
the unjust, the unmerciful, the filthy worker, and those who regard not the 
laws of God or man. 

All those who will trifle with, or in any way abuse, destroy or cause to be 
destroyed, the sacred words of truth written and sent forth to all the nations 


of the earth, by the command of the great Jehovah, better, far better would 
it be for them, if they had never been born. For, saith the Eternal God, I 
will meet those that do this thing, with heavy judgments. My words to 
them shall be like the roarings of mighty thunders ; and no forgiveness shall 
they find, but through heavy sufferings. So take warning and be careful, 
O ye children of earth, how you treat that which you do not understand. 

To all who are called to witness to this, the word of your God, know ye, 
there will disputers and cavilers arise, but fear them not ; for what is writ- 
ten is the word of your God, and all the powers of darkness will never be 
able to destroy the truth thereof; but it will stand to the endless ages of 


Inspired Witness, 

Martha Van Valen. 

As a witness, I boldly and firmly declare to all mankind, thai what is here 
written is no fiction, but is the everlasting truth. It is simply what I saw 
and heard. 

I was born in Fishkill, Duchess county, state of New York, May first, 
eighteen hundred and four ; came here to live, April, eighteen hundred and 
thirty three. 

Hancock, Mass. April 4, 1843. Martha Van Valen. 


On the twenty seventh day of April, eighteen hundred and forty two, feel- 
ing my soul filled with deep and heavy tribulation, I withdrew to a place of 
retirement, and there in secret did I humble myself; yea, in low humiliation 
did I pray with a fervent spirit to my Heavenly Parents, to enable me to know 
and to do their will. While in this labor of mind, I beheld a large Book 
lying on a table in the room ; and was told to open it. I did so, but could 
read very little. I looked along in the Book, until I came to the three hun- 
dred and twelfth page. 

April fourth, eighteen hundred and forty three, I retired to my room to 
meditate upon the solemn work of God. Many words came fresh to my 
mind, that I had been compelled by the power of God to speak concerning 
the judgments that would surely take place in the earth. While I was se- 
riously and solemnly reflecting upon these things, the holy Angel of the 
Lord entered the room, and spake as follows : 

Child of mortality, know thou that the work of God is a swift work, audit 
requires souls to be alive. Understand thou, for I have come to summon 
thee for a witness ; therefore write thou thy name, that it may be recorded 
in the sacred Roll which God thy Heavenly Father hath purposed to send 
forth to the inhabitants of the earth. 

I answered, O holy Angel, this v/ill I freely do ; for surely I have receiv- 
ed from thee many precious and heavenly treasures. Yea, thou hast caused 
my mortal frame to tremble with holy power, and in the power of my God 

31G Al'PKNDIX TO Till: 

doth my soul live and rejoice. iSliould mortals rise against the truth declared 
unto them in this great manifestation of tiie Lord Almighty, and seek to de- 
stroy the lives of his chosen and living witnesses, I as a witness will support 
the truth of this written Word, to the laying down of my life. For I know 
it to be the word of God, sent forth according to his will, as a light to lead 
souls out of darkness, and cause them to seek salvation. 

Then said the mighty Angel of the Lord, I now say unto you, O ye chil- 
dren of men, be careful and handle the word of God, which He has sent in 
mercy unto you, with fear and reverence. Remember this my word unto 
you. As you treat this word of God, so God will treat you. His eye will 
be upon you, and heavy judgments will He cause to fall upon the soul that 
dares to put forth a hand to destroy his holy word. The work of God is now 
going on ; haste ye, and be ready. For He hath sent forth holy Prophets, to 
prophesy and make known the things which are to come. 

Before this interview with the Angel, the Prophet Daniel wrote as follows : 
Great destruction shall go through the land ; cities will be destroyed, with 
the inhabitants thereof. Many will be cut off in the prime of their days ; 
fathers and mothers shall mourn for the untimely loss of their children, and 
children shall mourn for the loss of their parents. 

Yea, saith the Eternal God, I will cause mighty storms to arise, and de- 
stroy many from off the earth. For I am He who gave creation birth ; and in 
my own time will I sweep the earth with the besom of destruction. Think not, 
when earthquakes shake the earth from pole to pole, and droughts, wind and 
hail, destroy rich loaded fields of vegetation, that it is a natural consequence ; 
but know ye, O ye inhabitants of earth, it is the work of your God. For 
many and great are your sins and transgressions ; and if ye expect to find 
mercy and escape the heavy judgments of God, bow low and put away your 
sins, according to the word sent unto you, and you will find mercy and the 
salvation of your never-dying souls. 

Lispired Witness, 

Judith W. Collins. 

I, as a witness, firmly and boldly declare to the world of mankind, that 
Christ hath appeared the second time without sin unto salvation ; and that I 
have a part in this work, and have tasted the powers of the world to come ; 
and for this I do bow low in thankfulness to my Heavenly Parents. And I 
fear not what man can do, for God is able to bring to pass all things accord- 
ing to his own mind and will, 

Hancock, Mass. April 4, 1843. Judith W. Collins. 

Born in Cambridge^ countxj of Washington, state of JVew York ; teas gath- 
ered into the United Society at Hancock in September^ 1820. 



In the summer of eighteen hundred and forty two, while in deep and heavy 
tribulation, I frequently conversed with Angels and spirits. I often thought 
on the trials of the Savior, who suffered even unto death, to lay the founda- 
tion for the redemption of fallen man ; I also thought how much Mother 
Ann and her faithful companions suffered in the cause of Christ. And I 
sometimes put the question to my own soul, Were some in this day, publicly 
to declare what they have both seen and heard, in gifls of vision, inspiration 
and revelation, would they not be exposed to a similar fate ? 

I oflen bowed my spirit in fervent supplication to my Heavenly Father, 
that He would, in mercy to the lost children of men, cause the mighty trum- 
pet of his word to be sounded through and through the earth ; and that a 
preparatory work might awaken the people to a sense of their loss from God. 

On the evening of the eighth of June, eighteen hundred and forty two, 
while contemplating on the heavenly and divine blessings I was daily enjoy- 
ing, through the loving kindness of God in opening the way of salvation, 
and calling me by the everlasting gospel, to be a member of the Church of 
Christ, while there were millions who knew not what God was about to ac- 
complish on the earth ; there appeared around me a light, and I heard a 
voice calling unto me. Thou chosen instrument, be ready ; have your lamp 
trimmed and burning ; for the Lord is about to visit the inhabitants of the 

I saw in the light, an Angel of God, and many unbodied spirits whom I 
knew, clothed with brightness, having a large and beautiful box. I asked 
for what purpose they had brought the box. They answered ; That you 
may be a witness ; and added, that the box was sent some time previous, by 
Holy Wisdom, to the Holy Anointed in the Church at New Lebanon ; and 
that it had been seen in other places. 

I was much pleased with the box ; and asked what it contained. They 
answered ; The w^ord and seal of the Living God, and Holy Wisdom. The 
Angel then took from it a trumpet ; he also took a Book, and opened 
it. It appeared like a book of considerable size, printed with ink and types. 
I read on the cover as follows : 

"The Three Witnesses." 

"Testimonies of Christ's second appearing." 

"All flesh shall see the salvation of God." 

My heart flowed with thankfulness to my Eternal Parents, that they were 
about to send and make known their word and will for the salvation of the 
lost children of men. I did not take the Book ; The angel said. We shall 
carry it to New Lebanon, and it will be written there, by some one, through 
the gift of inspiration. 

With the most earnest feelings of my soul I entreated the Angel and spirits 
then present, to return there, and cause the book to be seen by the anointed 
instruments. Father James answering, said, It shall be seen there, and in 


Other societies of Believers. And it sliall be sent abroad, even to the enda 
of tlie earth : for it beareth tlie seal of tlie living God. 

The Angel then sounded his mighty trumpet ; the sound thereof was long 
and loud; and it seemed that it shook the whole earth, which appeared 
shrouded in gloom, and in many places thick darkness. 

And I saw people thereon, walking to and fro, mourning and weeping ; 
while thousands looked towards Zion with uplifted hands, crying, Lord show 
us the way. And I heard a voice from on high, saying. Fear ye your God, 
and tremble at his word, all ye people; for the Lord hatli d scended with a 
Book of his mercy and judgment, for all the lost sons and daughters of Adam. 

The next day I endeavored to ascertain more fully what was meant by 
showing me this Book; and I received the following answer from Father 
James Whittaker. 

The Book you saw, is the doctrine of the cross of nur Lord Jesus Christ, 
sent from God, to be revealed through his chosen instrument at New Lebanon, 
for all mankind, who are yet in their sins, bound by tlie spirit of evil, super- 
stition and bigotry. 

Many will believe the gospel, and will humble themselves under the migh- 
ty power of God. The people will quake ; the earth will be shaken from 
the foundation : and the leaves of every tree will quiver. 

Inspired Witness, 

AvERiLL Haskell. 

I can solemnly testify, that the above is a true statement of what I heard 
and saw at the aforementioned date ; and I am willing, if called upon, to 
bear witness to the truth of the same before all mortals, and also before my 
everlasting Judge in eternity. 

I was born in the town and county of Tolland, state of Connecticut, March 
eleventh, eighteen hundred and nine ; have lived in the United Society 
twenty nine years. 

Enfield, counUj of Hartford, state ^ Averill Haskell. 

of Connecticut ; April 7, 1843. 


On the ninth day of April, eighteen hundred forty three, while in deep 
tribulation, a holy Angel brought me a spiritual roll, at about eight o'clock 
A. M. This Angel was accompanied by several spirits and other Angels. 

The Anwel who brought the roll said he was the same Angel that brought 
the Book ; that is, the word of the Lord, and showed it to Averill Haskell last 
June ; and stated, that on the twenty fifth of February last, at three o'clock 
A.M. he showed me the same Book; which is to go to all nations, kin- 
dreds, tongues and people. 

I recollect a Book was shown to me at that time ; and the word from 
the Angel to me then was, that the time would come when it would be 
published to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, and that the Angels 
of the Lord had gone forth, to sound aloud to the nations of the earth, to 


prepare them to receive the word of the Lord, which in his own time would 
be published to them. 

The same holy Angel this day, testified to the truth of the Book, and so 
did the Angels and spirits that were with him. The holy Angel said he 
was sent here by his Heavenly Father, to have the seals affixed to the Book, 
from those who were by the Father selected in this branch of Zion, for that 
purpose ; that they might be witnesses to all mankind of the truth of his 

The holy Angel read the contents of the roll, which was a seal of the 
living God. I had a plain view of the words on the roll, and was satisfied 
that he read as it was written. I commenced writing at about half past 
eight o'clock A. M. and finished a few minutes before ten o'clock. 
He read to me as follows ; 

Thus saith the All-wise Creator : I have in my wisdom purposed to 
send forth to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, my word. And who- 
ever will hearken thereto, will be saved from the judgments which will 
surely overtake those who reject this friendly call. For in mercy to the 
lost children of men, do I cause this my word, which is written in a Book 
and sealed with many living seals, to go to all nations ; and wise will that 
soul be who accepts the offer of mercy so generously proffered. 

But those who reject and rebel against the truth of God, which will be 
made known through the Book which I will cause to be published unto them, 
will have to drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which will be poured 
out without mixture into the cup of his indignation. 

This solemn warning I now give to all who are yet in their sins : Come 
out and be ye separate, and touch no more the unclean thing : and ye shall 
be my people and I will be your God : yea, ye shall be kings and priests un- 
to Me, saith the Holy One of Israel, if ye will forsake your abominations, 
now while the call is unto you. 

Therefore, be wise and hearken to my word, which will be sounded in 
your ears ; for lo, my holy Angels have gone abroad, to sound aloud the 
gospel trumpet, to awaken sinners, that they may repent before it is too late. 

I therefore warn all to consider well of their doings, and to read my 
word which I send unto them in mercy ; for therein you will find clearly 
pointed out to you, the pathway of your duty. You will find therein written, 
that none will be owned of Me their God, except those who live up to my 
requirement as it is sent forth unto them. Such souls I will own ; and it 
will be the delight of Holy Mother Wisdom to own and bless all who are 
true and faithful. 

My word to all nations is : Forsake the evil of your doings ; come out 
from your filthy abominations, and walk the lowly path laid out by the bless- 
ed Savior : in so doing you will find rest to your souls. But if any are so 
unwise as to reject the call of God to them, and say in their hearts it is not 
the word of God, it is the word of man, why should I fear it ; I will cause 
that soul to know that the word I proclaim to all mankind, is not man or 
woman's word, but the word of the living God. 

I have seals or witnesses to my word in every part of my Zion on earth, 


who know in triitli ami verity, that tho word I s(>n(l H.rth to all nations in niy 
nauR', is the truth of the living (iod. 

Inspired Writer, 


I ran say in the sinrerity of my heart, that the foregoing seal is the truth 
of the living God, made manifest to me. And rather than deny it I would 
part with all that I hold d(>ar on earth, not even excepting my natural lifc^ ; 
fearing not man, but fearing God, who knows the secret intents of the heart. 

I was born in Fitzwilliain, county of Cheshire, and state of New Ilamp- 
phire, January tenth, eighteen hundred and five. Have resided in the United 
Society for thirty years past. 

Enfield^ county of Hartford., state ^ J e f f e r s o n W n i t e . 

of Connecticut ; April 10, 1843. 


Having had an opportunity to hear the foregoing Roll and Book, and hav- 
ing been blessed with a portion of the divine spirit, and received many pre- 
cious gifts from the Father of light, in the late out-pouring of his spirit, I 
feel able to add my testimony, that the said Roll and Book is what it pur- 
ports to be, the word of God given by divine insjiiration. 

Should any deem it strange that God should make a further revelation of 
his will to the inhabitants of earth, let them reflect that, Jehovah has prom- 
ised to do his work, his strange work ; and bring to pass his act, his strange 
act. In the latter day ye shall consider it. 

If others would know whether this word is of God, let them prove it by 
living a life answerable to its requirements. If they feel that they cannot 
come up to the example set by Jesus of Nazareth, let them strictly keep the 
order of nature, and be an honor to their Creator in that order : but condemn 
not the word of the Lord ; for such, indeed, is the foregoing Roll and Book. 

The power of evil may blind creatures, and tliey may be left to treat the 
greatest mercies of God with scorn and contempt, trusting in a form of god- 
liness, but not possessing the power of an endless life ; and thus sin away 
their day and fall in darkness. It is highly important that souls should 
judge correctly of all things pertaining to salvation, lest they fail of securing 
an inheritance in the kingdom of God. But know ye, "The word of our 
God shall stand forever." 

Enfield, Conn. August 15, 1843. Medad Smith Jr. 

Born in Sufficld, county of Hartford and, state of Connecticut., May 5, 
1790 ; and has lived in the United Society in Enfield., thirty tico years. 



On the seventli day of April, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred 
and forty three, I received the following message hy a Holy Angel. 

Thus saith the Lord, For many hundred years, sin and wickedness have 
daily increased, until the earth groaneth beneath her burden, and calleth 
aloud unto Me for deliverance. And though I have many times swept thou- 
sands from this earthly ball, in a moment, for their wickedness, and for a 
warning to others, yet the sinner forsaketh not the paths of destruction ; but 
goeth on day after day, in sin and wickedness, with a lie upon his tongu^, 
and blasphemy upon his lips. 

O vain mortals ! do you consider there is a God who seeth in secret, as 
well as openly ? and that your works of iniquity, that ye seek to hide from 
mortals, are known to Me, with every thought, word and action ; and that 
surely as your works have been, so shall your reward be, when you are call- 
ed to stand before my bar of judgment .'' 

O ye inhabitants of earth, fear and tremble beneath my Almighty hand ; 
for lo, I will visit the earth and the dwellers thereon, with justice : the trans- 
gressor that will not repent, shall surely feel my sore displeasure, and the 
persecutor of ray people I will banish from my presence ; for no flesh can 
prevail against Me. 

But the soul that heeds my words of warning, and calls upon my name 
when I am near, who is willing to forsake all that is of this world, and walk 
the strait and narrow path of self-denial and the cross, which in my wisdom 
is laid out for the restoration of all souls, I will be his God and Protector, 
when in my wrath the reproacher of my word shall be smitten : I will stretch 
forth my hand, and bless the righteous who regard my just requirements. 

My Book of warnings I send forth in plainness ; and my unchangeable 
word therein contained, standeth sure forever. In my wisdom, which no 
man can comprehend, it was given ; and in my holy fear it was written. 

Inspired Witness, 

Phebe Willcox. 

I, the witness who received the above message, do here state with all bold- 
ness and confidence, that it is the truth of God revealed to me, by or through 
a mighty Angel of the Lord. 

And I furthermore say, I fear not to meet this testimony when called to 
stand before the holy and eternal Judge of Heaven and earth. 

And further, I feel it my duty to bear witness to the truth, which the Eter- 
nal Father, in his boundless mercy, has seen fit to send forth to the children 
of men ; that every one may know his Master's will, and gain their relation 
to their God, which was lost by transgression. 

Enfield, Conn., April 7, 1843. Phebe Willcox. 

Born in the toicn of Foster^ county of Providence, state of Rhode Island^ 
January 8, 1822; and has lived in the United Society, for sixteen years past. 



I was born in Lenox, Bnrkshire county, state of Massachueetts, April eix- 
teenth, seventeen hundred and ninety nine ; came to live in the United So- 
ciety at Tyringham, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty two ; and as I 
am a well wisher to mankind, and desire they may enjoy peace, happiness 
and salvation, and feeling a deep interest in the offered mercies of God in- 
tended to secure these great blessings, I feel disposed to add my mite in 
confirmation of the truth of the foregoing Roll and Book. 

I am aware that falsehood and deceit have had their influence upon the 
world of mankind, and that in nothing have these degrading vices been more 
successfully practiced, than in w^hat is called religion ; and that honest souls 
have often been deceived by interested hypocrites. Yet truth is immaculate, 
and will ultimately prevail. 

Through the mercy of God, I have had a knowledge of his true w^ork for 
several years. And in the late out-pouring of his holy spirit, I have not only 
heard and seen many wonderful things wrought by his divine power, but have 
been a happy sharer of many precious blessings, among which is the gifl 
of inspiration ; whereby I have been enabled to speak and write of the lovely 
things of God. 

I have full confidence in the truth of the foregoing Roll and Book, fully 
believing it to be the true word of God, written by the inspiration of his holy 
spirit. And as such, I sincerely recommend it to all who may have an op- 
portunity to read it, or hear it read. 

I advise all to read with attention, and judge with candor. Let not preju- 
dice blind you, nor the love of any idol cause you to evade the convictions 
of your souls ; lest you become enemies to God, and find yourselves fighting 
against your greatest blessings. 

Tyringham, county of Berkshire, state ofi Calvin J. Parker. 

Massachusetts ; August 14, 1843. 5 


On the evening of the first of September, eighteen hundred forty two, 
while engaged in the worship of God, my eyes were opened to spiritual 
discernment; and I beheld a very mighty, holy and powerful Angel, whose 
brightness was like that of the sun at its meridian height, bearing in his 
right hand a Book ; having something written in his forehead, in letters 
which appeared to me like fire ; but being in an unknown tongue, I knew 
not what it was. He said nothing ; but the appearance of so holy a being 
struck me with solemn fear and reverence. 

April sixth, eighteen hundred and forty three, at the fifth hour P. M., I 
heard a voice speak unto me, saying ; O thou little one, I say unto thee. 
Bow low in silent prayer to thy Holy and Eternal Father. Eat not bread 


and drink not water, until I, the holy Angel of the Lord, shall cause thee 
to copy my word with thy mortal hand. 

At the seventh hour, I heard the voice speak again and say ; Haste ye 
now and write my word, or the word that shall be given thee. 
Words of the Angel to the Inspired Writer. 

1 am the holy Angel of the Lord that thou didst see, bearing in my hand 
a Book ; and in the Book was written the Roll, containing the word of the 
Lord God of Heaven and earth. And this Roll has been correctly copied 
by mortal hand. 

Words of the Angel to the inhabitants of the earth. 

O ye inhabitants of earth, ye sons and daughters of the children of men, 
hearken now to the warning voice of the Lord your God ; for He hath 
sounded, and still loudly soundeth his holy Se vac'la ma'ca Ian in the ears of 
many. His word, though strange, is heavy with his wisdom and holy pow- 
er ; fear ye and tremble before it. Let the sound thereof sink deep in your 
hearts ; for the words of the Holy Father wall forever stand, and the founda- 
tion laid by the two Anointed Ones will never be overthrown. Though 
their faithful children should be persecuted, even unto death, for the holy 
faith which they maintain, yet the stone cut out of the mountain, shall grow 
and flourish, saith the Holy Angel of the Lord. 

Inspired Witness, 

Eliza L. Chapin. 

The gifts and manifestations from those who are in eternity, to those who 
dwell on earth, and the mighty out-pourings of the spirit of the Most High 
God to mortals, 1 have been an eye and ear witness to, and a partaker of, for 
the last five years; and as a witness, I am willing and thankful to be ac- 
counted worthy to stand forth and declare this to be the truth, yea, the plain 
and simple truth. And to this do I affix my name, being willing to seal the 
same with my blood if called so to do. 

Tyriiigham, Mass., April 6, 1845. Eliza L. Chapin. 

BorninKeic Marlborough^ county of Berkshire and state of Massachusetts, 
June 12, 18*22 ; fi/i<Z was gathered to the United Society at Tyringham, in 
March, 1836 


On the twenty second of March, eighteen hundred forty three, between 
the hours of eight and nine, afternoon, I saw a mighty Angel place upon the 
floor of our dwelling house a large Book, which had the appearance of bright 
gold, with the following words written on the outside, 'The Lord Jehovah.' 
The book w-as not open, nor sealed ; but appeared to be fastened together 
with a clasp. 

The Angel bade me take it up, and he would direct me what to do with it. 
I did not feel willing to receive it at that time ; but wag under great fear, so 


that my flesh trcinljUd (ni my bones, while I stood in the presence of the 
holy Angel. 

I made known what I liad seen, to one of the Leaders of the society; and 
he requested me to receive the Book, which I accordingly did on the follow- 
ing day : but received no information concerning it at that time, only a prom- 
ise, that it should be made known in due season. And a short time after, I 
received information that the Book was to be written at New Lebanon ; but 
nothing more was said about it at that time ; and I thought much upon 
what I had heard concerning it. 

April twenty sixth, I again saw the holy Angel with the Book open ; and 
he spoke to me these words ; Thus saith the Lord, Within the lids of this 
Book, shall my people place their names, when I in my wisdom shall think 

May fourteenth, I was called upon to write for the holy Angel, as follows : 
Bow low your spirit, O thou worm of the dust, and solemnly draft the 
words I shall read unto you at this time ; for unto you am I sent to read the 
word of the Lord. 

I, the Lord, have purposed, and in my own time will I bring to pass my 
decree. I lay my own plans ; and no mortal power is able to frustrate, or over- 
throw my righteous law. 

I have determined to visit the nations of the earth, with my sacred and 
eternal law, in this, my Holy Book ; setting before them the order of nature, 
and my holy order of grace ; and leaving them to choose either, and receive 
according to their choice. 

For thus saith the Lord, My law of nature shall no longer be trodden un- 
der foot, by a filthy and polluted world, in the manner it has been for so 
many thousand years, and mankind go unpunished for the same. 

Nay, I declare, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will visit the nations of the 
earth with my judgments severe, unless they come up to this my sacred word ; 
for these are my solemn and weighty truths. And I have sent my holy An- 
gel to testify these things to a mortal being, that he may be a witness for Me, 
that the foregoing is my sacred word. 

The holy Angel then spake to me saying ; will you boldly testify in the 
presence of your God, and witness for Him, in behalf of the foregoing, 
should you be brought before a gain-saying world, and you expected to have 
your life taken for the same .' 

Will you stand for this my sacred word, if you should see the flame of fire 
kindled to receive your mortal body for so doing ? And will you proclaim 
this my holy word, to the nations of the earth, though you should be thrown 
lo the wild beasts to be devoured by them for so doing .'' I answered, I feel 
no hesitation to testify to the truth of the foregoing, and stand as a witness 
for the same to the laying down of my life. 

Inspired Witness, 
Groveland, county of Livingston^ state \ Rollin Cramf.r. 

of New York ; May 14, 1843. 



On the fourteenth of September, eighteen hundred forty two, at half past 
eleven o'clock in the forenoon, I was suddenly stopped by a mighty Angel, 
and remained insensible for a short time. 

I looked up and saw the Angel standing before me, and in his hand he 
held a Roll and Book, which appeared to be as large as a common sized 
New Testament. 

It was sealed, and the Angel opened the seals and Book, and said ; This 
Book shall be laid before an instrument of mortal clay, and the instrument 
shall write therefrom until all be correctly written. The Angel then sealed 
the Book and disappeared. 

Inspired Witness, 

Groveland, N . Y. ; May 14,1843. Enos Leonard. 


I was born in Petersham, county of Worcester and state of Massachusetts, 
October twenty first, seventeen hundred and eighty four. In the year eight- 
een hundred and thirteen, I received faith in the testimony of Christ's sec- 
ond appearance in Mother Ann Lee ; and feeling that my soul's salvation 
depended upon my yielding obedience to that faith, I united myself to the 
society of Believers in Harvard, and with them have traveled in the work of 
purification and redemption to the present time. 

Through this period, I have been a witness of many wonderful operations 
of the spirit and power of God among his people, and more especially within 
a few years. In this time I have seen, heard and felt that which has con- 
vinced me beyond the possibility of a doubt, that God our Heavenly Father, 
Holy Mother Wisdom, and many of the heavenly host, have descended 
from Heaven to earth, and made known their will through instruments of 
mortal clay. Of the reality of this I have no more doubt than I have of my 
own existence. We have found by experience, that the Lord is able to cause 
his creatures to know for a certainty, the operations of his power and the re- 
ality of his work. And when any soul has received this certain revelation^ 
there is no opposite power that can destroy it, however foolish or inconsis- 
tent his faith may appear in the eyes of unbelievers. 

I rejoice that I have received this faith, and now testify my confidence 
that the Word, which is now going forth to the children of men, is indeed 
the voice of their Almighty Father. And O ! that they might be wise and 
accept of his tender mercy ; for verily, they with us, will be accountable to 
Him, for the use they make of his Sacred Word. 

And it is my fervent prayer that I may ever honor it in word and works ; 
for should ice, who have shared so freely in his loving kindness, deny or 


dishonor his holy word, it would be less tolerable for us in this great and 
final judgment that we are called into, than for any others; but this I will 
never do, for by the grace of God his word and law shall ever be my delight 
and pleasure. And now to this testimony I cheerfully subscribe my name. 

Harvard., county of Worcester., state '\ Seth Blanchard. 

of Massachusetts ; Atigust 26, 1843. 5 


I was born at Newton, county of Middlesex, state of Massachusetts, the 
twenty third day of June, seventeen hundred eighty nine. I first visited 
Believers at Harvard, in the summer of eighteen hundred ten, and received 
faith in the testimony of Christ's second appearing. I then united myself, 
by an honest confession of all my sins, and took up my abode with the Soci- 
ety there, the first week in the following October. Thus I have spent thirty 
three years of my earthly pilgrimage, in the two societies at Harvard and 

In the course of my experience, I have seen much of the operation of the 
spirit and power of God upon others, and have felt the same myself, both 
in outward operations, and in my spirit. 

For several years past, God has been carrying on a mighty work in the 
societies of our communion, by the operations of his spirit, in various ways, 
and by means of his own choosing ; but more especially through the heav- 
enly gift of inspiration, both in speaking and writing. 

And I feel it a great privilege to bear witness, that it is the work of God, 
carried on by his Holy Power, in Divine Wisdom, to cleanse his people 
thoroughly, and to lay a deep and broad foundation for the future increase of 
the work of salvation and redemption for a lost world. 

In a particular manner, I feel to testify to all souls, that this work is the 
work of judgment, the Second Advent of the holy and redeeming spirit of 
Christ, without sin unto salvation ; and that the preceding Holy Roll and 
Book, is the word of God to the nations of the earth ; yea, the voice of the 
trump of the Mighty Archangel, calling souls to come forth from their 
graves of sin and pollution, where they lie buried ; that they may bring forth 
fruit unto God, such as is mete for those who profess to be branches of the 
True Vine. 

This is my testimony, and this I am willing to seal, in any way that my 
Heavenly Father may require of me. 

Shirley., Middlesex countij., state of }^ Joseph Hammond. 

Massachusetts., August 29, 1843. 5 


The town of Harvard, county of Worcester and state of Massachusetts, 
was the place of my nativity. I was born October first, eighteen hundred 


and three ; and was gathered into the United Society in said Harvard, in the 
year eighteen hundred and thirteen. 

On the second day of July, eighteen hundred and forty three, I heard the 
cry of the Holy Angel, whose name is Solemn Warning, as follows : 
To the inhabitants that dwell on the face of the whole earthy am I sent. 

Come hearken, ye nations of the earth ; attend and listen well to my sol- 
emn warnings, which I shall soon begin to cry throughout the land, when 
the word of the Lord shall be published to the nations of the earth. And 
woe to that soul that shall treat with indifference, the words w hich are con- 
tained in this sacred volume ! For as you treat this, so will you be treated ; 
for God will not be mocked by mortal man. 

From the holy throne of God do I sound my word, and I will sound it, till 
many of the inhabitants of earth will hear and believe. For thus saith the 
Holy and Just One, Go thou, my Angel of Solemn Warning, and sound your 
trumpet ; yea, sound through your trumpet, that the inhabitants of earth may 
hear and understand. 

And I the holy Angel, say unto you. Touch not this Book for sport or for 
speculation, nor with any such intention in your hearts ; for know ye for a 
certainty, that it is the word of the Lord God of hosts, which He has conde- 
scended to reveal on earth, for a way-mark for his creature man. 

And those that do speculate upon and make derision of the same, will I 
meet, saith the Lord, in judgment and not in mercy : for my long forbear- 
ance is at an end, and I will visit the earth with sore destruction ; and woe 
to the sons of men, if they repent not, nor turn to Me their God. 

And thus saith He who ruleth all things ; I have purposed to send forth 
my word to the inhabitants of earth, that they may have time to repent and 
mend their lives ; and in so doing, to stay the heavy judgments which I have 
intended to bring upon the wicked for their transgressions, till they have had 
space for repentance. 

And now say I, the holy Angel, repent and turn from your transgressions, 
before the heavy judgments of God roll in upon you. Depend ye, that He 
surely is in earnest, and nothing can stay his hand, save true repentance and 
forsaking all sin. His word will not linger by the way, but it wall go forth 
into execution ; and mightily and heavily will his judgments fall on the will- 
ful and disobedient, who repent not at the warning which is sent forth. 

And again I say. Meddle not with this Sacred Word., only in solemn fear 
and reverence ; lest ye be found fighting against God, and be siBitten with 
a curse. 

Say not within yourselves, that it is the work of man and not of God, and 
that it concerns you not. For to God you must render up your account ; and 
happy will it be for every one that striveth not against his will, although re- 
vealed through mortal beings. I warn you not to judge this revelation of 
God ; if you cannot understand all that is contained in this Book, judge it 
not ; for you are not able to judge the work of God in righteousness. 

But strive to practice what you can understand, and light will break into 


your souls, and ye will not be left in darkness ; for God is a God of light, 
charity and forgiveness ; and if souls heed the warnings that are sent unto 
them, and mend their ways, then will the Lord show nieroy unto them, and 
they will be blessed according to their works. 

Inspired Writer and Witness, 
Harvard, jNlass. , Anffust 29, 1843. Lucy Clark. 


On the thirtieth day of April, eighteen hundred forty three, after hearing 
the Sacred Roll, I felt the spirit of God upon me, and I saw the holy Angels 
marching around the house. The glory of God surrounded them, and they 
marched in it; which made them appear very beautiful. 

At one time they all stopped their march, faced the east, and appeared to 
sound their trumpets, but I did not hear the sound. Next I looked around 
in the sanctuary where I was then sitting, and the glory of God seemed to 
fill the house. 

I saw the spirit of the Holy Savior standing in the central part of the 
room ; he motioned his hands and arms as though he was speaking, but I 
could not understand what he spake. And I felt that I was in the presence 
of many of the heavenly host. 

Soon after this, I felt inspired by the Holy Angel of God, to speak his word. 
I felt the power of God run all over me, which caused me to feel that fear 
of God, that I dare not strive against his spirit through his holy Angel, 
whose word was as follows. 

I am the holy Angel of God, and He hath sent me to this place to bear 
witness to all who now stand in my presence, that this Holy Roll and Book 
is the word of the Lord sent forth by his holy power, and directed by his 
spirit through his Holy Angel. 

O ye inhabitants of Zion, believe it, for I say unto you it is the word of 
the Lord sent forth by his mighty hand. O ye children of Zion, who have 
the light of God in your souls, beware and be careful how ye treat his word ; 
Walk in his holy fear, and bow your spirits in deep humility before Him. 

He has not called you into his Zion for nought ; but you are called by his 
Almighty power, that ye may be shining lights to a lost world ; for He hath 
said that He would have a pure people, a people that would honor his 
name. And He will scourge and try his chosen, and prove them. 

You must feel the scourging rod ; but I warn you to stand firm, to bow 
your souls in humility, and walk in his holy fear ; and his holy hand, and 
out-stretched arm will protect his chosen. 

Be ye prepared, O beloved children, be ye prepared to go at his bidding, 
and do his holy work; for God will call you into a work which ye know 
not of. So I say again, be ye ready like wise virgins, with your lamps trim- 
med and burning, to sound forth his holy word, whenever you may be call- 
ed ; for He will call you to sound forth his living truth ; and stand ye firm, 


for this holy way and work, in tlie most soul-trying liour, and fear none but 
God, though the enemies of truth surround you ; for the Lord will protect 
the upright, if they bow in humility of soul before Him. 

come down, come down and sit in the dust before God, and his bless- 
ing shall rest upon you. 

Inspired Witness, 

Lucy MvRiCK. 

1 feel thankful to God for the privilege of Avriting that \vhich He has giv- 
en me as a witness to his holy word which I have attentively listened to for 
two days past ; yet T feel very unworthy to be so noticed by my Heavenly 

I feel that I am a poor frail worm of the dust, and without God's holy 
power I can do nothing aright. I ever can and will, when called upon, tes- 
tify that I know, by the spirit and power of God which I have felt, that this 
Holy Roll and Book is the word of the Lord ; and I would rather give up 
my own natural life in any way, than ever contradict wliat I have herein 

I know this work was never framed by mortal power ; and I will ever 
stand for the cause of God and his holy word, wherever it may be revealed. 

Harvard, Mass., April 30, 1843. Lucy MyRicK. 

Born December 28, 1817; in Eastham^ county of Barnstable^ state of Mas- 
sachusetts ; icas gathered into the United Society irlien ten years of age. 


I was born in the City and Province of Saint Johns, New Brunswick, on 
the fourteenth of September, eighteen hundred three. I came into the United 
States, and entered the gospel of Christ's second appearing at the age of 
twenty five years. I have been for fifteen years a member of that branch of 
the Church located in Harvard. And having experienced, with others, much 
of the heart-searching power, and many purifying operations of the spirit 
of God, I consider it a duty I owe to mankind, and a great privilege to be 
enabled to say, that his spirit has qualified me to give my plain testimony, 
without doubt or hesitation, to go with the present word of God that is 
now sent forth as a voic3 cf solemn warning to the nations of the earth. 

In the Scriptures, God's work is compared to a light, that shines bright- 
er and brighter until the perfect day; and this the Believers in Christ's Sec- 
ond Appearing have proved, in all God's dealings with them ; especially in 
the many cleansing operations that his Holy Spirit has enabled them to pass 
through. God has certainly established an order among his people, unto 
which He is calling the children of men, to prepare all who will be honest 
and faithful, to stand as agents of his mercy and judgment to a lost world. 
And this is strikingly manifest, in the present solemn and soul-searching 
work among his people. 



The purified inJiabitants of the spiritual world, have far several years past 
been hastening the pnrifirafion of the Chiirrh, that they might stand as a 
pattern of justice and righteousness to others, when the time should arrive 
that his holy word should go forth to tiie nations. God the Father, and Holy 
Mother Wisdom, Christ our Holy Savior and all our Heavenly Parents, with 
many holy Angels and purified spirits, have chosen instruments from among 
the people, tJirough whom they have made known God's requirements upon 
the Church. 

These instruments have been inspired at diff'erent sc.'asons, to deliver his 
word, which has revived his laws, increased the work of self-denial, and 
clothed the Church with the fear of God, to that degree, that even the most 
faitiiful and upright have been made to tremble under the inspection of the 
All-seeing eye of the God that rules both the Heavens and the earth ; and 
so great has been the out-pouring of his spirit and power, that none who 
have been inspired with holy faith, can doubt the day has arrived, that 
Christ's holy spirit and God's holy word is revealed from Heaven, by fire, 
among the subjects of the great work of judgment. 

During the progress of this solemn work in all its stages, I have heard 
many, when in heavenly vision, or under the power of inspiration, declare 
in the spirit of prophecy, that God's word was about to go forth to the na- 
tions. And as I, with others of my cross-bearing companions, have been 
selected by the spirit of the Almighty, to deliver, by divine inspiration, many 
communications to the Church ; these holy labors and exercises have endow- 
ed me with confidence to know the spirit, and realize to a certainty, the 
divine authority that dictated this solemn word of God. 

I have at times, when called to deliver communications of the same divine 
character to the Church, experienced the same kind of suffering and tribula- 
tion, to prepare me for this holy calling, and have been baptized with the 
same divine influence, that was felt by the instrument who was chosen by 
the Angel to write this sacred and holy message to the children of men. 

I have been inspired with the same holy power to write for the spirits, 
have felt a measure of the same distress and tribulation between parts of 
certain important messages ; have been often raised from this state in a mo- 
ment, again feeling that same holy fire kindled in my soul by attending spir- 
its and Angels, when permitted to proceed, until each message was com- 

The Believers were hastening forward, anxiously looking for the fulfill- 
ment of God's promises, when tidings spread through the different branches 
of the Church in a regular line of order, that in the present Message, borne 
by the Angel, God's word was to go to the four quarters of the earth in its 
present form. 

With my brethren and sisters 1 have listened attentively to the same ; 
I have marked its form and language, I have viewed the mercy and judg- 
ment contained in its promises, and have felt the gift and heart-searching 
power that accompanies it. I was sensible of the presence of the Angel 
when it was first read in my hearing; and from all I have heard, seen, 
felt, delivered and experienced, I know, by divine revelation, that this is 


God's holy word ; that it was given by divine autliority ; tliat it is a mes- 
sage of great mercy or heavy judgment to the inhabitants of time ; and that 
the Ahnighty is about to deal with the children of men as He has been 
dealing with his people, in calling them to judgment for the deeds done in 
the body. And should I be called to bear persecution and sufferings, or even 
to lay down my life in defence of this, God's holy word, I shall do it freely ; 
for the gospel is dearer to me than life, and whatever I may be called to 
sacrifice, I will support it faithfully through time. 

Although we are the subjects of God's great work, and have received, in 
the present generation, the first loud call to his solemn bar of judgment, yet 
we feel ourselves unworthy of the great notice we have received. We feel 
greatly humbled before God as poor needy mortals, and are sensible that all 
we have gained of purity and holiness in the gospel, has been freely given 
us of God, for what we have sacrificed to keep his holy laws. 

With a spirit of earnest prayer to God, that this his holy word may be rev- 
erenced, that it may be a message of glad tidings to millions, and that all 
who read may understand, and bow to God in mercy, I close my testimony. 

Harvard, Mass., August 26, 1843, William Leonard. 


As I am one that was called in my childhood, into the fold of Christ, and 
have long been a member of the United Society, and have witnessed the in- 
creasing work of God among his chosen people on earth, for more tlian 
thirty years, and having experienced the same in my soul, I feel it my duty 
and privilege to bear witness to the same, as far as I have ability so to do. 

I was born on the seventh of April, eighteen hundred and two; in the 
town of Westford, Middlesex county, Massachusetts. In the year eighteen 
hundred and ten, I was placed in the Society of which I am now a member; 
in the town of Shirley, state and county above named, where I have remain- 
ed to the present time. 

In the days of my childhood and youth, I was watched over with tender- 
ness and care, and taught the path of innocence and virtue. The good in- 
structions I received in my young days were of great utility to me, when I 
had arrived to riper years, and had become of suitable age to make my own 
choice in life. 

It was then I began to reflect upon what coui'se of life I should hereafter 
pursue ; and like all the rest of my fellow beings, I was looking for that path 
which would yield me the most happiness. 

On the one hand, I beheld the flowery path of nature spread out before 
me, with all its alluring charms. I looked around me, and beheld the great- 
est portion of mankind, both professor and profane, pursuing this downward 
path, which my reason and conscience taught me, led to inevitable ruin and 
destruction On the other hand, I could view the little straight and narrow 



path wliicli my Holy Savior trod, and wiiicli lie said would lead to everlast- 
ing life. 

So plain and so pointedly were these two paths laid open before me, that 
I was convinced, beyond a doubt, that I must sacrifice one for the other ; and 
when I seriously contemplated this, my better reason prevailed, and I chose 
the path of self-denial and a daily cross ; that path which has ever yielded 
me solid peace and happiness, in obedience to my most holy faith. Ever 
since I became firmly grounded in my present principles, I have had no 
cause to doubt the work of God. 

I have seen the workings of his most holy power among this people, and 
have felt the same in a marvelous manner ; especially in this late manifesta- 
tion of his mercy to his chosen people for several years past. Yea, verily, 
I do know, beyond a doubt, that God opened the windows of Heaven, that 
He might reveal Himself as He did to his chosen people Israel, in ancient 

And this has He done, by means of his own choosing, and in a way that 
is calculated to bring down the haughtiness of man. And I do know, be- 
yond a doubt, that this work which God has begun in his Zion, is the little 
stone spoken of by the Prophet in ancient days, which was cut out of the 
mountain without hands ; and which will yet grow and fill the whole earth, 
as the Holy Angel has proclaimed in the foregoing Sacred Roll and Book. 

I have an incontestible evidence in my own soul, that the latter day of glo- 
ry has been ushered in, and that Christ has made and will make, his second 
appearance without sin unto salvation, to as many as have looked or shall 
look for him, with full purpose of heart to obey his will. 

I am fully confident that God has begun and will carry on his work until 
every knee shall bow and every ■.' ngue confess, either in mercy or in judg- 
ment, that it is the work of God, and not the invention of man 3 yea, I can 
testify, that this sacred word of the Holy and Proclaiming Angel, contains 
solemn truths, of everlasting importance to every soul ; and let him that 
readeth, understand and be wise. 

As one that has, by the goodness and mercy of God, been called to forsake 
all the alluring charms of this world, which are but passing bubbles, com- 
pared to the durable riches, and having full confidence in the promises of 
God, as contained in the foregoing solemn Roll, and as a witness of the same, 
I here subscribe my name 

Shirley, Mass., August 28, 1843. Jonas Nutting. 


I was born September fourteenth, eighteen hundred fourteen, in East- 
ham, Barnstable county, state of Massachusetts ; and was gathered into the 
United Society at Harvard, in the year eighteen hundred twenty seven. 

The late remarkable manifestation among this people, I have known from 
its commencement. Its operation has been increasing mortification and 


humiliation to all carnal aspiring feelings of vain man; rendering its sub- 
jects more simple and devoted, and more willing to yield to the requirements 
of God. 

From its purifying effects and supernatural energy, I freely and unliesita- 
tingly declare it to be the work of a righteous and Holy God with his creat- 
ures, and his manifestation of love and mercy to the Zion of his likeness 
and his peculiar care; establishing her in order, clothing her in beauty, and 
making her the exemplification of all his requirements upon his lost creature 

I have seen, known and experienced, its humiliating operation on those 
employed as agents or instruments in this weighty and solemn work; and 
many times have I seen them weighed down in sorrow and tribulation, by 
the solemnity and importance of the labor they were called to perform ; then 
rise in the sublime energy of the power which inspired them, and unburden 
their souls of the solemn charge. 

This is the nature and operation of that work which has brought forth that 
Sacred Word which is now to go forth to the inhabitants of earth, v.hich 
does of itself carry intrinsic proof of its divine origin. 

Having been familiar with the miraculous events of this sublime manifes- 
tation, from its very commencement to the present time, and having in some 
measure, felt the same divine energy upon my soul and body, which moved 
the mortal hand to write this Roll and Book, I do readily and cheerfully de- 
clare it to be the word of God to the nations of the earth. 

Concerning the manifestation of the Mother Spirit, contained in this 
Roll, I would point all who never felt her mild, gentle and tender, yet strong 
influence, to the uniform testimony of all animate creation, and invite them 
to look "Through nature up to nature's God," and see if they can find any 
*'image or likeness" of the unnatural and absurd, yet popular and prevailing 
notion of divinity. According to this divinity, I would ask, Where is the 
prototype of woman's existence .'' Where is her corresponding cause.'' The 
commonly received divinity would indeed make her existence as anomalous 
as the fabulous production of God, in the Heathen Mythology 

But in thanksgiving and praise to my Eternal Parents, for light and truth, 
I must close this my testimony, and commend this Sacred Roll into the hands 
of the conscientious and upright, that they may ponder well, consider and 
be wise. 

Harvard, Mass. , Ausrust 26, 1843. Daniel Mvrick. 


While assembled with my brethren and sisters in the holy sanctuary for 
devotion, on the twenty ninth of April, eighteen hundred and forty three, I 
saw a large company of Angels. The eyes of one were like flames of fire. 
They would sometimes spread their wings, which would fill the whole house 


with the glory of God. I also saw tlio Savior and Mother Ann, having 
burning candles in their rigiit hands. 

The Savior turned to me saying : These are the candles of the true and 
living God, the Father of all. With these candles we have searched Zion, 
and with them we will search all mankind. Yea, every one shall feel our 
searching power; for this the Lord hath spoken, and no man can alter it. 

Little one, you have many times heard me say, that when my Heavenly 
Father should speak, the inhabitants of the earth should know it; and soon, 
very soon, He will speak, and all shall know it. The Roll of Eternal Trutii 
is the beginning of his word ; but his voice will continue to roll through the 
land, till the sons of men shall learn righteousness. 

In the summer of eighteen hundred and thirty nine, I saw the Savior with 
a gold trumpet in his hand; and through it he repeated these words : When 
God my Heavenly Father shall speak, the inhabitants of the earth shall 
know it. And from that time, up to October seventh, one thousand eight 
hundred and forty two, did I many times hear him repeat the same. This 
was the last time, and yet I was left without knowing the meaning thereof 
But now he has told me, and I know the meaning of his words. 

Said he. Have not I told you many times, that the work of God would in- 
crease, and many should hear this gospel ? Have I not told you that every 
promise of God and his holy Angels should be fulfilled ? And have not many 
of them been fulfilled, already, in your sight? I answered, Yea, my heav- 
enly Father, you have often told me these things ; and many of them I have 
seen fulfilled. 

He then said. The rest of the prophecies which you have heard from time 
to time, shall surely come to pass in God's own time ; for this He has spok- 
en, and no man can alter it. 

He still continued to question me, saying : Are you willing at all times 
and in all places, to testify that this work is of God, and not of man ? And 
can you promise to support the work of the Lord which you have heard, 
both now and forever, at all times and in all places ? If you can, you may 
here place your name. 

I answered, I will never deny this great work of God, and will there- 
fore place my name as a witness to it; for I know it to be of God, and not of 
man. I can say from my heart, that I love it; for I know it will wholly de- 
stroy an evil nature. I will promise before God and his holy Angels, that I 
never will deny this work of inspiration; but will confess it before all 
mankind. I know I have seen my Holy Savior, Mother Ann and many of 
the holy Angels ; and often felt that power of God, which I could not resist. 

I am determined to be faithful and endure to the end; through dark and 
trying hours, through floods of tribulation, and through persecution. Yea, 
I will put my trust in God, for I know it is by his power and that alone, by 
which I can be supported. 

Harvard, Mass. , April 29, 1843. Minerva L. Hill. 

Borji Deceinher 5, A. D. 1812; in Cumhcrland., county of Providence^ state 
of Rhode Island; came to the United Society in Harvard^ in 1820. 



As I have been an instrument in the present work and manifostntion from 
Heaven to earth, I can boldly testify before all men, that what has now 
been revealed from the throne of the Almighty Creator to the inhabitants of 
earth, are his solemn and sacred warnings, revealed through an instrument 
of mortal clay, to be sent forth to a lost world. 

And 1 hereby testify, by what I have received heretofore, from the invisi- 
ble spirits in eternity, that what is contained in this Sacred Book, did, in 
truth and in reality, proceed from the source and fountain of all good, and 
is that by which all souls will be judged at the bar of justice. And as a liv- 
ing witness of the same, I here subscribe my name. 

Shirley, Mass., April 27, 1843. Joanna Randall. 

Born January 22, 1819; in Nashua^ Hillsborough county^ state of JVeio 


Late in the evening, April twenty sixth, eighteen hundred and forty three, 
I retired to my room, for the purpose of writing a roll which was this day 
received from a holy and mighty Angel of God; and after laboring a while 
in solemn fear and prayer to God, for a portion of his divine spirit to rest 
upon me, I sensibly felt the presence of a mighty Angel of God by my side. 

He reached forth his hand and took the roll, saying. Bow your spirit low 
O thou mortal child, and in solemn reverence, write the sacred words con- 
tained in this roll, as I read them unto you. He then opened the roll and 
read as follows : 

Hearken, O ye children who dwell in this little branch of my Zion, saith 
the Lord your God; for I have words of solemn truth to speak unto you. I 
am that God whose words of eternal truth have just been sounded forth unto 
you : and which, according to my will, are soon to be sent forth unto a 
lost world. 

And with my own voice do I call upon every branch of my Zion upon 
earth, to awake in spirit, and to witness and support my holy work, which 
in this day is swiftly going on. For the time has come that my tender mer- 
cies and my scourging judgments are to be carried to and fro through the 
earth, and dealt out to the inhabitants therein, according to their just merits. 

And, O ye little ones in Zion, listen now to my solemn warnings unto 
you. Walk in low humiliation, that my scourging hand may not rest heavi- 
ly upon you. Cleave to the Anointed Lead in Zion, and follow their exam- 
ple; for they are in truth my faithful servants, and the objects of my delight 
and pleasure; and upon them shall my blessing be poured with a liberal hand. 

And unto you, my little ones, will I give a portion of the same blessings, 
if in faithfulness and perseverance you will walk the path of tribulation, 
self-denial and the cross of Christ, which they have walked before you. 

;530 aemm:m)ix to the 

But know yc my dear children, tliat if lieavy tribulation and deep suffer- 
ings come upon tliem, 1 shall require you to realize a portion of the same; 
for ye are all children of one parentage, and ye must all sympathize togeth- 
er in sorrow and tribulation, as well as in joy and comfort. 

Prepare, O prepare ye my people, for the days of tribulation which are 
near at hand. But fear not; for in obedience to my will and my word, ye 
shall be supported and able to bear whatever may fall to your lot. I am ever 
nigh to the meek and lowly soul, and I will never forsake nor turn away 
from those who will bow their spirits before Me, acknowledge my holy work 
and support the same, whether the number be few or many. 

Therefore, awake and arise, O Zion, that thou mayest be prepared for thy 
light to shine forth into a lost world. 

Now, saith the holy and mighty Angel of God, Listen yet longer, O ye 
children of Zion, and hearken ye nations of the earth ; and know that I am 
commissioned and sent forth by the God of Heaven, to guard the Sacred Book 
containing his word and will, and to see how it is received, and what use is 
made of it, wherever it goes. And I shall notice and regard every soul, ac- 
cording as they regard this sacred and holy work. 
Inspired Witness, 

William H. Wetherbee. 

I do, saith the mortal writer of this short roll, with gratitude and true 
thankfulness, declare my full faith and unshaken confidence in the present 
manifestation and work of God, which is now going forth through his Zion 
on earth, and which will soon go forth among the nations abroad. 

And having a privilege to be a witness in this glorious work, though un- 
worthy as I am, I am willing, and can thankfully and boldly testify and de- 
clare before all mankind, that I do know in my own soul, that it is the way 
and work of the living God into which I am called; and that it will be 
carried on by his Almighty power, until in his own time, his designs are ful- 
ly accomplished. And I do also know, that the Sacred Roll and Book came 
forth from the eternal source of all good. 

I feel truly thankful for the tender mercies of God that have been extend- 
ed to me ; and it is my sincere determination to go through to the end, and 
do all in mv power, to honor, support and build up the gospel of my blessed 
Savior. And though persecution, deep tribulation andJieavy sorrows roll on, 
yet I will never disown or dishonor my blessed Mother's name, nor her pure 
and holy gospel. 

To this testimony, do I now with firmness affix my name; and will ever 
stand ready to meet the same. 
Shirley, Mass., April 27, 184.3. William H. Wetherbee. 

Born January sixteenth^ eighteen hundred and sixteen; in the toicn of Lan- 
caster^ county of Worcester and state of Massachusetts. 



As God, in his mercy and condescension, has seen fit to notice me with 
his gifts from on high, I feel it my indispensable duty to bear witness to the 
work of the spirit, which is made manifest unto me. 

On the morning of the twenty sixth of April, eighteen hundred forty three, 
I saw a mighty Angel with a shining roll in his hand. He was terrible, and 
out of his mouth proceeded flames of fire. And he spake unto me, saying: 

thou little one, bow your spirit low and hearken to my words; for I am 
a mighty Angel, sent forth from the eternal throne. And the fire which 
proceedeth from my mouth, is the fire of the Lord, which will go forth to 
destroy the wicked inhabitants of the earth who set at nought the word of God. 

At the sight and voice of this mighty Angel, my spirit was brought into 
great tribulation. The Angel said unto me. Fear not; but walk softly be- 
fore thy God, and protection thou shalt find. For wherever I can find a 
people, however few they are in number, who walk in humility's vale, they 
shall not feel the wrath of God. 

Much I shall not say unto you ; for in this roll are contained the words 
of the Almighty One, and of me the holy Angel, which are to be passed forth 
unto the children of Zion. 

The Angel then gave me the roll, with a request that it should be placed 
in the hands of the Anointed. 

In the afternoon, the Angel again came unto me and said: Little one, go 
thou and write the things which have been made known unto thee, respect- 
ing me. And I said, O thou mighty Angel, I am incapable of adding any 
thing to the much which has already been given. But he answered, saying : 

thou little one, remember the words of the Savior to the poor woman who 
cast in her mite; for I say unto you it will be accepted of your God. De- 
clare also, that at the eighth hour of this night, I will attend upon the writ- 
ing of this roll, which I have placed in your hands. 

And upon the instrument who shall be chosen to write it, will I bestow 
my mighty power. But you, I have called as a witness, that these things 
might be confirmed in the eyes of all. 

Inspired Witness, 

Annis C. Godfrey. 
Thus have I written that which the Angel hath commanded me ; and I 
can boldly, and with confidence, bear witness to the work of God which is 
now going on in Zion, and which He hath declared will soon spread abroad 
in the earth. 

1 have for some length of time been an instrument in this glorious mani- 
festation, and been called to sound forth the word of my ever blessed Pa- 
rents in Heaven, unto mortals on earth. But unto God is the glory due; for 

1 am but as clay in the hands of the potter; and it shall be my labor through 
time, to walk worthy of my holy calling, that I may stand as a shining 
light in the house of my ever blessed Mother. 

Shirley, Mass., April 27, 1843. Annis C. Godfrey. 

Born in Waterhury, county of Washington and state of Vermont; Jlpril 14, 



I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, December 2, A.D. 1809. At the 
age of eighteen year?, I was by tlic goodness of God gathered into the fold 
of Zion, and made partaker of that gospel which saves the soul from sin and 
condemnation; and have, by yielding obedience to its requirements, gained 
that love and union to the people of God, and to his pure way, which feels 
more sacred, and stronger to me than any other union which mortals can pos- 
sess : it is that bond of union which the transitory scenes of time and the 
pleasures of this world cannot yield to the soul, or take from those who 
have gained it by obedience to the cross of Christ. 

Plaving a sure witness within me, truly and with confidence can I assert, 
that Christ has made his second appearing on earth, as recorded in the Sacred 
Roll and Book about to go forth to the nations of the earth } and to the truth 
and divine origin of the sacred words therein contained, I can say in truth 
and in sincerity of heart, and in the solemn fear of God, that I do believe 
they emanated from the source of divine light, manifested and revealed to, 
and through his chosen vessels; who have purified their hearts, made their 
garments white, suffered deep tribulation, and thereby become fit subjects 
for the holy spirit to rest upon. 

Although not having received divine revelation from the spiritual world 
myself, I have seen, heard and felt that among the subjects of the present 
work of God, which brought abundant evidence with it, that it could pro- 
ceed from no other source than from the eternal fountain of all good ; and I 
should with equal propriety, dispute or doubt the existence of a God, as to 
dispute or doubt the revelation of God's will through chosen earthen vessels; 
And I firmly believe, having the strongest evidence within myself, that the 
spirit of the Lord is, through this medium, preparing the children of the 
new creation on earth, to receive his sacred word and will, to communicate 
to all nations who know it not; that all may be left without an excuse that 
"They know not Christ or of his second coming without sin unto salvation." 

In addition to my duty, I feel thankful for the privilege of giving my tes- 
timony in favor of the way of God, that through the influence of divine 
wisdom I was enabled to find the door of mercy, the path of peace, and the 
only road to solid happiness ; that I chose the narrow way, instead of the 
broad road to destruction, in my youth; that 1 have the privilege of devot- 
ing the best of my life, my time and talents to the honor of the gospel, and 
for the up-building of the kingdom of Christ ; to lay up a treasure for my 
own soul, where moth and rust cannot corrupt; and it is my firm and fixed 
determination ever to remain faithful in this work, even to the sacrifising of 
all worldly pleasures and enjoyments. 

In confirmation to the above testimony, I hereunto subscribe my name, 
this twenty second day of August, A. D. eighteen hundred and forty three. 

Canterbury, Merrimac county, ^ William Willard. 

state of New Hampshire. 



1 was born in the town of Elliot, county of York and state of Maine ; from 
whence I was brought to this place in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and twenty three, being then in the thirteenth year of my 
age ; and having been a constant witness of the work of God among his peo- 
ple for several years past, I feel it a solemn duty to Him and to my fellow 
creatures, to give my testimony in favor of this sin-destroying, soul-redeem- 
ing work which has been sent forth upon earth, through the infinite mercy 
of Him who knoweth the hearts of the children of men, and is willing that 
all should come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved ; for I know by 
the inspiration of his Holy Spirit upon my own soul, that this is the final 
day of his grace to the lost and wandering children of men, and will prove 
a savor of life or of death to every one. 

And this sacred work that is now sent forth to the nations of the earth, is 
not the production of an excited imagination, or of the efforts of human ge- 
nius ; but through the deepest mortification and intense suffering of soul it 
has been written by the inspiration of the spirit of God, in his most solemn 
fear. And the sacred truths therein contained, require the serious consider- 
ation of every rational being ; for whatever may be the opinions of mortals 
now, it alters not the purpose of God ; for that time is approaching when 
every soul, either in mercy or in judgment, will have to acknowledge the di- 
vine origin of its sacred truths. 

I have received that evidence of this late manifestation of the work and 
will of God, that no power on earth can shake ; for 1 know I have seen my 
Holy Savior, and have often felt his spirit as plainly as though he still inhab- 
ited the earthly tabernacle of Jesus of Nazareth, and I had been in its 

And often have I felt the spirit of my blessed Mother Ann and the rest of 
my Heavenly Parents to whom I feel my soul deeply indebted, as the instru- 
ments of God, by whom, through deep tribulation and suffering, this blessed 
gospel of Christ's second appearance has been established on earth, for the re- 
demption of all souls who are willing to comply with its sacred requirements. 
Therefore, whether I am called to meet joy or tribulation on earth, still I 
never can deny this undoubted faith which has been planted in my soul, by 
a power above the power of man. 

But the aspirations of thankfulness from my soul, continually ascend to 
my God, through those beloved instruments whom He has chosen to revive 
this blessed gospel of salvation to a lost world, that I was called to forsake 
the allurements of nature in my youth, and bear the cross of my blessed 
Savior, by which I feel the protection and blessing of my Heavenly Father 
continually flowing through my soul, even as a stream that faileth not, 
and as a fountain that is never dry. 

This Holy and Sacred Roll, which is here sent forth to the nations, has 
been attended throughout by those convincing proofs of its divine origin, 
that no reasonable, unprejudiced mind could deny ; and whether it be re- 
ceived as the word of warning and nitT( y of God, or the fruits of a religious 



frenzy, it never will alter the nature of" the work, or (change the require- 
ments of Cod upon the souls of the children of men ; for He hath purposed 
a work of reformation throughout the earth, and He will effect it. 

Therefore, I rejoice continually before Him, that the arm of his mercy 
has been extended to my needy soul, and the light of his grace has beamed 
forth to my heart ; teaching, that to deny all ungodliness, and to walk in Im- 
mility before Him, is the path of true peace and perfect safety, where the 
soul can feel that presence of heavenly spirits and the enlivening rays of 
holy love, unknown to those who seek for indulgence on the barren wilds of 

Canterbury, N. H., July 2, 1843. William Tripure. 


I was born in Portsmouth, county of Rockingham, state of New Hamp- 
shire ; on the seventeenth day of the ninth month, eighteen hundred and 
seventeen; and was gathered into the United Society at Canterbury, A. D. 
eighteen hundred and thirty one; since which time, it has been my labor to 
know the will of my God, and to do it ; 

And feeling it a duty which I owe to Him as well as to my fellow men, to 
bear witness to his work, and the great display of his marvelous power 
among his people, I cheerfully comply therewith. 

Feeling a witness within my own breast, that I have received the true 
light and power of God which has been manifested in this latter day, I can 
boldly and fearlessly declare before all men, that this great and glorious dis- 
play of power which has been in his true Church, is the work of an 
Almighty hand, that Over-ruling Power which causes Heaven and earth to 
move at its bidding, and setteth the wisdom of mortal man at defiance. 

Know ye, all ye people who read the solemn warnings and divine instruc- 
tions given in the sacred pages of the Roll and Book now sent forth to the 
nations of the earth, that it is the word of God given in mercy to the chil- 
dren of a lost world; and is now made manifest to them through a gift of in- 
spiration, by the same Power which gave unto Moses, upon Mount Sinai's 
top, the commandments for the children of Israel. 

Therefore read all ye people, and understand, lest the notice of your God 
pass, and ye be not benefited by the call ; for the Lord of mercy and char- 
ity is calling loudly through the last trumpet, with a solemn blast; and hath 
sent his Angels forth unto all nations, tongues and people, that they may 
hear his word, repent, and escape his heavy wrath which is kindled against 
them, because of the abominations and corruptions which have been com- 
mitted on the earth, and have arisen as mountains before Him. 

Knowing that I have been blessed with heavenly gifts from the worlds of 
love, administered unto me by holy Angels and happy spirits, I hesitate not 


in declaring before all men the truth of God, which is, that the Sacred Roll 
and Book, containing the instructions and admonitions of Heaven, (unto 
which are added these testimonies of living witnesses,) is sent forth by the 
Almighty Power of Jehovah, unto whom every knee shall bow and every 
tongue confess. 

I would not that any should think I speak at random, or with a spirit of 
enthusiasm or wild zeal ; but plainly that which I know, as was fully de- 
clared by our Savior ; If ye keep my commandments, then shall ye know of 
the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself. 

This knowledge I have obtained, by obeying the commands and following 
the example of the Savior, (the pattern of the children of the new creation,) 
by walking even as he walked, according to the best of my understanding, 
forsaking that which led my soul astray from my God, and denying myself 
of all ungodliness ; living soberly, righteously and godly, walking not after 
the flesh but after the spirit. 

Hence, by daily bearing the cross of Christ, I am able to bind that lawless 
and corrupt passion which rules and reigns in the hearts of mankind, and 
live a life acceptable to my God. 

There is but one path in which souls can walk to the acceptance of God : 
the same is the strait and narrow path, into which few as yet have sought 
an entrance. 

I know within my own soul, even beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I 
have entered by the door of self-denial and the cross, into the narrow path 
where reign peace and purity ; for which I rejoice with exceeding joy, and 
give thanks to my God with unceasing prayer. 

Who will despise and turn away from the out-stretched hand of their God, 
which in mercy and charity is offered unto them, to lead them out from un- 
der the yoke and servitude of Satan, into the glorious liberty of saints and 
Angels, because it cometh not according to the wisdom of vain man .-' 

And now by the same spirit which inspired the Prophets in former dis- 
pensations I would say, as a word in due season. Bow down, O ye people, 
and give heed to his word ; Hear ye O Heavens and give ear O earth ; for 
the Lord has spoken, and even so it shall come to pass. 

Canterbury, N.H., June 25, 1843. James M, Otis, 


As a witness unto the truth of the foregoing Roll and Book, I do solemnly 
testify to all nations, tongues and people, that it is the unalterable truth of 
God. I have been not only an eye and ear witness of the remarkable out- 
pourings of his divine spirit and power among his people, for the last six 
years, but a sharer in the same. I have many times felt the influence of the 
same power operating upon both soul and body; which gives me full confi- 
dence in the late work and manifestation of God to his people. 


Having tlie evidence in my own soul, I feel free to declare before all men, 
that the foregoing Roll and Book is from God, Jehovah, the Father of all, 
the beginning and the end of all created things ; yea, that God who hath 
made Himself manifest unto his true people in every age of the world. 

And as God lias in this latter day, in wisdom and charity, seen fit to notice 
his creature man, by renewing his laws and statutes, and showing him the 
only way whereby he can find favor in his sight, let souls be bowed in thank- 
fulness and gratitude to Him for his unbounded mercy and charity. For 
God is not to be mocked, neither is his word to be trampled upon by the fil- 
thy and unclean of this world. 

But He doth require that every soul should learn wisdom, and fear Him 
before too late ; and as a friend to my fellow mortals, whose souls are as pre- 
cious in the sight of God as mine, I would caution you to be careful how 
you treat the givings of God ; for as you treat them, so God will treat you. 

And furthermore, I do testify that I have found the true and living way of 
God, which brings peace and comfort to the soul, and finally gives it full 
victory over the least and last remains of a fallen nature. 

Therefore, I will lift up my voice in thankfulness to Christ the Savior, and 
good Mother Ann Lee, who are the two anointed ones, and stand at the 
head of the new creation ; who through sufferings and persecutions have 
opened the way of life and salvation, whereby we are made able to wor- 
ship God to his acceptance, in the beauty of holiness. And I would in- 
vite all to come and partake of the waters of life freely, and thirst no more. 

Canterbury, N. H. , July 12. 1843. John Maloon. 

Born December 27, 1818 ; in New Castle^ county of Rockingham and state 
of JVeto Hampshire ; came to live icith the United Society at Canterbury, JV. H. 
A. D. 


As I have been made a partaker of this blessed gospel, I can freely bear 
witness to the truth of it, that it is the power of God to salvation. And hav- 
ing the evidence within my own soul, I am thankful for the privilege, and 
feel it a duty to bear witness to the manifestation of the work of God; for it 
has saved me from the follies and sins of my youth. 

Therefore, I can cheerfully recommend it to others as a sure and safe 
guide into all truth ; for I have been made a partaker of that renovating 
power which has run through my mortal frame like streams of living water. 
That this is the same spirit which influenced our Holy Savior and his belov- 
ed apostles I have not the least shadow of a doubt. 

I have no hesitation in saying, that the sacred pages of this holy Book 
have been written by the divine revelation of God ; that the writer felt the 
true spirit of inspiration, and was directed by it, to write the words of the 
Holy Angel correctly. And I am thankful that the spirit of truth has gone 


forth, that the Holy Angel has been sent in mercy to sound the word of life 
to the nations of the earth, that they might learn obedience to the gospel of 
Christ, and be saved from the snares and temptations into which they are 

And I can say, I love this blessed work ; yea, I love mv Mother and 
those who traveled with her in tribulation, to again open the way of salva- 
tion for all souls; and I will not deny this holy work, nor the means by 
which I have received it. 

For I know that through this blessed work I have received the pre- 
cious gifts of God, and have been an instrument of his Almighty power, 
which has caused me to turn, bend and shake like a tree shaken by the 
wind, and to speak in an unknown tongue by the gift of inspiration, that 
which I could not speak but by the gift of God. 

I feel thankful that I have a part with the true people of God, and a 
peaceable home in Zion ; and my prayer is, that this gospel may spread and 
flourish, and other souls be partakers of it ; knowing that it originated in 
wisdom, and has been handed down to us through the mercy of God. 

This Sacred Roll of heavenly truth, which is now sent forth to earth for 
thousands and millions to read, I pray may be received by all with thankful 
hearts; feeling sensible that it is not the production of mortal power, but is 
an emanation of divine wisdom. Therefore slight it not, O ye children of 
men ; for it is a word of truth and precious counsel. 

Canterbury, N. H., August 1, 1843. James C. Blanchard. 

Born A. D., 1812; in the toion of Grecnshorough., county of Orleans and 
state of Vermont ; has lived icith the United Society in Canterbury^ JV. H. , 
seventeen years. 


Being blessed with a home in Zion, where peace and tranquility reign ; 
and having been made a partaker of that gospel, in this day of Christ's sec- 
ond appearing, which saves the soul from sin and condemnation, my heart 
is filled with thankfulness to my God, and my voice soundeth praise for 
the same. 

Having the witness in my own soul, I can confidently state that Christ has 
made his second appearance upon earth, as is recorded in the Sacred Roll 
and Book now about to go forth to the nations of the earth. 

And to the truth and divine origin of this Sacred Word, ray spirit beareth 
witness ; having received knowledge from a heavenly source, from time to 
time, in the late manifestation of holy and divine things, that the spirit of 
the Lord was preparing his Zion on earth to receive his word and will, to 
communicate to every nation, tongue and people, who know not the Christ 
or of his second coming, and true dwelling place on the earth ; and having 
been blessed with the peculiar notice of God, I feel it a duty and privilege 
to testify of the same. 

I know the Lord hath greatly blessed his chosen people in this latter day, 


with the out-pouring of his holy spirit in many ways, marvelous to the be- 
holder, and soul-strengthening to the receiver; of which I have been a wit- 
ness, and even a partaker. 

My soul has often been filled with that heavenly love which casteth out 
all fear of mortals or any earthly danger ; and with that holy power which 
hath caused me to speak in new tongues, to sing heavenly and divine songs 
from saints and Ansels in glorv ; with whom I have been able to commune 
from time to time, and for many days in succession ; which hath so estab- 
lished mv faith in the reality of divine revelation and supernatural power, 
that no caviler or unbeliever could cause me to disbelieve what I have seen, 
felt and heard from the heavenly worlds above, or to deny my faith in the 
Sacred Word of God, now sent forth in mercy to his creature man, to call 
him from his wanderings, and to bring him nigher unto his Creator. 

But I will stand true to the cause of Christ, to my own soul, and as a wit- 
ness to the unalterable truth of the Sacred Word now sent forth for the na- 
tions of the earth, knowing it to be the word of God ; and rather than deny 
the same, or my holy faith in Christ's second appearing, and obedience 
thereto, upon which my soul is anchored for salvation, I would suifer perse- 
cution or sacrifice my natural life. 

I know the true kingdom of God is established on the earth, already com- 
pleted in its order, and growing in the heavenly graces of purity and love. 
And that Christ the Savior and Mother Ann Lee are the Parents of the new 
creation, who stand first in this heavenly kingdom, anointed and appointed 
of God to lead souls out of nature's darkness, is known beyond a doubt, by 
all who have entered this peaceable fold, and are their true followers. 

My spirit boweth down in thankfulness for the day in which I live, for the 
mercv, charity and blessing of God to my soul, before whom I am resolved 
to walk humbly, uprightly and in holy fear, till my days are finished on 

To these feelings of my own heart, and writing of my own hand, I freely 
afl5x my name. 

Canterbury, N. H. . June 28. 1843. ^Iary Whitcher. 

Born March 31, 1815 ; in the toicn of Laurens^ county of Otsego^ state of 
JVew York ; has lited with the United Society in Canterbury, .V. fl. , since JS'o- 
rember ]>, 1526. 


On the twenty fourth of July, eighteen hundred forty two, While I was 
worshiping my God under the divine influence of the spirit, I saw a large 
golden cross : and upon the cross were written these words. 
" Behold ye the Inscription." 
"Out of the midst of Zion, shall the nations of the earth hear the word 
of their God, while his people shall fear before Him continually, and praise 
his holy name forever and ever, and ever-more, Amen. 


Even this cross which I have borne, shall every true disciple of mine 
bear, saith your Lord and Savior." 

On the twenty eighth of December, eighteen hundred and forty two, I saw 
a holy and mighty Angel, holding in his hand a long and bright Roll ; pres- 
ently the Roll appeared in the form of a Book, and the Angel held the Book 
open before me. I gazed with astonishment and great fear. 

The Angel then spake and said. What you see will yet go forth to every na- 
tion on the face of the earth ; for holy Angels are passing and re-passing there- 
in, sent by Gerah Veed, God Jehovah, to work a marvelous and strange work. 

The heavy word which you see, is to be copied by mortal hand, as a holv 
Angel readeth word for word, from this Roll or Book, at the Holy Mount of 
the most High God ; therefore bow down before me, and remember my 
word in time of need ; for I will yet require mine own with usury. 

Again on the first day of January, eighteen hundred and forty three, I 
saw a great and mighty Angel enter our place of sacred worship and prayer, 
where many, very many Angels were sounding their trumpets of praise. 
As this Angel entered, all was silent; presently they raised their wings, and 
bowed down low, saying in one united voice. Holy, holy is the Lord God 
of Heaven and earth ; praise Him O Zion, shout aloud in solemn fear, for 
his mercy and charity endureth forever. Bow down all ye afar off', and be 
prepared for the word of your God. 

Then the great and mighty Angel winged his way towards the south, say- 
ing. Blessed, blessed are they that believe and rapent; for the word of the 
Lord will go forth to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Move on 
ye mighty archers ; for the day of liberty and freedom is proclaimed, and 
shall be proclaimed, saith the All-wise Ruler of the universe. 

Inspired Witness, 

Hester Ann Adams. 

As a witness to the words of unalterable truth, which the Lord my God 
hath commanded to be sent forth to the nations of the earth, I declare be- 
fore all people, kindred and tongues, that it is the word of the Lord, even 
his warning Word in due season. 

Often my soul has been blessed with the soul-cheering power of Heaven ; 
and I have been fed with the food of Angels, sweet and nourishing. My 
faith is established beyond a doubt, that this present work is of God j 
because I have had evidence in my own soul, of its purifying and cleansiu"- 

God is purity and love, and his people must possess the same, if they 
would merit his protection and blessing; for his word is eternal truth, point- 
ed against every sin ; and like a refiner's fire and fuller's soap, it will cleanse 
and purify the soul, and make it a fit temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. 
I am thankful I have been made a partaker of the purifying work of the 
gospel while young, that I may shun the flattering allurements of Satan, and 
gain wisdom and knowledge of heavenly and divine things, in lieu of the 
transitory pleasures of nature, which like a flower soon wither and fade 
away, and leave the soul like a barren wilderness or fruitless field. 

This Sacred and Divine Roll carries evidence with itself, of its divine 


origin ; surely the finger of God marked its way, and Wisdom Eternal point- 
ed out its saving virtues ; and 1 can say ot" a truth, that it was written by di- 
vine influence, williout the aid of mortal wisdom. 

I feel my unworthincss to hand forth my testimony, for I am but a poor 
frail mortal of myself; yet, considering the many blessings I have received 
from an all-powerful source, I feel it a duty I owe to my God, to my own 
soul, and to my fellow mortals, to declare my faith in the work of an holy 
God ; for I know I have found that gospel which saves my soul from sin in 
the present tense, and in obedience will insure me a happy abode in the 
Heavens above. 

And thereby 1 can procure that substance of eternal life which fadeth not 
awav ; but as an anchor will hold me in the hour of trial and temptation > 
and I am determined, with a firm and fixed resolution, to stand for the cause 
of truth and righteousness, even to the laying down of my life ; and pur- 
sue with pleasure the path of wisdom and holiness, until life's short thread 
is spun, and my pulse shall cease to beat> then my spirit will be able to meet 
my God in peace. 

I w'ill stand for that gospel taught by the Savior, and again revived and 
made known to mortals through my ever blessed Mother Ann Lee ; for it 
affords me that peace and solid comfort which the world, with all its pleas- 
ures, can neither give nor take away. 

I here set my name to this my testimony, that I w"ill stand a faithful ser- 
vant in the house of my God, through life, and forevermore. 

Canterbury, N. H. , June 6, 1843. Hester Ann Adams. 

Bor7t in Durham^ county of Strafford, state of JVeic Hampshire^ March 17, 
A. D. 1817; and was gathered into the United Society at Canterbury, in the 
year 1825. 


Having been peculiarly favored and abundantly blessed with the givings 
of the Holy Spirit in divers ways and manners, I feel it to be my solemn 
duty, and esteem it a sacred privilege, to stand as a true witness of his word 
and work whenever I am favored with an opportunity. And at this pecul- 
iar time, I freely and thankfully testify, that I have had many heavenly 
manifestations of the word which is now, by the wisdom of God, sent forth 
unto the nations of the earth. 

Out of the many evidences I have had, I give the following short sketch, 
%vhich was penned previous to my hearing or seeing the copied Roll. March 
twenty eighth, eighteen hundred thirty eight, my senses were withdrawn 
from earth, and I beheld heavenly and divine things, I saw blessed Mother 
Ann, who held in her hand a large book; I looked at it, and saw the cover 
was yellow, and appeared to be of gold. She said unto me. Little one, the 
time will yet be, when you will know this book from beginning to end. 


When 1 relumed home, (having [been absent twenty four hours,) I in- 
formed my leaders of the book I saw Blother holding in her hand. 

January twenty second, eighteen hundred forty two, I saw an holy Angel 
with a large book, which seemed to be the same which I saw Mother have 
a long time before, as I noticed the cover and size of it. He spoke aloud 
before a large compan}^ of spirits, and said. When the Lord's own time com- 
eth, this his word will go forth to the nations of the earth; first within, 
and from thence without Ziou. 

June tenth, eighteen hundred forty two, I was shown the same book again, 
and read therein certain passages of scripture. I inquired if it was the 
Bible, and was told it was the word of our Heavenly Father. 

Thus having received much previous knowledge at different times, I have 
not the least reason to doubt the divine origin of this Sacred Roll and Book; 
but affirm it to be the true and unalterable word of our Heavenly Father, 
sent forth upon earth, by no other means than that of divine inspiration. 

Wednesday evening. May twenty fourth, eighteen hundred forty three, 
the Angel of Almighty Power spake to me as follows; Thou feeble mortal, 
Look thou and behold my presence. Listen unto my word, and prepare 
thy hand to write quickly the same. 

I am the great and mighty Angel who has read aloud unto an Instrument 
of flesh and blood, the word of your Heavenly Father. Yet fear me not; 
but listen attentively unto my word, for through many instruments, shall be 
declared the truth of the work, which the Holy and Eternal Father Jehovah 
is doing in the earth. 

I am a great and mighty Angel, and my power is sufficient to execute the 
will of Him who sent me as a messenger of his word. Therefore, write thou 
my word, and alter not ; for in me is wisdom ; and by and through the words 
I have proclaimed in this Roll which lieth on my hand before you, shall ev- 
ery soul be judged; for the word of the Almighty do I proclaim, even as did 
Jesus Christ the Savior of souls, the Father of the New Creation. 

Word of the Angel, sounded through a Golden Trumpet. 

Gather near all ye nations, ye kindreds, tongues and people. For what 
purpose hath the Lord condescended to notice you with his word, but that 
ye may turn from the evil of your ways, forsake the sinful paths in which 
ye have hitherto walked, and seek Him unto salvation ? 

O ye people, consider for a moment one and all ; pause and seriously re- 
flect on the time you have misimproved. Then say ye within your hearts; 
"Our God is charity and mercy. His word He has now given us, and in 
love to our souls He has said, if we will now return to Him, his awful and 
heavy judgments He will withhold, and cause us and our possessions to 
share of his blessing. 

merciful Father, we will repent ; we will cry fervently unto thee, for 
we know that because of the evil of our doings, thou hast become heavily 
displeased with us. We will humble our souls and fall low before thee, 
that thou mayest grant us a place in thy kingdom." 

1 speak unto you as a friend and well wisher to your souls, and say ; Be- 
ware, O beware how you treat the sacred givings of your God; Fear ye hi»i 



lioly word. Know ye not, He who sendeth forth this word unto you, is able 
to utterly destroy you from his presence, in the twinkling of an eye ? or to 
cause you to suffer his heavy judgments in any way He sceth fit, by heavy 
disease or torturing pain ? Even so it is. The Lord giveth, and the Lord 
taketh away. Therefore trust ye in Him, obey his solemn word and heed 
his warning voice, that ye may become acceptable children in his sight. 

I am an holy attendant of this his word : wherever it goeth I go also ; for 
He sent me forth unto earth with it ; and my work is not, neither can it be 
accomplished that I can return to my Heavenly Father in glory, until this 
his saving word goeth forth unto the nations of tlie earth. 

Then shall I return with the Roll and Book which I now hold, and con- 
vey tidings unto Him of his people on earth. And there in mansions of 
bright glory will this be preserved, to be shown unto every soul who shall 
enter eternity, who has received the knowledge of these his sacred require- 
ments; and by this shall they be judged: 

Whoever has heeded the requirements herein contained, having bowed 
down to God in his order, shall find peace and justification in so doing; and 
whoever has disregarded and set at nought this sacred word, and pronounced 
that it never came from God, the sight of this, when presented before them, 
will cause them grief and sorrow inexpressible. 

Therefore be wise, each one for yourselves. Repent ye and humble your 
souls as it well pleaseth your God ; for He delighteth in the glory of all 
souls, and so do his holy Angels. Thus my word endeth at this time, saith 
the Holy and Mighty Angel. 

Inspired Witness, 

Myra a. Bean. 

I can say without one faltering feeling in my soul, that I have tasted the 
good word of God, the bread and water of life ; and have been a partaker of 
the power and gifts of God. 

The workings of the holy spirit, are indeed beyond the comprehension of 
the natural man ; but every soul who has been fully baptized into the life of 
the gospel, and bathed freely in the givings of God, by way of inspiration, 
is fully assured that God is the Author of the power by which they are led 
and governed. 

I am bold to say, this holy power which has been showered down upon 
this people in various ways and manners, is, without dispute, from a heav- 
enly and divine source ; otherwise it would not work to the purification of 
its subjects; and this is the effect produced on every true and devoted instru- 
ment, who has been chosen in this late manifestation. 

I have been a living subject of this power for six years past, and it has 
worked as a purifying fire in my soul, abased pride and self-exaltedness, and 
learned me a lesson of true humility never to be forgotten ; that no external 
form or ceremony, no outside adornings, will answer the purpose of an hon- 
est heart, or gain favor in the sight of a true and righteous God ; but the 
pure and genuine substance of the gospel, firmly established in the soul, 
wherein dwelleth that pure and holy faith with which good works are com- 
bined, will alone be accepted by our Heavenly Father and the holy and 
purified spirits in eternity. 


In the many privileges I have enjoyed, I have often been blessed with the 
gift of heavenly visions, in which, many times, my spirit has been led en- 
tirely away from the things of time, insomuch that I knew nothing of sur- 
rounding objects for several hours together, but was viewing and conversing 
with unbodied spirits in eternity : some times with those who were enjoying 
perfect happiness, being purified from all sin, and at other times with those 
who were miserable and unhappy, because of their works of unrighteous- 
ness, and the condemnation thereof. 

I have seen those souls who, when upon earth, honored and feared God, 
and lived according to his requirements made known unto them through 
whatsoever means He chose in the day in which they lived, rejoicing with 
holy Angels, and praising the name of their Heavenly Father, that they 
were blessed with his holy protection on earth, insomuch as to honor and 
obey his word ; the happiness that those appeared to be enjoying, was indeed 
surpassing any that mortals could experience or even describe. 

And to the reverse of this, I have seen those who, when upon earth, 
mocked God, who set at defiance his word and work, and cruelly treated his 
chosen people, in the most awful distress and heart-rending attitudes that 
could be imagined; the awful groans and bitter lamentations of these poor dis- 
tressed souls, were sufficient to melt the stoutest heart into a flood of tears. 

And when under the influence of the holy spirit and power of God, I 
have seen that which language is too feeble to describe ; but what I have 
seen, is fresh in my memory, and I have faith to believe will continue to be 
through time. I view it not as vain imaginations, or fanciful notions of the 
youthful mind, but solemn realities to my soul, given for some wise purpose; 
and not all the inhabitants of earth could ever cause me to disbelieve or 
deny that which I have heard, seen and felt, when under the influence of 
divine power. 

Being mindful that every soul is alike precious in the sight of God, 
I can but feel a particular interest in their salvation, and tenderly invite all, 
candidly to peruse, and wnsely consider that which our Heavenly Father 
hath in mercy and charity sent forth unto all nations of the earth; and for the 
sake of enjoying present and eternal happiness, receive and obey the same. 

I am thankful with every feeling of my soul, that I have been thus blessed 
with the givings of God ; for I know they have given me an undoubted evi- 
dence of his invisible, yet Almighty power, and fully established my faith 
that this gospel, revealed to us through Mother Ann and her faithful follow- 
ers, is the same as taught by Christ and his Apostles ; and the power, which 
dwells among God's people in the present day, causing the subjects thereof 
to speak with new tongues, and to behold with spiritual sight that which be- 
longeth to the eternal worlds, and by the spirit of inspiration to declare new 
and strange things, is the same as was given to the Apostles at the day of 

I have received that living faith, which I feel bound forever to obey, and 
am heartily thankful unto all my gospel relation, who have been helpers to 
my soul in this self- denying, cross-bearing way of truth, peace and holiness. 
I never can cease to be thankful for my home in Zion, and my precious 


privilege witli the chosen people of Cod ; neither will I ceaso to praise my 
Eternal Parents, for the ever blessed means of salvation, which they have 
condescended to reveal unto mortals in this latter day. 

Canterbury, N. H., June 27, 184:3. Myra A. Bean. 

Born in Sanbornton, county of BrJhnop and state of Kcic Hampshire ; June 
24, A. D. 1818; came to lite icith the United Society at Canterbury^ jV. //., 
A. D. 1826. 


Mav twenty first, A. D. eighteen hundred and forty three, as I was retired 
by myself, and my spirit drawn forth in prayer to God, I heard a rushing 
sound as the noise of distant waters ; yet the sound was near. The power 
of God then fell upon me, and immediately I felt the presence of an holy 
Angel of God. He came and stood before me saying. Arise and write my word. 
Word of the Angel. 

I am a holy Angel of witness ; I came from the throne of the Most High, 
even from the throne of Eternal Glory ; and unto me it is given to declare 
the truth of God. 

Behold the time, the time has fully come. He who is from everlasting, 
hath begun his work in the earth ; yea, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and 
earth, hath condescended again to reveal his word to the poor lost children 
of men. In his own time, and in his own way, by means of his own choos- 
ing, hath He done this. 

And I, the holy Angel of witness, do testify saying. Behold the time has 
come. I saw the holy and Mighty Angel stand before the throne of Eternal 
Power and Wisdom, and from thence receive an Holy Roll and Book, con- 
taining the word of God to the nations of the earth. With holy wisdom 
was he anointed, and with mighty power was he clothed, and commissioned 
to go to earth and reveal the contents of the Sacred Roll and Book, that it 
might be correctly copied by an instrument of mortal clay. 

And say I, the holy witnessing Angel, This work is now accomplished. 
Within the walls of Zion, yea, even at the Holy Mount, did the holy and 
mighty Angel choose an instrument, whose spirit bowed to the requirement 
of God, and who freely and patiently endured sufferings and tribulation of 
soul, in obedience to his will. 

And now the time has come ; yea, the time has fully come. The word of 
the Lord is made manifest in Zion, and from her it shall go forth to the 

Amen, even so let it be, say I the holy Angel of Witness. 
Inspired Witness, 

Cynthia B. Bradley. 

I am thankful for the blessed gospel of life and salvation; I am thankful I 
am made partaker of that saving grace, which was first revealed on earth 


through Christ my Holy Savior, and which hath been revived in this day by 
my ever blessed Mother Ann Lee ; I rejoice to own my Father and my 
Mother in the New Creation ; and rejoice to own the means by which I have 
been brought from darkness into light, from the bondage of sin and death, 
into the glorious liberty of a child of God. 

I know that I have received the testimony of everlasting truth ; that gos- 
pel which giveth endless life, and which is the power of God unto salvation. 
For by the power of this gospel, my soul has been awakened and raised from 
spiritual death, and made alive to God. Yea, in obedience to this gospel I 
am saved from sin, and my soul is filled with that peace which passeth un- 

My faitli is firmly established, and I feel that it is built on that foundation 
which is forever sure ; even on the rock of ages which can never be moved. 
I believe in God, Jehovah, the holy and eternal source of Power and Wis- 
dom ; and in the revelation of the Father through Jesus of Nazareth. I be- 
lieve that he was anointed to open the way of life and salvation. He is the 
true and first begotten Son of God, the Father of the New Creation. 

And with the same confidence I believe in the revelation of Holy Wisdom, 
through Ann Lee. She was a chosen vessel appointed of God to convey 
the light of life to a world covered with gross darkness, and sunk in sin and 
pollution. Yea, she is the Mother of the new creation, the Bride, the 
Lamb's wife; and with Christ her Lord she is united in the work of man's 
redemption ; and these are the Two Anointed Ones who stand before the 
Lord of the whole earth. 

This is my faith, and I am willing to declare it before all people. I know 
I have found the true and living way; and that this gospel which I have re- 
ceived, is the means which God hath appointed for the salvation of all souls. 

I have been greatly noticed and blessed of God, and have felt the o-ivin^s 
of his holy power ; and have received the true baptism of Christ, even the 
baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire, by which my soul has been cleansed 
and purified from sin. I have many times felt the power and influence of 
the Holy Spirit roll through my soul like flaming fire, and operating upon 
my mortal body. By this power I have been raised, as it were, from earth 
and earthly things, and made able to commune with holy Angels, and with 
the spirits of the just made perfect. I have been blessed with the gift of 
tongues, and many other precious and heavenly gifts which are as real to me 
as my existence. 

Freely and thankfully do I bear witness to this truth ; that the gift of di- 
vine revelation and inspiration does exist in the true church of Christ upon 
earth at the present day. For of this I have been made partaker; and can I 
doubt that which I have myself experienced .' By no means. 

I have received evidence in my own soul sufficient to convince me of the 
divine origin of the Holy Roll and Book which is now about to be published 
abroad. And I can with boldness testify that this Sacred Roll, containing 
the word, will and requirement of the Lord God of Heaven and earth, hath 
been received and written by the inspiration of his Holy Spirit. It is the 
unalterable word of the one true and living God; and it will forever stand. 


To this testimony I will ever bear witness; and rather than deny this my 
faith, I will freely lay down my natural life. 

Canterbur}', May 21, 1843. Cynthia B. Brai)LF,y. 

Born December 15, 1816; in the town of Cantcrhnry^ comity of Merrimac^ 
state of A^eio Hampshire. Came to live tcith the United Society in said Can- 
terbury., May 6, A. D. 1825. 


It feels tome to be a privilege and duty to bear witness in confirmation of 
the late manifestation of the out-pouring of the spirit and power of God,, 
having been a subject of the same, and having frequently witnessed, in dif- 
ferent branches of the United Society, the same gifts and power, in speaking 
in tongues and of prophesying of future events ; many of which have come 
to pass to my certain knowledge. 

Therefore, I feel perfect confidence in the foregoing Roll and Book, that 
it is the word of God, given by the inspiration of his holy spirit; and as a 
well wisher for the present as well as future well being of every soul, may 
they use it as such ; for it is evident and certain, that God's work with all 
the human family of Adam, will go on and be completed in his own way 
and time ; and every one should be very cautious that they are not found 
striving against light and truth. 

I was born August twenty fifth, one thousand and eight hundred ; in the 
town of Stratford, county of Coos, state of New Hampshire ; and was ad- 
mitted into this United Society, at the age of tw^elve years. 

Enfield, Grafton comity., state of ^ Caleb M. Dver. 

J\^ew Hampshire ; June 20, 1843. 


Having for several years been an eye witness of the efiects of the marvelous 
and wonderful power and out-pouring of the spirit of God among his peculiar 
and distinguished people, and also being a subject of its influence, often hav- 
ing been led by it to speak in different tongues, to hold communion with 
holy Angels and many of the departed of this life, some of whom have been 
cotemporaries with me, with whom I have associated and been acquainted, 
and others who inhabited the earth hundreds and thousands of years ago ; 
and thus by their prophetic spirit moved upon to prophesy, and to reveal 
what had been, what is and what will be ; some of which promises and rev- 
elations have already been fulfilled in my eyes, which confirms and strength- 
ens my faith in the truth that others will be, in God's own time : 

Therefore, with this evidence from divine revelation and the spirit of God 


givoii me, I have no hesitation in declaring my faith in the preceding call 
and requirement as being the word of God. To deny which, 1 should deem 
in me, sacrilege. 

I feel interested for the happiness of all mankind, whether of my own na- 
tion, color, tongue or otherwise ; and in the fear of God do I invite all to be 
deliberate and candid, that none be found fighting against their God and 
Benefactor, neither against their own peace and salvation. 

As this work will prove itself, and the day is not far distant when the na- 
tions of the earth will have the evidence of its reality by actual experience 
of their own, if any should feel incredulous, it would be wise for such, at 
l«ast, to maintain silence ; that they no more incur the displeasure of the 
Almighty, and bring upon theuiselves his wrath with a heavier hand. For 
I would that all men could enjoy, even as I do, his approbation and love. 

As an instrument in the hands of my God, to do what lies in my power 
towards accomplishing that work which He requires of his chosen people, 
1 freely lend my aid in testimony of eternal truth for the benefit of my fel- 
low men. 

And in the diffusion of light and truth, the final work which God has 
purposed with his creatures, is hastened, our own forwarded, and our per- 
fection and happiness augmented. And though for the defence of my faith, 
I meet many and heavy trials, though by the powers of eai-th I be not toler- 
ated therein, or be deprived in the action thereof, yet my mind and con- 
science can never be controlled, but by the spirit of Christ. For the faith 
which I have adopted is my own, and my knowledge of its origin from a di- 
vine source too well grounded, ever to be denied; and therefore, that which 
I shall ever support. 

Enfield, N. H. 5 June 29, 1843. Abraham Perkins. 

Born in Sanbornton, Belknap comity, A'eio Hampshire; October lli^ 1807 ; 
and was admitted irdo the United Society at the age of nineteen years. 


The undersigned, having been called out from the practices of a vain and 
wicked world by the spirit of truth ; and having in many instances, by the 
same spirit, been led to bear witness of the manifestation of the spirit of 
God to his chosen people upon earth, which many times has appeared strange 
and marvelous, and even unaccounted for by the vainly wise, feels it a 
duty at the present time, freely to give his testimony in relation to the 
foregoing Roll and Book. 

I believe it to be a work wrought by the hand of God Himself, and through 
mercy and charity sent to earth by the means of his own choosing, to give 
the inhabitants thereof an ofTer of receiving mercy at his hand, or judgment 
and indignation, in consequence of disregarding his law as sent forth to 



I have many tiinos, when urulor the iinniediute influence of the spirit, been 
shown by the spirits of tlie holy proj)hets and Angels, the dreadful calami- 
ties and awful judgments with which God has purposed to fill the earth; 
also the miseries and plagues with which He will scourge the rulers and 
great ones of the earth, if they refuse to yield obedience to his righteous 
commands ; and at the same time, showing what inestima')le riches and heav- 
enly comfort those shall enjoy who make it their free choice to serve the 
Lord their God, and Him alone. This 1 received previous to my seeing 
the Roll and Book ; and it was recorded at the time received. 

Soon after hearing the sacred work read, I saw a company of Angels, who 
told me the Book had been written through great sufl^erings and tribulation 
of soul, and agreeably to the will of God : that I must not be ashamed to de- 
clare my belief of its divine origin ; for it was that by which nations should 
be tried, and according to their w-orks justified or condemned. 

The Angels said they should bear witness to the divine work, for genera- 
tions to come, and throughout every kingdom and nation upon the earth. 
So kindred people one and all, I freely declare to you that I liave found the 
straight way of life, marked out by our Holy Savior, and walked by our 
blessed Mother Ann ; which does save me from all sin, by walking in obe- 
dience thereunto ; and it is my firm determination to abide faithful in my 
calling : for said Christ, He that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved. 

This work, though crossing to the natural disposition of fallen man, brings 
true peace of mind ; with an hundred fold in this life, and the promise of 
eternal life hereafter, according to the words of Christ. 

And now I sincerely invite all who may hear the foregoing Roll and Book 
read, to consider it well ; and if any are inclined to treat it with scorn or 
contempt, just let them reflect and see if they had not better let it alone, 
lest haply they be found to fight against God. If this work be of men, it 
will come to nought; but if it be of God, no one can stop it. 

Enfield, N. H., August 9, 1843. Horace Folsom. 

Born February 21, 16][} ; in the toicn of Enfield, county of Grafton and 
state of JVew Hampshire. .Admitted into the United Society at Enfield^ JV. //., 
A. D. 1829. 


Having been made a partaker of this ever blessed gospel in my childhood, 
and having found that substance which preserves me from evil, and being 
one who has been called as an instrument to participate in the present mani- 
festation of the marvelous work of the divine spirit, I can with confidence 
bear testimony, that the foregoing Roll and Book is the unchangeable word 
of God, sent forth from his Almighty throne, by his holy Angel, and copied 
by mortal hand agreeably to his will ; I am confident, that it wiis designed 
by the Almighty to go through all nations, for a testimony unto them. 


Wliile writing liiis testimony I am ?uddenly called by a holy Angel to 
write the following, as he wings his way through the Heavens. 
Words of the Angel. 

Woe! woe! woe! to the inhabitants of earth ; for the hand of the Al- 
mighty is stretched out in judgment upon the face thereof; for her abomina- 
tions are great, and the multitude of her transgressions are without number; 
the stench of her whoredoms hath ascended up as the burning of Sodom. 

Tlie great whore of Babylon is seen marching through her streets in pomp 
and splendor, clothed in gaudy attire, and receiving homage from the high- 
est monarch on his throne, to the lowest scullion in human shape ; and in 
the blood of her fellow creatures are her garments deeply stained. 

Repent, O repent, ye children of earth; for in judgment hath the Lord 
purposed to visit you, unless ye repent quickly ; for his wrath is exceeding 
great, and his fierce anger cannot be stayed unless ye turn and seek to do his 
holy will, as it is made known in his Sacred Word ; for He will judge you in 

As the angel ceased to sound, I said unto him, Holy Angel, for what pur- 
pose can this thing be, seeing the work is so nearly closed .'' He answered, 
What is that to thee ^ Do thy duty, and thou shalt be blameless. 

July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and forty three, an holy Angel appeared 
before me, saying, I am a mighty Angel sent from the eternal Heavens ; 
from the holy throne of the Great I AM have I come, and his will I must 
do. He hath sent me to proclaim to the four quarters of the earth, the great 
and mighty work wiiich must shortly extend to all nations, to prepare the 
way for his holy word, which is given either for mercy or judgment ; for 
saith the Angel, many signs shall be seen in the heavens and on the earth, 
and in the mighty waters. 

Inspired Witness, 

Timothy Randlett. 

To the truth of this testimony, I am at all times ready to bear witness, if 
ever it be required ; for the evidence which is given me from an invisible 
source, gives me that knowledge which I never can deny; for the conse- 
quence of so doing would be the loss of my eternal salvation. Yea, my nat- 
ural life I should freely give, rather than deny this my testimony. 

I was born December tenth, eighteen hundred and six, in Meredith, Straf- 
ford county, New Hampshire ; was brought among this people by my parents, 
when a child. 

Enfield, N. H. ; August 10, 1843. Timothy Randlett. 


While assembled in the meeting house for worship, on tlie second day of 
October, eighteen hundred forty two, as I sat in silent meditation, suddenly 
there sounded in my ears a mighty trumpet, and a rushing like the trees of a 



forj'st whnn moved by a strong wind, wliicli yo aflVctod my framo, that not- 
withstanding :ill my exertions to remain ealm, I eonld not refrain from rock- 
ing with the great shaking, wliieli appeare*! to put in motion every thing 
aronnd me. 

Every person in the assembly appeared witli jjah; faces, looking earnestly 
upon one another, like those who were strnck dnrnb and motionless with 
fear. But before I had time to consider, or make out in my mind any cause 
for this noise which I heard, there came two bright Angels from a south west- 
erly direction, and flew swiftly over my left shoulder. 

Their aj)pearance was like that of a mighty man prepared for battle; they 
turned swillly, passing twice from one end of the meeting house to the oth- 
er, b(>tween the spectators, and those who were assembled for holy worship ; 
and they, with their wrings extended, soared over the spectators, sounding 
loudly tlic following words: 

Ho, ho ! Hearken all ye people, to the sound of the awakening trumpet ; 
for it shall sound, and mighty power shall roll even to the ends of the earth. 
Some shall be offended when they hear, and others shall rejoice ; but no 
powers of earth or hell shall be able to disannul or make void the word which 
has gone forth from the mouth of the Almighty God; for his bow is bent, 
and who can evade the arrows which are prepared to pierce the hearts of the 
scorner, and of those who desire not the knowledge of his ways ? 

ye generations, lend a listening ear ; and ye who are afar off, consider, 
and slight not the day of your visitation which in mercy is near at hand; 
for the word of the Everlasting is about to sound in your ears. 

From the midst of my Holy Zion, saith the Lord, I will send forth my 
word unto you ; and those who will not suffer it to have place in their hearts, 
but choose rather to walk in their own paths, I will meet in my fury, and 
cause them to drink a full portion of my fierce indignation. For I have 
long borne with the haughtiness of vain man, and suffered him to prosper in 
his folly, till my times and seasons are fulfilled. 

But the time of forbearance hath an end, and it is nigh even at your door; 
therefore, let the wise meditate upon my word, and gather to the place of 
refuge before too late ; for as I live, saith the Lord, I will ere long be known 
among all nations; either in mercy or judgment shall my power be made 
manifest, and not one soul which I have created, shall be left to doubt that 
I, who am invincible in strength, do bear rule in the Heavens, and preside 
over the destinies of man. 

1 will bestow my blessing upon every nation, according to the honor which 
is given to my name, by regarding the lessons of warning which I send 
among them; though the means I make use of, in my wisdom, may be far 
out of their sight, and very debasing to their loftiness and pride. 

Whoso hath ears to hear, let them hear ; for the day of reckoning cometh 
quickly, and blessed shall those be w ho are not found fighting against that 
light which I shall cause to shine into their consciences. 

For powers shall shake and kingdoms rend, high hills shall flee away; 

Through all the earth, from end to end, my sceptre I w ill sway. 

I am the Lord, my word I'll sound, through every land and clime; 

Mercy and judgment shall abound, at my appointed time. 



Surely, my work hasteneth, and wlioso is found worthy to proclaim my 
word to the children of men, shall be glorified, with my holy Prophets and 
martyrs, who have patiently suffered to perform my will ; for though I lead 
them through the fire, yet their garments shall not be scorched, saith the 
Lord; and we, the holy Angels from before his throne, are his witnesses. 

For lo ! from the foundation of the world, we have never seen any put to 
shame, who put their trust in the mighty God of Jacob. 
Then hearken, ye people, as o'er you we fly ; 
The great visitation of God draweth nigh } 
And though through a child He may teach you his way. 
Refuse not to hearken, but wisely obey. 
The mighty Angels now passed on with the same speed in which they 
came, quickly disappearing from my view. 

Inspired Witness, 

Susannah Curtis. 

I here add my testimony concerning the Sacred Roll and Book, which the 
Almighty hath in mercy sent forth for the nations of the earth ; for I do 
know, beyond a doubt, having had sufficient evidence, that it is the word of 
the Lord written by divine inspiration. 

I was born December twenty second, seventeen hundred ninety seven ; 
in the town of Granby, county of Essex and state of Vermont. I was 
sixteen years of age when I embraced the testimony of Christ's second 

Enfield, N. H., June 22, 18-13. Susannah Curtis. 


I can hereby testify to all who may ever read the foregoing Roll and 
Book, that I do know of a truth, that it is the word of the Almighty God, 
sent forth in charity, in loving kindness and in mercy to the nations of the 
earth, that they may, if they will, take warning thereby, and reform their 
lives ; yea, repent and turn from their iniquities, before the just judgments of 
the Almighty God be poured upon them. 

May twenty third, one thousand eight hundred and forty two, a Holy Pro- 
claiming Angel of God sounded these words unto me; The gospel shall go 
forth from Zion to the inhabitants of earth, through instruments of mortal 
clay; and this present generation shall behold it take place in their day and 
time. And although it was not made known to me in what year ; yet I have 
ever felt confident, from that day to this, that I should live to see it, and be 
able to bear witness of the same. 

And furthermore, I have received knowledge from an invisible source, 
that the judgments of God were soon to be poured out upon the inhabitants 
of earth; and that his mighty power would cause them to fear and tremble, 



iiiSDimuh fli:it tlirv <m)ii1(1 not stainl iijxxi tlirir fcot, hut would fall to the 
earth like men in a tield of hattlc ; that they would he filled with distress 
and confusion, and many of the kings of the earth, the great and rich men, 
the chief captains and the mighty men, the bond men and free men, would 
seek to hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains ; and 
would say to the mountains and rocks. Fall on us, and hide us from the face 
of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from his wrath ; for the great day of 
his wrath is come, and who is able to stand ? 

But what is the voice of God to them ? Even this : If ye seek to cover 
your abominations, after ye have heard my warning voice, I will expose you 
to open shame. 

But O vain man ! turn ye, turn ye from your iniquities, from your foul and 
beastly works of darkness, and come forth into light ; enter into the one 
only true and living way, which is the truth and the light. Into this way 
ye must all enter, in order to be justified, and stand in union with Me, the 
Creator of all, who knoweth all things, and will reward every one as their 
works shall be. 

June twenty seventh, one thousand eight hundred and forty two, I heard 
it proclaimed by a mighty Angel, that the time was nigh at hand when Zion 
should appear in full glory : for, said he, Ye are the light of the world. A 
city that is set on a hill cannot be hid ; therefore, let your light shine even 
to the nations of the earth, that they may behold the glory of their Creator. 

Although I am a frail mortal, yet I have received full faith that Christ is 
the anointed of God, and the Savior of all souls who follow him, who, in 
obedience to his teaching, will in the end find complete victory over every 
evil propensity. 

I also know that Christ has made his second appearance on earth, in a 
chosen female known by the name of Ann Lee, and acknowledged by us as 
our blessed Mother in the work of redemption. She, with the help of God 
and her associates, did form a society, which is led by the same spirit that 
Christ manifested in his first appearing, which constitutes it the Church of 
Christ or true people of God. 

I can further testify unto all, that I have heard, from an invisible source, at 
three different times, words concerning the foregoing Roll and Book, that 
God hath purposed to send forth to the nations of the earth. And I know it 
was revealed in mercy, for mortal hand to copy ; and that the writer was in- 
spired by the power of God, through the influence of his mighty Angels. 

I can further testify, that by inspiration I do know that the Roll and Book 
has been copied correctly, as the Mighty Angel did read unto the inspired 
writer ; yea, 1 do know that it has not been done by the will of man or wo- 
man, but by the will of Him that sitteth on the throne. 

For the word of God through an Angel unto me, was as follows: Thus 
saith the Almighty, Wherever this my Roll and Book shall go, there I will 
send my Angels ; and a true record shall be kept of its reception with every 
nation, kindred, tongue and people on the face of the globe. 

Hearken again, O ye people, saith God. If ye refuse this my word unto 
you, or say it is the work of man or woman, I will in my fierce anger, pour 
out my heavy judgments upon you. 



But if ye thankfully receive my word, and labor to understand and live up 
to the same, I will cause light to shine into your souls, till you are able to 
realize every requirement that is contained within the lids of this my Book, 
and receive the promised reward. 

Inspired Witness, 

Mary Fall. 

Perhaps some cavilers may say, How do you know these things ? I an- 
swer; It is because it has been made known to me by the influence of 
Almighty Power, through an Angel, bearing witness of the scenes of heavy 
tribulation which the inspired writer had to pass through, while copying the 
Roll and Book. 

I a]n truly thankful tiiat I have been made a partaker of this saving gos- 
pel, taught by blessed Mother Ann and her faithful successors, through 
whom I have received it. 

Here I have been made welcome to drink at the fountain of life, and have 
been fed with the food of Angels; and in wisdom I have been blessed with 
knowledge and understanding of spiritual tilings, which are far greater to 
me than any of the perishable things of this life. 

To the truth of this testimony I can, at any time, bear witness, if it should 
be required of me. It is firmly grounded by the knowledge I have had in 
this work, and it is that which I never can deny, but will maintain, even to 
the laying down of my life. 

I was born July thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ten ; in the town of Thorn- 
ton, county of Grafton and state of New Hampshire ; and was taken in with 
the people of God, when about seven years of age. 

Enfiekl, N. H. : June 22, 1343. Mary Fall. 


The writer, while in divine worship, July fourth, eighteen hundred and 
forty two, saw a mighty Angel of God, and he spake as follows : I am a holy 
Angel, and the words which I sound forth are truth. For lo, O ye inhabi- 
tants of Zion, the time is near at hand, that this gospel will be sounded to the 
nations of the earth, to awaken them from the slumbers of death. 

And saith the Angel, When the word of the Lord shall go forth from his 
Zion upon earth, to the children of men, then will heavy tribulation and 
suiferings come upon the inhabitants thereof. So be ye prepared to meet 
them ; for the Lord Almighty hath sent forth his Angels of mercy and judg- 
ment, with his word of eternal truth, to pass and re-pass, to view and review 
the inhabitants of the earth. 

Therefore, I again say. Prepare, O prepare, ye indwellers of Zion ; for 
now is your day, your precious time to gain a durable treasure, that which 
will abide with you, that which will be a strength and support to your im- 
mortal souls, when trying scenes shall roll on. Treasure freely of the sacred 



givitigs of (lod your llravcMily Father, wliile ll»j docs so abiiiulaiitly shower 
his bh.'ssings upon you, that ye may have wJicrewith to leed tlie poor and 
luingry souls who will yet cry to you for help and strength. 

Again, some time in the month of November, one thousand eight hundred 
and forty two, while in the worship of God, I saw a mighty Angel who ap- 
^)eared like a flaming fire; and he had in his right hand a large shining Roll. 
He passed through the room three or four times, back and forth, holding out 
the Roll as he passed. 

He then came towards me and said, O thou little one of mortality, look 
and behold what the Lord hath done for the inhabitants of the earth; for 
from Zion shall his law go forth even unto every nation, tongue and people 
that dwell thereon, that she may be delivered from the heavy burden of 
sin and iniquity under which she now lies ; and God is about to make Him- 
self known to her inhabitants who are groping in sin and darkness, who 
knov/ not God, neither have learned his holy way. 

But He hath decreed that the children of men should know that there is 
a God, who is able to stain the pride of all flesh, and lay low the haughti- 
ness of vain mortals ; and that He has given suflicient power in this day of 
Christ's second appearing, to save every soul that will comply with his ofi'ers 
of mercy, in the order that He Himself has prepared and made plain before 
them. The Angel now ceased speaking. 

I greatly feared the Angel would bid me take the Roll to write ; for I felt 
that it contained weighty matters, and was more than 1 was able to perform. 
After a little time the Angel disappeared from my view. 

May fourth, eighteen hundred and forty three, while assembled in our sa- 
cred place of worship, I saw four mighty Angels who attended the reading 
of the Sacred Roll ; and they had in their right hands a large trumpet, re- 
sembling very bright silver; and in their left, a golden sceptre of truth. 
They turned in every direction, and sounded through their trumpets very 
loud and powerful ; in the mean time holding out their golden sceptres of 
truth as they turned. After they had finished sounding, they spoke in one 
united voice, as follows : 

We are the holy witnessing Angels of the living God, and thus has the 
Lord Jehovah, who knoweth all things in Heaven and on earth, whose arm 
of mercy and judgment is stretched out to all the inhabitants thereof, caused 
this his sacred and saving word, to be correctly written by mortal hand, 
through heavy sufferings and deep tribulation, for the perusal of the nations 
of the earth ; that they may know his word and law, which will prove a sa- 
vor of life unto life to those who hearken and obey the same, and of death 
unto death to the disobedient and rebellious. 

The Angels now vanished out of my sight. 

Inspired Witness, 

Rebecca Robinson. 

Feeling it a duty which God requires of me, I freely add my testimony as 
a witness , for all who may read the foregoing sacred pages. 

I can testify, and that beyond a doubt, by what I have seen and felt, that 



this Sacred Roll was handed forth from God by his holy Angels, and correct- 
ly written under the divine inspiration of the power of God, and Him alone. 

To this I will ever stand; and this I will maintain and support, even to 
the laving down of my natural life. Yea, this I would do under the most 
excruciating tortures, if my God required it, rather than deny the laie mani- 
festation and work of God ; for I know it is of Him, and will forever stand. 

Enfield, N. H.; June 22, 184:3. Rebecca Robinson. 

Born March 31, A. D. 1812; in SpringjieM^ county of SnJHvan, state of 
JVeio Hampshire ; and was o/Imitfrd into the Vnitrrl Snrictii in Evficlil^ J\'. H. 
A. n. 1826. 


The City of Portland, county of Cumberland and state of Maine, was my 
native place ; I was born May second, eighteen hundred and fifteen, and 
was received into the United Society in July, eighteen hundred and twenty 
two, where I have ever since lived, and of which I am a member. And 
having witnessed and tested, by many years experience, the effects of obedi- 
ence to, and having gained full confidence and an unshaken faith in the pres- 
ent testimony of the gospel of Christ, in which he has the second time 
appeared, without sin vmto full and free salvation, which was immutably 
established by the revelation, power and gift of God, in and through his 
chosen witnesses in this favored land of freedom and liberty, and having 
been made partaker of its benign and saving influence, I can with full confi- 
dence testify of the same. 

That God has of late opened the spiritual avenues from the invisible to 
the visible world, by which the heavenly host have been brought nigh; and 
that He hath, through this means, poured out his spirit and power in a most 
wonderful and marvelous manner among this peculiar people, evidently to 
prepare them for some great and mighty event of his will, operating by 
tongues, signs, visions, juophecies, inspiration and revelation, is a fact estab- 
lished beyond all doubt or equivocation in my mind, having been in some 
degree a subject of it ; for what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard, 
and what has been made plain and evident to my senses by the power of 
God, I never can dispute or deny. And that these gifls have been and still 
are clearly and plainly demonstrated beyond a doubt, I can, with many oth- 
ers, boldly and confidently bear witness; for "We are witnesses of these 
things; and 50 is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given us." 

And this wonderful display of Almighty power, is a sure evidence that 
God is about to commence a new era with mankind ; for here hath He es- 
tablished the law and order of grace, of his new and spiritual kingdom ; and 
now is the mystery finished, and his kingdom in its fullness revealed, and 
Zion is immutably established on earth. 

Therefore, it is obvious, agreeable to divine prediction, that from hence 
must proceed the word and law of God to the nations botli afar off and near. 



And this is drnionstratod in tlin Sacrod Roll and Book to tlio nations of tlio 
earth, which I l)oli«'Vc to be the sacrod word of the Lord God of Heaven 
and oartli, as ninch as any part of the writings of the ancient Prophets or 
Apostles, contained in the Old or New Testament; and the same power that 
influenced them to write, inspired the mortal writer and guided the pen of 
him who wrote this holy and sacred word ; and I unhesitatingly declare my 
faith in the same, that it is not the work or device of mortals, but the merci- 
ful condescension of an Almighty God to his frail creature man. 

And I solemnly and conscientiously testify, in the fear of God, to all wlio 
may see or hear this testimony, that I never will deny the present display of 
God's holy power, or the word of his Sacred Roll ; nor renounce my faith 
in this everlasting gospel, whatever may be the result of its promulgation ; 
but will boldly and confidently support and stand in defence of the same, 
and in support of what I have written, to the utmost extent of my feeble 
abilities, and seal the same with my blood if so required, and suilered by my 
God. In confirmation whereof I hereunto sign my name this twenty third 
day of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty three. 

Kew Gloucester^ county of Cumber- ^ Otis Sawyer. 

land and state of Maine. 


The town of Colebrook, county of Coos and state of New Hampshire, was 
the place of my nativity j I was born August twenty eighth, one thousand 
and eight hundred. I came with my parents to live with the United Society 
in this place, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve, where I 
have remained until the present time. 

Having gained a measure of understanding in the present testimony of 
Christ's second appearing, and having full faith and a firm belief that this is 
the only true way of God, I feel free to declare my faith to all men, concern- 
ing this people, and concerning the strange work that is going on among 
them; for it is a strange and marvelous work in the eyes of mankind. 

This is the Church that was spoken of by the Prophets in ancient days, 
that was to be established in the latter day when the true worship and gifts 
of God were to be restored. The same power that inspired the Prophets of 
God among the children of Israel, and which caused them to sound forth 
and write God's word to that nation, and to the nations of the earth, causes, 
or inspires his chosen ones in this day, to sound forth or write his word to 
this Church, and to the nations of the earth at the present time. Yea, that 
same power that operated upon the Apostles at the day of Pentecost, and 
which caused them to break forth in tongues and speak as the spirit gave 
them utterance, has been these few years past, and still is, operating among 
the children of Zion ; although in a more remarkable manner in the gift of 

I feel full confidence in declaring the same, because I have fell that same 



power operating upon my own soul, and upon my mortal body, and have 
been an eye and ear witness of the same, with many others. 1 believe the 
Sacred Roll and Book that is to be sent forth to the nations of the earth, is 
the word of the Lord to the inhabitants thereof, and is in great mercy and 
condescension sent forth to mankind, in due season, in the order of God's 
providence, that they may know his mind and will, and turn to Him and 
live ; for as He liath declared, He hath no pleasure in the death of the 

Thus I have stated, in a few words, my faith in the present work of God 
and display of his power; and it is that which I own, and will ever main- 
tain to the laying down of ray natural life, if so required ; yea, though per- 
secution should rage and deep tribulation roll on, yet I will not deny my 
Lord and Savior; for he that is not willing to suffer with him, is not wor- 
thy to reign with him. In witness whereof I subscribe my name this twen- 
ty eighth day of August, eighteen hundred and forty three. 

Alfred, county of York and ) Merrill Bailey. 

state of Maine. ) 


I was born in the town of Shapleigh, county of York and state of Maine, 
October twelfth, eighteen hundred and eight ; and have lived with Believers 
twenty two years. And my faith being firmly established in the gift and rev- 
elation of God, and gospel of Christ, in his second appearing, I esteem it 
a duty and privilege to bear witness to the same, and to the display of heav- 
enly and divine gifts, witii which, of late, this people have been so abun- 
dantly blessed. 

I can with confidence declare this to be the only true way of God, and 
the pure gospel of Christ, or He would never have blessed them to such an 
extent, with the gifts of the Holy spirit, of visions, tongues and revelation, 
and in many and various ways, to purify and cleanse his chosen people from 
the nature of sin. All who walk in obedience to his revealed will, and the 
established order of his Zion on earth, have tasted of the good word of God 
and the powers of the world to come. 

This I have received, and this I am not ashamed to assert and witness to 
at any time. I have felt and witnessed the operation of God's power in this 
late manifestation, which has caused souls to break forth into sublime songs 
of the New Jerusalem, and speak for Angels and Ministering spirits of God, 
to the delight and astonishment of every beholder. 

And having been thus blessed and noticed of God, to partake of his saving 
gospel, I feel under the greatest obligation to be faithful and true to my trust. 
I will ever stand as a true witness to the sacred word of God, now about to 
be sent forth to the nations of the earth, so long as I am blessed with my 
right reason, and remain on the shores of time. In testimony whereof I 
hereunto subscribe my name, this twenty eighth day of August, eighteen 
hundred and forty three. 

Alfred^ state of Maine. Lydia Nowell. 



At nine o'l'lock k^abhatl) evening, April eighteenth, eighteen hundred furty 
tliree, the Prophet Zephani.iJi gave nie a wliite marble Box, wherein he said 
was a Roll and Book. 

Not knowing what the Propliet intended for me to do with the box, I re- 
tired to my room, where I intended to examine it ; but had not time to do 
this, before the prophet told me the box must be given to the Holy Anointed 
of this place, and by them conveyed to Holy Ground, or Canterbury, N, H., 
where it would be opened and the contents of the Roll and Book clearly 

July eighteenth, as I was about to copy what I had received from the 
prophet, suddenly there appeared a bright ligiit passing and re-passing before 
me, and these words followed, spoken by a holy Angel : 

The box which the prophet gave you, was to you a sealed box; and would 
have remained so, had you retained it longer; for the time had not fully 
come for you to know what the Roll and Book contained. But now it hath 
been sounded in your ears, and made plain to your understanding; for it was 
never intended from the beginning, that this great and all-wise purpose 
should be veiled in mystery. 

But know ye, it has been through the prayers and intercessions of Angels 
and purified spirits in Heaven, thattliis Sacred Roll and Book has been sent 
forth for the nations of the earth ; and th it it has caused much tribulation 
and sufferings of soul to be felt, by many of the inhabitants of Zion on 
earth ; but the end of sufferings will not fully come, until all have had an 
offer of this soul-saving gospel, taught by Christ and your ever blessed Moth- 
er Ann Lee. 

Many of the holy Angels have already gone forth to the earth, to awaken 
souls to a sense of their lost state, and to prepare them for the ushering in 
of this great and glorious work ; and many there are who will embrace it in 
sincerity of heart. 

This word of eternal truth will not return void, but will prove a savor of 
life unto life, or of death unto death. So let all those who have been made 
partakers of the heavenly and divine revelations and manifestations of God, 
which have been sent forth from time to time, look well to their goings; for 
his judgments are already determined upon the disobedient and rebellious, 
who seek to do their own wills, rather than subject themselves to the will of 
God their Heavenly Father. 

But those who fear God and keep his commandments, will be objects of 
his peculiar delight; and when his judgments are abroad in the earth. He 
will hide them as in the hollow of his hand ; yea. He will stretch forth his 
arm of love to protect them, r.nd none shall be able to turn it aside. 

Inspired Witness, 

Lavina p. McIntire. 

I was born March twenty eighth, eighteen hundred and seven, in the 
town of New Portland, Franklin county and state of Maine. When at the 



age often years, my parents placed me under the cure of the United Society of 
BeJievers, where I have remained from that time to this, it being about twen- 
ty six years. Although I was young, yet in obedience to what I was taught, 
I found salvation from sin. 

I can with confidence and sincerity of soul, declare unto all who may 
hereafter read this, that in obedience to the doctrine and principles of Christ, 
taught by the leading influence of this Society, I have found the way of life 
and salvation, and do know it is the only way, whereby any soul can find 
acceptance with God, and an entrance into his pure and peaceable kingdom ; 
for it is founded on the divine revelation of God, and has been by Him sus- 
tained, from the commencement of it unto the present time. 

Although the mighty power of God has of late, been displayed in a mar- 
velous and wonderful manner, in the gift of revelation, inspiration and proph- 
ecy, yet it is only an increase of the same light and power, which has char- 
acterized this church ever since it was first established in this favored land. 
It is no doubt a strange work, and marvelous in the sight of the world ; but 
it is nevertheless true. I know, and can confidently assert that I have felt 
and witnessed the power of God, and that He has blessed this people with 
the gifts of the Holy Spirit in various ways and manners, and that in this He 
has more plainly and fully revealed his will, than in any preceding dispen- 

My faith is firmly established in this gospel, and in the revelation of God ; 
and I do solemnly declare that I will stand in defence and support of the 
same, and maintain the principles of this pure and holy faith to the end of 
my days. 

New Gloucester, Maine, August 2.3, 1843. Lavina P. McIntire. 


On the morning of the eighteenth of September, eighteen hundred and 
forty two, as I was busily engaged in my usual occupation, I heard a sudden 
noise like that of a strong wind, and rain beating powerfully upon the house. 
I quickly arose and passed along towards the window, and observed that the 
natural elements were all calm and still ; but I cannot describe or paint on 
paper that which I saw and felt. The heavenly music which I heard, and 
the bright Angels which I saw, took every natural thing from my viev.-, and 
ray soul was swallowed up in adoration and love to God. 

A mighty Angel advanced towards me, holding in one hand a Book, and 
in the other a large Roll. I was about to turn away from the sight, for fear 
of some further requirement, when the holy Angel spake to me as follows : 
Stop, and behold the w^ork of the Lord your God, and me the holy Angel 
who am shod with Eternal Truth, and in whom is no darkness at all; for my 
dwelling is before the throne of God, and I am scut forth unto the Zion of 
God, to proclaim his power and to sound forth h\^ word of solemn warning 
unto the nations of the earth. 


apim:nuix to the 

Look yo ;in;l Ncliold iliis ]{oll, aiul f!io seals tl)c;r(;o!i, wJiicli tlio Lord your 
God doth purpose, in liis own due time, (wliich time is nigli even at your 
doors,) to open, publish and send abroad unto tlic inliabitants of the earth; 
so bow exceeding low, all ye indwellers of Zion, and seek to obey and strict- 
ly keep the laws of your God, and in so doing receive the blessing of 

The Angel then disaj)peared from my sight, and I saw nor heard any thing 
more concerning the Roll, until on the morning of the eighteenth of January, 
eighteen hundred and forty three, while I was engaged in my morning du- 
ties, I heard a sound as of continued shouting, which sounded very heavenly 
and melodious, and I was deeply struck with the solemn fear of God. I 
saw nothing at first; but this shouting, or melodious sound, apparently drew 
nearer and nearer, until it took my whole sensation. 

I looked and beheld a bright band of Angels, and many good and happifi- 
ed spirits ; they were unitedly marching in regular order through our door- 
yard and dwellings; and as they marched towards me, I saw the great and 
powerful Angel of the Lord, holding or bearing the Roll which spread far 
and wide ; (the length and breadth I did not exactly know.) 

Then spake the Holy Angel these words unto me : Know thou that I am 
an holy proclaiming Angel of the Lord, and the same Angel, holding the 
same Roll in my hand which I plainly showed unto thee four months ago 
this very day, which is now unsealed, opened and revealed in the Zion of 
God on earth, by the will, word and command of God your Heavenly Father 
and is speedily preparing to go abroad in the world. 

And his Angels are already sent, passing and re-passing from Heaven to 
earth, and from earth to Heaven ; for the inhabitants of earth have strayed 
far from their God, and their filthy abominations have come up before Him, 
and his cup of indignation is filled to overflowing for the same, unless they 
return unto his righteous law. But the mercy and charity of the Lord your 
God is unboundedly great towards his creature man ; for in his own will and 
time, doth He purpose to extend this, his Roll and word of solemn warning 
unto the children of earth, that they may learn to fear Him, and to square 
their lives by his unerring word, and in so doing appease his anger, and en- 
joy his parental blessing and protection. 

And for this, his notice unto poor fallen man, the Angels in Heaven do 
greatly rejoice, and holy spirits do sing with joy and thanksgiving around 
the throne of God and the Lamb, in shouts and in songs of victory over the 
beast and his image, and are continually bowing around his throne, implor- 
ing that the mercy and forgiveness of God may be extended unto poor frail 
mortals, and his true light shine forth into their hearts, to cause them to de- 
sist from doing evil, and learn to do good to their own souls, and do unto 
others, even as they would that others should do imto them. 

Inspired Witness, 

Sophia F. Mace. 

I know, and hereby testify and bear witness unto the solemn work and 
revelation of God, now going on throughout Zion : for it is that which I 
have seen, felt and known ; and by my own experience do I testify unto 


the same ; for I would sooner give up my natural life, than to deny this, if I 
were called so to do. 

And I furthermore testify, and bear witness with boldness and with confi- 
dence, before God and all people, that the solemn and weighty Roll, which 
the Lord God hath caused to be written by divine revelation, is not the in- 
vention of man or of woman ; but the unalterable word of the Lord God, 
and that by which every soul must finally be judged. 

New Gloucester, Maine, July 17, IS43. Sophia F. Mace. 

Bor7i January 5, 1819; in the town of Strong, conntij of Franklin and 
state of Maine; teas gaihered into the United Society at JVeic Gloucester^ in 
the year 1835. 



Thussaith the Spirit; O my children, unite your souls as the heart of one, 
and move forward with the increasing work of God. Marvelous and great 
are the mysteries revealed in this your day ; for truly the Lord hath made 
known his will apd word to his people on earth, and will declare the same 
to all nations and people, in his own time. 

Marvel not, though I tell you I have been a witness of the holy word of 
God revealed to mortal clay, which must shortly be given to the rulers of 
the land, and to the nations afar off.* 

But know ye, when a living testimony hath gone forth from Zion, then 
shall tribulation be fully realized among God's chosen people ; therefore, 
stand ye firm and strong, and fear not what an unbelieving v/orld may inflict 
upon you. But keep ye low and quiet; stand firm and unshaken, amidst 
storms and tribulation, for the holy hand of God will cover and protect his 
chosen, from every harm; Zion shall flourish, bloom and grow, like a well 
watered garden ; her beauty and glory shall spread far and wide ; and many 
shall flock to her peaceful borders, to learn the holy way of righteousness. 

Then O ye children, how necessary it is, that you keep your stores full, 
and your souls well supplied with the beautiful gifts of God ; for they will 
adorn the soul with heavenly beauty and glory ; yea, and your light shall 
shine forth as the morning sun; and all who behold it shall say. Behold the 
light and glory of Zion ! the beautiful City of God, where dwell peace and 
righteousness, abounding with the blessings of Heaven forevermore. 

Now, saith the spirit, I have not much to say at this time, but I have a 
little anthem which 1 will give you ; that you may know that the Lord is 
visiting the earth, in mercy and in judgment. 


Lo, the Angel of the Lord is swiftly flying over the earth ; sounding, 

* The inspired writer had no knowledge of this Roll and Book, only by divine revela- 
tion, at the time the above was written. 


sounding throngh his lioly trumpet, saviufr, Uvnr, O lioar yc my warnini; 
voice ! For lo, tlic God of Heaven, clothed with miglit and power, is descend- 
ing in mercy and in judgment; and He will smite the inhabitants of the 
earth with sore and heavy jndgtucntrf, for the wickedness th(>reof is very 

Then, O ye children of his holy name; O ye se ve'se, le'no voo', be ye 
lowly ; for the humble, the holy and pure, shall abide in the day of God's 
visitation ; for they are his faithful servants, marked with his holy name. 

Then fear ye not, ye lovely chosen of your God ; for ye shall be as an en- 
sign lifted up, and as a banner of pure light ; for, saith the Lord, whose 
ways are just and true, I will be your God, and ye shall be my O' le an sa 
voo', and my ce les' ta, li la va'. I will guide and comfort you, through all 
scenes of tribulation, and you shall be the jewels of my holy love, and the 
glory of my righteous name, protected by my holy hand forevermore. 


Read by a Holy Angel and copied by inspiration, at Union Village, Warren 
county, Ohio, June 26, 1843; as an evidence of the truth and correctness of 
the Great Roll, ivhich was icritten in his own name for the nations of the 
earth : and which has been correctly copied through deep tribulation, by a mor- 
tal Instrument of God's otvn choosing, at the Holy Mount. 

I AM that I AM. Before Me there was not, and above Me there is none; 
And behold, out of my mouth has gone forth my everlasting commandment, 
and the word of Eternal Truth; to which no mortal clay shall add, neither 
shall they diminish, unless they are anointed of my Holy Spirit and com- 
manded so to do. 

For I have spoken it in my wisdom, according as 1 have intended; and 
let no one that is ever blessed with a privilege of reading or hearing this 
Sacred Word of mine, suffer themselves to cavil, or yield to an unbelieving 
spirit, and do\ibt of its divine origin. 

I say, be careful that you do not suifer yourselves to harbor such feelings; 
for great will be the blasphemy of all such as do this; and sore will be my 
judgments that shall fall upon them, to humble them low to the dust, till 
they shall know that I am the holy and righteous God of Zion, against 
whom no man shall raise his voice, or put forth his hand, and prosper ; but 
every soul shall bow before Me, in low humiliation, and bend their knees in 
humble prayer; and with their own tongues confess in the presence of my 
witnesses, the evils which they have done, or never see my kingdom in 

I will deal with every soul in righteousness, according to their works; and 
blessed shall be the humble soul, that will come at the call of mercy, and 
bow down to seek a place in my holy Zion ; and noc wait to be driven by 
judgments, to seek a refuge and a hiding place. 

For lo, in the day when the earth shall be visited with famine and desola- 
tion, and many sore judgments which I will send ; and when my holy An- 
gels shall blow their trumpets like many mighty thunders, to awaken those 



who are resting in their sins, then shall the nations of the earth tremble and 
be sore afraid; and they will call on the rocks and mountains to cover them, 
and hide them from the face of the Almighty- 

I call on thee, O Zion, to keep my holy laws and commandments, without 
the least deviation from the true spirit of the gospel ; also to walk low and 
humbly, and pray to Me, by night and day ; for in times of my own appoint- 
ing, I will send exceeding heavy sufferings upon you ; that I may in truth call 
you my well tried and beloved few, and that you may be true examples of 
patience and meekness to all who come to learn the way of peace and 

And more than this, I do require you to be so prepared, that you can stand 
united in one spirit, steadfast as the rock of ages, and keep your faith firm 
and unshaken, although you may be called to suffer imprisonment, banish- 
ment, and many other cruel nnd barbarous things, whidi the wicked may 
inflict upon you. 

But remember, my beloved few, if you will keep my holy way, and cry 
to Me in meekness and humiliation, with one spirit and one mind, desiring 
Me to help you to endure, I will not leave nor forsake you ; but in all that 
you bear for righteousness' sake, I will be with you, and my hand shall be 
as the strength of thousands in your defence. Yea, I will watch over the 
lambs of my fold, and will protect my heritage, and rescue them from dan- 
ger, so that not one upright soul shall be lost. 

When I had written my Word for the nations of the earth, I called certain 
of my Angels, and read it in their hearing; and they bowed and said. Amen 
to what thou hast written, O Lord ; But who shall reveal it to mortals.^ for 
great indeed is the weight which it doth bring. 

Then I chose from among the Angels, one of the most holy, and clothed 
the same with my spirit ; and told him to go to the Holy Mount, where 
dwell my Daughter's first-born, and, as soon as he could, to show it to some 
of my instruments there ; and according as I commanded the Angel, so was 
it done, and the Angel returned to Me with the Roll, to wait for the time, 
that what was therein contained should be revealed. 

And when the Angel returned, I was troubled, because of the heavy 
sufferings and deep tribulation which I knew it would bring upon my peo- 
ple ; both in preparing it for the nations of the earth, and from what would 
take place after it was spread abroad. 

But now my spirit rejoices, to see that my word is correctly copied ; and 
that it is owned and blessed by my Holy Anointed, as far as it has been 
made known. And I do truly desire that every branch of my holy house 
may lend a liberal hand in the expense of preparing my word for the na- 
tions and kindreds of the earth; and you shall not be the losers, but your 
reward shall be double what you give. 

I do also desire that each and every one would carefully and wisely con- 
sider their present day and calling, and labor to walk according to it. For 
if you are ever so faithful, you cannot be too well prepared for days to 
come, in which you will see much tribulation, and many heavy trials. 

I have, for some time past, been careful to warn all my people to prepare ; 


for I would surely do a great work in the cartii, through which no soul would 
be able to stand, and find favor in my sight, but such as would hearken to my 
warnings. And now, as the time is drawing very near, and is even at the 
door, I say, Blessed are ye that have hearkened to my warnings, and have 
kept my commandments ; for it shall be well with you : And those who have 
not done this, must bear the reward of their own labor, and feast upon such 
fruit as they have gathered. 

For I have been merciful to all, and sent repeated and timely ^warnings; 
that all who had done wrong, and wandered from the path, might have time 
to see their own state, repent and come down, where they could find 
their union and relation to Me, by obedience to the order which I have estab- 
lished for the protection and safe-going of my people. 

Now I say unto all who love my ways, and walk in them ; Fear not the 
slanders of the wicked, nor the reproach of the ungodly ; for my holy Zion 
shall sit as a Queen, and feast on the good of her labors, while those who 
will not obey my voice, shall perish in the dust. 

Great and marvelous is the work which I will do before the eyes of many, 
who are now living; therefore I say. Prepare, and do not delay the time, for 
you know not the day or hour in which I will do my work, and bring to pass 
that which I have promised by the word of my mouth. And lest you should 
be like the unbelieving Jews, I say again, Prepare, O prepare ! and do not de- 
lay the time, till it is too late. 

This Seal I give unto you, my beloved and"well tried servants, as an evi- 
dence, and a warning to my people to prepare for the great day of my visita- 
tion among the nations and kingdoms of the earth; which will deeply inter- 
est every faithful child of my holy house upon earth. 

Inspired writer of the two foregoing communications, 

Union Village^ Warren county^ ) Mary Ann Jennings. 

state of Ohio. 5 


In confirmation of the sacred word of this holy Roll and Book, we, the 
undersigned, do hereby certify and declare before all men, that we have full 
confidence in what is herein stated, and that the word thereof has been writ- 
ten by and through the influence of that same Power divine, and holy Spirit 
of eternal truth and revelation, which caused the Prophets of old, and the 
Apostles of Jesus Christ to write the sacred pages of that holy Book, (the 
Bible,) so universally acknowledged by the enlightened nations of the earth, 
to be the true and holy word of God. 

And we furthermore declare, that we have not only been eye and ear wit- 
nesses of the out-pourings of the holy spirit of God, by gifts of divine inspi- 
ration and revelation in this our day ; but we have been active subjects of 
this holy work and power, and have felt, existing in our souls, the same 
spirit and infusion of divine power which has caused us to move in obedience 


to, and in communion with the saints and Angels of God, in testifying and 
bearing witness to his holy words of truth and righteousness. 

And we hesitate not to say, that we have an internal evidence of the gift 
of divine revelation, and of the reality of this holy influence existing in the 
soul, and many times manifested by operating upon the mortal body, that it is 
of God, and originated from no other source whatever. And we would as 
soon doubt our natural existence, as to doubt, or in any wise disbelieve the 
gift of divine revelation, now existing in the true Church of Christ. 

We therefore solemnly and coescientiously testify and declare, whatever 
may be the consequences, that we have full faith in the word recorded in the 
foregoing pages of this holy Book, and do hereby cheerfully and voluntarily 
subscribe our names as instruments in the holy work of God, in this day of 
Christ's Second Coming. 
May 4, 1843. 

Susan H. Whitcher. Elmira Allard. 

Lydia M. Chase. Phebe Atwood. 

Dorothy Ann Durgin. Roselinda Allard. 


The work of Eternal Power and Wisdom is incomprehensible to man ; it 
is indeed far above all mortal commendation. But if the testimony of mor- 
tal man can be of any avail, in calling the serious and solemn attention of 
his fellow mortals to the sacred and holy word of the Almighty Creator of 
Heaven and earth, for their own salvation, then it is obviously his duty to 
give it, if in his power. 

As mortal witnesses may indeed have some weight on the minds of their 
fellow mortals, I feel perfectly willing to cast in my mite for that purpose, 
and consider it my duty and privilege to extend the testimony of my faith 
and confidence in the work of God, as far as lies in my power; and I trust 
that this my testimony will not be entirely useless to the readers of this Sa- 
cred Book, and doubt not those of my former acquaintance will appreciate it 
according to its merits. 

Having carefully examined this work in the manuscript of the inspired 
writer, I am fully and firmly convinced that the work is of God, that it is a 
visible display of his infinite mercy and goodness to man; and believing it 
will be under his Divine blessing and protection, and trusting to the guid- 
ance of his Holy Spirit, I will give such testimony as I can maintain in life 
and in death, and such as I can willingly meet at the bar of God in the eter- 
nal world. 

I am now nearly seventy six years of age, and it is almost forty five years 
since I embraced this blessed gospel of Christ's second appearing, which 
was about eighteen years after its promulgation in America, in the year sev- 
enteen hundred and eighty. About ten years previous to my coming into 
this Society, I was connected with various literary institutions, and for a 


iHiinhtT of yciirs u.isj cniployod in to.iching a i»uljlic school. My crnploy- 
mcTit in llu! i?oci(.>ty now is, and for many y(3ars has been in tlie capacity of 
Secretary and Clerk. In tl.<is capacity I consider it my duty and privilege to 
employ my faculties for the benefit of the Society, and for the promotion of 
God's holy work; and in this 1 feel myself under Jiis divine blessing. 

My long privilege and extensive acquaintance v/ith the people in the vari- 
ous branches of this communion, have given me sufficient opportunities of 
acquiring a full knowledge of the principles and practice of the Society in 
uU its departments, both spiritual and temporal. And I can truly say with 
all confidence, that for strict morality, practical piety, and true godliness, 
there is not another such community of Christians existing on earth. 

During the last five years, there has been the greatest work of God 
wrought among the inhabitants of all the Societies in this communion, both 
in the eastern and western states, that was ever wrought on earth since the 
fall of man. These assertions may appear doubtful to some, and probably 
incredible to many; but they are true, and will yet be confirmed to millions. 

The wonderful work of God which took place in the days of the Apostles, 
when the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven upon the assembly of christ- 
ian Believers, at the day of Pentecost, has ever been considered as a mar- 
velous display of divine power, which then excited the astonishment of those 
who were eye and ear witnesses of the remarkable events of that day. And 
these events are still considered by the common professors of Christianity, as 
the greatest manifestation of spiritual power tiiat has ever taken place since 
that memorable period. 

But let it be considered, that the work of God is an increasing work; and 
although a long night of darkness succeeded the falling away of the primi- 
tive Church, which overshadowed the natural world for many ages; yet in 
the spiritual world, where the spirits of darkness could not prevail, the 
work of God has not been stationary, but has been constantly increasing, 
from one degree to another, even from the beginning; and ever will contin- 
ue to increase, through the endless ages of eternity. 

Therefore, every new dispensation of the grace of God, must and does 
exceed the preceding. The apostolic gifts, and the work of that day, ex- 
ceeded the dispensation of Moses, with all its legal restrictions and ceremo- 
nies of types and shadows; though not altogether so obvious to the natural 
senses of fallen man. So does the work of God in this day, and under the 
present dispensation of the gospel of Christ's second appearing, far exceed 
the apostolic dispensation, though unseen by, and unknown to a lost and 
unbelieving world. 

However doubtful this may appear to many ; yet those who are in the 
work, and see and feel its effects, can no more doubt it than they can doubt 
that the light of the sun far out-shines that of the moon. 

Some will probably be ready to impute our strong language and confident 
assertions to enthusiasm. But the true followers of Christ are no enthusi- 
asts ; they are not exalted in imagination, and raised in spirit, as on eagles' 
wings, to the third Heavens, fancying themselves superior to the rest of their 
fellovv mortals; but far from it. Indeed they consider themselves no better 



by nature than the rest of mankind. All that distinguishes them from oth- 
ers, is what the gospel of Christ has done for them, in consequence of their 
faithful obedience to it. 

Therefore they are not high-minded nor self-exalted ; but a calm, consid- 
erate and steady people, clothed in the spirit of meekness and lowliness of 
heart, and feel their daily dependence on the condescending mercy and good- 
ness of their Heavenly Father, for their protection against evil, and for their 
blessing and prosperity in the gospel of their Lord and Savior. They feel 
themselves, in reality, but as little children in Christ; learning of him the 
blessed way of salvation from a fallen, sinful nature ; and though poor in 
spirit, and despised by a vain, ungodly world, yet they are not of the world : 
for their Savior hath chosen them out of the world, and hath declared, say- 
ing, If ye were of the world, the world would love its own ; but I have 
chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. 

But every faithful and honest hearted soul is truly of that class of Believ- 
ers who have forsaken all for Christ's sake and the gospel's, and have, ac- 
cording to his promise, received a hundred fold of the blessings of this life; 
and they have no doubt, if they continue faithful, that they shall receive 
eternal life in the world to come. Indeed the truly faithful, who have gained 
a fruitful travel in the gospel, daily feel the spirit of eternal life increasing 
and growing in their own souls, which feels infinitely more precious and 
important to them, than the momentary enjoyments of time. 

The mighty manifestations of God to his chosen people, are truly wonder- 
ful, very wonderful ; far beyond any thing ever before revealed on earth. It 
has often seemed as though the Heavens and earth had come together, and 
that we were in reality, surrounded by the heavenly hosts ; yet those heav- 
enly and divine manifestations, with which we have so often been favored, 
are not understood by tlie world of mankind ; nor can they understand them ex- 
cept by revelation from God, or faith in the testimony of his appointed agents. 

The word of the Almighty, contained in the preceding pages, one would 
suppose, might carry conviction to every soul that reads it, that it is indeed 
the word of God, and not of man. Though the societies in the various 
branches of this communion, have been, from time to time, greatly favored 
with divine messages, for the benefit of the people ; yet this is the first which 
has been given, during the present season of inspired manifestations, with 
Divine authority to publish it to the world of mankind. 

Many of the youth, both male and female, in all the societies of this com- 
munion, have been blessed with gifts of divine inspiration, as were the 
prophets of old. Indeed, they have often been inspired by the spirits of the 
ancient prophets, and by many other departed spirits, and also by the Angels 
of Heaven, to convey divine messages to the society, to families and individ- 
uals. And it is worthy of remark, that the principle instruments chosen by 
Divine Wisdom, to convey these sacred messages to their respective socie- 
ties and families, v,'ere such as have been taken into the community in child- 
hood, and are mostly classed among the youth, and have had nothing more 
than a common school education. 

Even the inspired individual who wrote the preceding pages from the 
Almighty, as they were read to him by a holy Angel of the Lord, was taken 


into tlie Society vvlit'ii a ciiild uiulcr seven years of age, and has received 
but an ordinary education, from a common scliool in tliis Society ; and 
though capable of committing liis ideas to paper, he is not what is usually 
called a correct writer of the English language ; and he knows no other. 

Perhaps some may be ready to inquire, why such youthful ones were se- 
lected to receive these divine messages, and convey them to the Society, 
instead of the more aged and experienced members? To which I answer; 
Because God, in his infinite wisdom, chose such as were young and inexpe- 
rienced, whose honesty and integrity would be less liable to the suspicion 
of fraud, by an unbelieving world, than those more advanced in years, that 
his Almighty power and wisdom might be more clearly manifested, and show 
with greater certainty, that it was, in truth, the work of God, and not of 

It is Vr'cll known throughout all the societies in this communion, both in 
the eastern and western states of the American Union, that though many of 
these youthful instruments of divine inspiration were, in many instances, per- 
sonly unknown to each other ; yet their inspired communications, in their 
nature and spirit, are found to be in perfect accordance, one with another, 
and with the doctrines of the gospel taught by our heavenly Parents, and 
practiced throughout this communion. Even the same sacred truths, in sub- 
stance, have, in some instances, been communicated at the same time by dif- 
ferent individuals, entirely unknown to each other ; and no possible chance, 
at the time, for any correspondence between them. 

When tiiese things are known and considered, I feel confident that no can- 
did person, who is desirous to know the truth, could witness these circum- 
stances, and hear these communications from the mouths of the youthful 
speakers, without readily admitting that the work is of God, and that their 
words are the words of divine inspiration ; and surely none but obstinate un- 
believers and determined infidels would attempt to controvert it. 

As the word of the Lord God of Heaven and earth contained in the pre- 
ceding pages, speaks for itself, and is confirmed by so many inspired and 
faithful witnesses, and by such angelic and divine testimonies from Heaven, 
I will merely add, that I have not the least shadow of a doubt, that this word 
is in reality what it purports to be, "j? Hohj^ Divine and Sacred Roll and 
Book;' emanating from the ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF ALL. 

So testifies 

New Lebanon, N. Y. May 15, 1843. Seth Y. Wells. 


For the sake of brevity, and in consideration of the very marvelous dis- 
play of the mercy and goodness of the Almighty, of late, and now made 
known to mortals, by the tongue and pen of his holy Angels; I must pass 
over many of the peculiar incidents of my youthful days ; my early convic- 
tions for sin, and my struggles to know and to find the mercy and favor of 
my God ; and endeavor to make my words few, and acceptable. 


I was born in Schenectady, state of New York, September seventeenth, 
seventeen hundred and seventy four. My father, Seth Youngs, came from 
Windsor, Connecticut ; was a member of tlie Presbyterian Church in Sche- 
nectady ; and brought me up very strictly in that order, until I v/as about 
sixteen years of age. 

In the spring of the year seventeen hundred and ninety one, a religious 
movement having taken place in Johnstown among the Methodists, my fa- 
ther joined that Society, and immediately removed there with his family. 
These movements affected me nothing. But, frequently attending their 
meetings, and seriously reflecting on the discourses, my early convictions 
returned upon me ; and on the eleventh of September, the same year, I also 
became a member, and with full purpose of heart, set out to seek and serve 
the Lord. 

For the space of about two years, I did earnestly beseech the God of 
Heaven, that I might be saved from sin. It was not from any open or out- 
breaking sin or sins, that I sought deliverance; from these, my education, 
and the moral sense of the duty I owed to myself and to my fellow mortals, 
preserved me. It was from the nature of sin, that I prayed and struggled to 
find redemption. 

It was from the secret, deceitful and base desires, from the sordid, 
filthy, soul-darkening, and soul-debasing passions of a fallen and fleshly 
nature, that I prayed to God for salvation. But this salvation I found not ! 
And I found by search, and by reflecting on the lives of all the ordained 
ministers, pastors and preachers, and all their churches, of every class and 
denomination professing Christianity, within my knowledge, that they pos- 
sessed it not ! 

Among all these, "A glorious Church," (such as the true Church of Christ 
is, and should be,) A Church "not having spot or wrinkle, or any such tiling; 
holy and without blemish," I found not ; it existed not ! Eph. v, 27. 

Many were the times and seasons in which 1 sought seclusion from the 
sight and hearing of mortals, in order that I might humble myself before 
God, pour out the sorrows of my soul before Him, and implore his mercy 
and his favor. Many are the solitary places, to which the holy Angels can 
witness, where I have poured out the feelings and desires of my hungry and 
afflicted soul, in tears, and in earnest prayer, in cries and supplications, on 
my face, and on my bended knees before God, that He would show me the 
way of salvation, — the salvation dwelling in his Zion, in his holy Church, 
in his saints. 

And, in my prayers and supplications, many solemn promises did I make 
unto the Lord God, my Creator, that if in his mercy and goodness, He 
would condescend to show me his salvation, I would sacrifice my all and 
my life, at his holy will and pleasure ; and that while I lived on earth, I 
would faithfully serve Him, and Him only. 

This salvation, a salvation from all sin, the Lord in his infinite goodness 
did, in his own way and time, bestow upon me. His holy Church, his cho- 
sen and peculiar people, his Zion upon earth, I did find ; and thus far, by his 
grace and holy favor, my promise I have kept. 



I liad of>rn honnl of a strange people at Niskcnna, (now Watervlict,) 
who professed to be Christians. The reports concerning them, were uni- 
formly evil ; and of all sects or denominations of professing christians, whom 
I knew, or of whom I had either read or heard, of tJiese, through ignorance 
and the prejudices of n false education, 1 had formed tlie most unfavorable 

But in conscrpicnce of the decline of our religion ; or in other words, the 
decrease of unanimity, of brotherly love nnd charity, and the prevalence of 
self, and "worldly rnindcdncss," together with my sad disappointment in 
not having found a pure and holy Church, as delineated in the sacred Book, 
I had resolved to quit all my connection and acquaintance, and to cross the 
wide ocean to Europe, and thence to Palestine. 

But an over-ruling Providence prevented me. I had, from my earliest 
light and conviction, sought salvation, and the mercy and favor of my God. 
I had, from my earliest recollection, looked upon the sacred writings, the Bi- 
ble, with the most profound veneration, which were my study and delight; 
and now, for the first time, were forcibly applied to my condition, and the 
state of things, the words of the Holy Savior, that, of liis true followers, 
"All manner of evil should be spoken falsely, for his name's sake." These 
words wrought effectually on my mind; I soon resolved, and changed my 
self-projected course. 

On the twenty third of November, seventeen hundred and ninety three, I 
visited those people, of whom "a// manner of eviV was spoken. When en- 
tering on the premises of the people, I prayed earnestly, "O Lord, my God 
and my Creator ! suffer me not to be deluded, suffer me not to be deceived ! 
but into thy truth, O Lord, do thou guide me !" 

I remained with them about three days ; had free converse with some of 
the leading characters ; also with some who came from England with Moth- 
er Ann, and with numbers of olliers, both male and female, all on the sub- 
ject of the way and work of God. And although they brought to my view 
many new and strange ideas, I found nothing in reason to be contradicted. 

On the Sabbath following, I attended their very still and solemn meeting^. 
In their singular devotions and mode of worship, I sato nothing but solem- 
nity, I felt nothing but the love and fear of God. 

In this meeting, as I was a stranger, the emotions of my spirit were to me, 
at that time, unaccountable. Had those I beheld in their solemn devotions, 
and myself, been conceived in the womb of a holy mother, and nursed on 
the same lap, I could not liave felt a purer love, nor a more sincere attach- 
ment, than 1 did to this people. 

During my stay, I was fully convinced, that the foundation of their faith 
was more deeply laid, than their adversaries, or any of the denominations 
professing Christianity knew, or were in the least apprised of And I found, 
moreover, that all and singular, the evil reports circulated against this peo- 
ple, were, and are, utterly false, and without the least shadow of a founda- 
tion in truth. 

The order and harmony, the industry, the neatness and cleanliness, their 
seclusion from the world, and its fading pleasures, their self-denying lives, 
their freedom in conversation, humility and childlike simplicityof maun ers, 


their charity to the poor and needy, and to the widow and fatherless of this 
world ; their holy walk, and godly example ; the peace that reigned within 
their borders ; and above all, the visible Seal, or impress of Heaven, on their 

"Ye shall know them b}' their fruits. A good tree cannot bring forth evil 
fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Tiierefore, by their 
fruits ye shall know them." It was not for me to doubt; it was not for nie 
to hesitate, what path to pursue. If there was a pure Church of Christ on 
earth in which he dwelt, if there were a people of God on earth, to whom 
He revealed his Avill, this was the Ciiurch, and these were the people. 

With these plain and incontrovertible evidences, to my sight and under- 
standing, and the indelible impressions stamped upon my mind, of their 
truth and reality, it will not appear strange, that I should become an advo- 
cate in this holy cause, and a witness of "That which mine ears have heard, 
that which mine eyes have looked upon, and that which my hands have 
handled, of the Word of life." 

No sooner had I obeyed the heavenly calling, by honestly confessing every 
known sin and error of my life, one by one, before God and his witnesses, 
than I felt the effusions of the holy Spirit of peace, distilling into my soul 
like the refreshing dews of heaven ! By faithfulness, and strict obedience to 
the order and counsels of God, in my visible Lead, I became baptized with 
the "baptism of the Holy Spirit," and tasted of the "powers of the world 
to come :" 

By which means, I was enabled to live free from all and every sin within 
my knowledge, to govern, control and subdue, all the impure and unruly 
passions of my evil nature, and to give up and forsake all, for Christ, and 
the kingdom of Heaven's sake. And I can and do testify, in humble grati- 
tude to my Heavenly Father, the God of this my salvation, that I have receiv- 
ed in full, the promise made by his beloved Son, (Matthew xix, 2d,) in the 
kind and parental care, in the pure love and fraternal affection, and in the 
enjoyment of fathers and mothers, and brethren and sisters, "an hundred 
fold," with the fall assurance of "everlasting life." 

I have been a member of the United Society called "Believers" in the pres- 
ent appearing of Christ, for upwards of forty nine years. I have been, for 
longer and shorter periods of time, personally and intimately acquainted with 
all the United Societies in the United States, (except two in tlie state of 
Maine :) At New Lebanun, Watervliet and Groveland, in the state of New 
York ; at Hancock, Tyringham, Harvard and Shirley, in the state of Massa- 
chusetts ; at Enfield, in the state of Connecticut; at Canterbury and Enfield, 
in the state of New Hampshire ; at Union Village, near Lebanon ; Water- 
vliet, near Dayton; North Union, near Cleaveland ; and White Water 
Village, in the state of Ohio ; at Pleasant Hill, on Shawnee Run, and South 
Union, (Jasper Valley,) in the state of Kentucky. 

Of all these Societies, as one and the same "peculiar people," I can and 

do bear witness, in the holy fear of Him who knoweth and seeth all things, 

and who "searcheth the reins and hearts" of the children of men ; That 

they are the " Zion of God's likeness" on earth, the work of his own 



Almighty hand ; ;incl in this liis Zion h;ith lie jjlacod hla fire and his furnace, 
to try, to purifv, and to cleanse his people from all sin and dross; and hath 
also placed in them his holy Ttihcruaclc, his Mercy seat^ and his salvation for 
all men; even his "salvation for all the ends of the earth." [Isa. xlvi, 13; lii, 10. 

Thus saith one who knows, one whose cars have heard, whose eyes have 
beheld and looked upon the marvelous work of God among his chosen 
people ; whose hands have handled of the Word of Life, and whose soul 
has been bathed in the river of life, and drank of its pure and living 
waters: Christ the Anointing, the Savior of men, has verily made his second 
appearing in the zcomnn Ann Lee, whom God had before ordained and 
chosen to be the "Mother of the New Creation" and of the redemption of 
fallen man, according to the testimony of the holy Prophets, «end of Christ 
the Savior, and his holy Apostles; as the holy Scriptures bear record : 

That through her by the holy anointing power of God, the Eternal Father, 
and Holy Eternal Mother Wisdom, the Eternal Two in One, after whose 
"image and likeness," man was at first created, hath Christ in this latter 
day and age, set up his "Everlasting kingdom of Righteousness" among 
men, and commenced his reign of "Peace upon earth." 

This is She of whom the Holy Spirit by the holy Prophets hath spoken } 
"This is the name wherewith She shall be called, "The Lord our Righteous- 
ness." [Jer. xxxiii, 16.] "I will make thy name to he remembered in all gen- 
erations; therefore shall the people praise thee forever:" [Psa. xlv. 9-17.] 
"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him : for the marriage of the 
Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. "[Rev. xix, 7-9.] 

Now look at this, all ye who read and venerate the Holy Bible, and be- 
lieve what is therein contained ; Reflect, and in the candor of your souls, 
consider well this testimony in all its bearings : Are not these the people 
that should "come and sing in the height of Zion, and flow together to the 
goodness of the Lord?" [Jer.xxxi, 12.] Are not these the "Clouds of Heav- 
en," in which the "Son of man," the Christ in whom ye believe, should 
come, and whom every eye should see? [Mat. xxvi, 64. I. Thess. iii, 13; 
II. Thess. i, 10; Rev. i, 7.] 

Look at this, all ye ministers, pastors, and teachers of the people ; con- 
sider your accountability to the God of Heaven ; and reflect well on the 
many earnest prayers and supplications you have offered up to Him, that 
"his kingdom might come ; and that his will might be done on earth, as it is 
done in Heaven." Remember also the Jews, who fully believed in the 
Messiah that was to come; how that when he came, they denied the Holy 
One and the Just, killed the Prince of life, and crucified the Lord of glory. 
[Acts iii, 14, 15; I. Cor. ii, 8.] 

Consider also the natural blindness of man, his hardness of heart, and his 
obstinacy and rebellion against the work of his God and Creator, in all ages; 
lest, like unto the Jews, trouble come upon you, "because ye knew not the 
time of your visitation." [Luke xix, 44.] 

In the year eighteen hundred and five, I was sent (on foot, with 
two others,) as a messenger to the western country ; particularly to the peo- 
ple of the Revival in Kentucky, and the adjacent states. 


Among these we found the mighty operations of the spirit and power of 
God in preparing them for the gospel. I have seen the hodies of men and 
women, shaken as trees with a tempest ; and others cast down prostrate to 
tile eartli, and lying sometimes for hovn-s, cold and stiff, like corpses! and 
again reviving, and going forth in melodious songs and dances; with many 
other signs and wonderful operations of the spirit and power of God, in this 
preparatory work. In this country, the gospel was extensively preached, be- 
lieved and received with joy, by such as were prepared. 

After remaining in the western country for upwards of thirty years, dur- 
ing which time I was employed as a public writer and speaker, and as one of 
tlie leaders, I returned, with others of my brethren and sisters from the east, 
who had presided in different parts, until the Churches and Societies in that 
country were established. 

Let it here be remembered, that no honest souls who ever believed and 
received this gospel, whether through written, printed, or verbal testimony, and 
lived in strict obedience to their faith, but they have received power over all 
sin, the mercy and favor of God, and his salvation : No honest and faithful 
soul has ever failed of this : And to this testimony, thousands now living in 
the enjoyment of this gospel, can bear witness. 

It must not be understood from this testimony, or any part thereof, as in 
the least intimating that in the concerns and establishment of the Church of 
God and the Zion of his likeness upon earth, there is 7io dross amoiig the 
gold; else would there be no necessity for the Almighty to place in it his "re- 
fining fire, and his purifying furnace;" else also, the parable of the Savior, 
of the "kingdom of heaven being like a net cast into the sea," would be of 
no meaning. 

Passing over those transient beings, v/ho seek after nothing but loaves and 
fishes; I have known many who had enjoyed great privileges, and for a sea- 
son were prosperous, but who in the progress of the work, found the way too 
self-denying, and too narrow for all their inclinations, again turn to the "beg- 
garly elements of this world, like the dog to his vomit, and like the sow that 
was washed to her wallowing in the mire." 

I have known moreover, of such as were endowed with the gifts of God 
from on High, and had "tasted of the powers of the world to come; received 
the gifts of inspiration and prophecy, and through unfaithfulness to "fall 

And that this their falling away, came in consequence of the cross, the 
puriiy and innocence ; the truth, faithfulness and uprightness, which God 
required at their hands, and to which they were unwilling to submit ; And 
hence "They went out from us, and made it manifest that they were not 
of us". [I. John ii, 19.] 

After this concession, in favor of the efficacy, purity and stability, of the 
work of God in this latter day, suffice it to know, that the '■'■Holy City' which 
the Almighty by his holy Spirit in his beloved and faithful servant John, 
showed coming down from God out of Heaven, is now established and in- 
creasing on the earth ; and that there can "in no wise enter into it any thing 
that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie." 


AVithin the seven last years, great and marvelous have been tlie dis^plays 
and operations of the Spirit of God and his Almighty Power among his 
people ; in signs and open visions, sliowing the various states and torments 
of the damned; as also, in miniature, the liappified states and conditions 
of the blessed ; in revelations and prophecies, relating to his wonderful works, 
both in the visible and invisible worlds, past, present and to come: as also 
great have been the operatiuns of his All-searching Power, to prepare his 
people for the coming day. 

Great and marvelous, beyond the power of mortal tt)ngue to utter, or the 
pen of mortals to describe, have been the manifestations of the condescension, 
the mercy and goodness of the Almiglity God and '•'■Father of All,'" in pre- 
paring and raising up Prophets, and Prophetesses, "instruments of his own 
choosing," that through them, by the ministration of his holy Angels; — 

By the ministration of the spirits of his "Anointed Ones" our heavenly 
Parents, and the spirits of his ancient Prophets and Saints, who surround 
his throne, and who once inhabited mortality, and had their dwellings and 
their occupations on the earth and among men : — I say ; — 

That by these, through the "Instruments of his own choosing," hath the 
Almighty God, and Father of all, in his marvelous condescension, his wis- 
dom, his mercy and his goodness, seen fit to make known his holy will, his 
counsels and Jiis laws; first, to all the inhabitants of his Zion; and from 
them, to all the nations and inhabitants of the earth ; as this Sacred Roll 
and Book bears record. 

Of these, the Instruments, through whom God had chosen to communicate 
his will to mortals, I feel it incumbent on me to bear testimony. From the 
first commencement of this mighty and wonderful work, as far as my knowl- 
edge of it has extended, I have been an eye and an ear witness to its humili- 
ating power, when first operating upon those who were called upon to declare 
the words put into their mouths to speak, or were put into their hands to 
read, by the holy Angels, and other Messengers from on High, until the sa- 
cred injunction was cheerfully obeyed. 

I have been a witness to many of the scenes of mortification, of sorrow, of 
humiliation and sufi^erings both of body and mind, through which they have 
had to pass, to prepare them for this, the most sacred of duties. I have seen 
their tears, have heard their groans and their cries, and their humble prayers 
to God, and their supplications to his people for their prayers, that they 
might be enabled to do his will, and perform tiie duties required at their 

And I do testify, from indisputable evidence, and with the most scrupulous 
regard to truth, that the messages and communications proceeding from their 
mouths, were not of mortal diction ; but by tiie Divine agency they were 
uttered ; and that they proceeded from the source of Eternal Truth ; as their 
sacred writings also bear witness. 

The foregoing Sacred Roll, I have heard read before a large assembly, by 
the chosen mortal Instrument that wrote it; the reading of which was at- 
tended with manifestations of power, and the Divine favor from on High, 
And from my experience in the v.ork of God, and its searching operations 


upon the heart, and by revelation and the inspirations of his holy Spirit ; I 
do bear witness, and testify, that the contents of this Sacred Roli and Book, 
came from, and are sent forth to mortals by, God the Father, the Creator of 
Heaven and earth : 

That it is the greatest act of condescension, of mercy and loving kindness, 
the Almighty Eternal Father. ever did bestow upon mortals, the work of his 
hands, since man was upon the earth ; to warn them of their danger, of his 
fast approaching judgments, and the calamities that must shortly befall them, 
for their sins and wickedness, and their rebellion against Him ; Thus explic- 
itly to teach, instruct, and show them the way to find his holy favor and 

Will ye condescend to look at this, O ye Kings and Queens, ye Princes and 
Princesses, and all ye Rulers and Nobles of the earth? Will ye look at this, 
the great condescension of the Almighty to man, the work of his hands, and 
the object of his care ? Consider well the words of God, your Heavenly 
Father, in this Sacred Roll and Book, now sent unto you in this your age 
and day of visitation. 

Remember Nineveh, Tyre and Sidon ; Babylon and Jerusalem ; and the 
many opulent cities and powerful kingdoms of past ages, who had the coun- 
sels and heard the warning voice of tlie Almighty through his holy Prophets; 
but they regarded not; and what and where are they now ! Hearken there- 
fore, unto the warning voice of God your Heavenly Father, which in mercy 
and loving kindness, He hath now sent to all the children of men, that they 
may find his favor and protection, lest like those who in past ages disregard- 
ed his holy word, "Your cities likewise become a desolation, and without in- 

To conclude : That great and distressing calamities, by sea and land, by 
fire and flood, are fast approaching, and that tlie mighty Angels of the God 
of Heaven have already gone forth to execute his judgments in the earth, 
there is no doubt. And from what we have seen, heard and felt, of the very 
wonderful works of God among his people, within the few years past, we 
are compelled to accord with the language of the Holy Spirit, "Great and 
marvelous are thy works. Lord God Almighty ; just and true are thy ways 
thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name .'' 
for thy judgments are made manifest." 

With pure and true regard for the peace, prosperity and happiness of my 
fellow mortals, I am, 

fVatervliet jY.Y. Jiug. 28, 1843. Benjamin Seth Youngs. 


I was born in Pittsfield, Berkshire county, state of Massachusetts, April 
ninth, seventeen hundred and ninety one; and united with the Society of 
Believers in Hancock, in the year eighteen hundred and seven : and have, dur- 
ing thirty six years, practically proved the testimony of the gospel maintain- 
ed in this Society, and have, during this time, found salvation and peace in 



compliance tli(Mc\vitli. llci»; I find the of Clirist's second appearing, 
wiiicli to my snul yichls tlic pcMcisihIc fruits of righteousness, which are as 
"a well of water springing up unto cverhisting life." Hc-re I can commune 
will) (j'(i(!, and unite with the angelic host, in praise to Ilim, for the power 
that saves mc from sin and iniquity, while walking tliis vule below. 

In the late manifestation of God, in which He has, in a peculiar and won- 
derful manner, wrought among his people, I have witnessed many sublime 
exhibitions of his mighty power. Sensible I am, that nothing less than such 
a power could have brought souls to see, sense and feel, what has been clear- 
ly realized by his people in this day. They have been brought to feel such 
nearness to God, and such humiliation of spirit, that they are induced to 
walk exceedingly careful in his holy fear. 

I approve of the Sacred Roll and Boolv, which is sent forth to the nations 
of the earth, and I can say in the solemn fear of God, I have no reason to 
doubt its divine origin. My soul's desire and prayer to God is, that those 
who read may understand, and treat the word in such a manner, that they 
are willing to meet the reward of their doings at the bar of Almighty God. 
Hancock, 3Iass.5 September 20, 1843. William P. Williams. 


Having been called in my youth by the blessed gospel of our Lord and Sav- 
ior, Jesus Christ, manifested in his second appearing through the spirit of 
eternal truth, revealed in and through our blessed Mother Ann Lee, which 
call was to forsake sin ; yea, that which is most highly esteemed by a lost 
and sinful world, and with which I unhesitatingly complied, I gave myself up 
to know the will of God and do it ; made the holy Scriptures the book of 
my delight, searched them through and through without scepticism, infideli- 
ty, or desire to find something to feast a carnal mind, which resulted in the 
discovery of a harmonious connection of the events relating to the work of 
God with man ; showing He had begun a work with him, and in due time 
would bring it to a close. 

In this labor, I was often blessed of God with manifestations and revela- 
tions from Him, with various supernatural gifts of the spirit, such as were 
manifested in the primitive Church, in the days of Christ and the Apostles. 
Thus, I found the promise of the Holy Savior fully verified, viz : "If any 
man will do his will. He shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, 
or whether I speak of myself." 

The question will then arise, How shall we know his will? I answer ; To 
believe in the revelation of God, and to practice the same as He has made it 
known, through inspiration in his faithful servants, from the beginning ; and 
will continue to do, until He makes a final close of his work with the hu- 
man race, notwithstanding the erroneous doctrine so strongly maintained in 
the senses of mankind, that the day of miracles is past, which supersedes 
the necessity, or destroys a faith and confidence in looking for any revelation 


or inspiration from God in our day ; notwithstanding it has been carried to 
such length, that many look upon any thing asserted as a revelation from 
God to his chosen witnesses, who deny themselves daily to do his holy will, 
as blasphemy. 

How shocking the delusion, how thick the darkness which has been spread 
over this sinful and benighted world ! I have often been told, even by those 
who profess to be a light to the blind, that there are no such things in this 
day as miracles, inspiration or supernatural communication from God to man ; 
that it ceased with the apostolic age. 

O how dark and blind ! Are we to be made to believe, that about the time 
John wrote his revelation, God was deprived of his attributes of power and 
wisdom, and became so imbecile, that He could not reveal or make known 
his will to his faithful witnesses, who lived up to the best light they had, 
from that day to this ; although the light and power of Christ was not known 
on the earth during the reign of antichrist, being twelve hundred and sixty 

Again : if there has been no revelation or inspiration since the apostolic 
age, where shall we find the origin of this wonderful doctrine? from whence 
did it come ? It is certain, it cannot be derived from the holy Scriptures, (the 
former revelation,) with any propriety. Then we must look for it from an- 
other source. 

If there has been no revelation by inspiration from God to man, since the 
days of the Apostles, we must conclude this soul-darkening doctrine is the 
progeny of Antichrist, brought forth from the prolific womb of the mother 
of harlots, with all the rest of her abominations. 

If any think they can support this doctrine from the Apostle's words, 
(I. Cor. xiii, 8 ;) "Charity never faileth ; but whether tkere he prophecies, they 
shall fail; whether there he tongues, they shall cease; whether there he 
knowledge, it shall vanish away," let them look into ecclesiastical history, 
and they will learn the reason why the apostolic gifts ceased. 

There they will find, as soon as God raised up a witness or Prophet, to 
Himself, inspired with his word and power, against the abominations of this 
mother of harlots, sometimes called the Church, then the fury of the scarlet 
colored beast was raised against such inspired instrument, until he was ex- 
tirpated from the earth. 

But charity never faileth ; because those souls who had it in possession, 
were out of their reach ; for they could only kill the bodies, who were made 
the instruments of his word and power, but could not touch the soul, where 
faith, hope and charity had their residence. 

If any still think the day of revelation is past, let them declare to the 
world what it was the seven thunders uttered, if they can. If not, let them 
consider the declaration of the Angel to Christ's servant, John : "In the 
•days of the voice of the seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the 
mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to ihe prophets." 
[Rev. X, 7.] 

Thus all may see, there remained a mystery to be revealed and finished, 


when the time should come for the seventh Angel to sound ; and although a 
mystery, yet we have a clue to the work that should be ushered in at the 
sounding of the Angel. [Rev. xi, 18.] "And the nations were angry, and 
thy vvratli is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and 
that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the 
saints, and to them that fear thy name, snuill and great; and shouldest de- 
stroy them which destroy the earth." 

Now the nations of the earth have the privilege of hearing the seventh 
trumpet. Tlie call of the Almighty Jehovah hns gone forth in mercy and 
loving kindness, to the children of men, giving them opportunity and time 
for repentance, by humbling themselves before Him, and forsaking their fil- 
thy abominations ; for who is it that destroys the earth, but such as fill it 
with corruption and violence, like the antedeluvians in the days of Noah ? 

And now let all nations, kindreds, tongues and people to whom these sa- 
cred warnings shall come, consider that the end of all flesh came before God 
in the days of Noah ; at which time Almighty Power and Truth declared ; 
"My spirit shall not always strive with man." 

Therefore, let every soul understand that the seventh trumpet is the last 
call to the children of men ; and that all souls have the privilege of forsak- 
ing their filthy abominations, while the mercy of God is held out to them ; 
and thus receive the reward of those who fear his name, and walk humbly 
before Him ; or if they choose, rebel against his warning voice, and remain 
in their pollutions, and receive a stroke in vengeance from his Almighty arm, 
which is now stretched out to decide his controversy with all flesh. 

And now, as one that has obtained the mercy of God, through confessing 
and forsaking all sin, and yielding myself in obedience to the revelation of 
God in this present dispensation of his grace to a lost world, I can freely 
testify to all the inhabitants of the earth, to whom the Sacred Roll and 
Book is directed, that I do fully and conscientiously believe that the 
word of the Proclamation and Roll, contained in said Book, is the revela- 
tion of God, and given by his Almighty Power and Wisdom, by inspiration. 

And furthermore, that I do positively know that the laws, requirements 
and sentiments therein contained, are perfectly consistent with every declar- 
ation of his will to man; and also with his attributes of justice, mercy and 
truth ; and is the voice of the Arch-angel, with the last trumpet to the na- 
tions of the earth ; and also the time for the full manifestation of what was 
sounded when the seven thunders uttered their voices, which was sealed up 
until the fullness of time should come, when it would be revealed by the 
sounding of the mighty Angel, with the great and last trump. 

I wish to be understood, that I am far from thinking that by writing the 
above, I am making eternal truth more permanent ; as I conceive that no ef- 
fort of mortals can add or diminish its authority. 

But having had a long experience in the work of the present dispensation, 
and being somewhat extensively known, or that my name has had much circu- 
lation, 1 thought it might perhaps be the means of calling the attention of 
some who have known my long experience, to pause long enough to turn 
their attention to the sacred volume sent forth to the nations of the earth. 



and cause them to peruse and ponder upon the sacred truths contained there- 
in ; it being more than forty five years, since I first heard the voice of the 
Arch-angel, with the great and last trumpet, which then if;hook the eartli or 
elements of nature in which my soul was enveloped ; 

And from that time, I have had no hesitation but that God had begun his 
final work of visitation with man; and would carry it on, until Ho had 
made a decisive work with the children of men. 

Although I am but as a speck or a mote, in the scale of created beings,- 
yet, whatever I am as an intelligent being, though never so small, it is my 
duty to be a co-worker with God, so long as I have given myself up to do 
his will. And as He has arisen to shake the heavens and the earth accord- 
ing to his promise, then I must work with Him and shake. 

So whoever is found on his side, must humble themselves and be co-work- 
ers with Him, to shake out sin and pollution from their own souls, and there- 
by prepare themselves to be true inhabitants of the Holy City. 

This is the true desire of one who is no better by nature, than the rest of 
his fellow beings. 

Enjidd, K. H. July 17, 1843. John Lyon. 


To all unto lohom these pages may come : 

The undersigned is one who has had personal knowledge of the wonder- 
ful displays of the gifts and power of God, which have attended the present 
testimony of Christ's second appearing, from the time it was first declared in 
this land by God's chosen witnesses, who were commissioned from Heaven 
to do that work, and who spake as they were moved upon by the Holy Spir- 
it, viz; by divine inspiration, unto the present day. 

I was born in Gorham, county of Cumberland and state of Maine, July 
twenty fifth, seventeen hundred and sixty four; and connected myself with 
this Society at the age of twenty years. 

I have been acquainted with the gifts and operations of divine power 
which have attended the present work of God from the beginning, or for 
sixty years past; therefore, I can testify to what I have seen, heard and felt. 

I have learned this one important lesson; not to have my faith stand in 
the wisdom of this world, nor in great natural gifts or talents; for the Lord 
hath said, I will confound the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nought the 
understanding of the prudent. Do all believe this.'' Whether they do or not, 
it remains an unalterable truth, which all will have to learn, before they can 
enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Their faith must center to, and stand in 
the revelation and power of God, and not in the wisdom of this world, 
which cometh to nought. 

There is nothing which can be said or written on this subject, which will 
add weight of evidence, as it respects divine revelation ; for this is immuta- 
ble and unchangeable, and carries its own evidence ; but blind mortals will 

380 APPF.NDIX TO Tiir- 

.vliiif tlu'ir o^f's and lifinlfii tlicir liearts, afraiiist li^lit, and llioir own convir- 
tion, until desolation oviirtakcs tlicni. 

I feel to warn all, in the spirit of love and charity, not to slight or turn a 
doaf car to the solemn warnings which are now sent forth into the world, 
by the great Jehovah, the righteous Judge of both quick and dead, whose 
judgments are ac(;ording to truth and justice. 

View the present state of what is called the christian world ; and what do 
we find ? Contention, strife, divisions and subdivisions, party against party, 
so that poor distressed souls hardly know where to find a resting place. Be- 
hold the abominations which are committed, and then cloaked under the 
mask of Christianity ! These things are plainly described by the testimony 
of eternal truth, now sent forth from the throne of God through his Angels, 
and given to instruments of mortal clay, as a medium through which the 
mind and purpose of God are made known to the nations of the earth. 

I w^ould ask. Is there any thing between the lids of this Book, now sent 
forth to all nations; can you find a phrase or sentence, which is not accord- 
ing to truth, or which does not correspond with the revelation of God to 


Then let all hearken to it and tremble, and pray that they may be 
able to enter immediately into the obedience of its sacred requirements, 
that they may escape the judgments which are soon to fall upon the wicked. 

For "it will surely come, it will not tarry." The Lord hath spoken, and 
it will come to pass ; though the old heavens and earth may pass away, not 
one jot or tittle of the word of our God will fail. 

Think not that the present warning, which is now sent abroad, is the pro- 
duction of a wild fanaticism, or a cunningly devised fable, or any thing short 
of the special command of the God of Heaven, sent forth by a heavenly 
Messenger, and communicated to a dying world, through the medium of 
earthen vessels. 

What think ye ? Do you believe that messengers were sent to declare the 
word of the Lord to the Prophets; and they sent to the people ? O yea, some 
will say; we fully believe that. Has God altered? or has the order of his 
communication changed ? I say, nay ; but the spirit of divine inspiration has 
been withdrawn from those corrupt churches who name the name of Christ, 
and do not depart from iniquity, whose sins have separated them from their 

The time has now come, for the fulfillment of the promises of God, which 
have been predicted by the Patriarchs and Prophets, from the early ages of 
the world, respecting the Church of the latter day. This Church, whose 
foundation is laid in the revelation of God, and has ever been supported by 
the same, independent of worldly wisdom, or earthly power, is now estab- 
lished on earth ; and the gifts of the primitive Church are restored, accord- 
ing to promise. 

It is through the medium of this Church thus established, that the pro- 
claiming Angel has sent forth this declaration to all the inhabitants of earth ; 
and in the language of the Prophet I would say, O ! earth, earth ! hear the 
word of the Lord ; for He has a controversy with the inhabitants of the 


whole earth, for they are sunken in their abominations, and polluted in their 
sins, and the day of retribution draweth nigh. 

There is a warning voice gone forth from Heaven, and I feel bold to de- 
clare unto all, what the effect will be, (though I do not expect to live to see 
it ;) that, so far as the declarations of the proclaiming Angel are promulga- 
ted and made known to mankind, so far they wall become accountable; for 
all who slight the call of God to them, and willfully reject these sacred re- 
quirements, the judgments herein threatened will surely fall upon them, and 
they cannot escape ; but on the other hand, all who humble themselves and 
accept of the merciful terms herein offered, will find peace and protection ; 
and God will hide them in his pavilion, while his judgments fall with pain 
upon the wicked. 

My fellow mortals, the way to find the protection and favor of God, is 
made plain and easy ; and what can be more reasonable .'' 1 exhort all to 
leave their sins, by repentance, and their iniquities, by turning to God. 

Having had a long experience in this self-denying way, and being some- 
what extensively known as a public speaker and elder in the United Society 
for many years of my life, I leave this as my closing testimony, for the ben- 
efit of mankind; and do conscientiously and cheerfully recommend this, 
the way of life and salvation, to all who seek to know and serve the Lord. 

Alfred^ Maine; July 22, 1843. Elisha Pote. 


Perhaps it may be some satisfaction to many who may read the foregoing 
sacred pages, to hear the opinion or testimony of some concerning the same 
who are fiir advanced in life ; and who have been eye and ear witnesses of 
the increasing work of God among his people, in this day of Christ's second 
appearing, for nearly sixty years ; as well as of the late and special out- 
pouring of God's spirit and power in the different branches or societies of 
this community, throughout the United States. 

We say, among his people, without arrogance or boasting, and without 
the least disparagement to others ; for the Lord never displayed and con- 
tinued such divine and marvelous gifts among a people whom He did not 
own and bless; even the same gifts which existed in the apostolic church ; 
including visions, revelations, divers kinds of tongues, and the gift of 

But these gifts cannot be truly exercised only by the direction of that 
Power who gave them ; mortal man is only an organ or instrument through 
which the Divine Spirit operates. 

It is readily admitted that the credulity of mankind, in ancient and modern 



tiuies, lias often been imposed upon by false pretenders to divine revela- 
tion ; insonmcli that many have stopped their ears, and shut their eyes 
against every thing that bears the name of divine inspiration. But all this 
docs not by any means, prove that divine inspiration or revelation docs not 
in truth and reality exist; but on the contrary, it proves that there is a sub- 
stantial reality in both ; for there cannot be a counterfeit without a genuine 
original pattern of tJie same name. There cannot be a counterfeit coin 
or bank bill, without the existence of a genuine original character bearing 
the same name and description; the imitation of which is the object of 
the counterfeiter. But as there is evidence accompanying each of these, 
sufficient, under a watchful and discerning eye, to show the difference be- 
tween the true and false, so there is in relation to true and counterfeit 
inspiration or T'evelatioii. 

It would be blasphemy in a high degree, as well as the height of folly and 
presumption, for any mortal of common reason, to attempt to make, or pub- 
lish a sacred proclamation to all the world, in the name and authority of the 
Almighty Creator, unless he was conscious, beyond all doubt, that he was 
authorized or commanded so to do by that Divine Authority. And that the 
foregoing Sacred Roll and Book, have been authorized and written by divine 
inspiration, we are confident beyond all doubt ; whereas we have had, and 
still have, abundance of evidence to establish the truth of it. 

It has been our serious impression, for some years past, that God would, 
ere long, visit the children of men in a manner more extraordinary than He 
had done for many ages : and this impression has been corroborated from 
time to time, and finally confirmed by that spirit of prophecy which has al- 
ready, in many instances, proved itself to be from the God of Truth. 

Many events known to this community, having recently been foretold by 
the spirit of prophecy, have already taken place ; all concurring to prove 
that God is about "to do his work, his strange work, and bring to pass his 
act, his strange act," among the nations of the earth. Some of these proph- 
ecies, alluding to the same event, have been proclaimed through various in- 
dividuals, remotely situated from each other, and without any previous cor- 
respondence whatever; yet with that similarity of expression and other 
circumstances which could only proceed from the light of eternal truth. 

And we have no more reason to doubt the fulfillment of what now stands 
predicted in the aforesaid Sacred Roll and Book, than we have of that which 
has already taken place. 

Finally, from what we have seen, heard and felt of the marvelous opera- 
tions of the spirit of God in this community, for six years past, we as fully 
believe the contents of the preceding Sacred Roll to have emanated from 
Almighty Power and Wisdom, and that the same were communicated to the 
writer by divine inspiration, as therein stated, as we believe that God spake 
to the people in ages past, by Moses and the Prophets ; or that He wrought 
miracles by Christ and his Apostles : Or as fully as we believe any part of 
that sacred volume, denominated The Scriptures of truth. 

Indeed, the evidence in the present display of God's power is more clear 


and striking to us, than that in former dispensations, because it is more 
immediate and impressive : and as such, we feel in duty bound to treat and 
sustain it with reverence and godly fear. 

Should any suppose the preceding pages exceptionable, because they are 
not written agreeably to the popular style and refinement of the present aare, 
let them consider that, in this respect, they bear the greater analogy to the 
sacred Scriptures ; and also to all divine proclamations in every age ; and 
that God never was, and we have no reason to believe He ever will be de- 
pendent on mortals, for language to communicate his requirements to man. 

But the foregoing divine Message is written in plain, simple, unaifected 
language, (though solemn and weighty,) adapted to every capacity of com- 
mon understanding. And however incredulous, or indifferent many m.ay be 
respecting this solemn Proclamation, or whatever may be their treatment of 
the same, this cannot invalidate the purpose of God, nor weaken our confi- 
dence in his word ; we confidently believe it will be verified ; and that it 
will finally effect that for which it was designed by the hand of Almighty 

It is the prevailing belief with many in this, and perhaps other countries, 
that the Second Advent, or day of judgment is near at hand ; and so it is. 
That event has already commenced, although, as yet, out of their sight : but 
every eye will yet see it. Therefore these impressions are, no doubt, correct, 
emanating from an invisible reality; and go far to confirm the truth of what 
was said to the prophet Daniel concerning the near approach of that day ; 
That many should run to and fro, and that knowledge should be increased. 

But some have run before their tidings were ready : they have underta- 
ken to limit the time, and prescribe the manner in which this great work is to 
take place, by calculating the prophecies relating to that event, according to 
their own natural wisdom ; but they have been hitherto, and will forever be 
disappointed in all their human plans. They have mistaken both the time 
of its commencement, and the manner of its operations. They have greatly 
transcended the limits of man, by limiting the times and seasons which God 
hath reserved in his own power until the event should declare it. 

And although that day has already commenced, having been declared by 
the event ; yet it has come as a thief in the night, and "as a snare upon all 
them that dwell upon the face of the whole earth," according to the testimony 
of eternal truth. But "every eye shall see him ;" (in the clouds of his wit- 
nesses ;) for God is about to "destroy the face of the covering cast over all 
people, and the vail that is spread over all nations." 

Thus having been members of this community for about sixty years, we 
have given a brief sketch of what we have experienced in that work of God 
which was promised to take place in the latter day ; and especially of the 
late and universal out-pouring of God's spirit among his chosen people. We 
have ever found this work replete with all the promises of God to his Church 
in the latter day. It is that gospel which is the power of God to salvation 
in the present tense. 

And being now far advanced in life, it would not be reasonable to suppose 



that we sliuuld li:i\c ;uiy Bclflsli (ir impropt-r motives, with a view to excite 
a false impression in the minds of our fellow mortals : there is nothing more 
jbreign from our intention; but out of love and good will to all mankind, 
we leave this testimony as a conscientious seal of that sacred truths by 
which we are willing to be judged at the final bar of Eternal Justice. 

September^ 1843. 
J\'ciD Lebanon, A\ Y. Daniel Moseley, aged eighty three 

years; embraced the testimony sixty three years since. 
" " " Jethro Turner, aged seventy nine 

years ; embraced the testimony sixty three years since. 
" " " Stephen MuNSOJi, aged seventy seveji 

years; embraced the testimony sixty one years since. 
" " Amos Stowers, aged seventy eight 

years ; embraced the testimony sixty three years since. 
Hancock., Mass. Comstock Betts, aged eighty years ; 

embraced the testimony sixty years since. 
" " William Deming, aged sixty four 

years; embraced the testimony in childhood. 
Canterbury., A". H. Francis Winklev, aged eighty five 

years ; embraced the testimony fifty eight years since. 
MicAJAH Tucker, aged seventy 
nine years; embraced the testimony fifty nine years 
" " John Whitcher, aged sixty four 

years ; embraced the testimony in childhood. 
Enfield, jY. H. John Beck, aged seventy ijears ; 

embraced the testimony sixty years since. 
" " Abraham Blodget, aged seventy 

two years; embraced the testimony sixty tico years 








1. Listen O ye Heavens, and keep silent all ye powers of earth, 
for that I AM, who have manifested myself in part to the creatures 
of my creation, both in Heaven and on earth, will now declare 
again, through the medium of my ever true and faithful witness, 
(Eternal Wisdom,) truths, concerning my work with the creatures 
of my kingdoms in Heaven and on earth, that bear testimony to 
my unerring mercy and justice which I have dealt out without 
measure unto them, ever since them I created. 

2. Thus saith the faithful Mother Wisdom, the Eternal Mother 
of my Anointed, in Heaven and on earth, to the children of my 
kingdom established on e irth; listen unto her voice. 

3. I AM, THE ETERNAL, is a God of perfect order : harmo- 
ny marks his way, in order and harmony did He create the Heav- 
ens and the earth, in order and harmony did He place all the 
powers therein ; In subjection to his eternal and unchangeable 
laws of order and harmony, did He form the creatures thereof, and 
place them in order therein. 

4. And this order, He has manifested in all his works to the 
creatures of his creation, so far as was necessary to hold them in 
that order wherein they were placed, so long as they walked in 
obedience thereto. 

5. And He has now sent Me, Wisdom, to witness thereto, and 
declare again the order of his manifestation to his creatures, both 
in Heaven and on the earth; therefore hearken unto Me. 

6. The witnesses of the order of God throughout, remain to be 
seen by his creatures. When He said. Let there be light, I was 
with Him, and light was created; the witness whereof is manifest 



unto tills (lay. And that at no period the witness should be invisible, 
the moon He also created to rule the night, and to declare that his 
justice remains unmoved. 

7. When He gave the earth, the seas and the heavens, with the 
orbs that roll therein their bounds, I was there, and saw all that 
was done; and the witness thereof remaineth unto this day. 

8. When He formed the creatures with his word, and placed 
them upon his creation, gave them their ranks of superiority and 
power, and their laws for action, which are unchangeable, I was 
there, and witnessed that all was good, and subject to his unchange- 
able law; the witness whereof yet remaineth, and will remain to 
the end of time. 

9. When He formed man, his noblest creature, in the image of 
Himself, and placed him at the head of his creation, to lead and 
direct the creatures thereof in obedience to his will, I was there, 
and saw all that was done; in witness whereof, his creature man 
yet remaineth. 

10. When He gave unto man his laws, and the limits of his pow- 
er, when He made known to him his will and pleasure : when He 
showed unto him his work, and the blessings he should enjoy by 
faithfully performing the same ; when He showed unto him the way 
of life and happiness, and the fruit of the tree of life of which 
he might eat, I was there and saw all that was done; the witness 
whereof I have come to declare. 

11. When He told him that if he ate of the fruit of the tree of 
the knowledge of good and evil, he should surely die, I was there 
and witnessed to the truth of the same; and the witness thereof is 
manifested to this day, in every thing that He has created. 

12. Death was his portion, for disobedience; and in death doth 
he yet remain; judgment is written on his brow, and stamped on 
the soles of his feet ; the witness whereof remaineth and declareth 
the truth thereof. 

13. And with his feet, did God's creature man walk in forbidden 
paths; with his hands did he handle unclean things; with his 
tongue did he curse his Maker and take his name in vain ; with 
his heart did he mock his God, and the judgments pronounced up- 
on him by his God. 

14. Yea, and the whole desire of his heart was evil; therefore, 
it repented God that He had made him; and He promised to de- 



stroy him froiii the face of tlie earth. And when He did all this, 
I, Mother Wisdom, was there ; and pronounced it agreeable to his 
unalterable decree of justice. 

15. Again, when He had left a chosen seed to re-people the earth, 
and gave them their laws and ordinances, and promised unto them 
that He never would again drown the earth with water, I was there. 
And when He set his bow in the cloud as a token of the same, I 
saw it, and We pronounced it good ; the witness whereof yet re- 
maineth in the heavens. 

18. When in peace He promised a blessing to the chosen few 
He had saved from the ravages of his destruction, giving unto them 
his laws, to multiply and replenish the earth, I was there, and bore 
witness that all was agreeable to his unalterable law of justice ; and 
the multitude of people, which now inhabit the earth, are a witness 
of this unto this day. 

17. When men began again to do wickedly, and forget the Lord 
their God, and bow down themselves to idols, He then destroyed 
their cities with fire, and sank them into the bowels of the earth, 
and covered them with stagnant waters; the witness whereof re- 
maineth unto this day, as a memorial against them. 

18. When they began to war and fight, and destroy each other, 
and to trust in their own arms for strength, then did He select a 
chosen people, to rule among the nations; and endowed them 
with his power, which He allowed them to use after the manner of 
men, to fight and destroy the kingdoms of the earth, which were 
wicked, and again to set up his standard upon earth. 

19. Yea, He resolved to meet them in their own path, and there 
execute his laws of justice; and He gave unto them his laws and 
his statutes, which He had designed for his creature man ; and they 
did, in reality, meet man in his own paths; for these laws were, 
An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth : Whosoever sheddeth 
man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed. And the destruction 
of the human family which has been upon the earth, the desolated 
kincrdoms and wide wastes, remain as a witness of the truth of this, 
unto this day. 

29. When He promised, in the seed of Abraham the nations of 
the earth should be blessed, I was there, and saw that it was agree- 
able to his attribute of mercy. The witness of this, his most holy 
promise, has been declared, is now declaring ; and the work which 
will be performed by his Two Anointed Ones, Christ and 



app!:ndix to tui: 

Mother An.v, will yet continue to declare and witness to its truth. 

21. When his chosen people began to forget their God, and to 
follow their own lusts, He warned tliem by the mouths of his holy 
Prophets, to repent and turn to Iliin, but they refused ; In consequence 
whereof, through the mouths of his holy Prophets, He did pronounce 
the destruction of their place and nation, and to scatter them to the 
four quarters of the earth ; the scattered remnant of which, re- 
maineth as a witness of the same unlo this day. 

22. When again through the mouths of his holy Prophets, He 
promised unto them a Savior, who should set up his kingdom on 
earth, and restore again peace to his creature man, I was there, 
and saw that it was agreeable to his attributes of mercy and truth. 

23. And the witness of his goodness, in sending his only begot- 
ten Son, to save his people from their sins, and restore to them the 
blessings of his protection, was manifested by the mighty miracles 
which he wrought, and the good deeds which he di^ to the fallen 
race of mankind, who had lost the protection of their God, and 
been left to destroy each other; in which manner of going, they 
must inevitably have been left to destroy themselves, together with 
their possessions. 

24. But the precepts of his beloved Son, his only begotten, and 
his word to the nations of the earth were. Peace on earth, good will 
to man. As a witness of the reality of this Jesus being the Son 
of God, his life and death bear record. 

25. For God has declared, and borne witness, by all created 
things, that his law is order, and his kingdom is peace; That the 
Heavens, wherein is his throne, should be peace ; and that the earth, 
which is his footstool, should not be noise and tumult; but that all 
should harmonize one with the other. 

26. And his beloved Son declared that peace was his mission, 
peace was the name of his kingdom; and, as there was nought in 
the world but wars and tumults, he boldly declared unto them, that 
his kingdom was not of this world, else would his servants fight ; 
That the world must come to an end ; that the inhabitants thereof 
must be regenerated and born anew, or never see their God in peace. 

27. The witness of this testimony, I, Wisdom, do declare unto 
you, is manifested in the sacred record of the word of God, which 
I have caused to be preserved by the order of my providence, for 
the conviction of the human race. 

28. Though by some, this Holy Book has been set at nought and 


derided, declared to be false, and the work of man's hand; yet, I 
have punished, and will continue to punish the Heaven-daring spirit 
that will do this, with judgments too awful for man to utter. 

29. But I, Wisdom, do now call Heaven and earth to declare, 
that this was the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the blessing 
that was promised to the nations; yet the world received him not, 
but crucified him, and tried to overthrow his kingdom. 

30. And this is the witness that declareth unto all, that his king- 
dom is not of this world; for the world would not tear down a 
building of its own. 

31 . The order of God doth declare, that like produces like. Had 
Christ been of the world, had his life been conformed to the law- 
less passions of the children thereof, they would have loved him ; 
and his followers would not have been the subjects of their deris- 
ion and scorn ; but destruction was the law of their god, and it 
they determined to obey. 

32. Yet, the Almighty had purposed, again to restore the earth 
to its order and place ; and in accordance therewith, He boldly de- 
clared, through the mouths of the Prophets, and through his only 
begotten Son, that his work should be perfected ; that He would 
again send the Savior to the world ; and that sin and sinners should 
be cast from his kingdom which should be established therein, 
never more to be destroyed. 

33. For his unalterable attributes of love, mercy and order, for- 
bid that mankind should remain lords therein, and worship gods of 
their own forming. 

34. But, as He said to his first chosen people. Thou shalt have 
no other gods but Me ; so shall it remain to the end of time ; and 
the judgments which He has sent, and will send to the inhabitants 
of the earth, shall bear witness, that this his word is true and faith- 
ful, and correspondent to his unalterable law of justice. 

35. When God in his mercy did again send the Savior, the sec- 
ond time to the world, without sin unto salvation; then I, Wisdom, 
was tiiere, and did declare that it is finished; this is the perfect 
day ; this is the last display of God's grace to his fallen creature 

36. The order of his grace is now complete; Through this me- 
dium, shall earth again harmonize with Heaven, and God's eternal 
plan of order and harmony, be fully accomplished. 

37. The witness of this, is now manifested by the communica- 

39G ai'im:ni>ix to thi: 

tioiis from Iloaveii, to those in this sacred order of <rruce upon tlie 
earth ; which liave been, still are, and forever shall be manifested, 
with the power and glory of the Eternal God, out of tlie sight of 
mortal power, and contrary to the devices of mortal reason; yet, 
conformable, in every particular, to the mr.nifestation of his will to 
man, throughout all generations; which is, that he siiould be his 
image on earth, and the object of his delight and pleasure. 

38. The power and wisdom of God, I, Wisdom, do declare un- 
to you, is now vested in the Son and Daughter, the Two Anointed 
Ones, the head of this, his new earth, and the Lord of the new 
Heavens, the Father and Mother of the New Creation. 

39. Through these, his mediators. He will continue to bestow 
his blessings upon the nations of the earth, till time shall have an 
end. This is his means of redemption to the fallen race ; and this, 
his sacred order of grace, shall yet be revered, throughout the na- 
tions of the earth. 





1. Thus saith the Lord, Listen O my people, and hearken all ye 
people who dwell on the earth; for I will declare unto you, the 
means whereby you may find access to my throne, and a rest within 
my kingdom. 

2. My Tw o Anointed Ones, Jesus Christ and Mother Ann, 
the Father and Mother of all souls born into the New Creation, I 
have sent upon the earth, clothed with the garment of my power, 
to reveal to my creature man, (who has strayed from my paths, and 
marked out for himself a way and ways of death,) the way of life 
and liberty, to lead and direct him in the narrow way, direct to the 
mansions of my love. 

3. Know ye, O my people, and know^ ye, all the inhabitants of 
the earth, that power is given to the Two Anointed Ones, over 
my creature man, in Heaven and on the earth. Yea, even over 
Angels in Heaven, are they Lord and Savior. 

4. And whatsoever they shall bind on earth, shall be bound in 


Heaven; and whatsoever they shall loose on earth, shall be loosed 
in Heaven. Lo ! them 1 have called to judge the earth, and the Heav- 
ens ; and whatsoever is by them condemned and cast off, shall never 
enter my eternal kingdom of peace ; such I will neither know, nor 
receive; but my judgments, which through these Anointed Ones I 
have pronounced upon the inhabitants of the earth, shall meet 
them when they look not for Me. I will sweep them with the be- 
som of destruction from my presence; yea, they shall neither abide 
in the Heavens nor upon the earth. 

5. And whatsoever is by them accepted, shall be accepted by Me, 
at my eternal throne, and shall have a place in my kingdom, in the 
endless ages of eternity. 

6. Therefore, hear ye, all ye people, and receive, with hearts of 
gratitude, whatsoever may be bestowed upon you, by my Holy and 
Chosen Ones. Yea, let every soul bow unceasingly, and give thanks 
for the many blessings they have bestowed, and still are bestowing 
upon you, from my heavenly kingdom. 

7. Hearken ye, therefore, unto them ; for they will teach you of 
my ways, that you may walk in my paths. But know ye every soul 
of man, yea, every spirit in Heaven and on earth, that ye cannot pass 
by this order of my Anointing, and find access to ray throne. Ye 
cannot enter, but by this door of mercy ; for thus will I be revealed 
in Heaven and on earth. Amen. 

Inspired Writer, 
New Lebanon, N. Y. ; February 17, 1841. Giles B. Avery. 



1. Thus saith the holy spirit of Eternal Truth and of Endless 
Light in one voice ; Great have been the out-pourings of my spirit 
upon my Zion, and many are the blessings which I have bestowed 
upon her inhabitants. And behold, I have chosen and prepared 
Me Instruments who shall move at my will, in the various parts of 
my Zion, which I have established by my own hand in this devoted 
land of America; who shall stand as living witnesses to the weighty 


uiid important word wliicli I, the living God, did write and seal 
witii my many seals, nn(] send Jorlh iroin my Eternal Throne; 
guarded by the Holy Savior and many holy Angels, unto my Holy 
Mount, to be revealed in the strength and union of my holy order 
there, and copied by mortal hand, through deep tribulation and 
heavy sufferings. 

2. And behold this is now done as pleaseth Me ; for the Lion of 
the tribe of Judah hath prevailed to open the book, and loose the 
seals thereof Ninety and nine are the seals revealed ; but lo! in 
wisdom I planned it; for one was, and is not, and again is, and 
may this be affixed, in due season and order, to that word which I 
have purposed should benefit the nations of this earth, in my own 
way and time. 

8. Thus saith the Holy Angel who brought the word and Seal ; 
The last shall be first, and the first last; then write and fear not 
while I read the words on the Seal, for the will of God must be 

The Hundredth, or UnchaiigeaMe Seal of the Living God. 

1. Thus saith the Lord God of hosts; If any man shall careless- 
ly or purposely add, alter, or diminish this sacred and permanent 
word of mine, by writing, printing, translating or reading it in any 
degree, shape or manner whatever, I will reward him in judgment 
seven fold ; and he shall feel my anger, both day and night, for 
times and seasons, yea, until the sin shall be washed away by the 
waters of true repentance, and consumed by the fire of my justice. 

2. Cursed shall be the body and soul that shall alter my Word, 
or cause it to be destroyed; yea, the tongue that shall blaspheme it 
also; and everyone who may dare to lift up their voice, or put 
forth a hand to aid in burning my word, shall not escape the awful 
plagues which shall be poured out on the earth ; for with a curse, I, 
the God of justice, will smite them, from the crown of their heads 
to the soles of their feet ; and in inexpressible anguish shall they 
lament with bitterness their sin. 

3. But to those who shall seek to keep my word holy and safe 
from all harm, believe, repent and obey in sacred fear ; bend their 
knees in prayer, bow their souls and bodies low even to the dust, 
and raise their feeble voices to my throne, in tears of repentance 
and entreaty, I will hearken in love, and like a kind Father draw 
near and befriend them. 


4. I will lead them to the true light of salvation ; make them my 

holy and well beloved servants, and they shall dwell in my kingdom 

forever, saith the Holy and Just One ; for I am the Beginning and 

Ending, and this is my unchangeable Seal which shall forever stand. 

Amen, even so let it be. • 

Inspired Writer, 

Susan IL WniTCHP:R= 



1. Give ear unto my voice, all ye nations of the earth, and listen 
with attention all ye dwellers in Zion's habitations. 

2. By the command of my God have I been required closely to ex- 
amine all that enters between the lids of this sacred book, whether 
brought forward as testimonies from those who at had clearly 
seen it by the immediate inspiration of God, for many months previ- 
ous to the writing of this Roll and Book, in different societies, and 
in various places, held in my hands or borne upon the wings of other 
holy Angels ; or whether it be merely as witnesses to the truth of 
that word herein contained. 

3. My God did require that there should be many signers to his 
word, not for the sake of substantiating its truth; for it hath pro- 
ceeded and come forth from no other source, than the source of eter- 
nal truth itself; but that all the inhabitants of the earth may know 
that God has a seed remaining upon the enrth, a little chosen few, 
a poor afflicted and despised people, yet numbered in the Zion of 
his likeness ; who are ready and thankful for a privilege to do his 
will and pleasure, should it cost them all the enjoyments of life, 
and even the sacrifice of life itself. 

4. My God doth not require, saith the mighty Angel, that all the 
inhabitants of Zion should sign this his first word to the children 
of men, in this the last dispensation of his grace to them, by affixing 
their own personal names; neither does He require that all whom 
He hath caused to be used as inspired agents, in this his late man- 
ifestation, should sign their names, individually ; but a number suffi- 
cient to show the general union and approbation of the body of 
Zion at large, are permitted to sign it. 

400 Ai»i»r,Ni>ix TO Trn: 

5. And iurthcr tlmn tliis, siiys the Aiigcl, is unneccssjiry, and 
not, at present, re([nircd by your God. But wait God's time for 
further requirements. Remember that He hath declared to all 
nations, that He worketh in a time of his own appointing, and 
willeth at his pleasure, the work for mortal man to be engaged in. 

6. Therefore, hear and understand, all ye inhabitants of the earth, 
that but a few of those who have forsaken all for Christ's sake, now 
in this his second coming, without sin unto salvation, have placed 
their indiv